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and I am here to tell you the only
reason you are not as talented of a seamstress as your mother or your
grandmother it's because you haven't taken the time to learn how hey
everybody welcome to the Sewing Report I'm Jennifer Moore helping you discover your
love of sewing crafts in DIY projects and in this video I really wanted to
have kind of a sewing chat just talking about something that's been on my mind
lately and I kind of just want to share a message with y'all especially if you
don't sew but you're kind of interested in it or if you're someone who you're
constantly dealing like me with people who don't sew who don't really get what
you do or they just kind of feel like it's not for them and that's kind of why
I started this channel is because I never thought I was someone who would
start sewing I never thought this would be my thing or my hobby or my obsession
but here I am and it totally is and I think that's the thing that I found out
when I started doing it was once I was in it I was like wow this is so much
cooler than I ever thought I want to do this all the time which now I do
I felt like from the outside looking in I really couldn't understand what sewing
was what making was what creating was until I started experiencing it for
myself learning doing it and that's the thing you're never really going to be
able to do something unless you put in the time the effort in the energy into
learning how so I used to work in an office I'm a former TV news producer
what I found when I started to sew I was over 30 but still I worked with mostly
people who were probably under 35 under 30 so I worked with a lot of people who
were in there like early to mid-20s and I got this a lot when I would tell
people I sewed they would say you know what that's awesome you know my grandma
sewed but I could never learn how or they would say my mother sew is
beautifully but I could never learn how and that's something that I've run into
it over and over again since I've started telling people that I sew is
people just think you know what I have a relative who does it I have a friend or
a mom or mother-in-law who does it but you know it's just not for me I could
never learn how you know it's of all and I'm here to tell you and
that's really the whole purpose behind this whole channel the soy report is
that you absolutely can there is no like there's zero reason why you should not
be able to so I mean I've seen articles about people who lost the use of their
arms so they now so with their forehead I mean in 2019 with all of the free yes
free resources available to you online I feel like there was not much of an
excuse for you not to know how to do something because when I'm trying to
figure out how to do anything I look up videos on it I I go to YouTube and I
look up you know how do you install a car wheel cover which is something I
recently conquered and you can figure out pretty much anything you want you
don't have to pay any one-fourth the information is free of course there are
paid classes there's in person selling classes there are online classes I also
have a blueprint subscription so in fact I was just watching a class earlier
today on sewing with lace but I guess that's the thing that I don't understand
with with other people is when they say something like that to me you know my
grandma sewed but I could never learn how I feel like it's such a cop-out and
if that's you I'm not trying to criticize you but I am trying to
encourage you when your grandmother or your mother started to sew when they
were beginners they were at the same spot you were in they didn't know how to
sew either until someone taught them and until they practice and learn how so I
just kind of wanted to make this video to tell you if this is you if this is
something you want to do if this is something you're interested in whether
it be sewing whether it be pottery whether it be crocheting anything you
want to do if you really want to do it just do it don't think about doing it
for six months and then do it like I did just dive in watch tutorials try to look
things up just get started because you're never going to get anywhere with
anything in your life unless you get started and start doing it now I by
nature can procrastinate with some things I know all
can but that's just something I really want to share with you and I just want
to encourage you to do is if there is something in your life that you would
like to accomplish go out and figure out how because there's nothing stopping you
from doing it especially not now with everything available at your fingertips
I mean I'm so jealous of people who are younger than me people who are in their
teens and 20s because they have access to so much more information than I did
at that age I'm so jealous so if that is you please don't don't waste your time
don't waste your youth without without learning some of those things they're so
valuable to you especially skills like sewing this is something that is
enjoyable it's productive it's so creative and it is a form of art so I
just I just think that when I hear people saying that it kind of breaks my
heart because it doesn't have to be that way you can sew too you don't have to be
one of those people who don't know how to do something because there is a way
for you to learn how there's a way for you to practice there are and I mean
granted there are things you do need to purchase but you can borrow them you can
go to your friend's house if they have a sewing machine you can go to your
grandmother's house I'm sure your grandmother would love like absolutely
love to teach you some of what she knows and that's something that I feel like I
did not take advantage of enough when I was younger and that is their regret
well that I will probably always have so yes I know I'm getting a little bit
maybe a little too like heart to heart here but this is just something that
I've really been thinking about and it's been weighing on my my mind lately so I
just kind of feel like I have to put it out there and just talk about it because
I just run into so many people who who could learn how to do something you
could learn how to change a flat tire you could learn how to play golf you can
learn how to make a quilt and I feel like a lot of these folks put up these
like barriers that stops them from doing it but they're not really barriers
they're just more like self-imposed barriers that don't really exist but
they're kind of putting out there like you know what my grandmother sewed I'm
not as good as her and I am here to tell you the only reason you are not as tail
of a seamstress as your mother or your grandmother is because you haven't taken
the time to learn how if you're watching this video you're checking out this
channel and you're like hey this seems kind of cool do it do it today don't
wait and don't be one of those people who always wants to do something but
never takes any action to do it take the action take the initiative and dive in
because this is a really amazing world and once you're in it you're going to be
so so happy you decided to join it so anyways I know this is a little bit a
little bit off the beaten trail here and yes I may be trying to enable you to
watch more YouTube there is nothing wrong with YouTube right but for all my
sewing friends out there I would also like to get your input and your
suggestions what do you do to encourage people who might not think they have
what it takes to sew quilt make things what kind of things you tell them and
how do you encourage those people in your life leave those thoughts below in
the comments I just kind of wanted this to be a bit of a chatty video and that
is exactly what it is but thank you guys so much for watching if you did enjoy
this video feel free to hit that like button and subscribe to the Sewing Report
for everything sewing crafts and DIY projects I'm Jennifer Moore and I'll see
you guys next time


  1. What can we as a sewing community do to make this more approachable to beginners and bust this crazy myth that they can't learn to sew?

