DELIVERANCE TIME People of God, we church people should not be concerned with how many members are in church but how many have been saved. Here is Mr Enny, pretending to be a Christian but is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. What is his mission here among the people of God? Can darkness be in the midst of light? No! Capital no! Look at Mr Enny praying. Who is he praying to? There is prayer and there are prayers. There is fasting and there are fastings. Where there is no Spirit of God, he will likely pretend to be among and carry out evil. This is why the Bible states clearly that we should watch and pray. See how the wheat was separated from the chaff. Wise Man Daniel, moving under the check and conduct of the Holy Spirit, encounters Mr Enny wearing a fine white native and spectacles. Immediately, the spectacles are removed. Wise Man Daniel continues with the deliverance in the power of the Holy Spirit. Mr Enny’s reaction shows early signs of demonic activity. Mr Enny tries to deceive and mislead the Wise Man, giving gestures that he is okay. Thank You, Jesus, for delivering me! But Wise Man Daniel is not convinced by Mr Enny’s deception and never gives up praying for him in Jesus’ name. This time, the deliverance has gone to another level, gradually exposing the man’s real spiritual nature. Wise Man Daniel offers spirit-filled prayer in order to uproot every power of darkness in Mr Enny’s life. Fire, in the mighty name of Jesus! Fire! Fire on your back! Fire, in the mighty name of Jesus! All over your body right now! Fire on your clothes! Fire from your head to your toes! Fire, in the mighty name of Jesus! Fire, in the mighty name of Jesus! All over your body! Fire, in the mighty name of Jesus! Fire all over your body, in Jesus’ name! Fire, in the mighty name of Jesus! All over your body – fire, in the mighty name of Jesus! Fire, in the mighty name of Jesus! Fire all over your body! It’s a snake! As the deliverance continues in The SCOAN, the fire of the Holy Ghost forces the demons to show their real colours. The man’s movements continuously change as the different demons possessing him manifest their own diabolic characteristics and actions. The fire is getting too much and the man tears his native top out of frustration and much agitation. He begins to spit out poisonous saliva – a demonic attack. Manifestation of Evil Spirits On your back! On your back, snake! Look here! Wise Man Daniel continues to call down the fire of the Holy Ghost to consume every atom of darkness in his spirit, soul and body. The man tosses, turns and spins – actions that express that he is not at ease with himself as he undergoes the deliverance. Satan is powerless in the face of God’s armour and weapons. The man tears his pants to pieces as the fire of the Holy Ghost continues to descend upon him. Manifestation of Evil Spirits He then quickly reacts, getting off the ground in an attempt to put on his shoes. But Wise Man Daniel pours the light of God on his shoes, sending the demonic spirit inside the man running. He tries to escape making animal-like movements down the side of the church before coming to a complete standstill. The demons inside of the man are in total disarray. Manifestation of Evil Spirits Look here! Satan is powerless in the face of God’s armour and weapons. Wise Man Daniel commands the man to go back to where he was, in Jesus’ name. Remember, the child of God was created to be master over every power of darkness in the world whether it manifested itself in the form of creatures that move in the air, on the ground or in the sea. He was created to be master over them. One of the demons possessing the man poses in its diabolic posture and looks around for where it can attack. Wise Man Daniel commands the man in the name of Jesus Christ to go down the stairs. Manifestation of Evil Spirits And is eventually brought down to his knees. The demons inside the man are in complete disarray, realising that its powers are no match for the name Jesus Christ. He begins to look for a way of escape and peeps down the stairwell to try and flee from the Wise Man – a sign of defeat. In desperation he reaches out his hand down the gap but there is no chance. Wise Man Daniel swiftly puts the man back in his place. Manifestation of Evil Spirits You are hiding T.B. Joshua from me. I will blind his eyes. If Idigun cannot do it, I, the queen, will do it. I will blind you. You will do what? I will blind you. Manifestation of Evil Spirits The wicked and demonic nature of the man continues to be uprooted as he slithers on the ground before launching saliva at the cameramen that have now gathered at the scene. He then straightens and manifests into another demon. Nothing seems to be working. He makes yet another attempt to run away from the Wise Man. This time launching up and over the wall and onto the gallery. Come back here! But Wise Man Daniel commands the man to come back. The man under the influence of evil spirits slithers on the ground, in complete confusion looking around the auditorium. Jesus Christ is the light of the world. Whoever follows Him will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life. The man yet again emits out of his mouth poisonous saliva. Stop that! Jesus is more than you! Manifestation of Evil Spirits And it scatters all over the ground. At the mention of the name Jesus Christ, every demon shall bow. The man moves off the ground. The deliverance arena has been cleared and Wise Man Daniel leads the way out for this spiritual combat to be fought in the main auditorium. All systems are “go!” and the battle begins. The SCOAN Sunday Prophetic and Deliverance Service You said you are who? Speak, in the mighty name of Jesus! I am Idigun (god of iron). What have you done to him? Come back here! What have you done to him? Come here! Stop that! What have you done to him? Speak! Who are you? I am Idigun (god of iron). What have you done to him? Manifestation of Evil Spirits Look here! Is it the Idigun or what? The queen? You are who? I am the queen. I am Idigun. Ok. What have you done to him? Manifestation of Evil Spirits Stand up! How did you enter him? The queen can never speak. How did you enter this body? But Idigun wants to speak. Speak. How did you enter this body? It was because of me that he came out. How long have you been inside him and how did you enter him? How long have I been in him? Yes. Manifestation of Evil Spirits How long have I been in him? Yes. Manifestation of Evil Spirits They begged me for him to come out. How? Ask Martin Eboka. What happened? He serves me. I’m from Delta State (Nigeria). Who are you there? I am Idigun (god of iron). What do you mean by Idigun? What do I mean by Idigun? Yes. Manifestation of Evil Spirits What do I mean by Idigun? Yes. What do you mean by Wise Man? What is your name, please? Manifestation of Evil Spirits Out, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! All over your body, fire, in Jesus’ name! Out! Fire! Out! In Jesus’ name! The demons Idigun and queen possessing Mr Enny continue to manifest in and out, taking turns at challenging Wise Man Daniel but all in vain. They devise their demonic tactics and try to execute their attacks but all proved ineffective. The all consuming fire of the Holy Ghost is too much and Mr Enny finds himself yet again on the floor, found wanting after a superior beating and falls flat on his face. After some time, he gets up and looks around the auditorium