Mini Jersey Cow – Our Future Miniature Family Cow?

what have you of the jerseys ah timing is so good today we went and visited Deb Tyler from our local farm in Cornwall Connecticut we're thinking about getting a cow and before we decide to and get one we want to see what these different breeds are like what the lifestyle is like and talk to some farmers who are already doing it we'll have some advice in this video that Deb shared with us about having a family cow you know you do need to provide regular feed and and care for them and you need to obviously milk them and it's there are creatures of habit they need to be milked fairly regularly if you want to get the optimum production and have the happiest son in the world cows you need to milk them at the same time in the same way by the same person every day however if I arrange that for my cows it would be I would be miserable and I wouldn't be taking or loving my house like I should so my cows have to be flexible and we would you know I don't get optimum production out of them but we like each other Deb is feeding them no grain they're just getting grass and hay she's milking only once a day and she has other people milk not just her and she's getting a gallon a day she said I know production could be better like I did it the right way but this is the way I do it and I love my cow nest in the winter unjust hey she said when they have grass they'll be giving two to three gallons which would when you fantastic because we could put that right to our Pig she makes it work for her which I thought was good she she's just doing it once a day she doesn't always do it exactly at the same time but she makes it work for her life and I think one family had a cow the husband and wife would leave the kids alone and the morning and go out and milk the cow and with one on one side and the other on the other side they would plan their day you know and it was their their quiet start of the day routine the coal thrives on vigil arity and it also brings a little regularity to us in our fast-paced lives and makes a slowdown because she needs to be tended to have you been swayed by seeing those mini jerseys a little bit yeah mmm I like that how can you how can you look at them and not be swayed sure so you know just nice how long were amazing yeah yes I like those cows a mini Jersey over here I'm gonna be honest I fell in love with those chests but we're awesome cows I love those but just so like just gentle and calm and little yeah the science is really nice does this make your decision more confusing as far as breathe not sure have to we're going to go to the cow workshop


  1. I don't have my property yet, soon though, and I was planning on getting a mini of some sort, being a 5' woman, for milking. I was thinking Dexter because they also make excellent beef. Then you mentioned Milking Devon, so I looked them up, and now I'm so torn I'm gonna have to do a lot more thinking and research. I love your channel, by the way.

  2. If it were me, I'd do as she says, not as she does. Milk twice per day no mater what because operating on a helter-skelter program can surely cause problems, like mastitis.

    If you must have cows, you could hardly do better than the Jersey.

  3. I don't agree with everything the cow lady says, as you can do what's called calf sharing, where you keep the calf with the cow, and at night when the calf is old enough, that it can graze, you use a divider in the stall, that doesn't let it nures at night, so you can milk the cow in the morning. If you have a cow like a Devon, that does well taking care of itself free range, days you decide not to milk you just don't separate the calf. The cow also will hold back milk for the calf, so mornings you do milk, you get about a gallon of milk per day with a Devon, to use and still have a calf literally helping you on the farm deal with your dairy cow when you don't need milk, or if want to go out of town. That's the beauty of hardy heritage breeds like the Devon, that can thrive off free range forage only, though it would be smart to give them alfalfa for a high protein treat while your milking.

  4. Love that cow breed but it's good to look around to !!! Shared with my family and on Facebook !!

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