MUNCHIES: Chef’s Night Out with Jean Cohen


  1. Finally a Munchies in Germany and of course in Berlin 'cause in cities like Cologne there is nothing worth to mention. But the direction style was different… less experienced maybe… and the chefs were so nervous! Also that Iranian Navid was somewhat annoying.

  2. Aaaaaalter was für ein Spast 😀 so ein richtiger Klischemittehipster. Sieht aus wie ein dahergelaufener Franzacke und hält sich für den großen Künstler und ordentlich auf dicke Hose machen. Lächerlich.

  3. Nice Vice! Fun episode. Texas BBQ with applesauce on the side? Concession to Germans. Otherwise really nice. Blessings ChefMike

  4. HEY VICE! When are you doing Munchies in Paris? How can you do Munchies without going to Paris once in a while?

  5. Before every Munchies episode, I make food and put the video on pause. Then come back with the food and eat it while watching the episode 😀

  6. That chef Andy looks like the love child of Timothy Dalton and Courtney Love. Also for the subtitles you may want to fix the "rips" to "ribs" in the barbecue style restaurant.

  7. They fascinate over German-made Texas BBQ, wait til they actually get some good ol' Austin' bbq. Their heads will explode.

  8. yuppie attack. fuck off, this restaurant is overprized. the food is good but there are restaurants with the same quality and half the price. Hipster meet point

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