Marshmello x Pritam – BIBA feat. Shirley Setia & Shah Rukh Khan (Official Music Video)

These souls are connected by yours and mine, These claims written in me are yours, You gotta figure like Rihanna You have courage like Phoolan (Devi) We forget the world and look at her when Biba dances Biba dances Nothing can stop her as Biba dances All of my nights are spent effected by you Leave the world and just stay in sight of yours I am just an ordinary guy, You are a Jatt (Punjabi) Girl When you steal a glance Your eyes hit the target with a bullet when Biba dances Hey, Biba dances Nothing can stop her When Biba dances Face to Face with Love I am similar just like you Nothing feels difficult anymore These nights dedicated to our rendezvous I greet the world through your praises Can’t look away when you look at me And Biba dances And Biba dances Nothing can stop her, when biba dances When Biba dances Marshmello…You must have heard the name.


  1. I love marsmello thank you for making my dream true by coming to lndia and performing with my favourite Indian star.

  2. love how Ishq Kameena makes a tiny appearance at 3:07. Great placement and execution. It would've been great if there were more of SRK's high energy moves in this. The energy from 3:04 is great but last like 4 seconds.

  3. marshmallo favourite emoji is 😖but remove the sadness and he is loved by 🌏🌎🌍🌐🗺 means all in the world

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