perplexed and moves off the ground drained after much energy spent and finds a seat. Time has run out in the Sunday service and all other deliverances have been moved over to the Monday Live Service at The SCOAN. Mr Enny, arrested in the power of the Holy Ghost, will have to wait for the Monday Live Service at The SCOAN for his final and complete deliverance. Mr Enny is given a few bottles of water to consume after expending much energy throughout his manifestation. Watch very carefully. Mr Enny consumes the water in a bizarre manner, drinking from the bottom end of the bottle. The man was given a new set of clothes to wear because the man completely destroyed his clothes during the manifestation and deliverance. New Clothes Given To Mr Enny Mr Enny Walks To The Bathroom To Wash And Change His Clothes He makes his way to the bathroom to refresh himself and put on a new set of clothes given to him. Mr Enny Walks Out Of The Bathroom Wearing The New Clothes Before dawn, Mr Enny left the church premises where he had stayed the night. He headed to the police station to report that T.B. Joshua should be arrested. The police recognised Mr Enny immediately from Emmanuel TV when he was undergoing deliverance and rejected his request. Annoyed, Mr Enny went to reinforce his diabolical power. Equipped, he came back to the church with a black plastic bag. Upon getting to the gate, he was stopped by security who wouldn’t allow him to enter without showing them the contents of his bag. To their greatest surprise, they discovered a live chicken. Let’s watch to find out what happened next. Here is Mr Enny returning to The SCOAN auditorium after escaping the church grounds during the night. He brought back with him a plastic bag containing all kinds of diabolic items and materials. The security would not allow him to enter without showing them the contents. He takes a live chicken out of the bag and hides it under his arm. Where did Mr Enny go during the night and what is the live chicken for? Let’s find out. I went to report to the police station but they refused to follow me here. They said that they cannot arrest T.B. Joshua. Why? Is there anybody that is above the law? Bring your nylon bag. He then brings out of a plastic bag a live chicken and rips off its head with his mouth. before spreading the blood all over his head and tossing it on the ground. Blood gushes out of the chicken as it continues moving around without its head. What could be going through his mind? I don’t know. But for someone to bite off a live chicken’s head like that, something is not right. Yes, that is not normal. Let’s see who this man really is. How are you? Fine. Where have you been? I’ve been looking for you since yesterday. Where did you go? You people have been toying me around so I went to report to the police station. Ok. In the mighty name of Jesus! Just outside The SCOAN’s auditorium, Wise Man Daniel ministers prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ name and the final battle is under way. Immediately, Mr Enny begins to feel the fire of the Holy Ghost burning him and he jumps out of his seat and walks over to where he kept a plastic bag filled with demonic items. He reaches into the plastic bag and brings out the chicken he sacrificed earlier and spreads the blood over his head. Mr Enny implements a diabolic method to gain more evil power to challenge the Wise Man. The name Jesus Christ is more powerful than all the combined forces of hell and earth. Wise Man Daniel, not deterred by his diabolic method, continues fervently praying in the power of the Holy Spirit and sends the evil spirit in the man jolting in circles and climbing up the wall. Mr Enny makes an effort to charge himself up, bouncing and dancing, and even hopping up and down the wall to employ another demonic power boost but Wise Man Daniel is quick to disable it in the name of Jesus Christ. Manifestation of Evil Spirits Come down. Jesus is more than you. Come down. Manifestation of Evil Spirits All over your body. Mr Enny is frustrated, wondering why the sacrificed chicken blood is not working. He sprints over to the sacrificed fowl to apply more of its blood over his head in order to enhance and maximise his demonic power in the spirit realm. Mr Enny demonically empowered moves over to challenge the Wise Man once again and begins to attack. It fails miserably, and he finds himself mesmerised and disappointed. Wise Man Daniel counteracts, using his foot as a point of contact for the Holy Ghost. Fire, on your shirt, in Jesus’ name! Wise Man Daniel continues commanding the fire of the Holy Ghost over Mr Enny, and the demons possessing him begin to burn in an inferno of heat. The heat is unbearable for Mr Enny as he carries on fidgeting, twitching and moving about restlessly. Another demon is exposed in Mr Enny as Wise Man Daniel continues praying without ceasing. You, python, move, in Jesus’ name! The spirit of python is uprooted and begins slithering and rolling on the floor and then manifests and springs up from the ground into another demon. You can see the way he has fixed himself into a sitting position with his two hands molded together. Yet again another demon manifests in Mr Enny and parades about. Wise Man Daniel continues casting fire on him in Jesus’ name. The victory is closing in as Mr Enny lays flat on the floor, slithering like a python on its back. The battle between the stone and the water – in time, the water wins. Let’s watch intently at what happens next. I will talk! I am an oracle of Idigun. I am Idigun. Your back on the floor, in Jesus’ name! I will talk! Who are you? I am Idigun. What have you done to him? The senior brother to the father, when the mother was pregnant, they came to me. The woman could not deliver; she was at the point of dying. Martin Eboka begged and pleaded with me and I agreed with his plea. I gave him my water and immediately, after he gave it to the mother of this boy, she gave birth to this boy and gave him into my hand. What have you been doing in the life of this boy? I will talk! Speak! I will talk! Martin could not maintain the oracle anymore. I said, “Okay, let me walk into this boy”. I’ve been protecting him. No danger will harm him. But he is mine. He is what? He is mine. He is yours? Yes, he is mine. Since you’ve been living inside of him, what have you done to the family, as an oracle? My annoyance was the queen, who also came to drag the body with me. Later, I agreed but before then the father suffered. There is no sickness that this boy did not experience. I will talk. How many of you are living inside him? We are two. Mention them. Idigun, the oracle, and the queen of all queens. And the queen of all queens. The queen of where? The queen of all queens, the queen of the coast. Manifestation of Evil Spirits I will talk. If I leave this boy alone, where will I go? No! I, Idigun? Go for who? No! I am Idigun. Manifestation of Evil Spirits What do you want from me? Manifestation of Evil Spirits Why would I leave him? Twenty-seven years ago, he was born into my hand. What do you mean? Tell me. He is my son. I brought him to this world. This is my world. Manifestation of Evil Spirits You don’t have money but he has money – he is a big boy. I’m a big boy! Manifestation of Evil Spirits In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, out of this body! Out, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! I brought him to this world. No one can