moving back home + GRWM Revolve Awards | November Vlog

– We’re back, and it’s time to do laundry. Should probably take this off, ugh. It feels like forever since
I vlogged in this room. It feels so amazing to be back. First, I wanna talk
about the mic that I got for my vlogging camera. It’s been night and day. The audio in my previous
vlog clips have been trash. What? It just makes me not
wanna use any of the clips that I took earlier this month. But I think the biggest
update is that Ben and I are officially moved back into our house. After two months, the water damage saga is officially over. And I could not be more grateful. We hired a moving company
that basically moved in all our stuff from the living
room and the first floor. So all the big, heavy stuff they were able to put back together. And our living room looks exactly the same as it did in the past. It’s such a trip. It’s like nothing happened, but it did. So that pretty much
brings us to speed today. It feels so nice to be back in the house and just doing house
things, like folding laundry and cleaning. I’ve been on a cleaning rampage. And one of my favorite things to do while I’m doing chores is
to listen to an audiobook. And you guys know how much I love reading and how much I love Audible. And I wanna do a huge shout out to Audible for sponsoring this part of the vlog. If you guys don’t know what Audible is, it is a service that has
an unmatched selection of audiobooks, original audio titles, they have like news,
business, comedy, podcasts, just so much stuff on there. And my favorite way to use Audible is to get the audiobooks. Right now, I’ve been
listening to “Dear Girls” by Ali Wong. I love Ali Wong. She is one of my favorite
people on the planet. I’ve not met her, but
one day I would like to. And “Dear Girls” is kind of like a fusion between an autobiography and
a letter to her daughters. And I love her anecdotes while
she was in San Francisco, because I can actually relate. Like when she talks about the BrainWash and Rainbow Grocery Store, I’m like, oh my god, you actually
described it perfectly. I highly recommend you
guys go check it out. And right now you can get
three months of Audible for 6.95 a month, which
is more than half off. You can choose one audiobook
and two Audible originals for free. And Audible originals are
exclusive audio titles created by storytellers in journalism, literature, theater. It’s so freaking cool. You can just go on, or you can text clothes to 500-500. So definitely go check it out. My family is about to
come over in a little bit. And I thought that I would
make them some pumpkin bread. This will be my third
time actually making it. I’m using my friend Emily’s recipe. Her account is ryupure,
and she’s got a lot of healthy, delicious recipes. I’m using up all his eggs. (mixer noise) I’ve been watching a lot
of Barefoot Contessa, and she loves this device. I don’t know what this
is called, Hotisen Mini? What is this called? It’s basically a device
that self-whisks for you. It’s like a mixer! It’s a mixer, an automatic mixer. (mixer noise) (people speaking foreign language) Are you ready for my pumpkin bread? (quiet cheering) I can’t hear you. (louder cheering) I can’t hear you! – (clapping) Pumpkin bread, pumpkin bread! (laughing) – All right, it’s time
for the pumpkin bread. – [Man] Yeah! – It’s hot, it’s hot, it’s hot, it’s hot. We’ll do a toothpick test. It’s clean, no residue. I got overexcited, and I didn’t
wait for the pumpkin bread to cool, which is why there’s
like a big mound there. But yeah, that’s what it looks like. I’m gonna serve some up to my family now. – Mm, it’s good. – [Jen] It’s good? That’s good enough for me. (people speaking foreign language) – [Man] That’s great. – It’s great? I’ll cut you a slice for home. – [Man] It’s good. Come. (laughing) Spin. Aw, that’s sweet. Spin. Paw, paw. (laughing) It was too hard to spin there. (laughing) – Good girl. (laughs) – Touch. Down. Paw. – [Person] Okay. – Spin. Sit. Good girl. (bright, slow music) – [Jen] Happy anniversary, oma. – Thank you. – [Jen] Happy anniversary. Wait, okay, okay, stand here. Aw, you guys look so nice, wow! ♪ Happy anniversary to you. ♪ ♪ Happy anniversary, dear oma and opa. ♪ (mellow music) (laughing) (mellow music) Wow, we did it, it’s all gone. (cheering) (mellow music) (bright, slow music) – [Woman] Fit body. – [Whole Group] Ah. – [Crowd Of People] No! (laughing) (people talking indistinctly) – It is Friday, and tonight
is the Revolve Awards. I can’t believe it’s
the third one already. Like, how, I can’t, time
is going by so fast. Normally I would do just my
hair and my makeup myself. But I thought I would
just kinda treat myself. So I hired my friend Arianna
to do my hair and my makeup. She’s coming in nine minutes, oh my god. But let me show you the dress options, because I still haven’t really figured out what I’m gonna wear yet. Here are the options. Numero one, we have a black lace dress. This is from, it’s NBD. This is just like my comfort blanket. This is like my backup in case option two doesn’t work out. Now, this one’s a little bit more brave. It’s like full sequin. There’s a strong shoulder. But I like that it’s very short. So it’ll show my legs, and
it’s very petite-friendly. I tried them both on earlier this morning, and I feel like without the hair and glam, they’re equally not what
I expected. (laughs) I already have an idea of what I wanna do my hair and makeup. I kinda wanna do like a
graphic liner, like this. ‘Cause I don’t know how to do this, so I would want Arianna to
try and do it on my face. And then for my hair, I thought since both of them are high neck, I thought I would so like
a sleek pony, like this. So we’ll see how it all comes together. Arianna’s here, my love. – We haven’t started. – I’m so excited! Oh my god, okay. (upbeat, jazzy pop music) Oh my god, I love my glam. I think Arianna absolutely killed it. High pony, like a kitten-esque eye. (exhales) I’ve never
done a liner like this. I love it. I’m gonna try my best to recreate this. This is incredible. Before I get changed, Ben and I are going to cook some dinner. I think we’re gonna have some cod, right? – Tonight we have some fried cod, some peas, and some boiled potatoes. So I’m wearing my Liverpool
shirt, take it off. Oh, Liverpool shirt again. – [Jen] Wow. – I wonder who he supports. – Big fan. Honestly, tip number one for going out is to never, ever drink
on an empty stomach. – [Ben] Mm hmm. – No. No. I’ll never do that ever again. You just feel horrendous the next day. This is our dinner. It’s good with the tartar sauce. – So good with it. – All right, guys, this
is my finished look. I don’t think I’ve ever been this glam in a very long time. I’m wearing the sequin dress. It’s just, when is there
gonna be another moment where I can where a dress like this and like, it be completely acceptable? But I think it looks good, guys. I went for my big boots. And I know they’re a lot,
but with this type of dress, I feel like I need as much height as I possibly can get,
because just the shoulders are so strong. For my lip, I put on One Hit, which is the MAC and Pony collaboration. It’s just like a really nice salmony shade that I think worked
really well with the eyes. (upbeat jazzy music) Good afternoon. It is the next day. And I’m feeling a little
bit delicate today. I mean, I’m not horrendous, but I just feel a little spacey. I could’ve definitely
slept a little bit longer. But last night was so much fun. I love Revolve events,
because just everybody there is fam, and it’s just
a lot of catching up. And every corner there’s like someone that we haven’t seen
in a really long time. And it’s always like a little reunion. We actually came back
at a pretty decent time, like one a.m. And now I’m just getting ready to go to the Shop Woman
popup in Chinatown. (sighs) I feel like some
sun would do me some good. We’re here at the Eco-Friendly Market. – Yes, we are in Chinatown. Woman is here. Jen came out to support. – I did. – There’s a ton of other
really cool brands. (bright, slow music)


