Men’s Shirt Refashion | Bell Sleeve Off the Shoulder Top | 3-in-1

Hi and welcome to the second of the men’s shirt refashion series. I’ll be showing you how to get this versatile top, that can be styled three ways. Start by removing the pocket and sleeves. Remove the sleeves by simply undoing the first few stitches and pull at the threads till it starts to unravel. Once the sleeves are removed, button the shirt and flatten it as best as you can. Using the third button as a guide, draw a line across the front… then cut along the line, leaving a portion of the armhole. Afterwards, secure the side seams and press the armholes. For the sleeves, remove the cuffs and also press. Make sure to form a crease along the side opposite the sleeve seam. Next, finish the hem of the sleeves by turning them under twice and securing with a straight stitch. With the sleeve placket facing the back, align the crease with the shirt’s side seam, then pin it in place. Afterwards, lay out the sleeve until it covers the rest of the armhole also pinning it in place. Flip the shirt on the wrong side to pin rest of the armhole, then secure it with a straight stitch. After sewing, remove the pins and cut away the excess. Do the same for the other sleeve, ensuring the placket in the same distance from the armhole. Then, close the placket tacking it in place with a straight stitch. Next, measure the width of the shirt adding a couple inches for allowance. Using the measurements, cut two inch strips from the scraps, joining them until they’re the same width. leaving a half inch off the edge of the button placket, place the strip right sides facing onto the shirt, then pin and sew in place. After sewing, press the allowance onto the strip… then fold and pin following the seam line. Once the casing is pinned, finished with a straight stitch, using the pins as a guide. When the elastic is inserted, secure one end along the placket. Fit the top and adjust the elastic until it fits snugly across the chest… before securing the other end. Work in sections checking the elastic, to ensure it’s laying flat. As you do so, pin each section… then tack them with a straight stitch. Lastly, add a button and buttonhole at the top Thanks for watching! If you have any questions, leave a comment below. Also, to see more, don’t forget to… Like and subscribe!


  1. I find your tutorials very useful in almost every design that I wanna explore and just didn't know how to go about them. You are super talented. Thanks so much ❤️

  2. You do a great job with your videos. I would appreciate your lowering the music as it interferes with my concentration!

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