Milhouse Is Drunk, Really Drunk

Hey good looking. Wanna snuggle with Tyrannosaurus Sex? No I don’t! Simpson. Something is very different about you. I am sexually frustrated. Tell me about it. Hahaha. Sisters are doing it for themselves. Oh. Ah! What’s going on? Uh, we’re drunk. Really drunk. Milhouse is looking good. Marge get back in bed. No, I’m just fine right here. What’s wrong? I just want to snuggle. Well I don’t feel like snuggling. They’re gone. Not a second to waste. Milhouse! What? How would you like to go to Blockoland! He he he… Everything is going according to plan. I ran here as fast as I… ugh! What the hell, ugh. It smells funny in there. No it doesn’t. Was it scary? Uh huh.


  1. Lol 0:11 Homer cockblocked from Tyrannosaurus Sex so dark. Women got no idea how much risk men take when they play it cool
    0:17 lol Smithers chose some old guy who isn't committed to him.

  2. come on marge what did homer ever do to you?
    if it's about when he said happy bacon day that's all in the past dude

  3. For the entirety of this episode, you can see Marge's character development and how she misses Ned. I hope the next arc will continue the romance between Mr Plow Jr and Sideshow Bob

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