MODEST SUMMER CLOTHING HAUL!!!/ Head Coverings/ Modest Swimsuit/ Where To Buy Modest Clothes!?!

hey good morning y'all this morning I wanted to occlude be tall with y'all I succeed and yeah I just wanted to share with y'all some of the modest clothes that I got this summer and as y'all know I do not wear anything fancy I just dress and are practical simple feminine way and yeah I just wanted to show y'all some things so first thing I'm gonna show y'all is so many skirts that I got Amazon if had these skirts for a while now but they're just super awesome skirts they're off of Amazon and there's just a lot of room in these skirts and I actually have a couple of these a beige color and they're just super nice these are actually the skirts these are my favorite skirt she'll like out of all of skirts I've ever had these are my favorite skirts they have a lot of room I horse ride in these skirts and I've stuff a lot of room on both sides when I'm on the horse and these skirts are really really awesome and I actually probably one right now and yeah there's this blue one right here i like the beige a lot better and yeah they're the same thing and the aw boots are really awesome skirts like for working around and if you're like on horse or something these are the skirts to wear so this jean skirt I got I said it was a store around here I think it's called Bell's the old spells spells appeals I do not sound like that and it's uh yeah it's a jean skirt as you see it's like that pattern on it but it's long and modest all these skirts go down to my ankles and yeah this is a very comfy skirt oh yes now also when I show you all something else that I got from bells is this thermos cup I was not expecting to get it or find it but yeah it's a J on it for joy my name but it's a really cool thermos cup and I like it a lot I like take it with me wherever I go whether going to the store or ever I take my little Jake there miss cup so that's the thing that's the find I found at deals bells I think it's called bells I heard someone say bells but then I heard it also some some feel so whatever you want to call it that's the place and this skirts also a lot of y'all have been asking like would you get your secures you get your skirt I also wear these a lot when I'm just working around they're really long and they're really comfy skirts these are also from Amazon and these skirts all have pockets you have pockets and I have a several different colors of these I have this color this blue and then it also have like I am of like a pink you know so and then I also have khaki – but and these skirts are really comfy I get around the house working or even outside and now for the Walmart is these 3/4 sleeve shirts they're only like they're only like $3 at Walmart these modesty for I'll come closer it's a really cute flower pattern they're really modest and I'll show you have another color they had a whole bunch of colors it says peach color don't mind the stain on it already and then do other ones this pink and then the green I really love this green and the peach one the best bills to her my favorite ones rustle of the flower one but the dream of the future my favorite and also at Walmart we had these undershirts of tank tops that I love to wear under these 3/4 sleeve shirts just yeah the double layer and yeah they're really pretty there's this really pretty flower one here and these also were only like two dollars so that's super awesome and this pretty pinky purple T so that's these are like the toothed tank tops I wear like all the time underneath these shirts and also okay and also this shirt that's from tractor supply it was only it was on clearance okay and they just roll up the sleeves two of their likes pay for it this way I don't like usually have them down it's a little too hot for that but yeah it's a really nice would they call these plaid shirts I don't know but now these are really nice too and I love as you see there's like a tint of pink and yellow it's really pretty I love these colors and y'all love these okay this next thing I'm going to show you and y'all are gonna love them let's see I like them these t-shirts are from rooted and grounded calm I thread the tag on the shirt cuz I really don't know I turn so this is says they're a little big I mean yeah a little bit as you see but you know I can always like tuck them in but this one says to let your light shine in psyching as you see it's like the yellow so it's really cute and then this is also from rooted and grounded this is grateful and thankful I love it's like good I think this color is called like sunset or something but yeah it's really pretty maybe shirt size I said they're a little big but they're they're okay as long as I can like rolled up a little bit or find out a way to kind of shorten it a little bit and not look like it's ten sizes over my size but yeah and then also these t-shirts are from Amazon right canvas well the brand is canvas but yet they're off beyond the Sun this is kind of weird but it's okay if this cheese joy like you know choose joy like every day we got a cheese joy not me just you know joy but yes it's cute it's simple I love these shirts on like words on them and they're just like really simple colors this is also y'all have seen me wear this before but it blessed beyond measure this is off the Amazon I like this Sheryl these are from ecologies dresses I'm gonna show y'all are from an herit company and there's this dress these are kind of like these dresses I'm gonna show y'all I usually wear like this stuff I just showed y'all 3/4 sleeve shirts and things like red shirts these are actually me we just found them and yeah all this stuff I usually wear my practical stuff around the homestead and working around and everyday stuff I usually wear at this oh yes I almost forgot before I shove y'all like my church dresses like my Sunday you know just a little bit nicer than my everyday stuff this sure actually I got from Walmart he's only a couple dollars and you also got like like a green color so it's okay so I'm gonna show you all the dresses so this one's from inhairent company dress it's like my sunday dress took the flowers on it it's really long elfis yeah it goes my think goes and then also these dresses y'all know these dresses y'all I really really recommend they are so comfy these are also from in here at least three dresses I'm gonna show ya so peach and flop is like a peach with flowers they're very modest it's a high neck I usually like flip it