hi guys welcome back to my channel so we're back I feel like it's been a minute since I've actually been able to sit down and chat to you obviously I was in Italy so my last video was a vlog I had every intention of filming another type of video but I did put on this picture the other day on my Instagram stories and I had well over a hundred two hundred messages from girls being like please please halt what you thought so I promise you I absolutely promise you I've got Beauty videos I've got lifestyle videos I'm gonna try and look more but I'm giving the people what they want here is another whore so this is without doubt my biggest haul ever it's huge whatever reason I suddenly thought I've got nothing to wear so I decided to go and buy everything on sale in every store so yeah just a word of warning get yourself a snack get yourself a drink itself comfortable settled make sure your bank account is nicely tops up because this is gonna be a big one so as usual with these videos everything will be linked in the description box down below so all the links as well as the links to what I'm wearing this little top at the moment so I'll put that all in the description box down below but let's not carry on chatting because this is gonna be a long one so let's get into what I bought so let's start brand by brand so let's begin with Zara now the first thing that I picked up from Zara and these minty green shorts and their matching blazer how pretty is this I'm obsessed with the color if you've seen any of my content recently especially my holiday like vacation kind of stuff I have actually started wearing color hell yeah I do like pastel colors at the moment I'm not big brights or neons girl but pastel colors I think are so pretty and very in this sort of spring summer so this is a like seafoam minty green so beautiful it's got um it's actually got a gold hardware like two gold buttons it's double-breasted but it's not very pale gold it's not really brassy and then yeah it comes with matching shorts in sort of suit pants I love suit shorts love it I would definitely wear this to the office to me it's just a really beautiful color I have got a few like short suits already but they're all black or pinstripe so I wanted something with a bit of color to it but yeah I'm loving pastels at the moment and this stood out to me straight away so I'm obsessed with this i pair it with like a white tank top or a white body suit or a white bralette like a sports star brawler I love that kind of sporty looks look with like sports bra and then formal shorts or a blazer and heels I think it looked really nice but you could definitely wear this to work in summer as long as you're happy with getting your legs out of it yeah really really like this and you can definitely split them up into separates to this with a big white oversized t-shirt the Blazer over like white shirt and blue ripped jeans really cute to split down as well so it means it's a little bit more versatile than only being able to on a Zico suit and just for reference I bought the suit in an extra-small both the jacket and the shorts oh my god watching you dogs and they can't see you is probably my favorite it's like David Attenborough in my head oh my god she's just staring into space I love her so you're all about to I roll to but I bought another black blazer so next up from Zara is again another black blazer it's not like I don't already own 15 probably 15 black pieces but this one is like a very retro 80s 90s kind of thing it's got much squarish older it's like square all the way down it's go up so you know tailoring at the waist whereas my house of cb1 is knit at the waist to give a real feminine like illusion and more of an hourglass figure this one is boxy and bulky it's got a huge button so it's like a double breasted fit I really really like this I was intending to belt it at the waist and create quite like a buggy look I'll show you the picture that I had for in spell that I found on Instagram but yeah I love a masculine fit blazer on as much as I probably have one already in black this one really stood out to me and I thought it was a nice addition to my wardrobe really easy to start with like white tees leather leggings for over an evening outfit like a shirt mom jeans it's great just in the sort of colder evenings of spring deserts just throw over a dress or a skirt black Blazers they're an absolute wardrobe staple top 5 for me 100% essential and this is a really good one because there's no like gold or silver hardware to have to match up with it's just a nice simple bulky masculine cut double-breasted blazer again still on that outerwear trend I picked up this cream longer and coat from Zara now this it would be perfect for all seasons I'm really struggling to find out to where that's suitable for springtime a lot of my longline coats are made out of wool which just looks a bit heavy in photos for spring and summer even though the weather in England is still pretty cold so I've been on the hunt for a good spring coat that's long line because I love that look but I need the fabric to be more lightweight and I found this so it's double-breasted it's cream I don't actually know what kind of fabric this is but it's a lined linen look kind of fabric so it looks really lightweight and a bit more floaty and summery than a wall version I love cream coats they are a bit of a liability the difficult to keep clean especially you've