touch him, no one can handle him and no one can stand him. Yes, it is me. He gets what he wants. Out, in the mighty name of Jesus! The oracle Idigun that possessed Mr Enny for twenty-seven years began to talk, confessing that the father gave the mother and the boy to him. Later, the oracle Idigun entered into the boy, along with another demon – the queen of the coast. Urine pours out of Mr Enny as the fire of the Holy Ghost continues to torture the demons, signalling that the deliverance is almost complete. Do you think you can do away with the oracle? You are going out, in Jesus’ name! Out, in Jesus’ name! It’s me, the queen. The oracle has gone. It remains you, queen; you are going. Out, in the might name of Jesus! The oracle Idigun is out and there is urine all over the floor. Holy Ghost fire, in the mighty name of Jesus! The oracle Idigun that had possessed Mr Enny for twenty-seven years is out and the queen speaks out of Mr Enny, saying, “It is only the queen remaining”. The queen of the coast is now in complete control of Mr Enny and parades about in its final attempt to take on the Wise Man. The queen prances around the Wise Man but is suddenly stopped. Mr Enny stretches out his hand to attack but is unable to and continues again parading around the Wise Man. The queen attempted a demonic attack but it fails miserably. Fire, in the mighty name of Jesus! All over your body – fire! It is now tamed on the ground. The demon continues manifesting, moving its tongue like a snake and once again slithers on the ground. It lays on its back exhausted from the battle. Come out! I will get him! Come out! I will get him! Go! The queen of the coast that still remains inside Mr Enny is on its final legs. Mr Enny brawls and struggles desperately around on the ground and attempts a final attack but it doesn’t work and has now run out of options as it lays defeated on the ground. Out! Come out of this body! Deliverance In Jesus’ Name Thank You, Lord Jesus, for this deliverance. In Jesus’ mighty name, you are declared free. Thank You, Lord. Stand up. Stand up; you are free. Set Free In Jesus’ Name What happened to you? My friend, come! Turn off this camera! Don’t worry. Come – you’re my friend. Don’t worry; you are free! I’m okay. You are free. How are you? I’m fine. Why are you like this? Turn off the light; I’m ashamed. Look at me; I’m dirty. You are what? I’m dirty. You are dirty? Yes. You don’t know what happened to you? People are surrounding me. I’m ashamed. You don’t know them? No, I don’t know them. But you came to church here. My eyes are turning. Your eyes are turning? Do you need some rest? What happened to you? I’m weak. You don’t know what happened to you? I’m weak. Do you know what happened to you? Nothing is in me; everything is out. I’m weak. You are weak? I’m weak. Come; let me show you something. Who brought these things? Who brought this fowl? Yes. Who brought it? I don’t know. You’re not the one who brought it? Me? No. I’m not the one. You’re not the one? I don’t know anything about the fowl. You don’t know anything about it? No, I don’t know anything about the fowl. But you’re the one who brought this. No. You used your mouth to cut the head off of the live fowl. No! Are you laying an allegation on me? So, you are not the one who used your mouth to cut it? No, I did not do anything like that. It is funny. You are delivered. Thank You, Jesus! I’m free! Thank You, Jesus! I’m delivered! I’m not heavy anymore! I’m light! Thank You, Jesus Christ! I’m free! After the deliverance, the chicken Mr Enny sacrificed to gain diabolical power was burnt. Watch what happened during the burning of the chicken. Mr Enny Carries The Black Bag Containing The Dead Chicken Mr Enny appears from out of the bush where he had left the black plastic bag that contained the chicken that he formerly sacrificed to enhance and maximise his diabolical powers when he was under the influence and control of demonic spirits. Mr Enny then pours kerosine all over the dead chicken and then draws out a match, lights it quickly and then tosses it on the kerosine. Immediately, the sacrificed chicken caught on fire and burst into flames. Something unusual happens: Mr Enny somersaults away from the bonfire and lays stagnant on the ground. What could have forced Mr Enny to have somersaulted like that onto the ground? Mr Enny slowly gets up from the ground and looks around. He appears to be in a state of shock. Is Mr Enny okay or has something happened? The sacrificed chicken continues to roast in flames. Mr Enny stares intensely into the fire in a deep state of sober reflection. The evangelist wakes Mr Enny up from his deep concentration and likely asks Mr Enny about his condition. Another evangelist notices Mr Enny’s unusual behaviour This man says he cannot hear us. Talk louder. Mr Enny tries to signal with his hands that he has become deaf and dumb. Mr Enny, we saw that the moment you burnt the chicken you were using before as a sacrifice, you began to roll all over the ground. What happened? You fell down – what happened? The interview confirms that a deaf and dumb spirit has entered Mr Enny, and he is now unable to hear or speak. So you cannot hear at all what I am saying? You cannot hear me? Mr Enny Is Not Able To Hear Or Speak So it is very clear that our brother cannot hear or talk right now after burning the chicken he had been using before as sacrifice. But we thank God Almighty that God Almighty is in complete control of the situation and his voice and hearing will be restored so that he will be able to expose to the world exactly how he has been using these evil powers and demonic spirits. Viewers around the world, stay with us. We are going to hear from him and hear his confession very shortly after God Almighty sets him free from this spirit that causes him right now not to be able to speak, talk or listen. Mr Enny is then taken to meet with Wise Man Daniel for healing and deliverance in Jesus’ name. Let’s watch what happens. How are you? Your voice – how are you? Speak out, in the mighty name of Jesus! Stand up! How are you? Jesus wants to hear your voice. How are you? How are you? Speak! You can hear me; I want to hear you. Speak! How are you? How are you? How are you? You, deaf and dumb spirit, I declare you out! Out, in Jesus’ name! Out, in the mighty name of Jesus! You, deaf and dumb spirit, come out, in the mighty name of Jesus! Out! Leave this body! In the mighty name of Jesus, you deaf and dumb spirit, come out! You deaf and dumb spirit, come out, in the mighty name of Jesus! Jesus wants you out. Come out, you, deaf and dumb spirit! Wise Man Daniel commands the deaf and dumb spirit that entered Mr Enny when he set the sacrificed chicken on fire. You can see the evil spirit manifesting in Mr Enny’s body as he repeatedly spins in circles on the floor. The deaf and dumb spirit struggles to stay connected to Mr Enny as the fire of the Holy Ghost continues to descend upon it. Manifestation Of Evil Spirits In Jesus’ mighty name! Thank You, Lord. Stand up! As the evil spirit finally loses its grip upon Mr Enny, let’s see Mr Enny’s condition now after the prayer in the power of the Holy Ghost. Wise Man Daniel uncovers the plastic from the Anointing Water and prepares to minister it to Mr Enny for healing, in Jesus’ name. Wise Man Daniel Ministers The Anointing Water To Mr Enny Sit upright. To God be the glory! Mr Enny is set free and commanded to rise to his feet. How are you? Fine, sir. What