P: Welcooommmeee! P: To another video with mah lovely Mertz (Marzia) M: Mmhhmm… P: You have.. P: Completely planned out this video.
M: Yeah. P: So why don’t you take over, and explain what’s gonna happen. M: Well, I bought you four outfits. M: *laughs*
P: Oh. My. God! P: The cliche. P: Girlfriend dresses boyfriend.
M: But its fun!
P: You forced me to do this.
M: Mmmhhmmm. P: You held me at gunpoint. M: Yes.
P: Like all gol- girlfrien- No, I’m actually excited. P: ‘Cause I think you have a good eye for my style.
M: Mmhhmm.
P: It’s a popular type of video right now. P: Wher- where the boyfriend dresses girlfriend, or girlfriend dresses boyfriend. M: Yeah, they usually do it together like, I do you, you do me, but, in this case, you didn’t wanna bother. *laughs* P: Four outfits! Wait, four?
M: Yeah,
P: Hohh. M: How many did you think? P: Three. M: No, four! you asked for four! P: Daamn doug! you’ve been busy shoppin’ girl.
M: *laughs* M: It was really challenging, cause I know your style,
P: Mmhhmm.
M: and I couldn’t just buy you four outfits that I know M: You will wear at all time. M: But, I wanted to get something that it’s your style, but with a twist. So like, there is a more casual one. M: There is a sporty one. There is a more… M: Luxury one..
P: Ohh! M: An experimental one… P: Experimental!
M: Yeah, I don’t know how you’re gonna feel about that one, but we’re gonna begin with one that is fairly safe. M: Are you ready?
P: I’m really nervous. P: Also, if you wanna buy- if you don’t want to look like a garbage tra- trash can, you can buy my merch as well! M: Yes, nice. M: So, do you know where these one come from?
P: Lazy Oaf M: Yeah, It doesn’t say though, but, I’m assuming, (cause) it’s pink. M: Okay, let me show you. So these are fairly safe. M: You only..
P: You can’t go to crazy lazy. M: Well,
P: Well?
M: It’s all green.
P: Oh, I like green! Green is in now, the moss color.
M:You like it? P: I like it, I just bought a bunch of green stuff recen- *interrupted*
M: We got stickers!
P: We got s- M: MINE. (Oohh savage Mertz) M: The first one is a Hoodie.
P: I like it. M: Green, oversized.
P: Yeah,
M: And I like the- P: Where’s the Lazy Oaf thing? Oh that’s cool!
M: Right?
P: That’s really cool! M: I just realized the back in ther- P: That’s dope! I like it a lot. P: It reminds me of my other sweatshirt, but, I like it. (weird noise) P: It’s okay. I like this one a lot good job, Marzia.
M: Okay, good! P: You got an- you got an.. A… P: You got an A! M: Thank you! But wait, you have to see what I pair it with. Don’t look! M: I mean I think- Well I guess you’re looking P: OoOOHh! M: I think they are really cool.
P: Oh, nice! M: Oh you LIKE camo pants? ‘Cause I never saw you wear camo- P: My dirty amount of camo! Scoot scoot scoot! M: But I though they were so cool and look at all the smiley face!
P: That’s dope! This is gonna look cool together! M: Yeah? Okay, good! P: I’m all about matching, matching right now. M: This is- Are you making fun of me? P: No, I’m not! I like it! P: That’s why I’m wearing all the stuff close. So they have like tiny little smiley faces on them.
M: Yeah. P: The problem now is that, if I-
‘Cause I wanna wear these, and whenever I’m gonna wear it, P: “Eww, your girlfriend got you that one?” M: (softly) So what? P: (violent echoey distortedly loud) YeAH So WHaT! M: I just thought it would look cool. All green, because there was a pink hoodie that I really liked, M: But i thought this was-
P: No, all green. You did right, you know what? A+, Mertz. M: ‘8+’ ? P: A+, Mertz. M: Oh, “A”! *giggles* P: No, you get an ‘8+’ P: We rate with numbers in Italy! Okay, Go! Put it on! *soft hip loading screen beats* M: It looks nice, but very big. M: The pants are very big. P: Are they supposed to be like baggy or..? M:Yeah, they are. P: Okay.
M: But, I’m thinking that you will cut them up a bit. They are very big, okay? M: You didn’t expect them to be that baggy. Are you smaller than I thought? (Poor poods) M: Those are just medium!
P: I do look very small.
M: You should turn this way. P: They are the right waist size.