got two golden retrievers but I love these over like full cream outfits or like a pair of nude pants a cream body suit and heels they're over the shoulders that look beautiful so great with like a white t-shirt and blue mom jeans and trainers it's just nice to be able to wear something over the shoulders or have for the colder evenings but not feel like you're having to lug around a really heavy thick woolen coat but yeah I thought this was a beautiful collar it's like an off-white cream I feel like I'm going to get a lot of wear out of this because I don't actually have any other coats that I get for spring in summer so hopefully the weather will go up a few degrees and I'll have more opportunities to wear this up next is this t-shirt from Zara this is that with their collaboration with Disney obviously so this is like a holographic II Mickey Mouse I don't really know what's going on with this brain but it's just having a moment but I really like it I saw the model wearing this and I thought that t-shirt is sick I love graphic print tees especially just white and black on so so easy to style I tend to wear these with like oversized and unn topped with a pair of leather leggings and my black Alexander McQueen trainers that's one of my favorite staple go-to looks or with like black jeans and a leather jacket I love a monochrome outfit and but yeah I picked this up this was a size larger and it's got a big hair on it yeah I picked this up in a size large I hate t-shirts fitting me I always go up to the biggest size that they sell I love them looking like that my boyfriend's basically so I love that oversized look this would be so nice tucked in to like blue mom jeans or I would like I said would wear it over leather leggings completely untucked and you could also roll up the sleeves a bit if you want a little bit more feminine definition I really like these with just like leather leggings and jeans or a black blazer or leather jacket you know super simple black and white outfit I'm moving on to some shoes I picked up these I actually picked up these in store I am fully obsessed look at them go like studied black flat leather sandals I think these are so pretty and as soon as I saw them I thought of one thing my Saint Laurent back how pretty I mean I know that these are a lot shinier but after a few works I'm sure he toured all done no problem but how pretty to work together I thought these were stunning and I thought they looked really really expensive I think that they were 25 pounds so I was really pleasantly surprised by these now a word of warning with Zara sandals I always wear a full size down I'm between a three and a four like three and a half to four but I bought these in a three and they fit perfectly I these have obviously been a popular style from last year I know that they had D ton and a few other colors last year they've brought back black they've got a croc print one as well I think and then they've obviously got these studded ones I am so obsessed with these I think they're so so sick with like a long black midi dress on holiday these and purses like Python glasses I think could make a real statement still on Zara now this little top I know that they had these on sale last year I don't know if they had this exact color but I know that they had a few past early print ones last year I remember seeing girls wearing them and thinking they were really pretty so it's just this little I don't even know how to describe it one sec here's the fabric it's like a beige Etan and white printed top it's a knitted fabric so it's nice but it's really lightweight but it's not to it feels nice and luxurious but I saw a lot of girls wearing these with high-waisted trousers I remember I can't remember who it was but I remember seeing them wearing the baby blue one with a pair of baby blue wide leg pants I think and I thought it was such a chic look it looked so well put together yeah I absolutely love this this isn't an extra small and it's 17 pounds 99 I thought this would look really cute with a pair of skinny jeans or tucked into white skinny jeans specifically but yeah I plan to wear this with a pair of cream wide leg trousers and just my hair long and straighten than a pair of sunglasses – that was what I had in mind floor-length trousers and then this as it's quite tight on the body so this gives quite a lot of definition to the figure and then having a pair of wide leg trousers makes that outfit just look a lot more expensive in my opinion so yeah that's how I intended to wear this and last but not least from Zara I bought these crazy bitches I saw these and just had to get them I haven't even tried them on yet but they're these fluffy feathery black lace-up mule kind of things I want to say they're the sandals but they are kind of mules it is a peep toe but you're obviously not going to be able to see that from the fluff but they have these leg types that go all the way up the leg and they've got a little tassel on the end so they're like a lace-up around the leg kind of shoe so yeah they're kind of like a mule sandal hybrid I suppose now these are limited edition I think so they were a little bit more expensive I want to say but I managed to find my size I just bought them immediately I thought these would be so pretty with black cigarette trousers and a little black crop top on holiday there commando top black cigarette pants and then these I thought they were