is your name? My name is Enny Eboka. You’re fine? Yes, sir. Thank Jesus. God bless you. What happened to you that you were not able to talk? I could not talk. It is just that… Something came and hooked me on my neck. It was as if I swallowed a lot of smoke. That was why you could not talk? I did not hear you. You could not hear me? But I can hear you now. You can hear me now? Yes, sir. You can talk now? Yes, sir. But before now? I could not speak before. Where did you see the smoke? They said I should pour fuel on the fowl. After I poured the fuel, they gave me matches. As I lit it, the fire caught immediately. As it caught fire, I swallowed smoke. After that time, what happened to you? I fell down; I was not myself. The smoke was hurting me inside my chest, in my ears and in my hand. It was as if I had hit it on something and it was stiff. How are you feeling now? Now, I’m fine. Thank Jesus. Thank You, Jesus; I’m healed! I can talk now; I can hear you now! I can hear anything you want to say now. I can hear you; I can speak fine now. TESTIMONY TIME After watching the clips of how he received his deliverance from the satanic kingdom and demonic activity he had been involved in for so many years, Mr Enny is overwhelmed by emotion and his eyes are filled with tears – a sign of remorse for the life he once lived. Let’s listen as he shares how Jesus Christ took him out of the satanic kingdom of darkness and into the kingdom of light. Emmanuel! (God With Us – Matthew 1:23) King of kings and Lord of lords, I bow down before You. Testimony Time My name is Enny Eboka. I’m from Delta State (Nigeria). Here is my dad. Here is the senior brother to my dad. Here is my stepmother. Here is my sister. This is my cousin. Here are my younger sisters. After my deliverance, I began to pray and study the Word of God seriously in the morning and at night. The Word of God made me to know that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom. I have come to realise… Testimony Time With what he is doing now also shows that really, satan is a liar. God has a great promise in the life of this boy. He is crying because he can’t imagine what he has done. Ok, let’s listen. 1 Peter 5:8 says, “Be self-controlled and alert for the devil roams as a roaring lion looking for whom to devour”. I will disgrace the kingdom of darkness. After my deliverance, I realised the definition of satan. Satan can be defined as “your mistake”. God wants the best for you, while the devil goes for the best. Have it in mind that satan does not miss an opportunity. Have it also in mind that your temptation comes from the most precious thing you love. So, do not love anything on earth or take it so precious. Do not start a journey that you cannot end; otherwise, that journey will end you. Double-mindedness kills. Problems are good to be shared with those who have a solution and not with those who will look for a solution. Rich or poor, sleep like a visitor to live long. The poor should speak like a rich man for any word that comes out of your mouth is a secret of whom you are already, while the rich should speak like a poor man because any rich man that speaks according to his riches is a naked man for the world of a rich man stands as a key to his door but when a rich man speaks like a rich man, he has dug his six feet. Be proud of your unfavourable condition because it is your weak point. When I was a little boy, my uncle, the senior brother to my dad told me that when my mum was pregnant, my dad told my mum to come down to his house in Nsukka, Enugu State, It was the first experience for both my mum and dad, so they were scared because the pregnancy was overdue. My mum came to my uncle for help, for a solution because he was more experienced than them. Then, my uncle was serving an oracle called Idigwu (god of iron). He depended on Idigwu, the oracle, god of iron. He met the oracle because, according to my uncle, my mum’s colour changed as if she had no blood in her body and wanted to die. My uncle met the oracle and spoke to it. Oracle, since I have been serving you, you have never put me to shame. I have been serving you well. Today would not be the first time that shame would weigh me down. Idigwu, you know that this woman is the wife of my younger brother which means the wife of my younger brother is my wife as well. Anything that belongs to me belongs to you, Idigwu, the oracle, god of iron. Please, help me that this woman will have a safe delivery and that she will deliver fast That was the eleventh month that my mum was pregnant. Then, he put his hand in the oracle and brought out water from Idigwu, the oracle, god of iron. He brought out the water and gave it to my mum. When my mum drank the water, it was not long before she fell into labour. Before you knew what happened, my mum delivered me – the one standing here, Enny Eboka. From that time, I began to imagine strange things about myself. When I was in school, I beat people who were far older than me – my seniors. I was six, seven years old then but I beat big people because of that strange power in me; I had a very strong power. That devilish mark in me took me to anywhere I could meet with the same devilish things. There was a festival around my father’s house; I attended that festival. After the dancing, they shared food and drinks; I ate. It was the old women there who shared the food and drinks; I ate. When I came back home and slept, I found myself in another world. In that world, people lived upside down. They used their heads to walk; their legs were up and their heads were down. We were marching on top of people; they used people as rugs or carpets. Even where we sat as new members, we were sitting on top of people, human beings lying down all over. It was human beings they used as rugs over there. We all had one head each but the king had eight heads upside down. We were all upside down. The king had eight heads. Everything they were doing there was very strange to us, the new people. They were dancing and jubilating. After everything, they began to share human being flesh blood to us. When they came to me to give me the blood, I resisted and was stubborn. They dealt with me; I was forced to take the blood. Immediately after I took the blood, I began to understand the language they spoke. Everything they did there was no longer strange to me. In the physical, I was six, seven years old then but in there, I was over forty years old. While I was inside that kingdom, there was nothing like an old or small person. Everybody was mature in that kingdom. After they shared the blood with us and I drank, the king brought out a very big record book and began to call out names of the people over there in that language that I could understand then because of the blood I took. He began to call 50 names in number. After he called 50 people out, he began to call them in groups of five. He would first of all call out five and send them, “Go to the highways to cause accidents, so that you can get fresh blood which I will use tonight”. The five people would disappear. The way we would disappear was we would gather our two hands, fix it like this and disappear. They called the second set of people out and said, “We are sending you to schools. Go to schools, win souls for me, bring students for me, share things and attract members; I want members from schools”. The five of them would leave; they disappeared in the same way. They called another set