around so it's higher up or I put a t-shirt underneath and you leave it like this or you flip it like this and put it over the top either way works feel but yeah these are really comfy the material is so nice you know that's how some dresses can be like a silky fabric and I have a couple of those dresses but kind of feels like you're wearing silk you know it's kind of like a bathing suit II type of fabric but I also since I love that just so much I got a green one it's like the same kind of flowers but in a green version but yeah these are so comfy all these are so comfy yeah really company and also off Amazon you don't be like that one dress challenge I would try to do these are the dresses so yeah they're off of Amazon they're really nice dresses they're really comfy just for I usually zon Sunday because if I wear these outside I like because they're really long I probably at Bowman I don't want like to wear these dresses since they're really nice dresses I don't want to ruin them by working outside but you do they're so nice and I love this Bob I always want to say like moth but it's mom but yeah is that and then also the same dress in this thing a purpley grayish color oh yes and all the dresses I just showed you they have pockets except for that blue one with flowers but yeah all of them have and this sweater I got at a thrift store back when we were in California's of had these for like – this sweater for two and a half years I love this sweater I put it over everything I wear almost like every dress that I showed y'all I think we're over it's just super soft it's super nice and I wish I had a tag because I would tell y'all where I was from but it was from a thrift store back in California and the tag was ripped off sorry it's really light and it's and it's it's like goes like right here is like a 3/4 sleeve sweater and it's really good for summer this you know how some sweaters are super super thick this is really thin and so my head coverings that for Sunday that I've already showed these to y'all before but I want to show them to y'all again these head carvings are from bronze at Grace and they're so pretty y'all I so recommend these head coverings they're so comfy and so pretty Garland's of grace is amazing job making these head coverings they are so nice this so easy to put on you just put on your head time you can be that time is hanging out I can tuck them in there's also this gray one they're just super super super pretty this these are a snoot style that I'm showing all right now it's just brown same thing the ties and all that super comfy oh and also this scarf it's from Amazon this was only like two dollars off the Amazon and I really liked the pattern it's like butterflies and flowers and the one last thing well there's one thing I want to show you up away and that's pretty funny that was kind of like a mistake in like order but it's really funny but I'm gonna show you all this modest where to find I want to show y'all where to find a modest bathing suit and I know it's hard to find a modest bathing suit but this – bathing suit I got it's off of meant to be modest calm it's it's like a dress it goes like below the knees and it's a short sleeve shirt and there's and you can like pick but on this website you can pick collect any we give you a list of like fabrics you like and I chose this it was like called like Hawaiian I don't know what it's called Hawaiian meadow maybe that was it but yeah they kind of switched up here like they have a couple different ones but if this was I got this same one a couple years ago and these I can wear for like a couple years in the last a couple years and they're super comfy and also comes with leggings to to put underneath the dress and they also have different we sure like things in a skirt there's so many different designs and these are super awesome so yeah again it's meant to be modest calm and I really recommend these because I have been swimming in life like a skirt and a shirt and you know that gets really wet and heavy you knows the weight of the wet the skirt like this comes down as I'm tucking in so this is really really freshly and that's why I've consumed it in y'all and it's a really really a lot lighter than swimming a skirt and clothes so yeah in my shoes without my shoes I don't know I wear boots or I'm barefoot I don't like to wear like tennis shoes or any of that I just I mean they're fine but I don't know I just don't like to wear for some reason so yeah from practice applying y'all to some B's these are Mike my horse riding boots I did wear these boots like for everything like chores and everything but to keep them nicer and to make them last longer then like because the last time I kept my plug two years last time maybe these will last like three or four years hopefully I know before I spell ease hopefully like three years or something because you know they're not like super super super cute that also y'all some simple monthly so I got contractors up high and don't worry these were on my carpet they're on a towel on my carpet okay the end of have actually have horses on them they're really cute but this is what I wear all the time if I'm not horse riding I got for milking the cow or gardening or anything I guess you can kind of come and go rain boot but it's it's a month boot ring but everyone are y'all so that's it for the clothing haul I pray y'all enjoyed it and I actually pray I did this clothing haul right I don't mean how you're supposed to do for the cause I took off the hangers because that see I see a lot of good cause my hangers but yeah so pretty I'll enjoy this cooking hall and I pretty often – clothe the summer even though the summer is almost done it's still here in Texas it's going to still lastly remember a month into this hot weather but we have some cool days coming up so we're really excited for that and yeah bring a hundred-plus day and I'll see y'all next time bye there is one more thing that I want to show y'all so I'll be right back it seemed like a really good Jess but look just just listen okay just open your ears and listen to the fabric okay don't really see like the fabric doesn't y'all don't get this dress I mean it's not bad kinda well in person it's it's kind of weird you know I'm gonna put it on I'm just gonna put it over my shirt how does that sound yeah well if you're like oh that's so cute but it's like we call it the parachute dress because it's like a parachute it's just kind of a clown dress but it's funny you