just such a statement I do love anything fluffing your feather it I'm just gravitate towards it and but yeah I bought these in a size three as well obviously I've told you about this our sizing before so and yeah I love these they're such a stamen okay onto mango now and I picked up another sue I don't know what it is but I'm obsessive suits at the moment I did go through a phase about 12 months ago where all I wanted to other suits every single day I had so many pastel colored ones and I love them and I'm kind of caught the book again so this is obviously I think it's tiger print printed like linen suit now I got this blazer in a small and then I think the pants in an extra small yes so I saw this on the website and the model wasn't really selling its me but I did have a vision for and I thought I'm gonna have an experiment I imagined it with like a white body suit or a white crop top I thought it would look really pretty or if you could manage to get like a nude beige you kind of bra or brawl it with it wear it as a little three-piece I thought I thought that would look unreal you could obviously wear this is a suit for work it is quite crazy I think in summer it would look amazing it's a lovely lightweight linen fabric so it's nice and airy for hotter temperatures but I envisioned wearing this on holiday the print is what did it for me I obviously don't wear that much color or print in the UK but when I'm abroad and I've got a tan when my surroundings are a bit more tropical feeling or a bit more beachy feeling I'm always willing to experiment with color or print a bit more and but yeah the Blazer is more of like a relaxed star blazer there doesn't have yeah there doesn't seem to be any buttons to this blazer so it's like a waterfall style with just a relaxed collar and I think it's 3/4 sleeves I don't think it's full sleeves I do you think this was quite expensive and it's also quite expensive obviously for the fact that probably will only wear this once on holiday but I just thought why not it's a bit of a statement it's been out there but let me know what you think of this because obviously it's pushing the boat out for me a little bit okay so if I remember correctly I think the rest of my mango order was on it Suri's and the first item that I picked up is this little bag now I saw this one was like jackhammer like I just thought it looked exactly like his kind of style he has so many of these little mini bags in all different shapes and sizes online at the moment he also brought out like an iconic lipstick holder that is just like this obviously teeny teeny tiny I love jicama so much he's probably one of my favorite designers at the moment he's fairly new be he's getting so much press and coverage so I saw this and instantly fell in love his designs are very like Italian French Riviera kind of style lots of pastel colors beautiful shapes nice textures and stuff and so a lot of the things I picked up have been inspired by him and but yeah this is the first item I saw and thought oh that was really cool and it was worn over that crossbody over a blazer and in fact I think it was a soup and I just thought the woman looked badass with it she had this and then another handbag that I'm about to show you doubled up and but yeah it's just a hard case oh that smells anyway and oh my god anyway and it's got like this a little closure it's a sort of crock printed leather esque fabric and it's a yellow color now I thought this was gonna be cream it's more of like a pastel yellow so I'm not a hundred percent sold on the color but it has this silver chain crossbody strap so you can obviously wear it crossbody over one shoulder I thought this was just so cool I absolutely love it so onto the second eye accessory that I picked up from mango and it is this limey green colored suede on back and so this is real suede smells amazing it's in this minty green color now I saw the model wearing this and this together this was belted around the waist and then this was worn crossbody the colors are so pretty again like I said I love pastel colors this summer and on a completely neutral outfit they just popped so much again very shocked miss inspired lots of little mini bags to keep all of your really impractical items in lipgloss not even mobile phone and I mean we're struggling but yeah I just thought this was so so cute it comes with a strap that you can hook on to the back here and you can wrap it around your waist twice and it will say it is like a little waist belt you could obviously wear it crossbody one shoulders well and yeah I thought this was really cute I don't know how much where I'm gonna get out of it because it is a bit of a bright color for me I'm not usually wearing colors but it could potentially look cute with like an all-black outfit around the waist I don't know if I love this one as much as I love the hardcase bag but I think it's cute nonetheless oh then the next accessory that I picked up is actually a card holder this again it's from mango it is this kaki green color so it's got plenty of room for cards on this side and then on this side it's got a little fastening for coins um now I have a card holder already I have a person I literally never use it and I use it to store coins in at home so yeah I always have a card holder mainly because on my hand bags are tiny now like I said before so a card holder comes in handy even though this won't fit in that other bag