What’s up you guys. It’s Avery. So I have been shopping a lot recently. Not sure why, my wardrobe just needs a little.. revamping I decided I would do a try on haul today.. because why not? Those are fun. And I got some really cute things that I’m actually really excited to show you guys. Also I know before you guys even comment I know my freaking foundation does not match the rest my body listen- you literally can so like distinctly see the line listen I’m getting a spray tan later today, so then it will match ok freakin leave me alone I’m going to try and refrain from using the word cute because you always look to freaking roast me umm and tell me that I don’t have a vocabulary because When I’m talking about clothes, I don’t know what word to use other than cute. ok? So I’m gonna try and not say that um Anyways, let’s get started. Okay, like I said, oh did I even say this? I don’t know I’m gonna start with forever21 first because that is where I frickin hit the jackpot Usually I don’t love forever 21 because things are too like there’s too many like cherries You know? Everything is covered in cherries. So like I said, starting with forever 21. The first thing I got are these… white denim shorts. Let me freaking button them up if I can… because I have a hangnail and it hurts really freakin bad But I’m getting my nails done later. -ouch- Okay, so I have these white denim shorts. I don’t have a pair of white denim shorts, so I got them. They’ll be great for summer and spring and it’s getting warm soon and I need save these freaking elastics off because they’re kind of ugly I got these, like, lemon shorts. I don’t know… my mom said the thing would be cute for like photo shoots and stuff especially like for summertime because you know lemons Just so summery. Should I start with like…pants? Is that the trend…is that what we’re doing? Okay, so the next pair of pants that I got are these.. like… do I need to shave? Yeah, a little bit, it’s fine I got these just polka dot pants. My mom also said polka-dots are very in right now And I mean polka-dots never really go out of style These are just long and flowy and they are so comfortable so that is great! Also, I got a really cute shirt- Actually no, okay. We’re doing pants, okay? I am not good at hauls if you haven’t already noticed…Okay, next…I wore these yesterday. Oh These aren’t Forever21! Haha sike, never mind, I’ll show you those later. I have another pair of gingham pants Um, but these are kind of like the same style as the other ones, like they’re just really flowy and they’re really cute. Once again, gingham is also pretty trendy right now so I thought those would be perfect pants. I have seen those pants like all of our Pinterest I posted an Instagram picture with those. A lot of you guys were asking me where they were from. They’re from Forever21. I think that’s all for pants. Besides, this is like kinda pants, but like not really. I got this jumpsuit. I got this jumpsuit I’m going to the beach this summer And I thought this would be perfect to wear in California. My mom also got a matching one. Okay, moving on to it shirts now… This first one I got, it gives me like Harry Styles vibes.. or maybe I’m just stupid It is just white. It has little , like , you guys see that.. it has little holes in it. I tried them on with some pants that I got from a different place that I’ll show you and It was really cute. Anyways, I really liked this shirt. This shirt is kind of similar… as you can tell I’ve already worn this because it has makeup all over it. And it’s makeup that’s not my shade, as you can clearly see. Another polka dot shirt Also, very in style. this shirt is cool because it has like buttons in the back. So it’s just kind of a little bit different. But I really liked trying it out. I posted a picture of that too – it was great. Another shirt that I got is this one. It is just plain and simple… it’s just yellow… has a little v-cut in it. I tried this on with those polka dot pants that I showed you earlier, and it was a really cute outfit. Oh, what do you know… another polka dot thing. um? I forgot that I got this. Another polka dot shirt, it has little ruffles on it. I really like this one. Next thing I got is from forever.21. It is this wrap dress… What do you know, it’s more polka dot. Besides, this is peach? I don’t even know can you see the polka dots? They’re just little white polka dots… um This is a wrap dress which I’ve also seen all over the place. My sister wears a lot of these. I don’t even know how to explain how to put that on, but you can see in a little clip that I am probably showing right now because this is a try on haul. I also got this cute little crop top. This looked really cute with these white denim shorts that I showed you guys earlier. I don’t know I thought it would be cute for summer, so I got it, and it was like eight dollars. So, you know, I had to… So the last shirt that I got from forever is this little yellow crop top. Once again, tried it on with those gingham pants… I think it was. That’s the picture I posted on Instagram. Now I’m moving onto like accessory type things. I got this hat… I’m pretty sure Marla has the same hat and I thought it would be fun to be twins. Besides Oh wait, I got another hat – this is so cute. It’s in my closet. Hold on… I got two hats okay I got this one These are like the little trendy ones that