Mens Try-on Haul | 2017 (Zara, American Apparel, Kenzo, Adidas)

you're wondering why I'm wearing a hoodie because my hair is a mess so that's why so let's ignore that and move on to this haul that I'm about to present for you guys my favourites of you guys it's all in welcome back to my channel today I am going to be presenting you guys a haul you guys have been asking for this because I haven't made one in a very very long time so let's get started before I get started make sure to go check out my other social media accounts and the link down below my Twitter Instagram and snapchat so you guys want to add me DM me see my pictures and all that type of stuff then yeah go down there and also like and subscribe if you enjoyed this video and share if you would love to mean a lot to me and other than that let's get started so I'm very thankful for cember to send me these now the first one to the first so the one in the black container is Versace Heroes I'm not sure if I'm saying it right or wrong whatever but then the second one is the blue container which is English laundry they both smell amazing and guys look at this like look how cool this is it's so tiny but anyways I just want to say I just love the idea of cember because it's a perfect way to get the Cologne that you want without spending a lot of money so they also have many selections like Versace Valentino Cartier and many more I'll leave the link down below for you guys so you guys can click on it and go there if you would love to check them out and for those who don't know what Sunbird is basically it's just a monthly subscription of fragrance comes in a travel size for 14.95 what I love about some bird it doesn't cost that much so it's just a perfect way to get the Cologne that you want without spending a lot of money I personally buy so much which sucks because I spend so much money and that's not worth it and also you can finish it I don't think I've ever finished any of my Cologne yet which is weird because I've had them for years putting on for fragrance to fashion I have so much to show you guys and I am NOT going to like go detail by detail so I just want to you know show you the product like just talk about it and then you know have a clip of me wearing it so the first one I purchased at American Apparel and is it is this velvet track jacket I'm freaking obsessed with it because it's in the color cream and it's just very form-fitting and something I can just like throng with a jacket I can have it on like I can wear inside the house if it gets cold you know that type of thing well yeah I'm obsessed with it I don't remember how much I bought it but there was an American Apparel sale because I think like I don't know if the stores closing down or something is happening so yeah I just like went crazy and bought couple and stuff so the next item also purchased at American Apparel and it is this hoodie kind of bomber has the front pocket like a hoodie and then it's like bomber fitting kind of thing it also has this cool hardware which is the silver and I love it I love silk silver a lot lately but yeah it's very plain and black like my soul so that's why I got it ok I'm moving on so the next item is a weird item and I personally don't wear this I mean I personally don't wear this often I've never wore yet but I feel like you can wear it for like a photo shoot or something really sick and that's why I got it and it is a mesh mesh hoodie which is a pretty dope and I got this from Zara for those who are wondering and it was like like $12 I don't even remember but it was on sale so I had to get it but I don't know it's sick it's cool it's very weird you know it's kind of like spaceman kind of thing but I love it so yeah so by the way I'm just going to go through all the tops and then the bottoms so just want to let you guys know that so the next thing I purchased from Zara is this t-shirt it's a black t-shirt plain black right which is so cool but there's the the best part to it it has like a zipper and then it says heartbreaker like I think that was really sick because it's not really visible so like people really have to like look at your shirt to see what it means you know I think that's pretty dope so yeah it's just a plain black t-shirt with that the next thing I purchased from Zara that you guys have been eyeing on looking at whatever but you've been asking where I got this from obviously I just said it Zara and it is gray bomber velvet and it is yeah it's hella sick I just love it there's two front pockets silver hardware and I am obsessed with this guy's I am helps us with this and it's just something that you have to have in your closet you know I think I was really sick to get it was like 40 bucks I was on sale so the original price for that bomber is $69 but I got it for 39 so it was okay you know so Kenzo and H&M came out with a line just collaborated and my great sister bought this for me and it's something that I usually don't wear but it's something that I am obsessed with I think it's different and it's not playing it on sometimes you really got to experiment and have fun with things I think this is a really cool piece because it's not something like you're going to wear all the time but it is nice to have and I love this because it's so sick I think this is so dope and it says jungle Kenzel on the front and orange is kind of like beaded you have it's basically beads and it has like this whole zebra print on the side and then there's also like the silver hardware hardware zipper on there and that's like on the sleeve so you can like literally unzip it which is so dope so yeah shout out to my sister thank you so much so next year I got just a screen shirt from Zara and that's very it's just plain but then there's like a zipper on here and of course it's silver I don't know lately I've been obsessed with silver so yeah pretty dope I love it I've realized that a couple of some from Zara I don't know it's a great store and a little bit but yeah next item is the suede shirt that I got from Zara and it's pretty cool because it's like a polo and I love it when you when you bind it up though you can't see the buttons which is pretty dope I love it but I'm gonna leave it unbuttoned I guess but yeah I feel like I bought a lot of stuff it's really bad I mean really good but really bad so I got this long sleeved polo shirt from Polish or whatever from American Apparel it's just you know something that I just need in my closet and I feel like I yeah I really like this and it's something I don't really have and I've been obsessed with a lot of like 10 kind of like it's like kind of mustard green I don't even know what the hell it is but I like it because this because it's a button of perhaps two front pockets on the side thingy on your chest and yeah I got this shirt at least if I like this because it is just dope she's sexy on the front you know her broad nipples are out basically is this pierced I mean you can't really see the nipples but it's like pierce and stuff because this is like it's very visible the next item I got is from Zara and this is black trouser it's ripped and the bottoms are frayed pressing out right yeah frayed whatever but but yeah I think it's very skinny which I like so great for that so next trouser I got is this white pearl kind of trouser color thing going on greyish and it's just skinny fit trousers on Zara I don't know if they have any more but I'll put in the link down below for you guys if I see any of these items most of these items are probably gone but whatever so the next char I got is this khaki trouser from Zara and it's the same one but just different color I believe oh I got it color khaki because I needed it so the next routes are I guys from American Apparel and it is just kind of like it's like very fitting on the top but then it's like all loose on the bottom which is hella sick I like it it has in the back where the booty at there's only one button I like that and yeah it's pretty dope and it was really cheap I think it was like 15 bucks or like 20 or something like that my last rousers I bought is this black trousers and it's not ripped I just wanted another normal one but yeah this is the black trouser most of the stuff I purchase are very basic kind of some of them are like outrageous but you know some basic yeah so the next thing I got is this snake necklace from a sauce ASOS I don't know how to say it it was only like five bucks guys and was on sale so why not and I think it's really cool because it's a snake I don't know so oh my god these Nike boy they're not even Nike what the heck are these adidas nmds and these are the first ones not the second ones and I just like them because it has like the black on the black thing I don't even know what the hell you call that and then the red I don't know I think it's really cool it's plain I it's sick it's black it's red – my favorite things I'm happy to get this but yeah thank you soft pop love you for these and that was basically it good so that is it guys I hope you guys enjoyed this long haul kind of ish well yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this video make sure like and subscribe this video up too and other than now see you guys later and I hope you guys enjoyed this video I I'm like all over the place but I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I'll see you guys later bye guys


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  4. Hi, Ollie. I wanna live in your closet. All your stuffs are so cool. Though were not the same weather here in the Philippines but I definitely love it all. Hehe

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