either so I don't know why I'm here but yeah it's this cocky green croc color I thought it's so pretty I think it was only 7 pound 99 as well which is why I wanted to pick it up but yeah I have a card holder already it just doesn't have the coin element and I just have loads of change rattling around my bags so I thought this would be really useful and for the price I thought why not look nice and looks and I'm not ready to splash out on a designer one just yet so I thought this would be good in the interim until I find one that I like then last but not least from mango are these sunglasses now anybody who knows me knows how obsessed I am with sunglasses I love them I always wear them and I love vintage you kind of style ones especially now I saw these online and had to get them immediately I love sort of square vintage you kind of look and then I saw a few girls on Instagram wearing them recently and I was even more excited to try them on so I haven't actually tried them on yet look oh my god I think they're so cool I know people are gonna be like what the hell you look like a 70s police officer in America but I like that look I thought this would look so cool with like a big boyfriend blazer like a low bond what are we thinking let me know what you think the one tip I always have with Oh what's it that I always have with sunglasses no matter how big is always show your eyebrows when you're wearing them that goes for girls or boys when you have sunglasses that are like this you look stupid where are your eyebrows and yeah if you just pull them down your nose so that you can see your eyebrows they instantly look ten times better so there's a tip for you that's one of my favorite tips yeah I don't know whether I look crazy in these or not but I really I think they're cool so yeah this is another one might split opinion comment down below if you like them if you don't like them what the vibes are for them but I like the vintage look okay and onto a sauce I only have these pieces from a sauce so just this step and I picked a brother see you guys I did I can't even lie to you I picked up another suit now I put this one on my wish this Wednesday I said it was a cream suit it's actually white but to me I still kind of think it looks a bit cream it's not like bright blinding doctor kind of white so it's got these taut shell buttons it's actually like I didn't realize it was like this but it's like a triple bottom situation here and then I've got the matching pants to go with it so these are just high-waisted cigarette routers that match I am just a bit seeing matter told you this and I want to hit a matching set I do already have a white blazer but it's got white buttons it's a lot more formal than this this to me it's a little bit more relaxing casual and I didn't have matching white pants and the one thing you'll know about why is that if you buy white separately you will never be able to match them because this to me it's a bit of a warm white where it's the other one that I've got is a cool white I'll wear a white shirt next to it or a white tank top and it looks completely different in color so there's no chance I'm finding matching pumps for that but yeah I thought because this came as a set that you could sort perch's together I thought I would get the trousers too so yeah this is another really good piece if you're looking for a suit for the summer suit for work I thought it's nice and sleek and sophisticated looking and again you can break them down into separates wear the pants with the shirt or wear the pants with a body suit or a crop top even like a white cropped he would look so sick with the pants and then pair trainers and then you could wear this over the shoulders of a white t-shirt and then blue skinny jeans and some trainers so yeah you can definitely split the outfits down again and that is what makes me justify spending a little bit more money on suits I know that they seem expensive if you can get a good few words out of them instead of only wearing them as a suit to me it helps me justify the price a bit more I'm speeding this video like humping some kind of mad crazy rush but I'm looking at the pile over there and looking at the pile over here I'm realizing I'm probably not even halfway yeah so I hope you're enjoying your snacks maybe you could take this as a little interlude pause it go top up you drink go get another snack if you need to pause now on to stop shop next let's jump in first up you have already seen me posting about these I've put them on my wish list I put them on my outfit links already you've all gone a wild for them I can see that my affiliate link up you are obsessed with these jeans but so am I the mom jeans from Topshop sell out quick so / literally like they're always gone especially in my side the smaller size is the shorter leg length especially as well they just go straight away so I'll have to check on this availability of these but these are the willow jeans from Topshop they are ripped mom jeans in this sort of acid wash blue they've got a huge rip here and then they've also got a thigh rip I have already worn these I literally couldn't resist I love them so so much already and I managed to get these in a waist 24 leg 13 which is the size that I always wear in Topshop these are definitely my favorite jeans I love Topshop denim their mom jeans more than anything and then my favorite mom jeans by far I don't really own mom jeans