  1. great clothing haul!!
    places I've been enjoying lately are: CopperWIllowBoutique, TheMainStreetExchange and MountainAireBoutique all kinds of great modest clothing finds for good prices! 🙂 Perhaps you will be blessed by them. 🙂 I love getting ideas from you for my 12 yr old daughter! 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Thank you for sharing and love all the beautiful skirts and dresses, and great job in finding tops that are with a good length sleeves and cheap too. 😍😊 God bless! Love from Johanne, Norway 🇳🇴

  3. Such beautiful modest clothing! Thanks for sharing! I love to keep it simple as well, simple yet feminine! ☺️

  4. I love the “let your light shine” t-shirt! “Choose joy, not me” haha you’re too cute. The Lord’s blessings to you and yours, dear sister ❤️ – Vicky

  5. I love the flannel/plaid shirt (my whole wardrobe would consist of just those if I was able 🤣) 😍 Your haul is so cute!

  6. We live in hot weather too and live very modest as well. Another place to find modest swim wear for girls and women is from Thanks for sharing! I heard a weed eater in the background. I had to pause to see if it was in my yard…lol! Have a great weekend! Help up the good work!

  7. Joy i loved this clothing haul!! Beautiful colors too… your video blessed me today…just so precious!!! Thank you !!

  8. um do you ask Holy Spirit about your clothes? umm a lady was saying she was told by Holy Spirit not to wear jeans fabric esp as some are curelsed by demons? have you any oi wearing "grandma dress ,but it doesn't come below ankles tops really lovely I've been looking at Jewish dresses sleeveless dresses I tend to wear a baggy cardigan too.big baby is modest too it hides figure.I do wear clothes like that.I used to be very sporty I hot the Barnaby's aid and non T-shirts, but I love the grateful one.t-shirts easy to wash I spak in bucket the rinse out rub a bit as I have back problem can wear scarf ove r the top .I got cardigan from h&m its got some knit with holes etc so its cool ,but I'm not sure about modesty.I wear flip flops a lot and u.m Indian scrves and tichel I'd like Jewish tichel.I love snood.I'm still sorty I'm still eordly trying to stop but I was like gymnast etc runner every year I get sports one I'm competitive swimmer if you swim DO NOT USE WASHING POWDER TO WASH THRM THE CHLORINE REACTS AND RITS FABRIC STRAIGHTAWAY.TINSE IN WATER. I WORE BOITS bit they fell apart after about three weeks! good pairs last like years I had walking boots for about ten years (they supposed to last a life time)we livedvin alps etc I dont know about peshmerga ladies gear.they west head covering.they fight deasch.I was going to seek asylum.Torben Sondergaard is seeking it.Germany is wear um Pierre Vogel is jihadi so is that other man so we can't go there deasch beheaded woman at her wedding because her neck was showing etc .I do t mind hijab but I do not like burkha etc..

  9. Thank you for sharing your clothing haul. I appreciate you telling us where you got your bathing suit. I heard of the company, but was on the fence about trying one. I am grateful for your honest opinion. It looks even better in video than what I saw on the site.

  10. My daughters ages 7, 5 1/2, and almost 4 "LOVE" watching your videos. They are the only ones they know that were dresses and they talk about "Joy" (you) ALL the time. 😀 Blessings

  11. Joy, I just want you to know what a blessing you are to my soul. Your sweet precious spirit is manifest in all of your videos and you leave me feeling hopeful for our silly old world. I don't even know how to say it but just know that you are loved and appreciated! GOD bless you my sweet friend! 🙏🏼🙂💕

  12. I love your clothing haul videos, Joy! They are super helpful! I live in Texas too, so it is nice to see what other modest women like to wear in the same hot climate. Also, you and I have similar tastes and I love that everything you share is affordable too!

    Your modest swimsuit is super cute. I’ve had so many over the years. My favorite one was from a company that no longer exists 😔 This year, I bought a new one from AquaModesta. It’s also a swim dress 🙂

    Keep glorifying the Lord! You inspire me and so many others.

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