  2. Thank you for this….I still doubt my ability (sometimes), but I'm still pushing through it. We all have to start somewhere.

  3. I work in a yarn shop and we hear the same excuses. We offer lessons, and tell them so, and even mention free knitting help at our library. Some back peddle and have every excuse imaginable (mostly they claim lack of patience), but some get excited and jump right in.

  4. I tell them what I did to learn to sew what books I bought scour my 315 sewing videos in YouTube and tell them who I learn from.

  5. The grandmother who taught me as a small child always told me when I was older and wanted to do pretty work I should go to my other grandmother to learn how. I sew better than the first grandmother and about as well as the second because I was taught to find a way to learn whatever I wanted to know.

  6. Yes,everything that your saying is so true. I learned to sew from my grandma. My embroidery machine has been sitting in the corner for 3 years. I was to nervous to use it. Tomorrow I will open it up and at least try! Btw I love the butterflies in your hair.

  7. Thanks for the pep talk. I agree making it approachable is a thought. Youtube sewing channels got
    me back sewing. If you could make the perfect leggings tutorial, you might go viral. lol.

  8. hi Jennifer nobody from my Family want to lern to sew Daughter , Daughterinlaw, 3 Granddaughters I tried everything no chance. I've bee sewing for 50 years and still love it.

  9. We need sewing mentors, all of ages and sewing backgrounds. We need to pass on and share our knowledge, not hoard it like our fabric stashes. I belong to many groups where we answer questions about sewing. I think many are afraid of asking questions, because of trolls. Yes you can! You can sew! You need to stop and take the time to learn. We are so lucky with all the resources we have. Never be afraid to ask for help! Sew on Jen! 😎

  10. It's not a criticism just because it's true. You're so right, it doesn't matter what the subject is in the information age — we don't have a reason for not learning something. I prefer for people to just be authentic with others and honest with themselves and say, "Yeah, I'm just too lazy to learn something knew."

  11. Everything you said is right on point! I'm 71 & when ppl tell me they can't learn something I tell them I sorry that their brain has been shut off & that I'm so happy mine hasn't shut down yet….can't imagine a world without learning. Of course they just stare at me 'cause I'm from a dif planet doncha know haha. You are so right about it being a cop out. More ppl outside of this channel need to hear what you had to say. You did a good gob without being preachy or opinionated etc. Tfs 😀

  12. So true…people say they can’t sew, but they probably have never even sat down at a sewing machine!

  13. Yes! I wanted to learn how to sew when my girls (twins) were about a year old. My mother taught me the basics on her machine, and I bought magazines and books to help with the more challenging things…..No you tube in 1995! I made many mistakes and still do. I've gone through seasons of different kinds of sewing, and enjoy learning how to make a variety of projects. I think what made me really want to learn was having my daughters, and wanting to sew boutique styles of dresses on a limited budget. My daughters are grown now, but as a teacher, I enjoy sewing things for my students and my classroom. Learning new sewing tips and tricks is my "professional development " in the summer! 😀

  14. I totally agree, I’m self taught when sewing wasn’t that mainstream (before that I didn’t know even basic mending!). Back then, there were extremely limited resources and terminology (not in my native language too) and the whole process even harder.But I did it and since then I help people online to learn to sew and recently I started my own channel (after sooo many years of procrastination 😂 )! Will power is the most important ingredient. 🌈🌈🌈 I’m so inspired by you, keep up the great work! ❤️

  15. I have learn so much from YouTube. I didn't know how to embroider, but after watching so many YouTube videos, I have learned. Also, I didn't know how to use Photoshop or adobe Illustrator, but thanks to YouTube, I can. Most important, I am 59 years old. By the way, I taught myself how to sew when I was 16; they didn't have YouTube back then. Lol!

  16. I remember feeling the same way that I would love to learn but I couldn’t sew in home economics back in middle school so that just meant I was bad at it. Than my room mate told me I could do it and practically made me make a simple little blanket for my son it wasn’t perfect but it didn’t fall apart and as a fact ten years later I still have it and now my younger kids use it. After that I got the sewing bug and have pretty much taught myself how to sew with the help of you tube and a lot of trial and error so much error. I think most people don’t realize that it is not going to be great or easy that it takes a lot of failures before you finally get it right. The point is to keep trying.

  17. Great chat!!! Quilt Guild ‘s, local church group, 4-H class, YouTube, adult Ed class. Great resources available. You can find even at local stores.

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