May Prize Winner! And How I Got My Weaving Groove Back – Double Width Rigid Heddle Loom

it's just me and you it's just us what's the better hi welcome to fiber love diary I'm Trish if we haven't met and if we have Matt welcome back I'm glad to see you wit it's finally spring here in Michigan I'm pretty excited and we're having a thunderstorm so I don't know if you're gonna hear thunder or what but we're all gonna be surprised first of all you guys the last video holy cow your reaction totally blew me away I cannot believe how many of you were like how do I get those melons I owe you an apology I forgot to put the Lincoln I had gone to Etsy to get the link and the mill and listing was down so I contacted sherry the next morning and I just because it wasn't there I just forgot cuz you know you know and so I contacted cherry the next morning after I got like literally what I would consider a bit of a flood of emails considering how many people actually watch my videos and I got a couple messages and other places so I contacted sherry and asked her well basically I just told her that you guys wanted to buy them and she got them up within the next hour and then I put that link back out and responded to those of you who asked and then I know at least one of you bought a bunch of places and then there's another one of you who did Express to me that you were planning on buying one coming up here soon so it's exciting I love it I hope you guys are all thrilled with what you get ooh but don't forget that the millions are pre-order so they will not ship to you until she gets them in I know I said that in the last video and I think it actually says it in the Etsy listing as well but she and I had just like a quick exchange about it and I just want to make sure everybody knows this video was actually about weaving and how I've been struggling and kind of how that will situation got resolved I am weaving again I know it's exciting right if you watch the weaving video where I was like hey you get to watch me struggle really trying to make double-width weaving on a rigid heddlu I'm not gonna go back through how to do that especially if you're not a weaver you're gonna be like huh but the yarn that I use for wart was this okay so I was just trying to learn how to do double with I had never done it before I had watched a couple videos and I think I made a few mistakes number one the first time I tried it I didn't need to warp the whole width of my loom I have 32 inch Ashford Bridget had a loom it had two heddle blocks on it so and when I say – I don't mean one on either side I mean two on both sides so it would hold two heads at once and I did not know that that was like the old setup for Ashford I went ahead and worked the whole thing and I was really struggling with it I'm actually gonna link that video below it's funny because I don't know if you're not a weaver you might not realize that I'm struggling I don't really know how bad it looks or how good it looks I'm still a really new weaver I've probably made less than ten projects I've worked the whole thing so that's 640 ends because it's ten per inch 32 inches but it's double the width and the work that I used because I was just learning I used this cone of acrylic out of my stash that I got for machine knitting which I don't really do anymore unless I'm making a sac blank but anyway I never would have imagined it but it was likes – super super sticky sticking to itself I don't know if you'll be able to tell but I can actually feel it gripping the other strands just doing this it was like crazy so you're trying to open extra sheds with this yarn that literally doesn't want to separate like that it was not and I was really frustrated so I went to a Ravelry forum for rigid hello loom sounds like you guys okay so this is my problem this is what's going on is that me is it my setup did I do something wrong and someone said that Ashford now makes a double Hetal block so it's a single block that holds two hetal's so I had a gift card from Amazon for Christmas that the kids gave me and I use that to order myself the double Hetal block where that's just in one block because the person said I think your blocks are too far apart and I don't even want to try to explain why it's a problem but it makes it hard to create all four of the sheds that you need because they're like way far apart and they're holding each other's threads up the ones I don't know you guys how to explain this so I was like you know what it does make sense so I ordered it so I'm gonna just show you the process of trying to put the hello box on while the weaving was still on because I thought oh yeah this will solve my problems and then I'll just keep going and I will say it kind of did solve my problems it made the sheds so much better it made the whole thing a lot less confused not confusing but a whole lot simpler really it doesn't make sense that it's simpler because you're still doing the same motions but it was creating a better shed I guess just because the house are closer together if you watch the other video you probably saw me take the petals off the blocks and actually operate them manually but you can see here like I'm getting a shed right away and it was a big relief and I'm just gonna show a couple of pics and how much better it was but it did not solve that sticky arm problem unfortunately okay I've decided to cut this warp off and I've mentioned to you guys that it's like super sticky but I want to show you how sticky it really is I finally fixed the other problem but like this has just been through a shed right here and I want to beat it and look at can you see these right here I went like this and it's literally stuck because this warp is so sticky I'm really pulling and I can't cuz this warp is so stuck together so I'm just gonna cut it off it's very depressing cuz it's a big waste but I can't deal with it it's just it's making weaving miserable so I'm gonna cut it whoa hey I missed one all right and then least you guys will get to see this part oh my god isn't that cool though next I went a long way Oh maybe I'll do it again sometime with a black work that doesn't stick together seems like most people don't want to warp their whole looms lay their whole loom tie on all those ends and everything and then just have to cut it all off and have a bunch of waste like that's kind of a bummer but I do knit with a lady who always takes my work waste because she uses it in her own weaving so I saved her for her it's not all gonna go in the trash it's just a lot of work to throw cut off a throwaway however I did actually really like the cloth I got and you know how I said I was just trying to learn so I used I won't say scrap but it was like something that was sitting in my stache that I didn't really know if I was ever going to use it was this black acrylic tweed and that's what I used for the warp but then for the weft I was taking sock yarns leftovers and I was like winding them on and alternating the colors back and forth you guys I kind of love it I'm finding out that when I use black for warp all the weft looks good so like I'm not mad at it you know what I mean but at the same time I'm really actually glad that I cut it all off everything's going so much smoother with my loom now I have woven a whole project which I filmed and I'm going to show you because I have a super exciting thing that goes with that weaving project I don't want to give away too much but it's really cool and then I'm about to warp for a bunch of dish claws I need new dish cloths you guys so I'm gonna film it cuz it seems like people really are into the dish shells in the dish claws I think it's fun and I think it's fun to get people's feedback and hear what they have to say about the process I am excited to have you guys here with me on this weaving journey I am really appreciative that so many of you encouraged me even though I was like holy crap this is annoying and frustrating why can't I get it and I am gonna try and do double with again later but I think I'm gonna just try it on an air were part of the Loom I don't know what do you guys think about that I know a bunch of you are Weaver's like tell me what is a better way to learn it or is it just better to just like live my life and leave my dish cloths and my scarves and Mattel's and that kind of stuff and just don't even worry about it I mean I guess I am all about that leaving life now because I'm pretty well into it I feel better I feel more like I'm a weaver even though I'm a very beginning weaver and I appreciate you guys all encouraging me alright so I'm about to use random number generator org to pick the winner for the may giveaway I'm actually gonna post a link below that shows everything in the giveaway the May I got the month right you guys the May paradise box is in this giveaway as well as the cutest bumblebee bag the buzzy bees bat to spin and I made a little something to go with it that I'm gonna send along as well I am the worst with that kind of thing I'm like normally the person who's just like wrap that stuff up get it in the mail because I do not want a whole you guys up and the last time I said Enterprise out I try to send a card with it but I couldn't get what get to the cards because I told you guys our house was like torn up we had stuff happening in the kitchen stuff happening in our living room our house is like packed in weird ways and pulled apart and I couldn't get to the box that has all the cards in it in our guest rooms so I'm about to pick a winner and it is number 36 okay sorry should I go upstairs and look at the spreadsheet so the the winner for this month is scrap fair knits so please email me my email is in the description box below its never-ending midnight at all one word and you win I will mail your prize out in the next couple days I will be back with you later in the week I am working on carving that heathered sweater that I died and also I have a bunch more are you crying about why


