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hello everybody are you ready to talk workout gear so Ally here we go I hope you guys have been getting into your new year's resolutions remember all the things we talked about at the beginning of the new year eating healthy and exercising I hope you're feeling it but now we're going to talk about look in it let's talk exercise gear as you know and as you've seen in my closet I do have a section dedicated to my workout attire still needs a little bit of organizing funny enough I gave some of it to my mother and it still looks like it's a sardine can what is a girl to do anyway that's another video but in the meantime let's talk about workout attire trends and where one can find these things first of all bright colors are still very in and what I'm noticing is the pants themselves the leggings the crazier the pattern the better off you are so have fun with your leggings go bold enjoy the patterns enjoy the bright colors and make a statement now where are you going to find these things pray tell well let me tell you I would say the gold standard when it comes to exercise attire and you probably know this already is Lululemon everywhere I go I see a woman in Lululemon attire for a couple of very good reasons number one the quality is exceptional the fabrics the way they wear the way they hug and snug and suck in they've got all the panels in all the right places and on top of it the styles and designs are really cool so I'm going to show and share my favorite Lululemon pieces that I have first of all this particular top with the built-in bra and then it's got that loose tank that fits around it I love this look this bra holds the girls in tightly and this is just fun to play with it comes with a little drawstring on the bottom so you can cinch it or you can wear it loose but again this is one of my favorite Lululemon tops and I also love their running shorts as well it's got the little zipper pouch in the back for your iPod or even a little cell phone but then again who has a little cell phone these days they keep getting bigger and bigger so I don't know what you're going to do about that but your iPod will certainly fit back there or maybe keys or whatever you need to stash but these are fantastic I've had these forever they've got the built-in short they ride a little bit low on the hip but they don't ride up they cover they're not too short so these are sort of my staples right here and then I got these not that long ago these are wonderful sort of yoga lounge pants and I love these I wear these just for bumming around these are definitely carpool pants in the summer when you're getting up in the morning and you can't quite see straight you want to grab something comfy and get out the door well these serve that purpose as well and also for I guess easier type exercise certainly not intense cardio or whatnot and then of course your basic black legging and this has a fun little band around the mid section again Lululemon does a great job of putting the thicker fabrics and the cinching fabrics where you want to cinch and tighten and do all of that so wonderful staples I would say if you're new to the exercise attire market and you're wanting to maybe go to a higher end or a higher quality you can't go wrong with a basic black a black legging and a black top especially if you're maybe not quite feeling so confident yet with your physique you know black immediately takes off five pounds and it's a great self-esteem booster it'll make you feel better about yourself as you're going through the process to really make those changes that you want to make so basic black to me is priority one and then you build from there and get those colors going now if you like what you see on me I'd like to share with you another company you may know about them you may not it's called fabletics and they're online in fact actress Kate Hudson is a co-owner of this company I like it for a variety of reasons first of all I'm a huge online shopper as you know make it easy breezy and we're good to go secondly the quality of the product is great the same things that I was talking about in the Lulu lemon product you know that thick material cinching in all the right places wearability not riding too high or too low I find this to be exceptional and I don't have to go to a store and try things on I have the luxury of having it shipped to me now the way fabletics works is it's a system and you can go online and search it for yourself but essentially you become a VIP member you put in all your information your personal size style and all of that and so they build a profile on you every month they will email you giving you your outfits of the month of which you can purchase what they've picked for you or you can go through and make your own decisions swap it out and do whatever you want or you can skip a month and go on to the next month now if you forget to skip that month you will be shipped clothing so you have to stay on top of that but if you're if you're into this kind of thing and it's something that you're willing to commit to and you know you'll either a shop or you'll pass but you'll kind of be present in the process then something like this works great so this is a fabletics top this one is called the Desio top I love it I love the long sleeve thin tops for the winter these are fantastic and then this pant is the Rio run Capri which again they've got in all of these fun and funky colors and patterns and this has a little striped on the side and more of the color on the backside some of the items that I've purchased from fabletics would be these these are a long legging I got these for winter and it's a gray herringbone and what's nice is this is a really thick material so you don't get cold and if you do running outside or any outdoor exercise this was a great legging for me again sucked it all in and it kept me warm so I'm a big fan another thing that I really like they've got some fun patterns so I bought this jogging short with the jog top to go with it the bra top and this is a fun one because of the way it's cut out in the back just some interesting designs and patterns and good support as well I know that's key keeping everything in place you don't want the jiggle and the wiggle and none of that the REO run Capri is one of their best-selling and there's a reason why again it's snug it's tight but it's not too hot this is a great spring/summer fabric and this one goes just below the knee kind of mid calf and then I got this cute little jog top to go with it as well and what I like about the fabletics they have so many unusual designs with their bra tops so this is a spaghetti strap one but then there's an extra strap here that kind of tucks behind the neck so unusual patterns this is a good yoga top it's not a real high support bra so not good for running but if you're doing non impact sports this is a great one and then this is one of my personal favorites on and I was in a pink zone not that long ago so I got the real run Capri in this hot pink and then this adorable top that goes with it but again as I mentioned with the design look at the back so it's got these really cool cutouts great for yoga again not a high impact top but a very high fashion top so again you can really kind of knock it out of the park style wise in the gym if you want to depending on what it is that you're going for and last but not least I found these also on fabletics and I just love loungewear that's workout wear and so sweat pants were back in a big way so I got myself these gray sweats that are mid ankle and I have lived in these these have been my carpool pants this winter along with a pair of Uggs and I think my child and stepchildren will probably burn these by the end of the season but that's okay I'll just get another color for next winter so no biggie but again a great kind of a casual wear workout where this this can go either way so these are my top picks when it comes to exercise attire and forgive the full makeup here but I am getting ready for work in the process so I know you'll give me a Hall Pass because I've got to put on business suit and head to the station after this but I hope this has been very helpful for you I love workout attire Oh many of you have asked what workout shoes I wear so my kicks are the Asics the gel nimbus 15 in penor pool and I don't I don't know what got into me but I really got into this purple kick not that long ago so I got myself my little iPod and it too is in purple with the Yurbuds and I'm a huge fan of these because they're small but they have these little grippies that fit in the ear are you like me do earbuds just pop out I don't know what it is with the shape of my ear it's either a regular or earbuds are irregular I don't know what the deal is but anyway these guys stay in perfectly and they're small and I get my tunes going got some old-school disco on here and I am ready to go so I hope this has been helpful for you if you're shopping for workout gear maybe this inspired maybe you got some ideas for colors and styles and whatnot but I'm a fan of both of these places and I've been very happy with what I've gotten so far and I've also been very happy from your comments and your suggestions you have left me some great ideas and I continue to build my video base here really depending on what it is you want to say so continue to comment add your suggestions you can find me here on social media as well as KPRC channel 2 at five six and ten and streams the newscast if you're outside the Houston area and you want to check out a day's work so continue to comment go out there in your fabulous fashionable bright workout attire be bold be blessed and I will see you in a week