from any other brand I don't think except the ones I'm wearing these are from Zara but yeah most of the time my mom jeans are from Topshop for good reasons well the quality is just amazing they last so much longer and the fit and wash for whatever reason it's just ten times better than any other brand brands are either always too light or too dark but Topshop manage to like get the bleaching color bang on so yeah I can't recommend these enough I've been wearing them to death already the only one thing I would say is that these are smaller than the other mum jeans I've got I always buy wait 24 like 30 but these are tighter on the waist so I really have to do a full-blown aerobics class to get into them but I wasn't about to send them back and try and fight for another size so I've kept a hold of them but if you're between sizes I would recommend on this style only going up a size so just bear that in mind I'm pairing these basically with everything mom jeans are another backbone staple item of my wardrobe I couldn't live without them but white t-shirts and trainers body suits crisp white shirts you name it you could part with pair of the new acid wash mom jeans and me being crazy old me outside I need another pair blue jeans from Topshop obviously but yeah I haven't actually got a pair of these or acid wash color skinny jeans they're always mom and I think it's nice to switch up your style occasionally and when I'm wearing a really baggy top and then mom jeans I sometimes feel like I have no definition to my figure at all I feel like a bit of a boy so I thought it'd be nice to be able to add a bit of definition back in and when I'm wearing baggy tops by adding skinny jeans again mum jeans have been my absolute favorite style recently just because they're a bit roomier they're a bit more relaxed looking skinny jeans you still highlight all the ugly spots of my legs um I just thought why not just give it a try so this with a baggy white t-shirt I thought I'd look so sick or a huge oversized white shirt just completely on topped with heels would look amazing or like a belted cream blazer would look so cool too now these are think that almost the same color as these okay aren't they these are a bit bluer these are a bit greener but yeah these are a bit bluer but they're still the same acid you are but yeah these are a bit bluer but they're still a similar acid wash and they've got this really ripped and caught at the bottom it's like really distressed and like eaten away it's got that sort of like unbleached unfolded look and yeah these are just the traditional skinny Jamie jeans these are a waste 20 called like 30 same as my usual size they're hopefully going to stop just above the ankle so you can get a nice skinny ankle look cuz that for me is so important is having a little skinny ankles in your jeans otherwise you lose all definition in your legs but yeah I love Jamie jeans just as much as I love mom jeans and but out of curiosity which do you prefer do you prefer mom jeans or do you prefer skinny jeans because I used to be the queen of skinny jeans but I certainly convert mom jeans recently so let me know which kind of girl you are maybe you're both maybe neither interesting I wanted to wear them with t-shirt basics just anything that I would wear mom jeans with I just wanted to have another option to have something with a little bit more shape and definition so onto this top now I actually pop this up on my wish this Wednesday the other day this is from boutique at Topshop which is like that premium brand in store so this is like a satin longer line style camisole top with super skinny straps and they sort of like plunging neckline so I thought this was so pretty it's super soft I don't know if anybody else is like me but I'm obsessed of satin and silky things like I find the ribbon inside all of my clothes and if they don't have a ribbon I'm distraught because when I'm just stuck trying to chill out or sleepy or whatever I find the ribbon in my clothes and it's like it's like an anti-anxiety thing like it really really settles me it must be from when I was a baby because I've been doing it all my life I don't sit there like stroking and slowly chill up anyway completely off topic but yeah I love satin and silky things so I thought this was so so pretty you could dress it up or down again just with a pair of skinny jeans and like I thought maybe you could not it here because it's quite long so you're not it here for a bit more definition and to give a bit more over grungy sort of chilled out look you could tuck it into a miniskirt like a little leather miniskirt or a pencil skirt I thought would look pretty it could even be a work top underneath like a suit tucked in I thought that'd be so nice but yeah I imagine this is like a jeans and a nice top look now it is a little on the expensive side I think this was 69 70 pounds which I know is a lot but it's one of those pieces that you can keep in your wardrobe forever it's really nice and high-quality it's a simple neutral that you can starve so many different ways and again it's one of those sort classic staples that you could keep forever and keep on styling you could also wear this tucked into denim shorts or worn over denim shorts even a calf red pair of acid-wash Levi's and some Doc Minds I'd be really cute festival outfit that's still kind of chic so yeah that's my kind of festival outfit anyway I know most girls