  1. Glad to hear things worked out in the end. I'm a new weaver myself and just received my 15" ashford rigid heddle loom. I'm considering staining my loom so that's the reason why it isn't assembled yet. Good luck on your next project!

  2. i know nothing about weaving, but that is beautiful with the black!!! 💖💖💖💖💖

  3. I love the piece you made. Even if it didn't work out to what you want, you can put that beautiful piece anywhere!!!

  4. Your weaving is beautiful. I don't weave myself but to me it looks perfect. Thank you for sharing your weaving. The whole process is interesting. Congrats to the winner.

  5. Your weaving made some beautiful fabric. I’ve had trouble with sticky yarn also when using my rigid heddle, mainly weave on my Saori loom now which I love so much! Thanks for sharing your learning experience with us!

  6. Great Weaving! I love it! Good for you for moving on. I’ve been struggling with my spinolution worker bee and have lost my fiber mojo too. Woot for prize winner!

  7. Awww did he not like the thunderstorm ☈? Congrats to the May winner 🤗 I love your weaving 😍 But life is too short to struggle that much. My mum experienced same when she warped with a yarn with metallic thread in it. Looking forward to more of your vids 😊

  8. Trish that is wonderful fabric! I haven't yet had the courage to try double weave yet, but I am working on handspun for the weft when I do.

  9. Hi! 🤗 u can also sew the strips together that u weave to make a wider fabric.
    The fabric can also be used to make purse, jacket, dress, Ect. I do saori weaving, there a wide field of wonderful things u can make!!! Keep up the good works!

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