  1. Glad you're back home!! Your family is so cute, you've got your mom's bright smile 🙂 Thank you for sharing these little clips of happiness x

  2. Hey Jenn! – Congratulations on being back home – there truly is no place like home x Your parents are so sweet and congratulations to them for their anniversary!
    Looks like you had a epic time at the revolve awards and looked fabulous! I saw your instastories too 🙂
    I woud love to see more of work/professional footage/ behind the scenes in your vlog, if you are ok to share x
    I love to read too! Look forward to seeing your favourite reads in your next favourites

  3. Love it! I love that you're so happy doing laundry haha but the audiobook idea while doing laundry is a good way to multi-task – great tip!!

  4. Your family is so beautiful! Your parents awe ♥️♥️ love you Jen! Thanks for the good vibes. Happy thanksgiving!!

  5. Jenn, I would love to see more videos about confidence and how to get out of ruts and still be productive! You are the queen of productivity!!

  6. Can people learn how to vlog like Jen 😩 god her life is so refreshing to see form the food she eats to her daily activities

  7. I can’t believe you haven’t met Ali Wong!! You are both so iconic in the Asian-American community, I really hope you do someday

  8. I always get excited when your parents are in your videos. They’re absolutely adorable. You have such a beautiful family Jen. 💕

  9. I’m new to the channel can someone answer my questions please!

    1. How olds is Jenn?
    2. Where does she live?
    3. What’s her ethnicity?

    Thank you!

  10. Jenn I’m really confused about what your job is. Are you just like straight up a model? Are you a brand ambassador? Are you a freelance model? Can you make a video explaining? I love all of your photo shoots you do and I’m like is this her job or just her helping photographers out or both? Whatever you’re doing it’s awesome!

  11. Jenn's appa's reaction on 3:55 when she announced who's ready for her pumpkin bread, and that's prolly the cutest and heartwarming moment to witness on this vlog :')

  12. I loved Dear Girls too!! I felt like it was so honest and yet heartwarming and that a lot of men would benefit from reading the section on motherhood too. And as someone who lives in SF rn it feels v cool also 🙈

  13. Can you tell me your phone? Which iPhone is that? I wanna buy new one but don’t know which one. Are you happy with yours? I don’t like iPhone11 series

  14. Lol i was one of the movers. Boss just told me about the vid. Glad to have a job that puts smiles on people's faces. 👍😁✌. Thanks for the Shout out!!!

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  19. I’m mad dumb, I’m always like what’s Emily insta name. Like how’d she come up with that haha. It’s ryupure and I was mad struggling 😂 I’m smart I swear I just have dumb tendencies. Like R yu pure?! Duh 😒

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    Thanks for your videos

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  27. Is it just me , or cheeki gets bigger now… Feels good for cheeki cuz it means it is healthy and growing well, but I feel sad at the same time cuz it is getting older (kind of like how I look at kids growing and feel sad about it)

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