Man Weave Hair Tutorial

how you guys I'm Rico Shapiro welcome to House of Chappell TV this is my first DUI and I'm going to show you how I apply my hair I've been waiting for about four months now and everyone has been going crazy on Instagram and Atlanta trying to find out how do this whole thing work so you'll basically see me take the hair off and put it on I just came from my barber his name is nail barber stylist nail he's my new Barban stylist and the great thing about him is he's able to do both he can actually make the unit put it on my head and cut in style and that is very very very important when you're getting a piece like this on your head you know it's very terrible in the african-american community but you know it is what it is it's really technically a toupee a modern-day version of a toupee for an african-american male most two pays for Caucasians or you know other races are very thin but this is very coarse it's pretty much almost like a quick we put on a cap so I'm going to show you how I pretty much take mine off put it back on go to the barber shop and then come back little idea what Katie McLaughlin Canyon BAM let me get up show you how natural closer look beautiful so make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel okay we're gonna start by gently removing the hair unit from front to back and make sure you be careful so you won't pull out any hair that you wait anxiously to grow back okay now I'm going to take some rubbing alcohol to clean off the hairline which is created by a black spray you know you leave all that up to your barber pull off the side of extra hair and glue to help create the hairline as well now I'm using Google to loosen up any glue around the sides before we actually comb it all out alrighty so there you go oh that feels great serving George Jefferson realness so after I loosen up the glue now after I loosen up this glue I take a fine-tooth comb to help comb out a lot of the glue particles that's left from the unit and keep in mind that if any glue is leftover please do not try to just pull your hair out just take some goo rub it on the hair and just simply comb it just like I did BAM so continue to comb all the glue residue out until the glue is gone now that all the glue is gone it is time to wash and condition your hair now you can pretty much use any type of shampoo and conditioner that you want but I used a generic Paul Mitchell tea tree shampoo I just love the way it feels on my scab so you want a massage and really really thoroughly clean your head and your scalp to make sure all the glue is completely gone from your head period hey you guys I'm all clean and now I'm gonna take the fine-tooth comb and running through my luxurious locks to make sure all the glue has been removed now since the glue has been removed I want to take this time out to clean my face with my Ivy nose face scrub and you can see what I use of course in the description below boom BAM because a lot of times when you're using different hair products that I'm not used to it close up the pores so you want to make sure that you really really take this time out to clean deep in those pores to be beautified now it's time to dye the hair and I'm using a black dark and lovely to cover up some of those great edges yes and so pretty much it's easy you can get it from a CVS Walgreens Walmart Target and just follow the direction I know it guys you know I don't like to read the directions I like to figure it out on my own but this time I think you really need to read the directions because you're dealing with chemicals and you don't want to make something up and you become crazy and your ears fall off so just make sure you read the directions yeah I shake it okay yeah work yeah okay now time to apply all righty you can get like a little comb the dye comes with this little bottle you just put it on your head it's cookie green stuff and it eventually turns to black so don't worry about it like you're putting like slime on your head you know boom so just apply it to your hair and you can brush it in BAM it's really really simple and really really easy gently brush it in all the sizes all the sudden is that really a word or is I am I using it the right way okay here we go all right cool anyway so brush the the dye and the dye solution in and go ahead while you're at it go ahead and die your beard and your eyebrows your mustache your armpit hairs or whatever I'm just joking I mean if you really have like gray hair on the armpit hairs like I guess you could dye it but it really does I mean like we really pay this into the armpit hair or just shave them off okay okay so boom I'm applying the solution and as you see that I'm just building it on there I'm not just putting a whole lot on at one time you don't want it to drip everywhere because it's dye and you know get all on your towel all in your face and then just like leave this kind of really looking crazy stain you know I mean if you notice that I'm leaving it off my head so you need to let the dye sit for about 20 minutes so you can go to the fries and get your nice cold pop read a magazine preferably Hoc magazine starts the web you know Instagram make sure you follow us on Instagram on house of Chappelle and Sheffield soch 8 PP le and as you see right before your eyes pretty much the solution will get darker and your hair will just become look all over the die do you have it now here's where it gets good it is time to put on your unit back on your unit so pretty much I'm using the same unit that I took off in the beginning of the video and usually roughly that unit costs around 75 to 125 it depends on what stylus you're going to you want to take some rubbing alcohol to clean the top of your head really really really thoroughly like really get into that gap and make sure no grease is left over I normally use a two paid glue but I'm all out so therefore I'll be using a lace-front glue now guys personally I'd rather use the to pay glue because it's a stronger whole and specially you guys that are very athletic like running around carrying on the toothpick glue is just a stronger hole but I'm gonna use the lace front glue because that's all I have uh-huh so you want to take the glue and apply it to your scab boom there you go just like that you're gonna need a mirror you're actually gonna need two mirrors and the lace front front glue is a little messy so just be careful it's like a little little strings like by the way up hangs from it so just kind of be mindful of that and you know just take it and glue around put the glue around the edges and for me personally I just do the edges along the hairline and my forehead because I like my unit in the middle to be able to move because I like to scratch my head when it gets dry up under there so that's one of the reasons why I don't glue in the center of my head because sometimes you just want that itch you got to get that itch oh it's just skits oh I gotta get that edge going so you gotta scratch it you now after you have applied the glue grab your unit and you probably want to stretch it out over your head and start putting it on from the back you probably want to use a mirror but I've been doing it so much now like I'm just I can just feel my hair line II's it on and I actually pull it in place and just roll it down to my hairline simple as that and you want to make sure like it just in place you may want to add some extra glue on the hairline card to make sure that it's very very extremely secure now the key to having a really good unit that blends in is to let that hair grow out on the sides as you can see it really blends in really really nicely and of course my barber fills it in with hair follicles and spray you know grab your hair dryer to make sure that the glue is dry really really dry and secure you know you can with his hair but if you want the unit to last a lot longer I would suggest you do not do that and I know you guys may have seen videos on Instagram I mean washing it and all that good stuff but after I've had it for a while I noticed that it would be better for me not to wash the hair now just take a brush and blend the hair together and there you go and now it's time to go to the barber and get everything else filled and your haircut and all that good stuff hey you guys I just came back from getting my hair cut after I put the unit on and as you see my boy at a hair flick snail he hooked me up nail styles on Instagram you can go to my blog and see and get all his information but you see he makes it look really really natural he blends the fading eyes–he we get closer the hairline is perfect he took an added hair here to the front and blending it in really really nicely and he used some hair follicles see gotta get close think we can I get real close to the camera see you can't even tell mom there you go get into it BAM and of course he did a trim on a beard you know I dyed my hair black just so I he wanted to charge me as much you know I'm being I'm a cheap I'm a businessman I'm a cheapskate and I also apply my old unit that my homeboy Q did and this unit has last me for about a month so you can even clock get into it so um make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel make sure you check out Hofstra feel calm for the latest blogs and fashion and we got a lot of things new and exciting things coming for the houses pill so stay tuned thank you you


