Massive mob overwhelms school’s favorite police officer!

Brent: Does everyone know what’s about to happen today? Kids: Dude. be nice! Brent: We’re at Heritage High School
in Brentwood, California. My favorite city because my name is Brent. We’re going to say thanks to a guy
that doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. His name is: Kids: Officer Mitch! Brent: Get ready. Brent: Who’s that guy? Alyssa: Currently, Officer Mitch is standing right behind me and he has no idea what we’re about to do for him today. Officer Mitch is our school resource officer. His job is to make sure everybody is safe. Chandler: At first, people are a little nervous
when they see Officer Mitch. But once you have that first conversation with him you realize that he’s a really cool dude
who really wants what’s best for the community. Brent: I don’t know him, he doesn’t know me,
so for me to say, “Hey, you’re amazing,” he probably doesn’t care, but coming from you guys
that is what makes this really special and important. Gogo: He gets down to our level he’s just like a friend,
I don’t know how to explain it. Recently, police officers haven’t been the most popular. but Mitch is the complete opposite. Sophie: Most people may fee like they should fear cops but he’s that cool person you can talk to. Brent: Do you think he’ll fall for, ”Hey, I’m Brent from the Brentwood Press?”
How’s that sound? Mitch: So my name is Mitch Brouillette. I promised myself two things
when I became a police officer: Not to be a jerk and I’ll never let myself get fat. I want them to know me but
also know who I am as person so my whole thing is I treat them with respect but they gotta give respect back. Daylen: One time that he actually helped me out last year I was struggling with my anger problems
and I was struggling so hard in school. How he helped me, we actually worked out in the weight room and that actually helped me relieve a lot stress. Mitch: There’s always a good side to somebody. The worst thing I could do on campus
is actually arrest a kid. For them to be successful with me, I want to see them walk the stage,
I want to see them graduate. Daylen: I just really want to thank him for helping me become the best man I’ve ever been. Brent: And so today is about him. Do you guys think he has any clue?
I don’t think he does. Sophie: So Office Mitch is really involved “I Can Help” which is a thing to delete negativity
off of social media. What’s going to happen is Sienna
is going to have a really bad video that is exposed on social media. So she’s going to be called into the office and so when he has to watch that video it’s going to be a thank you video we put together for him. Brent: Do any of you feel bad at all for pranking Mitch? Sienna: No! Heck no! So then he’s going to come out
and the song “Downtown” is gonna go on and that’s one of his favorite songs. Chandler: Basically the music video for “Downtown”,
we’re reenacting it. We wanted to say thank you to Officer Mitch
in a really cool way so we decided to get him softballs
and write thank you notes because he’s on a police department softball team and they’re national ranked or something like that. This one says,
”Not all heroes wear capes, thank you for all you’ve done for us, Officer Mitch.” We gonna toss them to him on stage. Mitch: I’m a big sports guy. I’m all Miami: Miami Dolphins Miami Heat The Marlins We’re gonna give him tickets to his
favorite basketball team: Miami Heat. We’re gonna give him a Dan Marino signed jersey. Brent: This is some good stuff right here. I’m excited. Julia: He really just wants to serve others
and be there for students and he puts others before himself. Brent: Alright, lets get ready and this thing starts going down
in about 30 minutes! Mitch: …if they give me a thumbs down, it’s bad — Vice Principal: Will you come in my office for a second? Mitch: Duty calls. Vice Principal: So here’s the deal: There’s a video that Sienna took at a party, Mitch: UGH Vice Principal: She’s in my office, she’s just sitting there. Mitch: Relax, why are you shaking, relax. Vice Principal: So, he’s gotta look at the video. Alright? Video: Committed. Passionate. Video: Caring. Loving…
Mitch: YOU SUCK. Video: Thanks, Officer Mitch, for all the things that you do for us. For being a good cop
and a better person in general. Sienna: Hey Officer Mitch,
I hope you know by now that I’m not actually in trouble, we just wanted to show you how much we appreciate you. Mitch: Ahhhh. That’s not even fair. Brent: How’d it go?
Mitch: That was great, man. That was bad. Brent: You know what, though?[Cheering]Brent: It’s not over yet. Mitch: Ah man.Music: I’m headed downtown…Chant: I believe that Mitch is great! Crowd: I believe that Mitch is great! You make an environment where
we feel accepted and wanted. You’re always out there to support us and what we wanna do is we actually got you some gifts. We know you love the Miami Heat So, we got you some tickets! Brent: We’re not done yet.
A Dan Marino Jersey! I think what these guys are trying to tell you is that you’re making a huge impact on this campus. Chant: I believe that Mitch is great! Crowd: I believe that Mitch is great!


  1. I came here by searching “flash mob school project”… not exactly what I wanted but I am in no way disappointed. Great video!

  2. Thanks for making me cry. 1.7K people disliked this video. Those aren't people I want to know but considering they're so negative, I doubt they'd want to know me. 😆😆 Officer Mitch Is Great!

  3. Plot Twist: it was all an elaborate plan to get all the officers out of the building so some students can steal midterm exam

  4. Those lying cheating self-serving pieces of shitt known as the Fraternal Brotherhood Order of law enforcement The only good cop is a dead cop period TARGET THEM NOW BEFORE THEY TARGET YOU OR YOUR LOVED ONE'S

  5. He is so awesome! Too bad he is already married 😶 jk, super great job Officer Mitch! Hugs! Love the love ripples created here! Happy day!

  6. Brentwood. The children of the Uber Rich and all of them talk “ like you know , like” , their inflections drive me bat shit crazy.
    Valley girls, valley children 21st century.

  7. What type of miserable and hateful people give this a thumbs down. Must be some cool guys who have no respect for what he does. Comment section always makes me laugh so many negative and hateful people on here. So easy to talk shit and judge from your couch lol

  8. I'm trying not to cry but it's hard! Wish there were more people like those students who appreciate everything he's done for them!!! That shows there are still cops out there just like him. At first when I was in 9th grade I was scared of our school resource officer but I walked up to him the next after I started 9th grade and became very good friends with him. Yet I love police officers yet I was scared of him

  9. Meanwhile, the lazy ass Hispanic cops in Los Angeles (especially the Mexican cops in Echo Park, CA) sits around doing nothing. But they do love to harass people all day and bully them just for no reasons.

  10. Brought tears to my eyes! Good on you students and Mitch, you serve your community with passion and care. Awesome bud, you deserve it!

  11. That was awesome. Coming from a law enforcement background, that to me was a bit of a tear jerker. I was stopped every day just for employees and teens to thank me and appreciate everything I did, mentoring, protecting them on a daily basis. This is awesome!!

  12. You can always tell the good guys. They are the ones that do it for the good of people and not for the recognition. Officer Mitch was so humble and touched by the recognition. "you never know who you are inspiring". I have to believe this school has a high graduation rate and low dropout rate.

  13. I love this police officer…I promised myself to not get fat…Yaaaz…because a fat ass cop in uniform um No…You can tell his Starbucks gives him wings..

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