like bikinis neon metallic and I'm like wear a 65-pound satin top and some jeans but yeah that's my kind of festival I know this is expensive but in fact I'm just checking out it is 100% silk which obviously means it's gonna cost a little more but you've got that quality there which means it's gonna last you a lot longer but just on this topic how good do those colors go together oh there's nothing more I love than denim in neutrals nothing and last but not least from Topshop is another looks item from their boutique line like I told you I love a neutral masculine cup blazer I thought this was so sick I keep seeing like Josephine Hanning and a few of the other like Copenhagen Sweden Denmark girls posting in such cool chunky masculine cop boyfriend Blazers and they're always neutral and I just think I need one so much and this is such good quality it looks exactly like a boyfriend blazer it's got the pocket here and then the two lower pockets it's single breasted but I thought this would look really nice belted and then worn oversize from a pair of black jeans or black cigarette trousers and like a little white broiler or white bra underneath I think when you wear something masculine it's important to balance it with something more feminine so this over the top of like just a black lacy brawler is really sexy or with a pair of skinny trousers to obviously show off that shape and give you a bit more definition again I thought this oversized with a big chunky black waist belt and pair of black jeans and then a pair of black barely-there heels would look so so thick so yeah I love this I think a neutral blazer isn't essential in every wardrobe however I know this one is a little more expensive this was 120 pounds and it's a size 8 but I can guarantee you that this will could sit in your wardrobe for 10 years and still remain fashionable so be sure to be investing in your wardrobe staples guys because it means over time you actually have to buy less clothes I've only got two more brands to show you that still a lot of items from those brown but I can't make sure so the first up is actually just one item now I kindly got gifted this so this is the only item that I didn't pay for myself but it was too beautiful not to include in the hall so this is what I got then it's this leather jacket now this was sent to me so kindly by my lovely friend Natalia who owns first by Natalia which is like the luxury furs and leather outerwear company she makes the most beautiful jackets so I love leather jackets this smells so good and that you can just feel and see the quality so this is this sort of like biker crop style leather jacket it's so different to anything else I've seen available before it's got these sort of puffed balloony kind of sleeves that are tapered at the waist it's got this big chunky buckle closure it's got a popper here and then it's got this multiple layered thick like heavyset collar it's got like this little pail bit on the shoulder here and then it's also got buttons on the shoulder so it leaves this really grungy biker-looking coat but then it's also really feminine because it caught shoe it's such a flattering place just below your waist so it means it shows off your hips and your bomb so well so this with a pair of like grey high-waisted skinny jeans and a pair of korte he also would look so it's so thick so this is very expensive I don't actually know the cost of it which is why so kind and generous for Natalia to gift it to me so thank you so much girl it's beautiful and but yeah I'll leave a link to her website down below because they sell the most unreal items even if you're not comfortable wearing fur or real fur she does also sell faux fur and she also sells really amazing leather goods so I can't recommend her story enough I can't wait to wear this I'm so excited okay guys we're nearly there on – hmm now and this was a big order so first up this item is actually from the menswear section a lot of my favorite sections to browse especially on Zara nature and there's some absolute steals in there if you're looking for oversize graphic print t-shirts or oversized shirts which mixes then devote search in the men's section first so this is again in my favorite color for this spring and summer this minty seafoam green I love this so much I'm obsessed at the moment with just oversized shirts especially on holiday I think they're such cool dresses it's just to have one huge oversized shirt and a pair of like clear perspex heels I think that is such a look so I think this is so cool I thought it'd also be beautiful over a white bikini as a beach cover-up it's really really long so definitely suitable to be worn as a dress so I bought this just for reference for the sizing in an XXL I really want to ensure of the sizing I think this is the biggest size that they sell so sorry 20 of the XXL men out there that aren't being able to buy the clothes that they want to wear because girls like me and buying them so sorry but yeah I thought this was so beautiful the color is stunning and I thought it'd be a really nice pop of color to my wardrobe with also quite like a masculine fit again I'm loving it at the moment just a shirt and then having like really glossy bronze legs perspex heels and then long hair I thought I'd be a really pretty look on holidays okay again on same wavelength I picked up this blue sure again from the men's section this is a more linen he stylist fabric