Monster Factory | Snack Braff is Zach Braff if he just committed to going to the gym every day

– [Justin] You know what? I don’t feel like we’re being fair to WWE. – [Griffin] It’s not
supposed to be like this. – [Justin] It’s not
supposed to have a hand, it’s not supposed to be at a weird angle. – [Griffin] Yeah. What if we just have a little Clint? (intense rock music) Justin, is there a horse so beaten, so already scrowdy-row, just pre-boned, so bad that we ethically can’t monster it? Do you know what I mean? Like, at what point are we just sorta, at what point is it bear baiting? It feels bad. – [Justin] They say you
shouldn’t beat a dead horse. But I would argue, should
you beat a live one? I think not. – [Griffin] This is not
an alive horse, though. I do wanna speak to the MyPLAYER Wizard. Oh, shit, Justin, did you bring the MyPLAYER Wizard an offering? (Justin laughing) Justin, if you didn’t bring him a crystal or an orb or something, oh, man, we’re gonna be in a lotta trouble. So let’s choose a class. Any class that Asuka’s a part of is a class that I would love to join. – [Justin] Do not reference real wrestling on this video.
– Any real wrestling? I apologize, you’re right. Let’s see, strong style, yeah. – [Justin] Obviously, strong style! – [Griffin] Okay, now let’s customize. Actually, oop, sorry, thank you, WWE, I forgot that you do allow us to sorta, – Let’s see what they’ve got.
– do it. Oh, well that’s not. Okay, hold on, their randomization, no, their randomization has to have some sort of filters on it. – [Justin] Oh, come on! – [Griffin] No, this is horseshit. There’s no–
– This looks like the same person changing wigs! – [Griffin] Ooh, shit! Whoa, that got real close up, didn’t it? – [Justin] Griffin, I
hear you wanted random. That random South Park humor. – [Griffin] I do want that
random South Park, hello. Can I not sorta fuck with the bones or the face, though, what’s going on, WWE? Okay, so this is why it was, this is not gonna do it. As bad as I wanna see the career mode, I’m not going to do it if
our options are just this. This is where we part ways, career mode. – [Justin] You would’ve
been some connective tissue. – [Griffin] You would’ve been neat, some way to make this one stand apart from the nine other
fucking wrestling games that we’ve done already. – [Justin] This man. – He’s always so good.
– He’s always the man that they start with, and I feel like it’s Vince’s way of saying, if I could find this man, I would be done. Like, he would be the new Vince, and he would be in charge, and I just want this exact
man, I can’t find him. Just a blank canvas man. – [Griffin] I found so many men, Roman Reigns has more hair than this man, Dean Ambrose was closer, but
the nipples were all wrong. (Justin laughing) I wish we could do a
play with perspective. – [Justin] It looks like you’re
looking at a white Grimace from the toilet. Like, if Grimace was white,
and you were in the toilet looking up, this is the
view that you would have. – [Griffin] Oh shit. Oh, face photo capture’s
still in the game. – [Justin] Oh, nice, Griffin, you got to, I love when you do this, you got to! (relaxed jazz music) – [Griffin] So, I prepared for you a sort of, sampler platter. What will you be having today sir? The Braff is excellent. But we get lots of compliments
about our Leguizamo. The Clint, is an acquired taste. And also, there’s gonna
be hand in the Clint face. – [Justin] I’d like a tasting
pour of the Leguizamo, please. – [Griffin] Yes, let’s
sample that really quick. (both laughing) Oh, something inside of me just popped! I don’t know what it is! – [Justin] I’m having an episode. Oh my God, I lost control of my body! I’m falling into the floor,
I’m having a literal, (he wheezes) episode, my brain’s
not getting enough oxygen. – [Griffin] Oh, shit! – [Justin] I need a–
(he wheezes and laughs) I can’t! I can’t, Griffin, I can’t do it! I can’t do it, make it go away. That was the fucking Ark of the Covenant. I can’t look at that! (he cackles) – [Griffin] Lets have
just a little bit of Braff in my life, here we go. (Justin coughing and laughing) Oh my God! (he laughs) – [Justin] I can’t, it’s impossible. (both laughing) – [Griffin] Oh, no. – [Justin] Joker’s back in Joker Two. – [Griffin] God, no. – [Justin] Shit. I don’t think that’s right either. – [Griffin] Are you sure it’s not right? Let’s just complete the hat trick. Oh, no! – [Justin] That’s my father. – [Griffin] That’s dad! – [Justin] That’s my dad. – [Griffin] We could,
