Meet a Maker – James Ancheta

Hi my name is James Ancheta. The Fashion Master Class is about ten weeks
and the students go through a lot of prototyping creating and resourcing ideations where to
resource ideas from library research and also first hand research and then it moves on into
prototyping to developing their thoughts and ideas and research and creating it into a
3-D format where they’re able to wear it and show it to people. The Maker Faire program and the Fashion Master
Class program connects with each other, because a lot of the pieces that they are creating
are hand made pieces and a lot of the materials they use are resourced locally. The idea is the Master Class teaches them
how to think as independent designers and think of how to make their brand and their
product as an independent business. At the Maker Faire after the ten week Master
Class course, the students and the designers actually are going to be doing a showcase
of their pieces and it’s going to be a fashion show where fashion models are going to be
wearing the clothes that they have initiated ideation all the way through the finished
product. I think this is inspirational because in the
midst of the debate and conversation over climate change and everything, it is nice
to see something a sliver of light. I hope to be inspired and to be part of the
inspiration that other people will receive that day. I’m excited because there’s a lot of pressure
on creating all of the collection and also learning and showing what the students have

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