than the other one and it's obviously in this baby blue color again like I say pastels I'm so on it this year when I was in Dubai I've had the most beautiful pastel blue two-piece from mango that I actually included in an older haul and I loved that color and this is a very similar tone so this is actually a men's work wear shirt this is in a size large it's not XXL so let me know what you think of the two sites in comparison when I'm trying it on because I'm not sure how oversized I want it to look I don't really look like I'm drowning in fabric but equally I think a large might be a little bit skimpy I'm not sure so let me know your thoughts on both the color and also the sizing of these shirts but yeah same wavelength for either it's a beach cover-up or as an evening dress like a short mini dress an oversized shirt style next I've got this bodysuit now this is actually from the lingerie section it's a completely seamless bodysuit that I think is intended to be worn as shapewear but I like to wear these just as body suits because they are really form-fitting flattering on the figure and they do kind of suck you in a bit and give you a bit of so unlike sundered Jersey bodysuit sort of sort of a bit cheaper this is made out of a really stretchy lycra kind of fabric but it doesn't have the shine to it really perfect for just thrown on with jeans or leather leggings or high-waisted pencil skirts whatever if you like wearing these they're even good to wear as like some vests and stuff if you wanna wear this under your clothing to to sculpt your figure a bit more and sort of hide the lumps and bumps this is really good at smoothing them out and B I like to wear these as body suits instead of the sort of Cheaper Jersey basics I prefer to spend a little bit more money and have something like this so this is also a thong bottom it's completely seamless so you won't be able to see even if it was a brief but I do prefer thongs so you're probably gonna say in every video I've got a black bodysuit of some kind but but I find body suits they're sort of different fabrics a bit higher in quality I just buy them so apologies for the that everything here is creased I didn't have the chance to steam everything but the next thing that I bought from H&M was this white blouse now again I told you that a lot of the things I've bought are Yakima's inspired and this is another one of those styles this stuff has hit the high street hard recently and this sort of wrap knotted crossover style blouse that I thought this was a really pretty option this is a perfect work blouse but it's also so nice to wear it just sort of jeans and a t-shirt kind of vibe the fact that it's got this elasticated bit here too means that you could tuck it in and make it more of a high-waisted look if you've got some like wide leg pants or cigarette trousers that are a bit more high-waisted I thought this would be really pretty with a pair of denim short Levi's and a pair of sandals for holiday or also you could wear the office you could wear with jeans wear with skinny cigarette trousers I thought like a nude or beige cigarette trousers and this would look really pretty with some heels as a nice classic sort of formally kind of looks so next up I bought again from the lingerie section and again made out of that similar seamless the lycra kind of fabric I've got this 2-pack of cycling shorts now I think these are shapewear basically I think they're made to be worn under clothes but I would genuinely wear these on their own I don't know if I'm crazy but the lace cycling short trend is so big at the moment I've said a few different places doing them but these are really cheap and I also thought the fact that this lycra fabric means that they're not gonna be see-through as some of the Jersey options so they come as a 2-pack with pink and black I feel the black ones especially they look really really pretty with a black blazer and a black bodysuit underneath and then a pair of black belly their heels but I thought the Pink's would look really nice with a huge oversized white t-shirt and then a pair of white trainers too just as a nice pop of pastel color I just got the lace detail at the bottom was really pretty I could hate these I don't know I could try them on and they could be too short or too fitted I'm not 100% but I thought for the price that they were I think there was pretty cheap they was worth a go so let me know what you think of these down birth okay so onto a bit of a random choice for this time of year but I picked up this minty green again my favorite color jumper from hm this was in the sale hence why I bought it I wouldn't have bought it if it was full price as it was quite expensive but I'd wanted this many months ago when it was in the middle of winter but yeah like I said I couldn't really justify the price even though this is mohair and so it's a nice soft very very fluffy don't know if you can see fabric it's that really woollen II kind of fabric and but yeah this was quite expensive at the time but it was down to 30 pounds and I just thought I would really get wear out of it in winter time it's much a lot of the other color palette on those days they're still quite chilly at the moment I thought it would be really pretty with a pair of black high waisted leather leggings and pair of black mules or loafers it's just sort of tucked in here half tucked leaving it nice and slapped sheet I picked a