ostensibly, now hold on, hold on just a tisch. Maybe there’s a chance we could, sort of, jimmy this in a way, that would, do you know what I’m saying? – [Justin] The eyes are still. – [Griffin] The eyes don’t have it. – [Justin] You know what? I don’t feel like we’re being fair to WWE. – [Griffin] It’s not
supposed to be like this. – [Justin] It’s not
supposed to have a hand, it’s not supposed to be at a weird angle. – [Griffin] Yeah. What if we just have a little Clint? (both laughing) That’s badass, though. If we could do multiple
faces, that’s badass, but I don’t think it gets
better than John Leguizamo. – [Justin] Just to close the loop on it, I’d love to see a perfect–
– See if we could actually do a good, that’s John Leguizamo. – [Justin] That’s a John. – [Griffin] That’s a John for sure. You could be fooled for thinking that’s actor, John Leguizamo
if you saw him on the street. Oh, shit. – [Justin] He’s already
got his wrestling name, The Pest, that would be really good. John, The Pest, Leguizamo. – [Griffin] Any more faces
that I should try and download? – [Justin] I would just like
to get my face one time. – [Griffin] Okay, let’s get Justin. Alright, let’s see how this goes. We’ll start with you. – [Justin] Oh, this is
good, this is great. One of the problems is
the head that they have is a long head, nobody’s
got a head like that. I wish, in my dreams, you know? – [Griffin] You can adjust the head size but only after you’ve
placed the picture down. – [Justin] Okay, look at that. That’s not bad.
– We’re getting there. Hey, Justin, what you just said is wild because it’s deeply bad. (Justin laughing) – [Justin] I kind of look
like John Cena, it’s good. – [Griffin] You know what, Justin? You know what’s fucking
me up is that you look like professional wrestler
and movie star John Cena. – [Justin] I kinda look
like John Cena in this one. That’s accurate, true
to life, fair enough. Yeah, that’s about it. – [Griffin] Why do you look
so much like John Cena? That sucks! – [Justin] It’s weird. – [Griffin] You have kind of
off-set John Cena dimples, also his eyeball extends past the eyelid. Let’s try out mine, ’cause
I worry that the beard or terrible facsimile of a beard, is not gonna do it for us. And also you’re gonna have
to stretch out my shit. There’s gonna be mad artifacting, though. That sucks. – [Justin] That’s not bad. – [Griffin] It’s not good! – [Justin] It’s not bad. Okay, so let’s talk about plus and minus. Obviously the facial hair’s a huge problem but I can’t blame Vince for that. (Griffin laughing) – [Griffin] That one ain’t Vince’s fault! – [Justin] That ain’t Vince. That one ain’t Vince. – [Griffin] Okay, I’m not
sure I wanna make myself into a monster, it feels
a little self-insert-y. – [Justin] Yeah. Now, Zach Braff. – [Griffin] Now, Zach Braff, I wanna make into a big, big monster. – [Justin] Let’s get Zach Braff perfect and then worse than perfect. – [Griffin] I don’t know that
we’re gonna get him perfect when this is the starting
line, do you know what I mean? – [Justin] Yeah, you do need at least, let me see–
(Griffin cackling) – [Griffin] I do need to get the eyeballs, just outta there. Okay, okay, so I can kinda close ’em, make ’em a little vestigial. Is this anything? – [Justin] Okay, I gotta go back here. I had to go down to the cellar. And, I had to blow off a few cobwebs. But found one from the private reserve. – [Griffin] Oh, that’s a good Zach Braff. Justin, premium Braff, dude. – [Justin] Yeah, dude. – [Griffin] The secret’s
all about aligning the ears. – [Justin] Is that the secret? – [Griffin] I don’t think teeth are just gonna work on this one, though. – [Justin] We’ll have teeth, there’s nothing to be done about that. – [Griffin] That’s about as much as I’m willing to compromise, Justin. (Justin laughing) That’s about as far as
I’m gonna come to meet ya. Okay? That’s about as good
as I’m gonna let it get on this one, okay? Any further and I’m gonna
compromise my own integrity. Do you understand? – [Justin] Yeah, I get it. – [Griffin] I know the nose sucks. The nose is so profoundly off-kilter. And so wildly higgledy-piggledy. I’m going to look at the points, and you look at the actual person. And just give me an honest opinion about– – [Justin] You aren’t even starting close. – [Griffin] That’s, oh you fucker. – [Justin] That as far as you can get? – [Griffin] Oh, but I can nudge, hold on. God, this is the worst. Okay, the nosey’s willing to. – [Justin] The nose’ll work with you. – [Griffin] He’ll talk to us. This is not gonna
encapsulate the nostrils. The nostrils will be–
– The nostrils can’t be part of it.
