Man Tests Ex’s Child And Current Pregnant Girlfriend (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, your honor. JUDGE LAKE: Hello. This is the case of
Powe Vs Tarver.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. JUDGE LAKE: Miss Powe,
you’ve petitioned the court for paternity test
to prove to Mr. Tarver that he is your 19-month-old
son Jo’Shon’s father. POWE: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Tarver,
you say your defense
in court is simple. You are not Jo’Shon’s father and you will prove that today. Without a doubt, Your Honor. All right, Miss Powe, so he’s done nothing for this
little boy, nothing at all? POWE: No, your honor.
He ain’t did nothing. He ain’t bought him a diaper,
he ain’t bought him a shoe, he ain’t bought him a shirt. He don’t do anything
for my son. TARVER: Are you serious? Yes, I’m dead serious. (TARVER LAUGHING) He don’t do anything for him. POWE: He call him once
in a while. That’s it. Once in a while, I don’t, I
don’t call him every day… That’s not being a father… I don’t see him at least
three, four times a week? That’s not, that’s not… POWE: Not being a father. I don’t call him every day? POWE: No, you don’t. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. Every time he asks
I let him see my son. If I have to go all the way
to him, I take him to my son because I don’t want my son
without a father. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) And you say he’s denying him? Absolutely. He’s denying my son. Not just denying him
time and attention, but denying him saying
he’s not his child? POWE: Yes, your honor. TARVER: Excuse me, your honor.
I give my son time and attention. JUDGE LAKE: But you just
denied that he’s your child. It was things going on
there’s circumstances. I’m not just saying
he’s not my son, there’s reasons that
she knows as well. Please elaborate to the court
what are those reasons. TARVER: I mean… We’re young, we’re wild,
you know and we party a lot. And, and there was stuff going
on around at the time involving parties and
sleepovers and, and just other people, period, and, and she have admitted
in the past but nowadays she she’ll say it’s not true. So, so when you didn’t
leave me and go, go lay with somebody else? No, I didn’t. The night that you,
that you told me you five blocks away, it took her
three hours to pull up. Where Mr. Tarver… Five blocks away took you
three hours to pull up with three dudes in the car? I got dropped off where
Mr. Tarver was. When I got there… Five hours… …the girl was there. Five blocks takes
three hours to pull up with three dudes
in the car? Okay. There was another girl there. He said he wanted
to go to sleep. There was no other
girl there. He fell asleep. On the couch. Did you not leave and
go back and lay with him? Yeah, absolutely I left… Okay then, okay then. …but I did not go leave
to lay with another man. JUDGE LAKE: All right.
I need specific stories. What happened? TARVER: Well, Your honor, when she first got pregnant, she came and told me she
was two months pregnant. TARVER: And time went on about two, three months had
passed she come back and tell me she’s
two months of pregnant. POWE: He’s lying, Your Honor. TARVER: You, you didn’t come
back you didn’t come back… …when you were supposed
to be four months? Your Honor. Can I talk? Your Honor,
I went to the doctor I went to Planned Parenthood,
the, um, clinic and I got a pee test done and the lady asked me when was
my last menstrual cycle. I gave her a date and she
went off the date based on… TARVER: It was two month old? …when I told. Please! Please! TARVER: Two months off. Not a couple of
weeks, two months? Let me talk. Can I talk? Can I talk? Your Honor, I got into
some things and I end up having to
go the hospital and they actually did a ultrasound on my baby and told me that I was
only six weeks. I told Mr. Tarver… Probably a week later. TARVER: But we first meet you
said you was two months. Probably a week later. But this was two months
after you told me
you was two months. I never told you
two months, I told you when I found
out the same day! The first day you came to me you didn’t say you
was two months? No! I did not! Miss Powe, I want to be clear. POWE: Yes. You do admit that
initially you told him you were two months pregnant. Based on what I told
the doctor and what was wrote on the paper,
yes, from Planned Parenthood. Okay, so when you
first got the urine test… POWE: Yes. …you were given that you’re
approximately eight weeks. Right. TARVER: Two plus two… And then how long after that
particular appointment did you have to go
