Men’s Shirt Refashion | Cold Shoulder Ruffle Blouse

Hi, welcome back! What you’re seeing is one of the men’s shirt refashion, I mentioned in my intro video… and I’ll be showing you how to get this look. First, remove the pocket and sleeves. Avoid cutting the sleeves off. An easy way to remove them, is to undo the first few stitches, then pull up the threads till it starts to unravel. Do the same to open up the sleeves. If one end doesn’t unravel, try the other. Remove the cuffs and press. To cut the ruffles, fold the fabric until it hits just below the sleeve placket. Before cutting, remove the points to form a straight line. Cut as many strips as you can from the sleeves. When sewing the strips together, try to maintain a straight line on the top. You can do that by pinning them together along the line, before sewing… then cut away any extra at the bottom. Next, finish the edges of all four sides by folding them under twice, at approximately quarter inch. Double check to make sure the width at the front, are about the same, and you have a left and a right strip. Next, stitch two rows of basting stitch along the top of the strips… then gather the fabric, to form the ruffles. Before attaching the ruffles to the shirt, finish the armholes, by also turning them under twice. I went ahead and pinned one side after fitting. On the button side, start by pinning the short end alongside the button placket, then work your way around. At the armhole, I used a seam as a marker, to match both sides. Once at the side, measure the remainder of the ruffles, making a note of it, for the other. For the back, pin the end of the ruffles under the yoke, with a half inch of the ruffles, hanging over the armhole. Pin, following the armhole, until the ruffles are aligned with the front. Afterwards, button the front and take a step back to review and adjust accordingly. Once you’re happy with it, knot the ends of the threads, to secure the ruffles and finish with a straight stitch, sewing between the basting threads. When sewing next to the button, place your needle to the far right and sew on the edge stitch line. When you get to the armhole, turn the corner and sew half inch down. Do the same for the back. Before removing the basting threads, there’s one last thing to finish. This is where the ribbon comes in. It will be used as a backing for the hanging ruffles, to stabilize them. Measure the ruffles, then cut a piece of ribbon the same length, adding an inch. Fold the edge of the ribbon under a half inch and pin it, between the basting threads. Lastly, secure the ribbon in the center, with a straight stitch and… that’s it! Thanks for watching! See you next week… and don’t forget to like and subscribe.


  1. I love your content… I didnโ€™t realize I had watched every video until it switched to someone else I came to ur channel and realize I watched it all ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ I actually made a few ๐Ÿ‘š to ๐Ÿ‘—… please keep it up… your channel will grow …

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