– Oh shit, that sucks! From the top, it sucks! – [Justin] It actually does suck. Zach, can you close your mouth, sweetie? It’s just for the–
– Zach, buddy, we’re taking a picture, can you? – [Justin] I love those chompers, bud. But if you could just close
the mouth, sweet stuff, we gotta get a, just
for the wrassling game? – [Griffin] Zach, I notice
you sort of shut one quarter of your lips, which I didn’t know, okay. That’s Zach Braff. Hello. – [Justin] That’s Zach Braff right there. – [Griffin] Facial structure. Okay, now let’s chop and screw. – [Justin] Quality. (Justin laughing and groaning) He looks unsure.
– Oh my God, it sucks so bad, dude, it’s a death mask. I don’t like it.
– He looks unsure if you should’ve done this. – [Griffin] Ears. – [Justin] Get ’em going. Get ’em going, you gotta
balance out something. (Griffin cackling) That way, it’s something else to look at. Ugh, it sucks. It sucks! – [Griffin] It sucks. – [Justin] It sucks. This looks like Zach
Braff got stuck in a cave for, like, millennia. And this is what his children’s
children’s children’s children’s children came out as. – [Griffin] It sucks. – [Justin] Fucking,
they’re good at hearing, bad at speech, good at eating raw fish. – [Griffin] This is doing,
also, still kind of nothing. – [Justin] Yeah, it’s
making the eyes worse, which is interesting. – [Griffin] I think we
did a lotta face work when we were uploading
100 JPEGs to – [Justin] Are those on
Vince’s home computer at this point now?
– As far as I know, anyone can download those.
– Is that how it works? – [Griffin] So I’m gonna stop
working on facial structure. Okay, face is, good! – [Justin] Good, it’s a good face. – [Griffin] It’s a good face. From far away, it’s not a good face. – [Justin] No, but up
close it’s real good. Zach, this could be you. – [Griffin] This could be
you, Zach, but you playin’. – [Justin] Zach goes in day one, he hits the gym. What is gonna be the first
thing that he’s working on? That’s not, what do you
guys think 640 pounds means? That’s not it. – [Griffin] Body type. – [Justin] There’s two
types, type one and type one. – [Griffin] It’s the same type. That is the most powerful fuckin’ body I’ve ever seen in my life, Justin. That’s 640 pounds of grab meat. That is 640 pounds of tussle muscle, baby. Neck? – [Justin] No thank you. Delete. – [Griffin] Let me see the
fucking neck, you scamp! – [Justin] Delete neck, hey, Griff, which of these necks do you like best? – [Griffin] You mean these
literally identical necks? Help me, help me, they’ve
got me in the video, let me out! Sorry, Zach. – [Justin] Take it up
with your agent, bud. – [Griffin] Did you hear something? I didn’t hear anything. Back. Wow, that’s a real asshole
he’s got right there, huh? (Justin laughing) Oh my God, Zach. – [Justin] Yes, Zach, you shouldn’t have. – [Griffin] Once again,
