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– Hey everyone! Welcome back to my channel. I’m Hannah and I’m so excited for today’s video because
I have finally discovered Depop, Depop ahhh. (angels singing) I think the equivalent in
the U.S. is called Posh Mark so it’s basically a app where people can sell their old clothes. Clothes get reintegrated into the cycle and it extends their lifetime and so you can make a little bit of money selling your old clothes, other people, like me, can buy second hand and like search in a search bar for exactly what we want. Oh my god, the joy. And the clothes are happy and everyone is happy. So I’ve heard about Depop for awhile but I never ventured in. But then because of my looming, well not looming, looming sounds negative, but because of my
upcoming Disney World trip I wanted to try Disney bounding and that meant buying some new items that I didn’t have yet so
I could make the outfits and it didn’t feel right to be
buying new clothes for this. So, I thought I would try Depop. Now, I went in for the
Disney bounding items but I came out with a lot more. I think I have this problem
where if I’m shopping second hand it tricks
my brain into thinking that buying a lot of stuff is fine, because it’s second hand so it’s ethical. But actually what I really need to try and do is get out of this
mindset of consumerism and that I need more things. But then it being second hand tricks my brain into
thinking that it’s fine. So I spent a lot of money on Depop. I don’t know if that’s a
good thing or a bad thing, I’m a bit conflicted and confused. But that’s where we’re at. As you can see my bed is covered in items and we’re gonna go through them. A little Depop haul and
try them on for you. So this is a try on haul. The first section of clothes I actually did not buy but I’m including them in this Depop haul because my friend, Bethann, has a Depop and she is selling
a bunch of her old clothes. But Ashley is a friend of mine, I was at her house and
I was on her Depop page and I was like, “Beth, please
may I have these items. I’d like to try them on.” So I tried on a bunch of them and she just gave them to me, as a friend. But I’m still counting it as a Depop haul because I was looking at her page. But, we have da da da du! This shirt which is really light and cool and it’s orange and green and it’s just like autumnal
colours which is just my vibe all year round. And I love it, it’s gorge. This polka dot number
it’s like a little blouse but it has this like bow
tie thing at the back and it’s cropped so it’s
like a short little thing. Hi, hi. And I love this, I
actually own quite a lot of black polka dot things. Do I have a problem? I don’t know, do I need
more black polka dot things. Probably not. And then this gorgeous, amazing cardigan. It is just like this thick, woolly number. But please tell me, is
this yellow or green? I was having some debates
about it with some friends. But this has like become my new like lounging around the flat cardie. Love it. This one that I got from
Bethann is actually also a possible Disney bound situation. So it is a jumpsuit and it’s yellow! It has this frilly bit here, and it bounces up across my boobies. Um, it does have these very thin straps. But I’ve been wearing it with a long sleeved t-shirt underneath. I would like to wear it
without a t-shirt underneath but that would mean showing my bra straps. And I do have a yellow
bra, so it might be fine. Why do I care so much about
showing my bra straps anyway. I love this, ahhh, yellow jumpsuit. So those were all the
things that I got from Beth, but now onto the things
that I actually searched for and paid for. But doing hand me downs and
clothes swaps with friends is also great. I’m going to start with accessories and then move onto clothes. I got these head bands,
they actually came in a pack so I ordered them for the red one. I needed a red head band and then it just came with these as well, which I think are really cute. And Dan uses these to
keep his hair off his face while he’s cooking and he looks adorable. And then we have some shoes. I bought these (shoes
tapping) burgundy high heels as part of my bridesmaid
outfit for Melanie’s wedding. (shoe clunks) (laughs) Very pleased with these. Very pleased with them. Look at that, oof, oof, oof. They’re originally Jasper Conran, I’ve no idea. I hope I wear them other times as well, because they are bloody gorgeous. I got my self some Adidas Gazelles. So I already own a pair
of Gazelles in orange and I bought them new but they are so damn comfy and I knew that for Disney
World I needed comfy shoes, because we were just gonna
be on our feet all day, everyday for eight days and the comfy shoes is important. However, the orange
trainers do not go with all of my Disney bound
outfits so I needed more of a neutral colour. So I went for these. I am very pleased with them, I’ve just been wearing
them a lot just generally, in everyday life. But basically my only shoes
for this Disney World trip are going to be these
and my orange versions, and that is what I’m going to
live in for the entire week. And then my last accessory
is this backpack. Which I think is kind of stupid, I think it’s stupid, but it’s like the perfect size. It’s exactly what I
wanted to have on my back for Disney World so I have like, either like really mini backpacks or like massive rucksacks. But this is like in the middle and also my mini backpacks
the zips broken on those so I needed to replace them anyway. But, this is my out and about backpack now and also it’s big enough
to fit my trainers in when I go to the gym and my water bottle and a book. So, this is a win. Buying bags on Depop I found hard. Like, figuring out the size of the bag, if it would be the right size that I want. So I still find that really tricky but this one was a success. Even if the design, ugh, I don’t, I’m not in love with the design but then also there’s the
new Star Wars land and rides in Disney World and also we’re going to the Kennedy Space Centre. So I’m like, it’s just gonna be on theme. Okay, now, clothes! So one of the things that I did as well as searching for specific colours, like blue top or whatever
it is that I needed, I also just searched Disney in Depop and see what came up and this came up. This scaly crop top which (sighs) I just think is gorgeous
and I’m obsessed with. I need to wear to all of the parties but it is, it’s very little. It’s very, it’s very little. And then, this majestic jumper. (sniffs and exhales) It is so
soft and it just has lots of Mickey or Minnie all over it! This I’ve just been wearing constantly since it arrived. This was my first Depop purchase actually. This bad boy. Also it’s a size 16 but
it’s just kind of like a really good oversize on me. I don’t even know if I’ll get to wear this in Disney World because
it’s a very thick jumper and it’s Florida. Even though it is January. So we’ll see! I’m gonna pack it anyway. And these next items
are not Disney specific but they are just great
clothes and I love them. I got this orange mini skirt, oh boy. This high waisted number and
this has been a great purchase. It goes with so many of the
clothes that I already own. This crop top, for instance. Boom, easy. Although that would maybe be more of a spring summer outfit. But still, glorious. And then I’m a sucker
for a dungaree dress. And it’s this beautiful
green corduroy dungaree dress situation. And it’s really defined at the waist, I really love like how much
it comes in at the waist. The only thing is, is that
it’s not a real dungaree because well, I probably
could undo these straps but they’re just like so
tight that you can’t really. So it is basically like
wearing an actual dress over the top of t-shirts. So you can’t just like un-clip yourself and like change top, you have to take the entire
thing off to change top. But, it’s gorgeous. I love it. And also it goes with
lots of different things that I own, too. Winner. That brings us to the
end of my Depop haul. I hope that you enjoyed it. Please like the video if you liked it, and let me know in the comments where your favourite place
to shop second hand is. If you have a Depop store and you like sell your
own clothes in there, leave it in the comments for
other people to check out, for me to check out. We can, you know, all support each other and buy second hand from each other and create this ecosystem of continuing the life cycle of clothes. That would be awesome. Don’t forget to subscribe and hit that notification bell because you are not gonna wanna miss my Disney bounding video. Oh, yes, there will be a whole video explaining how some of these clothes, up and coming Disney bounding outfits, I don’t know if I’m gonna be very good at, compared to some Disney
bounds that I’ve seen, this is definitely a beginner’s
Disney bounding experience. But, none the less, please subscribe and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye!

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