  1. Hey brother don’t you put on your head before you put the man weave on a piece to catch all your sweat πŸ˜“ πŸ’¦like when your working out πŸ‹πŸΎ??? Doesn’t the man weave get stink after a while with all the sweat ???

  2. I'm worried about the glue and Goo Gone, even the black hair dye on that baby's butt scalp. You know we absorb anything we put on our skin, right…into our blood stream? It does look good .

  3. Super late post but you can rock the unit or not and still be handsome. God has blessed you with an awesome personality and features, not to mention your gift of design and sewing that draws people. I enjoy all your reality show appearances. Be blessed.

  4. You seem like a good person do not waste your time with these forms of entertainment, HAIR. I just shaved my dreadlocks off.

  5. Thank you for your confidence to share! It looks amazing! Im sure this has encouraged more men to seek hair replacement alternatives.

  6. Serving George Jefferson realness. πŸ˜†πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ!!!!!

  7. I’m not gonna lie my opinion… the hair doesn’t look that realistic on the edge up part on the sides.. also the way your acting is and the facial expressions it’s just almost too sickening for me 😷

  8. As a professional colorist, it's ok to Shampoo before putting on color, however, you do not want to scratch or stimulate the scalp, or you will BURN! If you want to use tea tree Shampoo, use it to wash the color out, not before your color, it is too stimulating. Wash your face after you color your beard, because you wash you face at least 2x a day, it is already clean, and facial skin is very sensitive, so you don't want your skin to burn before your color is processed. If you have never had color before, please do a 24hr patch test, to make sure you are not allergic to color. Mix a very small amount of color and peroxide in a cup, use a Q-tip to mix, then put a small amount in The fold of your arm, and behind your ear, in 24hrs if there is no reaction, then it is safe to color your hair.

  9. This is great …. think about little boys with cancer who go bald and want hair…..smh people are so pessimistic & judgemental.

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