Monster Patty Melt Burger Challenge w/ Cheesy Bacon Tater Tots!!

Hey everybody this is Randy Santel, “Atlas” and I am very very excited because I’ve always wanted to get here. It’s my
first time in South Bend, Indiana, home of the University of Notre Dame, and there are so many people here! I am at Tap House on the Edge in South
Bend of Indiana. I am taking on, or I’m the first person to take on, their brand new,
its debuting tonight. They actually have two challenges but what I have here is
the “Randy Santel” Monster Melt Challenge! Now they do have a base challenge which is just their Monster Melt Challenge. You have 20 minutes to finish. It’s got
pretty much three grilled cheese sandwiches and then two
half pound patties. What I have done is I’ve doubled that, and now I have 30
minutes to finish, along with each one has the same size portion of their
loaded tater tots, so mine’s got six grilled cheese sandwiches, four half pound burger patties. There’s a whole bunch of different cheeses or sliced cheeses. I
know the middle sandwich on each one has ghost pepper cheese, so that’s gonna be
rough. I had three and a half pounds of tots yesterday but apparently that wasn’t
enough, so I’ve got to finish it’s about I’d say one and a half pounds
of tots covered with a sour cream sauce. There’s three ladles of their queso and
then there’s some pickled jalapenos and bacon bits, but like I said I’ve got 30
minutes to finish. If I fail it’s gonna be 40 dollars, but if I win I’ll get the
meal free, I’ll get a sweet t-shirt, I’ll get overall win number 772, and I’ll
be the very first person to win this challenge and get on their Wall of Fame.
Let’s get this challenge started! Alright, had a great challenge
win 771 in Plymouth, Wisconsin yesterday. Now time to dominate this one. I’m
going to check out the campus of Notre Dame in the morning but for now let’s
shut up and eat! 1, 2, 3. . . Boom! (Crowd cheering) Ghost pepper cheese is hot! There’s bacon on these grilled cheese
sandwiches too but delicious so far! That ghost pepper cheese isn’t terrible
but it’s got a kick to it! If you’re interested in trying just the
base challenge, that was pretty much just this side but now I’m working on part of
the Randy Santel Monster Melt Challenge. And if mom and dad are watching, I love you! (crowd) Aww I love that! Don’t they always watch? (Randy) Yeah, most of the time. Thankfully these sandwiches go down real easy! They’ve got healthy onions on them too. (crowd) Healthy vegetables! Alright we are right at 15 minutes in,
so we’re halfway through the time limit Done with all that monster patty
melt, delicious, but now we got to finish all these tots, and there’s lots of
cheese that hopefully will help me get all of it down! (crowd) Randy! Randy! Randy! I would have been done like five minutes
ago but we’re adding suspense to the video, it’s not because my gut is way
over-sized at all… Oh yeah! MVP there, fresh soda! I asked what their specialty drink was
and they listed off this like 32 ounce drink that they serve for Notre Dame and
they made that easy. I don’t have room for that…”The Smurf Drink.” I’m gonna spread these jalapenos out. There’s like five. thankfully that, oh, that ghost pepper cheese wasn’t overpowering! Leaving no doubt, got everything. Big thank you to the Tap House on the Edge for having me here!! I’m the first to win so of course it’s
the new record but I just finished the Randy Santel Monster Melt Challenge in
24 minutes and 21 seconds! Actually to incentivize the challenge, along with all of the prizes that you get, the first five people that beat this challenge
other than me of course, let me know and I will mail you a sweet t-shirt from our
store, so if you want to try just the base challenge, you can do that
no shirt from me but you will still get a shirt from the restaurant and the twenty
five dollar meal for free, so yes! Big thanks again to everybody for coming! It was overall win #772! Thanks again to everyone here at Taphouse On The Edge! It was a delicious challenge, and thank you guys for watching!!

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