of people to go to hospitals. He instructed two of those five people, “Two people, your work is to cause miscarriages; bring new-born babies to my kingdom. Later, they will come to me to ask for a child. You, the remaining three people, go and bring the doctors, nurses and workers in that hospital, so that I will initiate them and send them back to the hospital and they can initiate more people for me”. All these people were groups of five as they were sent out. But when they called out another group, they called a group of 10. They said, “These ten people, you will go to churches”. The church was the place to which they sent the highest number of people. He said, “You, ten people, go to the church, cause confusion and win souls – the pastors, ushers and the workers in the church. Cause sleeping and distraction. Bring souls to my kingdom so that I will initiate them and send them back to the church to win more people, to initiate more souls for me”. After everything, they would leave. The first assignment that was given to me was to act as a beggar. We were five; when they called the five of us out, they sent me to go out, “Go and act as a beggar and initiate people; bring them to my kingdom”. I moved up and went to the dressing room. If they assigned you for anything, you had to go to the dressing room to disguise for that mission they sent you for. When they sent me to go and act as a beggar and initiate people, I stood up and went to the dressing room. When I got to the dressing room, they asked me what my mission was. I told them that my mission was to initiate people by begging. He said that I should wait, that he was coming back. He entered and brought clothes. That cloth only had one eye and was for a crippled person. The way you would appear on earth would determine the type of clothes they would give you there. If they gave you clothes with one sleeve and two legs, when you wore the clothes, disappeared and found yourself in the world, you would have one hand and two legs. If they gave you clothes for a complete body but it was for a very big tummy, when you saw yourself in the world, your body would be complete but your belly would be very big as if you had an illness. They sent me. It was any place I wished to go to that I would disappear to. I would go to a place that was very crowded. I would meet a very large number of people at bus stops, garages, parks and anywhere where I could initiate many people. I disappeared, entered and sat down as what they sent me. I would see people walking. Anybody with a flame of fire around them would never have pity on me and give me money; the person would just pass. The flame of fire means the real Christian, not Christians by mouth. I mean, the real Christian. The real Christian would never give me because a real Christian has a flame of fire controlling the spirit being in him. But when the flame of fire around you is not high, that is when you argue with the spirit being in you. When the Spirit says, “Move out from here”, you will bring your own suggestion – “let me still stay for five minutes”. That five minutes will be the time that something critical will happen to you. That shows that you are not a Christian. Anytime anybody who did not have a flame of fire passed around me, he would feel sympathy and come to give me money as a beggar. They would give and I would collect it. That was how we kept on going. If anybody without a flame of fire passed around, he would contribute and help me; he would have pity on me. After everything, I would gather my two hands, put them on my private part and find myself in the kingdom. There was a satellite in the kingdom which showed every activity you did. When I got to the kingdom, I took all the money they gave to me and gave it to the king. Immediately after I gave it to the king, he congratulated me and my rank came up a bit as a first attempt. That money I gave to the king, the king would use it to welcome those people in their dreams and initiate them the same way I was initiated the first day I entered. The second mission they sent me on was to act as a wheelbarrow pusher. In that market, anybody who did not have that flame of fire would want me to help them to carry their luggage to where they would enter a bus, a bike or whatever. It kept on happening like that. After everything, I would go back to my kingdom. The third assignment was to go to church. They called me and said, “You’re going to church to seduce church members”. That was my third one and when I succeeded in it, it increased my rank. They said I was going to seduce people in the church. I went to the dressing room and they asked me of my mission. I said my mission was to seduce in the church. They told me to wait and then brought me clothes with a very strong perfume. I wore it, placed my two hands on my private part and entered the church. This was what I had been doing – going around all the churches in Nigeria. I had been going to different churches. That was just my mission and that increased my rank. When I wore those clothes and I was inside the church, if you did not have that flame of fire, you would smell the odour of the perfume. Immediately you smelt that perfume, you must ask me one question or another. You may ask me, “Please, brother, don’t be offended. What is the time?” I would say that the time was 2pm or 12pm. Already, I initiated you. I would still stay longer. Anybody that did not have that flame of fire around him, immediately you must smell the odour of the perfume and ask me something. You would say, “Brother, don’t be offended. Let me use your pen to jot down a Scripture”. I would say, “Okay, no problem”, and give you the pen. You might ask me, “Brother, don’t be offended. I love your shoes. Can you tell me where you bought them?” I would ask for the phone and give them the number of the person I bought the shoes from. This was how I kept going around, especially to big churches because we who were in the spiritual kingdom of the devil would go for the best. That was why we would go for the big churches. I didn’t go for all those churches that were not recognised. I liked going for the big churches because that was where I could increase my rank. I used to pay a huge amount in tithes. With those tithes, I initiated more people. When I paid my tithe and offering, a very huge amount, after I had left, whosoever touched the tithes, counted the offering or had anything to do with it must come to the kingdom, be welcomed and initiated. But after the initiation, the king did not retain them in that kingdom. He would still send them back to the same church to act in the same position as a pastor or usher, attending to people. That will now stand as a key to initiate more people in the church. That is why in the house of God today, we especially use the pastors, ushers and other workers in the church to initiate people into our kingdom. This was how I kept on going here and there. But then, as all these things were going on, I kept on doing this sacrifice, a strange thing, to Idigwu, the god of iron. Anytime that power came upon me, I would feel angry and controlled immediately. My dad loved training pigeons; he had so many pigeons. I used to move secretly to where he trained the pigeons and catch one. I would take the pigeon to any secret place, especially where there was a river, so that I could take my bath after the sacrifice. I would use my hands to squeeze the pigeon and immediately