to the ultrasound? It was probably like a month later. At least two and half months. POWE: It was a month later. At least two and a half. JUDGE LAKE: So a month later you went
for an ultrasound… POWE: Yes. And they told you
you were only six weeks? Six weeks. Yes, Your Honor. Did Mr. Tarver TARVER: Don’t add up. go to the any of the doctor’s
appointments with you? POWE: No. He did not. He didn’t go to Your Honor. There was one. one doctor’s appointment
with me. May I speak now? May I speak? You didn’t let me talk! All right, go ahead. JUDGE LAKE: Okay, both of you
just one at a time. TARVER: Well, Your Honor… I wanna understand. TARVER: There was
a situation and when she told me she had
to go to the doctor. This was around when
she first got pregnant I think before she came back with the two plus
two situation. POWE: He’s lying, Your Honor. I was like four months
pregnant when he claimed he went to the doctor with me. Two plus two,
whatever she got. All right. Go ahead. TARVER: But… TARVER: She tell me she needs
to go to the doctor, so I tell her I’ll go with her. We, we go to the doctor… And we get to the doctor,
the doctor said they closed and they moved, they
been gone for a minute. And she’s telling me
even though they said they’ve been gone
three months, she was at
this doctor two weeks ago. How did that make sense? So the doctor’s office
says she was there two weeks ago? TARVER: They, they, they, no. She says she was
there two weeks ago. JUDGE LAKE: Oh. When we get to the doctor
there’s a sign on the door saying they moved to another
address three months ago. POWE: They were at lunch. POWE: They was at lunch. JUDGE LAKE: Oh! TARVER: Three months ago.
Three months ago. They was at lunch. TARVER: Now? No, no,
we went to lunch! POWE: Three months ago. They didn’t go to lunch. They didn’t go to lunch. (CLAPPING) You’re saying the doctor’s
office was not closed? There was no doctor’s office. No, I was there hoping. And you’re saying there’s a TARVER: There is no
doctor’s office. sign on the door. TARVER: It was
in the building, it was in the building.
There was no doctor’s office in the building and there
was a suite in the building they said on the
sign on the door that “we’d been at another
address” since and they dated it
three months before this. So when you read that… TARVER: They, they, I’m like this not the, I’m
telling her at the time. This isn’t a doctor, she,
that’s when she argue me, “I was in there two weeks ago, “they’re not closed,
I was in there.” How? How? POWE: They gave me my whole
prenatal care. How?
POWE: How was the doctor
moved, Joseph? TARVER: Come on, you found
an empty building. Somebody referred me. Please! Knock it off! What do you think
her motive was here? She didn’t believe I was gonna
go to the doctor appointment. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. Then when I told her and there was no doctor’s
appointment she tried to make
it seem as if there is one. JUDGE LAKE: So, Miss Powe, Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: was Mr. Tarver
there the day you gave birth? Yes, he was. He signed
the birth certificate? POWE: No, he told me
he did not want to sign… TARVER: Because
you didn’t want me to.
‘Cause you didn’t want me to. No, he did not sign
the birth certificate, he said he didn’t want
his name on that thing, don’t give my son
his last name, because he didn’t want me
to put him on child support. That’s what he told me
and he left. No, she told me she
wasn’t giving him my name… After my son was born. …’cause she don’t like me. I… I named him. POWE: Boy! So, why wouldn’t
I give him your last name… I named him. …if I let you name him? That don’t even make sense! I wrote the whole name down. Why would I write down… Give him my name and
my brother’s name together? You said, “Do not give…” And not give him
my last name? He said… You said, “Do not give him
my last name. “I don’t want you to put me
on child support.” I wrote it down and left. She wanted me to leave
’cause she was on the phone
with her boyfriend. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING IN SHOCK) TARVER: Nothing to say now? What a mess. It got quiet in here! (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) It got quiet in here. You said you wanted this child
to have your last name… I named him! I named him! POWE: He’s lying! He’s lying. Mr. Tarver, why would you
name the child, and want him
to have your last name, if you didn’t believe you were
the biological father? POWE: That’s your child! TARVER: I’m not saying
I don’t want him to be mine. Why play this role,
if this is not what it is? Did you have doubts when
you were naming him? Of course. JUDGE LAKE: You did? All the time
he used to tell me, “I know that’s my son.
