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– I told you that I wanted to go to that festival in Sweden. – No, you said it would be cool to go. – Yeah and then I got the opportunity and I decided to do it.
– Look I don’t mind you going. I just wished you would’ve
told me, that’s all. Dude, she needs a therapist. You’ve been wanting out of
this stupid relationship for like a year now. – And don’t forget about
all of the beautiful Swedish women you’ll meet in June. – Okay guys. – That’s not her again, seriously? – Babe, what’s happening? Dani? – I was so very sorry to
hear about what happened. – I’m sorry. – I invited Dani to come to Sweden. You know what she’s been going through. – Christian says you’ve got
this special week planned. – It’s sort of a crazy festival. Special ceremonies and dressing up. – That sounds fun. – Unbelievable. – Welcome and happy midsommar! Skål! – What time is it? – 9pm. – That can’t be right, the sky is blue. – This is what 9pm is like here. – How long have you two been together? – Just over three and a half years. – Four years. – Really? – Yeah. – What do you think? – It’s like another world. – Tomorrow’s a big day. – Is it scary? – What is it? – It has special properties. – What am I going through? – We just need to acclimate. – I don’t want to acclimate, I wanna go. – Absolutely not. – What’s happening? – I don’t know why you invited us. – That’s why you look so guilty right now because you know. – We only do this every 90 years. I was most excited for you to come.


  1. You know what ari aster. When i just found out and watched Hereditary, I told every people that this is my favorite horror movie and there's no movie at hereditary's level. That movie haunted me for a week. And I must say that Midsommar has a madness on another level and it's not only making me upset, I also crying because I'm afraid while watching it. Cool !

  2. Oh great another "deep" horror film like Hereditary that takes forever to tell a story then just winds up having an ambiguous ending that just leaves you wondering why tf you watched it. Yawn.

  3. Terrible. No jumpscares, no ghost (if horrror), no romance, no thriller. Just a cringe culture in beauty way. Flowers, green fields, traditional songs, white dress, doing weird sacral things. Boring and sucks.

  4. Such a waste of time, 150 minutes of a simple story that can be told in 5 minutes or less. There are some people came to the village, being sacrified for the tradition in not-interesting-way, no details of their death-way, no plot twist, no riddle.

  5. there is nude scene exposing male genitals in this movie. it will be better to know that before you decide to pay money to movie, if you are not a gay.

  6. Just seen it, and I must say the most stupid film I have watched, low budget. Don’t watch it or you will continue to curse right after that movie is finished.

  7. annapurna studios is the biggest company of tollywood thats telugu film industry here in south India first i thought A24 belongs to Indian production company coz annapurna is the pure sanskrit word actually megan Ellison is very intelligent and smart that she as choosed annapurna name for her production company

  8. These mushrooms grow everywhere in northen sweden now. In a few weeks, they will grow all over this country. Pick them, have no fear.

  9. This movie sucked man the comments made me wanna go nah it sucked ass waste of money. The only truthful thing that was brought to light was how people think it’s the norm to be in cults or which craft that’s what was brought to light in this movie. How shit like that happens on the daily and it’s not known.
    Spoiler alert
    The main girl is so mentally gone to ass she gets brainwashed the easiest…

  10. you know your for the frikn spit or wickerman when you turn up and everyones dressed in white and very welcoming, saying they hold a festival every 90 years ……..lol na mate think ill swerve that sht

  11. Well i Just watched the movie the acting is amazing i wont lie but the story for me is terrible what s the point !!!!! That s it for me no more horror movies cause it s pointless sorry but that my opinion nd i had to say it i ve wasted 2h of my life for reeeeeal

  12. A modern day Wicker Man.. the original version not the remake. This time a bunch of US citizens travel to a small place called Europe and get freaked out by supposed ancient pagan culture.

  13. If this movie doesn’t win cinematography or best actress for Florence Pugh I will stop watching the oscars, I want at least one of them!

  14. This movie is good namely because of the number of white actors in it. You need more white actors in a film for it to be good.

    Once you put too few white actors and more minorities, a movie becomes worse because it isn't a realistic depiction of life.

    This is why movies like American Beauty and There Will Be Blood are great.

    And movies like Tyler Perry's Medea and Malcolm X are bad.

  15. this was wack. and i don’t wanna hear shit about it being disturbing because i’ve seen worst happen in movies. y’all are just weird

  16. I just watched this movie. Oh My God…. i wasted my time 😂😂😂😂 but it might be good for people who loves confusing story line

  17. Ya vi la película muy buena, pero no recuerdo la escena del minuto 1:51,52,53,54 me podrían explicar porque en el tráiler si se ve y la película no ?

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