Melvoni “No Man’s Land” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

I hear all these artists talking about the
trenches, the trenches, but they don’t know that, when it was time to fight, a lot of
people would stay behind and stay in the trenches and refuse to go out just because they were
scared. No man’s land is where all the action takes
place in between the trenches of you and the opposition. So when I had got this beat. I’m listening to it. I was at my manager’s house and then I was
like, “I’m going to save it for when I go to LA,” because it was a West Coast beat. Another artist I fuck with, Lil Tjay, he was
telling me … Because he had recorded one of his biggest songs in LA, “Brothers,” so
he was like, “Oh, you’re going to make a hit in LA.” Yeah, I just saved it until I went to LA. I was listening to it on the plane and that’s
when I wrote just the line, “Play the block, play the block, repeat. That’s all a young nigga learned from these
streets.” Then, I free-styled everything else in the
studio. While I was recording the actual video the
second verse was just blank. So when we got to the studio, like literally
while they were recording, I’m actually singing. So in a way you see it looks quite authentic,
that’s ’cause it is. I was creating the verse on the spot. I’m from Flatbush, New York. There is not much you can get out of street
life. So you either you die, or you go to jail. My dad is a street nigga feel me, so he knows
he tries to push me to do other things. The older heads on my block in general. They don’t let me get into too much things. I just chill outside with them. But when certain things happen they’d be like,
All right, you gotta cool out. As a kid I was always smart in school and
shit. So they like you need to focus on school,
but you know, yeah your mind wanders. You get to a certain age, you go places without
them, can’t control everything you do. A lot of people thought I said fully for the
clout, no, I said foolie for the clout because growing up in Jamaica household, you do some
stupid, they’d be like, him foolie, so I took two or two and I just put it together and
me and my own word. Just don’t do no dumb shit. A lot of people do stupid things for clout
and it’s just, it’s going to get you hurt. There’s this viral video that went around
like 2015 and I’d see it on Facebook a lot. There was some kid, and he was like “word
to my mother, word to my mother, if y’all hop me, the toolie is really coming out.” You feel me? If you know, you know. In Brooklyn everyone goes through their phase
of scamming. For me is you’ve got to make money somehow. Either you’re jugging, robbing, got a job,
or you scamming. APM started as a scamming group, so it’s … it
used to stand for Approved Mafia. But now we focus more on music now. And plus my mom, when I was
angry, I made a promise to her. I wouldn’t join a gang, so I made my own little
organized group type shit. People love to hear stories. So once you can take those negative experiences
and sing it in a way where people would love to hear, then that’s just music. Being an artist, it was never really in my
mind, but it kind of was, but it wasn’t, like growing up, I used to do everything I used
to draw dance. For me it was really dancing because I used
to love Michael Jackson. As much as I love the music, for me it was
more about his movements and I used to really just sit at my Aunt’s room all day on her
laptop, just watching his videos and just clocking his movements, practicing every single
thing he does. And I used to draw him every day. I used to wild out every Halloween, I used to dress
up as Michael. That was just me. [Singing “Man In The Mirror”] There was this Italian artist, I think you
pronounce his name Tedua, he’s pretty big in Italy. He shared my stuff on his Instagram, he shared
my song on his Instagram, and like all his fans were just commenting like, “Who is
this? It’s fire.” I’m like, “Wow.” Like I’m really like known internationally,
that’s just crazy. Not gang as in gang members, like gang bang,
you know like Scooby Doo would be like, Scooby and The Gang. This is just our group of friends. Jamaicans Christian go hand to hand. So my grandmother as a kid, she would try
to take me to church a lot, but it just wasn’t for … I do pray a lot. I do believe in God, but church … I just
don’t, it’s just not, it’s not for me. I think I could just worship from my crib. Street life, only thing that comes out of
that, jail or death. And if you’re doing what you’re supposed to
be doing in the street, you’re definitely not going to heaven. So I’m not going to jail, and I’m not going
to hell. And I’m saying thanks for my friends for helping
me. I was going down that path, but now I’m going
the other way for me, fork in the road. I go to school in the Crown Heights, Crown
Heights, we refer to it as Crime Heights. It’s crazy over there, shootings left and
right, just pure gang activity, and neighborhood is just bad, in general. So yeah, when we come and call that the fields,
and you know, just the whole hood is the fields. So we live and go to school in the fields. Smarts, you gotta have a brain, you’ve got
to know what you should and should not do. Certain things you just don’t get into. That’s what I mean by real. You gotta be smart. Even with school and like even though my parents
don’t like it, they know I prioritize music over school. For me music is over everything. Nothing is more important than just me just
creating, and just pushing out music from my fans listen to. That’s just my only set goal. Even if the money comes, and the fame or for
me it’s literally just about the music. Retro was there from the very, very start,
like he knew that I was making music. So it was Retro, my parents, my mom. The first day I came home and I was playing
my song on the speaker, she’s like, “That’s you? That’s not you, stop lying.” I’m like, “That’s me.” And then she’s like, “Oh my god, you’re
actually good.” Since that day she’s shown nothing but love
and support, my dad as well. They actually just be sharing my songs on
everything, showing anyone they can meet, listen to my son. Yes, this is my son. My first sign, realizing that music can take
me far, was my manager JD. At first I didn’t even know who JD was. I went to a Tjay concert to play my music. I waited in the rain, he came in late, all
of that. But I met the promoter, Scotty I played my
music for Scotty, Scotty loved it. He pointed me in the direction of JD. The whole time JD’s just standing on the road
waiting for TJ, I’m thinking he’s just here with me, like waiting in line. I’m like, “Can you listen to this?” And then he’s like, “You got to put up the
posters.” So I’m putting up the posters and he’s listening
to the music. He’s like, “Where you from?” I’m like, “Brooklyn.” He’s like, “This is you?” I was like, “Yeah.” He was like, “You don’t hear a lot of people
coming out of Brooklyn like singing.” He’s an actor, so I don’t know if he’s genuine
or not, but he’s very persuasive. So he’s like, “Yo, bro. You’re different. You’re going to be a star, bro. You’re going to be a star.” And then I was just like, “Okay, fuck it. If JD said I’m going to be a star, I’m going
to be star.” I mean, look what he did with TJ. I started making music and my voice changed. If you had heard me, if you heard me in October,
my voice was just high as shit. And I guess I’ve just been exercising my vocal
muscles so much. It just deepened and then you know puberty’s
beginning to hit.


  1. Cap “no mans land” is where nobody could go it was land mines and barbed wires all through it, most of the fighting was done from the trenches, but to press lines and take control of the other side you had to go through “no mans land”

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