turn it over my head, just for that blood to gush on it. Immediately that blood would pour on my head, I would regain myself and be okay. But if I did not do that immediately, I would be acting stupidly and strangely. I would not be myself. I stole both fowls and pigeons, anything that came near to me which had blood. When I got to the river, I would remove my clothes, pour the blood on my head and afterwards, enter the river and swim. After this, I would return to normal. Sometimes, my dad would see the feathers of a fowl or pigeon all over and ask what was happening to his pigeons that he saw feathers everywhere. I would say it was cats that came to catch the pigeons and he just took it like that, but he did not know that I was really the one doing it. So, one day, another strange thing happened to me. As that urge came upon me, I went to catch a fowl and took it to the river. As I normally did the sacrifice, I squeezed the pigeon’s head and used the blood on my head. As I was doing it, I regained myself and was okay. I then entered inside the river, just as I normally always did. Immediately I entered, I saw someone on top of the river, a very beautiful lady. When I saw that beautiful lady, I was inside the river from my waist down. That beautiful lady that I saw, her waist was also inside the river while from her waist up, she was outside the river. I began to feel something automatically then – my manhood became erect. Immediately after erecting, I discharged into the water. Immediately after this happened, it was like water entered into my nose. I began struggling, the water entered my brain and it seemed as if I fainted. After a short time, I suddenly realised I was inside the water and jumped up from the water. I was confused. I then found a place by the river to lie down and slept. I then saw in a dream the same beautiful lady on the river sleeping with me. That was how I was possessed by the queen of the coast, the queen of all queens. That was how that came to possess me, apart from Idigwu, the oracle, the god of iron. Then, because my rank became higher, I didn’t like staying inside the house or around the house anymore. I loved climbing on top of trees, the tallest trees near our compound. I would climb to the top and sleep there. Once I slept there, I would be in our kingdom. I would be there, playing, having fun and eating very good food. After everything, I would come down from the tree. But one certain time, my dad discovered this and anytime he caught me, he would flog me. My dad didn’t flog me with a cane but with a big electric wire because he knew that I was very strong. When my dad kept doing this and took me to church, the kingdom became angry and attacked my father. They said, “Since you want to stand and you don’t want to allow your son to serve us, your business will not prosper anymore”. They tackled my father. The condition he is in today is a result of what I caused him. My father was into telecommunications but because of this, there were no more calls for his services in bringing equipment or radio messages. Everything ceased. If I was in the house, we would find it difficult to eat and when I went out, I would be hungry. I would manage to eat the fried corn and unripe pawpaw. So, if I was hungry, I would go to the kingdom and eat very nice food there. Any time I did not have money, that anger would come upon me; I would be very aggressive. I would come out to the bank or road. If I looked at you and you’re shining, I’d know you’re with my money. I would walk to you, touch you and say, “Give me my money” and you would give me the money in the nylon bag immediately. I would say, “Go”, and the person would move. I did not work or do anything for a living but I lived flamboyantly. I would buy a car today; before two weeks passed, I would sell it again. I lived flamboyantly and won souls by spending money on people. If I spent money on you or gave you money, that was how I initiated people. That was my duty – going to churches around, paying tithes, helping people and winning souls all over Nigeria, just for me to be the king of all, all over Nigeria. That was why I did that. I initiated millions of people; you would see them being handcuffed. I killed people with my hands. I had the power to command human beings; if I needed money and I met you, I would say, “Give me my money”, and you would give it to me. Even if you were inside your car, if I knocked the car and said, “Mister, wind down”, you would wind down and give me my money. Sometimes, when I entered the bank and saw you withdrawing a huge amount of money to put in a nylon bag but you would not shine because there was a flame around you, I knew that for some people, not all, if I saw that flame of fire around you, you would not shine, meaning that it was not my money. If I went to touch such a person, I would receive embarassment. But when I saw you shining, either you or your car, I would know it was my money. I would walk straight up to you in the bank, touch you and say, “Mister, give me my money”. After giving me my money, I would hold it and say you could go out. After you would have gone out, then I would walk out majestically from the bank. Let’s just go straight to how you managed to come here. How I managed to come to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations – I went to my father’s house one day and was watching the television because my dad loves watching Emmanuel TV all the time. So as I was watching it, the thought came to me – “You know I have gone around all the churches in Nigeria. It only remains T.B. Joshua’s church. Try T.B. Joshua. When you meet T.B. Joshua… How I used to know the glory that was upon men of God was when I entered the church, and looked at the pastor, if I could see your bald head, I would know that my power was more than yours. If you held me, told me to come out for deliverance and prayed for me, I would shout, “Amen! Thank You, Father! Holy Ghost fire!” But I would not feel anything. You could lay your hands on me but I would not feel anything. But since I had been around churches and initiated many people, it only remained this Synagogue, Church Of All Nations. I then said that this was where I would come so that I would defeat the pastor and be praised all over the world. I didn’t stay in one state. Today, I might go to a church and when I was done with it, I would go to another one. This was how I had been going around all the churches in Nigeria. So, one good Sunday, I came into this church and I was sitting in the overflow section. While I was there, they announced that those who would like to get the Anointing Water should come outside and ushers would direct you on how to go about it. I said I was interested because I was very bold to believe I would subdue any power, whatever name they called it, so that I would be praised, magnified and know that I was on top of the world. I rushed out, got the Anointing Water, came into the church and sat down. Not long afterwards, I began to experience a strange thing within me. Constant urination started. I kept going out to urinate and coming back to sit down. This kept continuing until we were taken inside for the second service. But I was still not discouraged because I came for T.B. Joshua, to see if I could see his bald head, so that I would subdue him as I had done in other churches. So when I came into the main church, that urination kept continuing. I wanted to