1. Bruh I just found out about a Tallis today. Who the fuck at H&M would know that? Maybe a Jewish person, but not everyone is Jewish, so they probably don't give a fuck what the fuck a Tallis is. That's just not common knowledge by any fucking means.

  2. I will forever think the black panther back lash was ridiculous. as a black person I can say this. what a bunch of snowflakes.
    also high key I would have bought that hang loose shirt bc I wanna die.

  3. White is the new black…people bleach skin in Jamaica…so is THEIR white the new black…??? Cut the shit peeps

  4. Lmao if people were mad at that hang loose shirt they better stay far away from zumiez. It's full of the brand lurking class that sells similar things. People please stop getting offended by everything πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

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