MERCH II Lady's Apparel

hey what's going on it's me Shawn so I wanted to do the second video that tells you about my merch store which I've totaled I'm not totally blown away with first of all I have a new women's apparel here my merch store have 20 different items as you can see but we're gonna start with all the way here at the bottom of the screen we're gonna start with the ladies items and coming up is the full length or one-piece bathing suit which is the Sean Campbell 9 flower edition it's 41 dollars and if we click into it hopefully yes it brings up a really great motif which is the flower motif that I did for ladies it's in the back and in the front so we got flowers in the back right there and flowers in the front and I want to tell you that in all the pictures that you see on the apparel I took myself so we don't have to worry about that it's total originality so we're looking at this particular item like in the front like I said it's a great picture of this flower and I'm gonna get to its is really hard to do shoot I wanted to get to okay here we go so we're looking at 82 percent polyester 18 percent spandex it's chlorine resistant fabric in other words you can swim in the swimming pool or in the ocean and it's not gonna damage the item whatsoever I think it's a wonderful item for ladies I'm so excited about the women's apparel because in my last video I talked to you about nothing really satisfied that there that there was not a lot of items for for women so we're going to come on out and click out of that then we have the spandex workout bra here and also a flower motif and if we look real close I don't know what type of flower it is but I've taken all these pictures so in the front and in the back we have a great flower motif it's great spandex and I want to tell you also the dimensions for it if we can scroll down not the easiest thing to do even though I've rehearsed it in this particular item is $41 again it's the sc9 flower motif I'm gonna try to click on it again so that can give you the materials that it's made out of wonderful ok so it's available in sizes extra small to double XL and hopefully you can see it here it's 82 percent polyester 18 percent spandex it says it's best for cups A through C and again I think it's really a really great item I love all these items that I have because they look great they feel great low price and comfortability I think I just made that word up it's very comfortable to wear and the prices are really competitive at 41 dollars over here is a cell phone case it also has the flower motif and it's made out of polyurethane it's good for the iPhone and what else can I possibly say about this you clip it cook it on to your your cell phone and you got a really nice outer shell for your cell phone which I'm really excited about because I didn't think I'd be able to do that one at all so let's see if we can scroll up course not because it's it's live and it's giving me a problem so let's continue on with what we have here insofar as the coffee mugs are concern we have three different ones this is the lizard motif and got my my chinese water dragon lizard that I use on the coffee cup and the coffee mug in actuality is 11 ounces and


  1. Awesome Shaun! Love seeing the progress you have been making! You are going to have that BMW in no time at this rate brotha!

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