go out but the ushers at the door said, “No, don’t go anywhere, they are praying. After the prayer, you can go anywhere you want to go”. I said, “No problem”. I saw the wise men going around and people were falling. I said, “Look, they have started” but I didn’t concentrate on that because I was watching if I would see T.B. Joshua. It was because of him that I came. The prayer was going on; they were delivering people. People were falling, turning up and down everywhere. If I entered a church, I saw that anybody who was afflicted would be upside down. That was how you would know the initiated ones. They were praying but I felt less concerned. Later, I sat down. Someone came and touched me, saying, “Please stand up, brother, they have not prayed for this line. Please, don’t be offended” and I stood up with boldness. Before I knew it, Wise Man Daniel came to my front, laid his hand on my forehead and immediately, I began to receive a thousand slaps. When Wise Man Daniel came to me, before he laid his hand on me, he laughed and asked, “Who is this lady near to you?” He laughed and laid his hand on me; I received a thousand slaps instantly. I hit his hand off. He laughed and left me. He began to pray for others. After a little while, he came back again. He laid the same hand on me and I received the same slaps. I knew that something was really wrong with me. I became more angry. He came to me and said, “Follow me”. I began to follow him but I was not myself. He brought his hand forward and said I should shake it. I wanted to shake him but I didn’t see his hand; there was a flame of fire. There was just a flame of fire. Testimony Time He forced me but I refused to shake his hand. He persisted. When he started praying for me, I turned and became more aggressive. When I turned, I saw the cameraman recording me. I said, “This is the same way I watched people get delivered on Emmanuel TV. Is that why this cameraman is recording me, I who wanted to be exalted, be the king and be on top of the whole world? And for me now to be recorded? No!” I was aggressive and began to spit my venom towards the cameraman to blind his eyes. I wanted to blind him. So immediately I wanted to, it seemed that anything I had in mind, Wise Man Daniel would know it immediately. He went to the cameraman, laid his hands on him and prayed for him. For a wise man to abandon the member and now go to the cameraman to pray for him. This is the thing he never said out. He was meditating it – “I will do this” – inside him. But before he could throw that saliva, the Wise Man went to the cameraman. So immediately he prayed for the cameraman, that same flame that was on Wise Man Daniel came upon the cameraman seriously. So, I could not do anything again. I saw the video camera was still there. I stood up and said to myself that since he had prayed for the cameraman, I should use my venom to cover the lense of the video camera. I wanted to do it but Wise Man Daniel commanded me. I became confused because anything that I had in mind, immediately, he would be aware of it. He began to call fire which was burning me. Everywhere was hot. The whole place was not conducive. I tore my clothes. It was not okay for me. The only thing I was trying to do was to blind all the people around me but Wise Man Daniel kept pouring the fire of God on me and praying. This kept continuing. I knew I was not myself; I was misbehaving but I could not control myself. Every time I tried to regain or reinforce my power by standing up, the fire would come again and I would fall down. This kept happening until suddenly, where I sat down, he began to say, “Fire!” As he said that thing, the fire became so much where I sat down. If I wanted to react, it seemed as if my body would touch a wall around me – a flame of fire. That was how that wall was around me. If I wanted to move, the wall would not allow me so I decided to sit down and respect myself so that the fire would not burn me more than it already was, for me not to touch that flame of fire. Mr Enny’s father comes forward to share his experience. He explains how the idol his forefathers worshipped possessed his son, the strange behaviour he started noticing in his son right from a young age and how the evil spirit tormented the family. My name is Anthony Eboka. I’m the father to the boy. What I want to say to the whole world is that I noticed the human race is in trouble if this could happen to my son. I am a disciplined father to the core. When my son was young, honestly, I suffered so much in the hands of this boy. At that time, I was into telecommunications but to eat was a problem. I noticed in the attitude of my children that although they seemed very humble, if you saw them in my house, they were just like lions. If you were ten attempting to fight Enny, he would beat all of you. In the last case I had with him, even the police were ashamed because he came to disarm them. Looking at the junior ones, especially the girl that is next to him – I really suffered. There was a time when a man approached her, maybe to chase her away. She beat the man and used a bottle to remove one of his teeth. She was not up to this age then. I took the man to a hospital and paid for him to get an artificial tooth. The junior ones don’t have friends who come to the house to play with them. Then I discovered that our origin is from Benin. I’m from Delta State (Nigeria) but our family’s origin is from Benin. The town I am from is called Ancholana in Delta State while the village inside there is called Ishekpe. They said this means, ‘Lion Head’ which they used in going to war. My village is known for being very stubborn. People don’t go near there. If they fight there, the fights are always deadly. About what he was saying, Idigwu was the idol worshipped by my forefathers. My elder brother started worshipping it out of ignorance but we were all involved. When the mother came to me, I was to marry her but before then, she gave birth to my first two children. When she was pregnant with this boy, I sent her to Nsukka, Enugu State because I didn’t have experience in this. On getting there, my brother gave the mother water to drink, she took it and this boy was born into the family. Since this boy was born, honestly, I have never experienced peace in my life. Like he said that his father suffered – that is the truth. Even my relations abandoned me. Because of sickness, sometimes I would carry him on my shoulders, going everywhere alone. I said to myself, “What are all these things?” Parents should be careful with their children. Before coming to this place, he came to me about two months ago. Then, he stayed with me for about one month. Glory be to God for Emmanuel TV! He didn’t come with his own clothes but was wearing mine. If he wore it, I would refuse to wear it again. I didn’t collect his money, even though sometimes I’d see him with millions. Even if he bought bread and brought it, I wouldn’t eat it. The spirit in me rejected it. One day, there was one of my neighbours who came and saw what was happening. He began suspecting something and asked why I didn’t wear anything my son wore. I said I wouldn’t wear it until I washed it or prayed over it. At times, I would burn it. It was only when he saw what happened on Emmanuel TV that he understood. This is what I am saying to parents. There are many parents who die out of ignorance. Honestly, if not for the grace of God in my life… Look at what happened, the