M: Okay. P: But I think it’s just a bit big yeah, so I’m not sure if these will actually go that well together together to be honest. Yeah, I like them individually Thats what i said! yeah, I warned you- Before that you know, but the hoodie’s good yeah, that is really cool and the Pants— I think will look cool once I make them slimmer Nice! Well done Marzia, the first outfit is completed, so this is experimental Should we go with these or Let’s go experiment Okay so this is also not from the actually ASOS, this from… Recycled -? “Reclaimed Vintage”? I like that brand, okay, good good. so ethical brandy I even got you socks, because I wanted a specific look, oh~ from top to toes. Oh yeah, haha well i do need socks sooo thats good I wearing yours! That’s why I need more socks. (pug voice) huh well i love the socks Marzia! Okay, so, this outfit comes with a pair of glasses. Yay!!! Which will also look good with this outfit. Why you got a problem with my glasses?? No, they just look different from the front, (low tone) hey whatup girll yeah, okay …. SO This outfit starts out with (interrupted) YESSS Like it cool. You like yeah. I like it?? Yeah i like it! I wasn’t sure if you were gonna like I liked it. so- oh! oh? oh… oh…. We’re gonna put these on top! This looks MASSIVE!! Do you know my size, bro? Do you know that you think you’re way bigger? This is just a medium. This is a Medium has never failed me. Look! Medium. That’s a medium too, and the jeans are a medium too. The things with shirts is I like them on me, but they’re too much effort. Okay, well I? The things with shirts is I like them on me, but they’re too much effort. Well, You’re gonna leave this one open so then the “cool” peeks through. We have some of the effort problem? Oh Wow, it matches all the way huh for they’re sweatpants-y? kinda. that’s nice I can always No wait! They are very simple. I have a very No wait! They are very simple. I have a very Principled thing with shoes. I can only have one pair a Maximum two – oh these are cool actually But white shoes are dangerous I know, but they match really well with the Black and white I’ve had shoes like this and they just go out. Oh, that would look cool Yeah, should we these outfit any socks with the black and white yeah All right you gotta cut these up though- I want them to short so you can see the socks? Okay, okay this has potential yeah now let me just transform *soft hip loading screen beats* (Felix Laughing) I haven’t see myself- properly yet. Oh? But you’re not – this is very [different] (Marzia Laughing) from what I would wear normally . (both laughing) This is so out there! This is the most hipster thing i’ve ever worn in my life. This is ahhhh…. (Marzia) I don’t hate it! This is ah…… interesting. I had to put a weird one in there! (laughing) I mean it’s cool, i’ll give you that. I just don’t think it’s me, I think thats the thing. Yeah I’ll keep the t-shirt I think they are cool This is the most Marzia thing. This is what you’d wear if you were a guy. This is so you! (Marzia) Probably yeah! I think it’s kinda cool! I feel cool man Okay, I feel like another person I feel like um anyway. Let’s oh all right, okay? this is just cause you wanna yeah “get atracttion” M: I mean I know- P: Are you- M:What? P: *Concerned groan* 😮 M:Scuse me? P:Nu- M: What’s the issue? P: I don’t want to judge before I see it M: It’s just black P: Oh… It’s just black M: What’s your problem? P: What? M: This is the OG P: Okay, we’re going OG guys M: Oh my god I feel like I’m failing so bad now P: No no no no. This is good. P: Was that it? M: Yeah P: Okay M: Yaaaaas P: Yaaaaaaaaaaaa Okay, I do like it very nice You know the shoes fits well with it. Love it. Yeah, mmm comfortable, just like I’m wearing Nothing at all. Do you like it or thanks phone? Yeah? Yeah, you look good you like it Dude it looks nice, I guess I didn’t see you looking this night on me. You know But you know as my mom would always say anything fits a beauty You’re doing great Marcia let me just tell you this one Well I like it on me, you know, yeah, what can I say? I’m a handsome beautiful man mm-hmm with an even more hands beautiful letter girlfriend. Thank you look how beautiful she Go round of applause I don’t know. I’ve never seen these brand before but it’s like oh, it’s Japanese brand Yes, made in Japan good. I love it now Cavempt. It’s dope. I like this. This is edgy and overpriced just like I like it I’ve never seen something like that. this is my favorite piece so far. Okay. We’ll see if it’s ten sizes too big though medium size Oh no You’ve got me jeans Its jeans jeans my favorite thing to wear in the whole world Something about this type of jeans that I’m like yeah But we’ll try it out. You know maybe it’s good, okay ARENT YOU A BEAUTY?? GOOOO Love that but the pants doesn’t really go with it they I don’t like pants But I realize whether a lot done. It’s short it fits so nicely Mm-hmm, I just don’t like these type of jeans oh You truck Stop doing these weird things First of all might say I’m round of applause you did, thank you I’m so proud of you. Why should it just gotta you might see sweatshirt You could’ve played it simple, but you know what you did you did M: I tried
P: You tried P: And you know what, you tried I Really like the first outfit. I think it’s cool the thing that makes it uncool
M: Is how baggy it is? P: Is that you (laughs)
M: Is that what? Its more like if I came up with my own idea to wear something like that then Then the confidence of pulling that outfit off kind of makes it work but the fact that someone else gave it to me makes it kind of like
M: you don’t have to wear it together
P: Right I Really like the shirt. I do I might you know I might wear ’em. Okay. All right. I might just wear ’em I think the pants will look nicer. With like a tech pin.
P: Oh, sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry sorry the first outfit I thought this was the first outfit. I’m sorry I was talking about this one I got confused Yeah the first outfit is dope Oh, okay, yeah, I’ll find a way to wear any of these outfits I’m definitely gonna wear them M: Even these
P: Yeah, they were comfortable. So the first one you did great Second one was to what I was talking about M: You look cool okay Maybe it’s more summery like yeah. P: Yeah, it’s the wrong season. I’ll wear it next season for sure for sure You played it safe from the third outfit, which I can appreciate because I will 100% wear this Sweatpants is just the greatest gift to God
M: So you don’t mind that it’s all black. P: No. No I think the pants will look cool With stuff
M: Okay Last outfit, the sweater is dope Dope sweater, you did it good man. And it’s probably some really cool brand that I don’t know about I feel a bit old I mean I didn’t know about it either so Heck Yeah, we got a secret handshake Don’t copy it remember to check out my meatballs shirt at 1:00. It’s selling like a A God Church, well leave a like if you enjoyed and maybe we’ll do one, I want to do one for you M: Do you?
P: I do wanna do one for you, and I think you’ll feel how uh great it is to be given a gift I mean I’m sure, I would love you to just give me 4 outfits Well lets see you next time, till then


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