We young, we dumb…” I… I… I’m, um… TARVER: We were just
passing time. Yeah, we young and we dumb. I was telling her
what she need…
It was cold, it was winter. POWE: Boy, please. Come down the street.
I’m gonna get you down here. We gonna have a good time.
We gonna be warm together. For a whole year, Your Honor? TARVER: It was a year? It was a year?
We were never together. Yes. We were just cool! Oh, come on, Joseph!
We were never together? (YELLING)
You wouldn’t leave! Why you was telling me
you left me? You wouldn’t leave! POWE: I wouldn’t leave? TARVER: You wouldn’t leave! All right. Mr. Tarver… Yes, Your Honor. I wanna better
understand your doubt. You’ve brought a witness.
Please, join me up here. Come sit at the witness stand. Hello ma’am.
State your name for the court. JONES: Hello. Rosie Jones. Ms. Jones, you are? His fiance. Mr. Tarver’s fiance? (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) POWE: Y’all some clowns. JUDGE LAKE:
Let’s be respectful. Please. So, ma’am, what do you know
about this situation? To be honest, they say
that it’s multiple people
who’s claiming her baby. At the time that… You don’t even know me. JONES: Be quiet, I’m talking. You don’t even know me. All right, let’s get control. POWE: So, how you
gonna say anything? Let’s get control. POWE: I’ve heard many things
about you too, from him. Let’s get control. They say
there’s multiple people
claiming her baby, which he also told me
the same thing. TARVER: It is. JUDGE LAKE: Multiple people? JONES: Yes. Are saying that her child
is theirs? And I never even knew her. Yes, two other people. JUDGE LAKE:
Two other people particularly? Yes. Yes. And I got evidence,
Your Honor, that she was dying
to get pregnant. POWE: Boy! Let me see
this evidence, Jerome. TARVER: Was this not on… POWE: Yes… Step over to your podium,
Mr. Tarver. POWE: That’s on my Facebook. JUDGE LAKE:
This evidence states… TARVER: Her status stated
she’s pregnant, and at that time… “Aha! Finally,“blank was dying
to get pregnant.”
POWE:Yes, Your Honor,
that was my home girl.
She was playing on my status,
she commented on my status…
She was not the only person
that commented on the status saying about me
getting pregnant. TARVER: The only one that
said you was
dying to get pregnant. Nobody wasn’t dying
to get pregnant but you! Either, either… POWE: I just happened to get
pregnant by this ugg. JUDGE LAKE:
But… But the point is,
Mr. Tarver, just because…
Even if she was dying
to get pregnant… POWE: You still lay down
with me. You still slept with me,
every night. You still slept with her. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Even though you didn’t
want me down here. You slept with me
every night. More than one time a night. Well, he didn’t deny that. Uh, exactly! I… I mean… (LAUGHING) So, basically… You could still potentially
be this child’s father. Exactly, that’s why
we here today. Uh-huh. You know what’s up. Why do you believe
he’s denying this child? I think he’s denying my child
because of Rosie. He didn’t know
if you were for sure,
you didn’t either. POWE: I didn’t know that… No. you didn’t either. POWE: Like I was
the only person.
You don’t even know me, girl! No, you didn’t either. Were you sleeping
with anyone else? No. No, I was not. TARVER: Yes. Yes… POWE: No, I was not. You didn’t sleep with nobody? POWE: No, I was not.
