Marmot Women’s Stretch Fleece Hoody

I am earning the extremely versatile Marmot
Women’s Stretch Fleece Hoody. As the name suggests, it is really stretchy. So you have
got full range of motion. I can see this piece being great as just a standalone piece for
chilly temperatures when you need a jacket that is just going to take the edge off of
the chill. This would be great for running in really cold weather. It has got thumb holes
here and it is definitely versatile in that way. But it also works well as a base layer.
So you have got a pretty athletic fit with this jacket. You can put layers over top of
it and it is not going to feel too bulky, but you could also layer up underneath of
it if you size up. We will take a look at all of the features and what makes this jacket
so comfortable. The material here is Marmot’s stretch fleece.
And as I mentioned before, it is really stretchy. So right now I am wearing a medium. I normally
wear a small in Marmot and for an outerwear piece I would size up to a medium just so
it is a little bit bigger, I can get layers underneath of it. If I was wearing this close
to my body or if I was wearing this as a base layer, I would stick with a small and it would
be a lot tighter fitting. The fleece here is really soft and comfortable
on the insides. So it feels nice next to skin. And I feel like I can move in this. So it
would be a great climbing piece. You have full range of motion. It would be great for
hiking and back packing just as an extra layer to pull out. You have got a hood up here at
the top so that provides a lot of extra warmth. And the collar is pretty high as well, so
you can zip that up to just protect against your neck. The features here really light weight and
simple, but the attentions to detail are also very important. So you have a full length
zipper. There is a nice storm flap behind the zipper to hold in heat. You have two hand
level pockets here on the front and these are bonded pockets. They are really comfortable
and they are just nice little hand warmer pockets, small pockets right here in the front. You also have a pocket up here on the chest,
so where you want to keep small items close at hand. I could see you putting a pair of
keys or Chapstick in this pocket up here. It has got really comfortable thumb holes
down here on the bottom. So the length of the sleeve is a little bit longer to accommodate
for those thumb holes. If you are not using them, they tuck away really nicely, so you
can just pull the jacket, no problem. The thumb holes are really nice and comfy with
that stretchy fleece on the inside. And this is just a really nice comfortable fleece jacket. There is one hem adjustment in the bottom
and this is a little bit longer piece than I have seen in some other fleece jackets.
The hem in the back is actually dropped so you can definitely pull this down and cinch
it down to keep you nice and warm and comfortable. And something I really appreciate about this
piece in particular is the seams here are flat lock seams, so the seams under your arm
and places where you might develop chafing if you are on long days on the trail or if
you are running with this piece, it definitely cuts down on that. So those seams are really
important. It is a small detail, but it makes a big difference if you are spending a lot
of time in this jacket. Overall I can see this as a really versatile
hoody. You can wear it every day. You can wear it back packing, climbing, running and
it is just a great piece that is going to take the chill off on those chilly or cold
days. It is the Marmot Women’s Stretch Fleece

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  1. wow, sweet looking fleece hoody!! Love the extra length, somebody we typically only see in the PatCap4Hoody. Quick question: a lot of these new stretch fleece tend to be on the sticky side when wearing cloths over them. If you put a pull-over base layer on top of this, how badly does it stick to the outer base layer when you go to take off the outer layer? (hope that makes sense)

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