are just literally everywhere. Um, I also got this one which I think is so cute. Do I look like a frickin Pinterest model or what?? If I was like in Paris and had this on? Look how cute! Also, for accessories I got this thing… I don’t even know, I guess you could put it like in your hair or you could like wear it around your neck. It smells really freaking bad because I wore it while camping and that was like the sweatiest I have ever been! I also got some bralettes from forever So I got this one. I really like the color of this one. I don’t have a bralette in this color, so I decided to pick this one up.. Then I also needed like a good white bralette. This one is like a halter top, if you can see and then it has like a little clasp in the back. I also got some shoes from forever. So the first one I got these. Not gonna lie the straps on this are really freaking weird. I don’t, like I could not figure them out. They’re so, like, small… like they don’t… they… I don’t know I like tried them on… they like were really weird and tight and I was like Oh, it’s just because of, like the tags on them because the tags were like all messed up. But like no, they’re just kind of like I don’t know, I think they’re so cute though so I got them anyway cause like you know. Next pair of shoes I got are these yellow ones. I don’t have yellow shoes.. I feel like that’s not a common shoe color. But I thought they should be cute. Also very cute for summer, spring, or now whatever.. It’s just too snowy on the ground. I also got another pair of flats. This is the last thing from forever21. Very basic. I got these because I wanted a little bit more like dressier shoes. They make my feet look freaking huge because I already had big feet. That’s all from forever 21. Next I have American Eagle! I got this cute shirt. This color reminds me of like 2012. I don’t know why. The next thing I got was probably one of my favorite things. I bought this sweater. It’s so comfortable… This is like the softest material ever. The next thing I got is just a purple sweater. Best time to wear a striped sweater. I should have oh, no wait.. best time. Yeah. Why didn’t I do that with this one? Why didn’t I make that sponge bob joke with this one? I’m disappointed with myself. Just very basic, also very soft and warm so got that. Next thing I got from American Eagle were some jeans. I really want a pair of nice mom jeans. Mom jeans are very in right now And I want to be frickin trendy, so these are -I’ve worn these too- So I got two different pairs of mom jeans. I got this one and these are lighter. They also have no rips. The thing I really like about these jeans is how long they are because some jeans on my legs just do not look flattering because my legs are very long. I’m like five eight. Not super tall, but like most jeans are just too short. They literally go to like here, and they need to go to like here. I was really happy when these actually like reached my ankle. Also, I was actually pretty proud of myself because these are a size four and I fit in them and they’re still a little bit big but a size six used to be kind of tight on me, and it’s not anymore so… My workout routine is working if you were wondering. Got another pair of mom jeans. They’re a little bit darker… They also have rips in the knees. These are also great because they go down to my ankles so… great. Got another pair of jeans. These are just regular. I really needed a pair of just, I don’t know, jeans that freaking go to my ankle because none of them ever do! Length was great… color is cute. Rips are cute. I only have a few more things left from H&M. First thing I got… more gingham pants! What? I know I got another pair but those were like loose and flowy. And I wanted a pair of like jeans. I found a soft pair of jeans at forever 21.. they were too big on me so I walked into H&M. And I saw thes. These are not really jeans…they’re like jeggings which was even better, because you know they’re just more comfortable. It’s cool. They don’t have like a button or anything and they’re also high-waisted. They have like a zipper over here. The next thing I got is this shirt… It kind of looks ugly when I was holding it up, but it was so cute on the mannequin. Like it was so cute! I had to, I don’t know, I just had to! I thought it was so cute. Very last thing that I got from H&M and in total, this is my last clothing item. I got this sweater. It looks really expensive in my opinion, but it’s not it was only 35 bucks. I don’t know. Not bad. The material is also really great… I don’t know. I feel like it looks expensive, but it’s just like a plain gray sweater. I don’t know, and it was cute on, and it looked cute with my mom jeans so I got it! That was all for this video. I hope you guys enjoyed this try on haul um… I haven’t even like filmed on… what? what? what was I even gonna say? I hope you guys enjoy this video! If you did you can give it a thumbs up. Also. do you guys like this like background? I don’t know, it just like, it’s too hard to fim on my bed because of the lighting and then you can’t even get like my cute shelf and frame…So I don’t know? I like the plant over here. I don’t know do you guys like it? Let me know. Thanks for watching if you enjoyed give it a thumbs up subscribe whatever whatever. I’ll see you guys next time peace


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