I am fairly certain we cannot put a shirt on this boy. – [Justin] No, but maybe some tattoos. – [Griffin] A very defined Zach. We want him to be rugged, ripped, ready to fight, Scrubs Two, he’s gonna just beat
John C. McGinley’s ass. – [Justin] I wanna pitch
the name of Snack Braff. – [Griffin] Now, yeah. So you’ve just named, also, our creation which is good. Let’s look at his 10 butts. – [Justin] Hey, which of these fucking, the assholes are what’s actually different but the censors won’t let us show it. – [Griffin] What’s
different about these butts? I feel like I’m doing a Slylock Fox, something’s different
between these two pictures. One butt cheek’s bigger than the other, what’s going on? – [Justin] It’s just a butt option. You can have one butt cheek bigger. Okay, I can see the difference, that one’s kind of tooched a little bit. – [Griffin] Yeah, I like
it, it’s fun, it’s flirty. The thighs are going to be two big old, prime rib roasts at Ponderosa. What’s going on there? ‘Cause one of his veins seems like it’s having trouble being a vein on a 3D model of Snack Braff. We’ve got a puncture in our Snack. And he’s just gonna float away. What if his ring attire
is just nude Snack Braff and his entrance is clothed? And so he’ll come in,
it’ll be like, uh oh. I have to wrestle this guy? And then he takes literally
all his clothes off and they’re like, I have
to wrestle this guy?! – [Justin] That’s the most
skin you can show, right? He can’t be hanging dong? – [Griffin] I don’t know
if he can hang brain, let’s see, clothing. Lower body. Trunks.
– Delete. – [Griffin] Dragon Slayer. I forgot how good these are. – [Justin] Wow, there’s like a lot, huh? – [Griffin] Yeah, but we
want one with some nuts. – [Justin] That little
fancy, that fancy pantaloon, may be the best we can do.
– Big, cool, big Snack Braff diaper is
about as good as it gets. – [Justin] Yeah, I think
that if you have to wrestle Snack Braff in a diaper you
are going to be struggling. – [Griffin] Can we make the
diaper out of metal, though? – [Justin] He’s a space baby! (Griffin laughing) – [Griffin] Snack Braff! – [Justin] Snack Braff Space Baby. – [Griffin] It’s Snack Braff’s
special carbon fiber diaper. Okay, so this is his glowing space diaper. And this is good, stitch. I can stich my own, I can do
some light cross-stitching in the wrestling game. – [Justin] Why don’t
people like this game? It seems good.
– It seems pretty good to me! – [Justin] What should it say? I’m no superman? – [Griffin] No, Justin,
it should say step inside. (Justin laughing) – [Justin] Okay. I think if you tried to step inside Snack Braff’s space diaper,
you would go to jail. Or back in time. – [Griffin] Snack Braff
is inviting you into his– – [Justin] If you do more things it’s gonna look less like a diaper. Don’t mess it up. – [Griffin] But is it gonna
look more like a space diaper? The answer is yes. That’s badass, dude, I don’t
even know what those are. – [Justin] Fuckin’ little peacock feathers or something, that’s cool.