  1. Just love you!! bright refreshing to see class and practical all in one. how about classy outfits to put together from basic pieces. (or maybe you have and I need to search). I am addicted!!

  2. Wow you look great I am not sure how young you are but I hope to look half as good as you when I get there.

  3. Hi I love your videos and they have truly centred me as a woman. I would love some tips of how to work sweaty hair after a bike ride to work or a run in the morning. Thanks

  4. I have really been enjoying your videos for a couple of months now, and I've been catching up on all your past videos too. I love all your fashion tips, and organizational tips too. I'd love to see some videos from you with a focus on the importance of ethical sourcing and your favourite online sources for this!

  5. Hi Dominique. I love your videos – learn something each and every time I watch. I have a question; is there an age limit for jeans? I'm 58, about 140 lbs., 5'6" so I have some weight to lose. and what about skinny jeans? they're everywhere it seems but again, age limit? I just don't want to look like a ninny trying too hard to look young. thanks

  6. Thanks for the great ideas! I have been on the fence about Fabletics and have now placed an order after watching your video. 🙂 I know this was made a while back but any chance you can do a tutorial on the makeup you are wearing? Love it! @DominiqueSachse

  7. it would be nice if you did outfit of the day, I think you have great taste and you can give people ideas…

  8. Hey there! Do you have recommendations for sport bras? I don't like having jiggly bits when I run & have a hard time finding a good high impact bra-

  9. I have yet to find workout pants that do not roll down on my tummy I feel like I need to get suspenders LOL I love work out clothes but I am constantly rolling the top of the pants back up to were they are supposed to be and it discourages me from working out and I desperately need to flatten my mid section. Any suggestions?

  10. Thank you for your videos! I just found you and have enjoyed learning new tips and tricks. Question for you. What do you do with your hair during exercise? I have a similar cut and have trouble figuring out how to keep it off my face.

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