battle fought here with a spiritual man, talk less of me who is in a nursery school in the spirit. I thank God today. When he came, because he watched T.B. Joshua 24 hours a day in my house, he got convinced. I was coming back from church on Sunday when he called me and told me he was in T.B. Joshua’s church. I said, “Glory be to God!” We came back home, tuned into Emmanuel TV and his siblings saw him. They said, “Look at him! Look at our brother!” I said, “Glory be to God!” When the battle was going on, I was praying for God to take control. The next day, he called me to say he was no more there. I asked him where he was. He said he was outside, wanting to deal with T.B. Joshua. He called me again and I told him to go back to the church. He said that he would prepare himself first. I said, “Good”. At the end, glory be to God for this ministry. I thank God that this boy was delivered. Mr Enny’s uncle comes forward. He was the one who worshipped the god of iron that possessed Mr Enny after his mysterious birth. Let’s hear from him. My name is Martin Eboka. I am from Delta State (Nigeria). I am based at Nsukka. I am a builder. I was the one serving the idol called Idigwu but I entered into it out of ignorance because my people said nobody was serving it anymore and it was for protection. Since I was a builder, I decided to carry on the tradition and took it up. So, I had been serving the idol, but after a certain time, my junior brother brought his wife to me as she was having a problem in delivering her baby. After eleven months of pregnancy, her colour started to change. I said that since I was serving this idol, I should go to the seers to ask them what was happening. The man said that I had an idol called Idigwu and that I should use water to wash the idol, which was just like a stone, and then give the woman to drink. He said if I did this, she will go into labour that day and give birth. I said, okay. It was on Sunday. I called the woman and she agreed to drink it because the pregnancy had already reached eleven months. I washed the idol in water and then gave the water to her. That day I had a meeting so I went there in the afternoon and came back around 7pm. My wife was not in the house. They said she had gone to the hospital. Around 10pm, someone came and said my brother’s wife had delivered a baby boy. I thanked God. It was on the same day. So, I continued worshipping this idol but as time went on, nothing was working for me. My wife’s shop stopped – she couldn’t sell again. My job – no way. My children – promise and fail. None of my daughters has married. I myself turned into a drunkard. I didn’t know what I was doing again. I had been planning to come to T.B. Joshua to know what was happening in my life. So, I thank God when my brother sent me this message that our son was there and we were asked to come. I was so happy and I fought to borrow money to come because even to feed was a tug of war. So, what I am begging God now is that I also need my deliverance. I have destroyed the house of Idigun and thrown it inside the water. Since then, I have not seen any spirit, to tell you the facts, but what I was seeing was that things were hard for me. As I am here, please, Man of God, deliver me. Mr Martin explained that although he threw the idols away physically, he and his family were still being tormented by the evil spirit. The idol made him a drunkard. and all his children were experiencing disappointments. This goes to show that there is not enough physical strength to stop satan. There is not enough mental strength to stop satan. Satan can only be stopped by the strength of the Lord. Children of God all over the world, I thank God and I am very happy. Today is my happiest day. Ever since my deliverance, I am now the man that God made me to be. I am very happy. Before I didn’t dream but now I dream. I sleep well, read the Scriptures and pray. I don’t feel that demonic heat again. I want to use this opportunity to beg Nigerians. I don’t see Idigwu, the queen of the coast or anything of that nature again. I am begging the whole of Nigeria and Ghana, to the people I have offended by commanding them to give me their money. I am begging you, in the name of God, to forgive me. What I saw here was not what I expected. At a point, I even begged to leave the church. I was not even bothered about seeing T.B. Joshua again because the fire was much. It was even Wise Man Daniel who was dealing with me like this. Later, after the deliverance I was saying within myself that if it was T.B. Joshua who prayed for me, the fire might have burnt me inside the church. I want to use this opportunity to beg T.B. Joshua for going to two police stations to make my report in order to arrest him. Please, I am very sorry for that. Forgive me. People of God, help me to rejoice! As I had initiated millions of souls for the devil, I will serve God and win billions of souls for God all over the world, in the mighty name of Jesus! Awesome God mighty God We give You praise awesome God We give You praise mighty God Finally, Mr Enny has been delivered from the evil spirit that possessed him for so long. Unclean spirits cause us to lose control and commit all shameful acts. However, glory be to God, Mr Enny has been set free from the hands of darkness. A deliverance that extends to the whole family. Now, the chains satan used to connect their entire family to himself has been broken, in Jesus’ name. Viewers around the world, let Mr Enny’s experience be a lesson to all of us that demons are real. Therefore, Christianity is not to be practised as a hobby for there are dangers in it. Let the confession of your lips have your heart’s full agreement as a Christian. What a danger is a religion of words with no corresponding action. We give You praise awesome God We give You praise mighty God You are highly lifted up awesome God You are highly lifted up mighty God Man made gods I will never worship man made gods Worship Time Man made gods I will never worship man made gods Worship Time Higher higher Lift Him up Worship Time Jehovah Jireh You delivered me my Lord When my heart was in trouble o I will glorify Your name Jehovah Jireh You delivered me oh Lord When my heart was in trouble o I will glorify Your name I will sing You songs of praise You are worthy of my praise Forgive me all my sins oh Lord I will receive Your mercy You promised to carry my burden Lord You promised to be with me forever more I am here for You Take me to Your Kingdom Worship Time RV: Mel Flowers 21/08/2019


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    The see test the Lord as asked him if you are the son of the massaya turn this rock into bread.
    If you are the son of the massaya jump off. The serpent offered him bread as temptation because Jesus had been walkignfor 40days lost in the desert and what better way to test Jesus and try to reel him over with one bite of bread jut like the apple .thou shall not tempt the Lord thou god . Jesus threw the bread the devil offered him and still dident tv eat. He found his way back and that day turned bread against the serpent and made it holy . He used it into the ten commandments also thou shall no kill themselves .which is another thing the devil asked

  26. I know that this is deliverance and it is serious but

    My mans legit doing dance moves in manifestation I’m done

    Praise the lord 🌟❤️🙏🏽❤️🌟

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