– Badass, dude. That’s on there. Oh, yeah. – [Justin] No. I’m sorry, but no. I might be able to help you with booties. If you look at booties. – [Griffin] That’s kinda cool. – [Justin] What is that? – [Griffin] I don’t know,
it looks cool, though. Alright, that’s even cooler. Yeah, that’s pretty fucking cool! (Justin laughing) – [Justin] Booties, booties, booties. – [Griffin] You want them big. – [Justin] I bet you will find something that looks like, we need the closest to baby booties possible. – [Griffin] Oh, see,
I’m not thinking of him as being a baby, I’m thinking of him– – [Justin] He is, oh okay. – [Griffin] I’m thinking
of him being a big, you know, a space alien, who, doesn’t know how to keep
the human fluids inside. – [Justin] Here’s my short story. Baby shoes, size 23, worn weekly. – [Griffin] For fighting. – [Justin] (he laughs) For fighting. – [Griffin] What do you think about these? They’re worth 20 points. – [Justin] Ooh. They give you 20 points
for those these days? – [Griffin] Now, we can
make them also, whoa. – [Justin] Those are cool as hell. Honestly, I’d fuck those up for real. Hell yeah, dude. – [Griffin] So, those are actual tendrils that are capable of poisoning you with the most righteous asteroid toxin. – [Justin] This is just
what he wears to fight! – [Griffin] I keep forgetting the face! (Justin laughing) I think we got it in one. – [Justin] Wow, instantly. – [Griffin] I mean, I’ll kep looking, I’ll keep digging around, but. I don’t hate this. – [Justin] You’d think
that would be the point you throw the shirt away. – [Griffin] At what point
the moths have eaten this in such a specific, horny way. – [Justin] I’m sensing some real mission drift here, Griffin. – [Griffin] Oh, is that what you detect? – [Justin] I’m detecting
some mission drift. – [Griffin] Are you
detecting mission drift or did we fucking just find– – [Justin] Can I see the suit jacket with the space diaper, please? – [Griffin] It’s saying no. It’s saying specifically–
– It won’t actually let it? It’ll let you do Ted DiBiase, of course. – [Griffin] You know, that’s kinda fun. – [Justin] I can’t believe it puts limits. You know, good on them. So many games forget to put in ways to thwart you and I. They don’t specifically thwart us. – [Griffin] That’s pretty space. – [Justin] That’s good, that’s futuristic. – [Griffin] That’s future space in a way that I am actually feeling. What, don’t. – [Justin] Why would you
even display it, then? – [Griffin] Why would you
let us even see it, then? Yeah, you’re an asshole, WWE. – Fuck off.
– You’re a big asshole and you’re a fucking shitty game, I hope nobody else buys you, I hope we were the last purchase. – [Justin] Oh, look at that, though. That’s excellent. – [Griffin] You’re back in. You know, it’s getting a
little too homogenous for me. I would love to have, no, I take it back, I like that
bioluminescent shit so much. I do want him to have a
blaster cannon on one arm that he can use for special attacks. I’m kind of min-maxing him a little bit, but if he had a ranged projectile. – [Justin] Whoa, whoa,
what about that thing? It shoots blades, like that, what about that?
– This one that shoots blades? The hawk blade? – [Justin] Yeah, it shoots
the hawk blades out. – [Griffin] So the hawk blade came from, is he a superhero from his planet? That uses the hawk blade? – [Justin] No. He’s Zach Braff the actor, who’s seeing what he could pull off if he was hitting the
gym a little bit more. – [Griffin] This whole time, Zach Braff has been the hawk blade. – [Justin] I’m saying that he’s not now, but if he dedicated himself
to getting into the gym. – [Griffin] That’s too many hawk blades. There’s only one hawk
blade, that’s stupid. – [Justin] It’s passed
down through legend, you can’t just make another one. – [Griffin] Can’t just
have two hawk blades. But you can have, fire storm. Yeah. We need more tendrils, though. – [Justin] Ooh, the glow is neat. – [Griffin] Yeah, that’s sort of what comes out of the hawk blade. – [Justin] Yeah, that’s representing the beams that could be
coming out of the hawk blade if Zach Braff would just– – Go to the gym every once in a while,
– Really dedicate himself. – [Griffin] and start
pounding the tires and– – [Justin] Not every once in a while, he goes every once in a while now. But if he would make it priority in 2020, don’t even try to do it now, obviously it’s too late in the year to start changing your habits. But in 2020, if he redoubled his efforts and really focused on
getting into the gym. – [Griffin] He could wield the hawk blade. So this hand is injured,
’cause it doesn’t know how to use the blaze storm. I’m just gonna leave it like that and I’m not gonna do the rest of this because, holy, well, back
accessories is extremely good. – [Justin] If Snack
Braff could have katanas, and we don’t give him katanas, that’s kind of on us. – [Griffin] That’s an
entrance object only. – [Justin] Of course! You probably aren’t
allowed to have anything on your back in the ring,
– No, you can have this. – [Justin] now that I’m thinking about it. Just the one chitin. (Justin laughing) Now, this is from his
mother’s side of the family. – [Griffin] Right, this
is not me and Justin putting a hat on a hat, this is. – [Justin] He has two different lineages of incredible ancestral power! (both laughing) That if he would just hit
the gym a little bit harder in 2020, not now.
