Mandarin for Kids with Miaomiao Ep.69 – Dress Up

♪ Miaomial ♪ ♪ Miaomiao ♪ – Hey ya, I’m trying on costumes! Look at this. (bouncy music) I’m a dog. Wǒ shì gǒu (bouncy music) Woof, woof! I’m a dog like Doudou! (bouncy music) (laughs) Look at me now! I’m a bear! Xióng, wǒ shì xióng Roar! wǒ shì xióng I’m a mighty bear like Benben. Roar! (bouncy music) Hey, I’m not a bear anymore! I’m a monkey! Wǒ shì hóuzi.Hóuzi are the best! Monkey’s are the best! Ooh, ooh, ah, ah, ah, ah! I’m the most handsome hóuzi in Miaomao’s toy box. Yeah! Hóuzi, hóuzi, hóuzi, hóuzi (bouncy music) – I’m am uh, a moose! Tuólù, wǒ shì tuólù – If you’re a moose, tuólù, then why are you wearing reindeer antlers? – Because I love costumes! I’m a costume changing tuólù. Watch this! Now I’m a candy moose! wǒ shì candy tuólù Now I’m a princess moose! wǒ shì princess tuólù – Wearing costumes is so much fun! (bouncy music) See you next time! (bouncy music)

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