size medium because I wanted a bit more of a chunky oversized look and yeah I saw a girl wearing this over the top of some underwear actually the other day on Instagram if she was modeling in her bedroom and I saw it and I thought god that looks so luxurious and expensive and cozy and I remember it being this one as I think it comes in baby pink also but yeah I remember thinking oh I really missed out not picking that jumper and then it was in the sale so sometimes you just have to get it guys you just have to next I picked up this little Bardot puff sleeve crop top this is in a cream color with tortoiseshell buttons it does have a little bit of a corset II kind of vibe to it but it's very much a milkmaid very summery kind of crop top I love the puff sleeves I'm obsessive puff sleeves at the moment and yes this is very very girly for me but I thought on holiday this would look really pretty with some denim Levi's ripped shorts like my acid-wash ones and then just a pair of tan sandals I thought that'd be a really pretty look maybe like a brown waist belt as well yeah I thought this was really really sweet I know it's gonna fit well as all the one issue I have with all the tops like this is sometimes the fabric isn't very flattering on it's a bit cheap and a bit sheer whereas this is nice quality it's got the definitions or onto the boobs and around the waist so it's a bit more corseted yeah I thought it's really pretty I'd pull the sleeves off the shoulders a bit and to create more of a Bardot style but I thought this would be really nice either with cream midi skirt or also with a perfect ending shot so I picked up another bodysuit okay I have some body seats in every horse so this one is a grey mile color it's just a basic Jersey one but it's completely backless here so it's got like a plunging back it's a thong bottom this once again really inexpensive and I don't actually own a great bodysuit of any kind so that's the first for me I think having a white and gray in a black bodysuit is really good tap in any wardrobe same with a t-shirt a super simple basics that you can start a billion different ways but I thought these were denim shorts in some one would look great with a pair of mom jeans and heels just for a casual drinks night out kind of thing I love casual simple clothes so just some simple basics like gray white and black body suits are really important to me I thought the plunging back was really really pretty this on tan skin with a few gold necklaces here and some mom jeans and heels would look really pretty or with leather leggings and a black blazer it's just a billion different ways you could solve this so yeah I thought this is a nice addiction and finally onto accessories from H&M so I picked up two belts the first is this waist belt in this sort of gray topi suede color and so this is genuine leather it was a bit more expensive but again I like to spend money on good quality fabric so if it's leather it means it's gonna last a lot longer and yeah it's absolutely tiny and so it came in a few different sizes which is always a good option but I love these kind of waist belts over Blazers I said a couple of times of the other places that I want you to belt them and cinch them in at the waist so I thought this would be a nice option for any of the cream or nude or carmely colored glazes to have a light colored belt instead of a black one if I'm going for an all neutral kind of outfit I don't want to break up the look with a black belt so I thought this would be a nice addition so this would be really pretty over a blazer or a jacket and finally this is the final item I picked up it's another belt from H&M no this is obviously a back belt and or belt bag so you know it's a fanny pack belt bum bum bag whatever you want to call it MBS this waist belt bag in this town croc print I thought this was really pretty I have a pair of tan sandals and no and likes to go with it and if you're like me I need to have much much you when it comes to bags and shoes I couldn't be mixed in but I can't Anna ever know so yeah I thought this would be really pretty again over a blaze that I finished in it at the waist with this I just think it's very looks looking a lot of designer brands have been bringing out industrial style bottom bags like this recently I know Fendi had one and I know Louis Vuitton and people like that have had more industrial but almost like toolkit belts kind of put a couple of pictures here to explain what I'm meaning it's got these poppers at the back instead of a traditional belt buckle which I thought was a nice touch and then it's got a zip at the back here – and then – zips here so you can keep your phone lip gloss that kind of stuff in here there's actually quite good if you don't like carrying a bag or if you're somewhere where it means you can't really carry a bag like a festival or something like that this is a really nice alternative but yeah unlike a lot of the canvass kind of star ones I like these leather ones I think there are a lot more chic so guys it was a marathon not a sprint I told you thank you so so much for watching guys I hope you enjoyed my biggest haul ever let me know the items that you like the most let me know the items that you'll be buying ourselves I can't wait to read them all but as usual thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in my next video bye guys


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