– He could wield the hawk blade, and his natural chitin. Hold on, give me the
front of the turtle, too! Vince, give me the front of the turtle! I’d love to see where they
think glasses are going. (Justin laughing) – [Justin] Just gotta
increase your prestige to get that great look. – [Griffin] But I probably won’t. – [Justin] Ey. (Justin laughing) – [Griffin] Justin, I deeply
love this, is the thing. – [Justin] Yeah, that’s actually great. (Griffin cackling) – [Griffin] It looks like the
fucking girl from the Vine! (“Take on Me” by A-ha) Justin, the glasses make it. What’s it gotta be? – [Justin] I think the shark glasses. Yes!
– No that’s too many mouths. That’s too many mouths. This is so subtle and
so righteously powerful. – [Justin] Okay, fine. Oh, that crown’s good, though. – [Griffin] You like the crown? ‘Cause that means I already won. – [Justin] The match is over. – [Griffin] It doesn’t matter who wins or loses this match, I the turtle king, have already won. I don’t know why he
would take the shell off. I don’t wanna create a
whole different thing. He’s good as is. Maybe one thing. Maybe we give him a nice suit. (Justin laughing) He’s just a nice boy, and he wants to do a
good job for everyone. Gotta take those fucking
gloves off, what’s he doing? – [Justin] You’re a businessman. – [Griffin] You’re a businessman, get those gloves off there. No, no no. No, no, no. No, no no no, not on my watch. – [Justin] Like a businessman! (he laughs) (both laughing) – [Griffin] I wanna give him hair, where does the hair even go? – [Justin] Can we just get this one bit as close to Zach Braff
as humanly possible? – [Griffin] Yeah. I guess. I guess we could do that. (Justin wheezing and laughing) – [Justin] Zach? (both laughing) With maybe one hour in the gym a day, Zach, all I’m saying, just
hit the gym. (he coughs) – [Griffin] Presentation. Oh, God, they’ve done it
to us again, haven’t they? They probably have Zach. – [Justin] Zachary, Zack, Zack, just Zack. – [Griffin] My nickname is Zachary. Let’s pick the closest thing to Braff. Which is gonna be, (he hums and boops) – [Justin] Brad. – [Griffin] Zach Bram. – [Justin] Zach Boy Bradley. They call him Zachary but
his name’s Zach Boy Bradley or Snack Braff. – [Griffin] Oh, my God. (Justin laughing) Personal information. Crowd reaction. Is, huh?! – [Justin] Stunned
silence, is that an option? – [Griffin] Crowd balance,
a mix of cheers and boos. Personality traits. – [Justin] Very proud, he managed to find that time at the gym. Very disrespectful, though,
– He does not appreciate it. – [Justin] For reasons. – [Griffin] He needs this so bad! Loyal to a fault. Cowardly also to a fault. Extremely aggressive despite the cowardice that I just said. Home town. Fucking “Garden State”, baby! Where is it? Justin, quick, where was
“Garden State” filmed? – [Justin] New Jersey. – [Griffin] Where in New Jersey? – [Justin] “Garden State” was filmed in, South Orange, New Jersey. – [Griffin] Not an option,
we’re going to say Nutley. And this is always the best part. Clayton, if you could just
give this the usual treatment. You don’t even need us
for this part, do ya? You know what to do,
Clayton, take it away. (upbeat dance music) (both laughing) – [Justin] Hey everybody,
quick programming note. In the near future,
we’re gonna be publishing new episodes of Monster Factory just on the McElroy
Family YouTube channel. So if you aren’t already
subscribed to that, you’ll wanna go ahead and do that. – [Griffin] Smash it, baby! – [Justin] Griffin, I asked you not to, I begged you not to. – [Griffin] Mm, smash that!


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  12. If you search up "tony abbott sunglasses", you'll discover that Snack Braff was actually the Prime Minister of Australia for several years.

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