The whole time
we was together, I was faithful to him. Ms. Powe. Now, Ms. Powe… POWE: He was not
faithful to me. Mr. Tarver, do you have
any other children? Possibly. POWE: Possibly. JUDGE LAKE: Possibly? POWE: He’s a clown. So, there’s another child
out there? POWE: Yes … Yes, Your Honor. Who do you have a child with
where you question
the paternity? TARVER: Ms. Jones as well. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Jones? POWE: Clowns. JUDGE LAKE: Your fiance? TARVER: Yes, Your Honor. Okay, let me finish
with this case first… And then, I will deal
with that one.
What are your intentions here? JUDGE LAKE:
Are you gonna step up
and take care of the child? I’ve been stepping up,
Your Honor.
I’ve been stepping up. She could come up here
and play the role
she wanna play. But she… But she… No. When you bought a diaper?
When you bought a wipe? When you bought a shirt? When you bought a shoe? TARVER: When he was born…
When he was born… (SCREAMING) Joseph!
You didn’t buy nothing for him
when he was born! JUDGE LAKE: All right,
all right. Ms. Powe, Mr. Tarver… (CLEARS THROAT) The only way to end
this shouting match, I think, is to have the results.
Jerome? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Thank you, thank you. We’re gonna remain
in this courtroom,
respectfully, and I’m going to question
Mr. Tarver and Ms. Jones, further to see if I need
to also order a DNA test on their child. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and
they read as follows. JUDGE LAKE: In the case of
Powe v. Tarver,
pertaining to one year old
Jo’Shon Powe, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Tarver… You are Jo’Shon’s father. Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you! Thank you! That’s what I wanted to know.
That’s what I wanted … Thank you! It’s not like I was saying
I don’t want him. Thank you! I just want to be sure
because as you can see, she admitted some infidelity. You were sure? You were sure? All right. You know what, now you all just yelling,
’cause you just like
to hear yourself talk… ‘Cause you’re not saying
anything. It’s your child. You know now. You said you already been
stepping up? Step up even further. TARVER: Yes, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) All right?
We have resources for you, you guys wanna take advantage
of them? I hope you do. Now, moving on to… Mr. Tarver and Ms. Jones… So the child’s name is? TARVER: Rory. How old? TARVER: One year. One year? Okay.So, why do you
have doubts specifically?
Me and Rosie, we were actually
in a relationship.
We exchanged Facebook
and Instagram passwords, and I was logged on
to her Facebook, and she was talking to her ex. TARVER: We thought she
told him, “You gonna get me in
trouble but still pull up.” And then, a couple days later,
it was her birthday, and I planned her a party
at our friend’s, and everybody there… You know, she didn’t show up
because she was spending time
with him. JONES: I never knew
about the party. And me and him
was not even together no more TARVER: We was. So, Ms. Jones,
do you admit that during the time, you say,
maybe you guys
weren’t together, that you slept with your ex? No, I did not sleep
with anyone.I mean… She was with him
for four years, and we…
(JONES SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY)She got pregnant that month
that we got together.
JONES:…on Facebook…But, you were intimate
with her, right? TARVER: I mean as well, yeah. She was still with her ex, at a party she threw. A mutual friend came up to me
and told me that she was
his girlfriend still. JUDGE LAKE: So, Mr. Tarver, I need more tangible doubt. TARVER: She was pregnant
in July. TARVER: Well… JONES: He don’t have any. TARVER:Well, we black as
Wesley Snipes, the baby
look like Justin Bieber.
is your mother?
JUDGE LAKE: What? JONES: And how light
is your sister? A friend of mine, Cedric, I have a witness,
we could call him,
I have his number. Will tell you he caught her
come down his house
late at night. TARVER: I could write it down
for you. Yes, I’d like to have it. Jerome, will you please
get that information for me? His name is Mr. Parker. You are so full of it. TARVER: I just want the truth. Mr. Parker? JONES: Me too. TARVER: Mr. Parker. Let’s see if we can get
Mr. Parker on the phone. TARVER: Hopefully. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Hello? PARKER:Hello.Mr. Parker? PARKER:Yes, who’s calling?This is Judge Lauren Lake
fromPaternity Court.PARKER:Oh, hey.
How you doing?
Uh, I’m well. Thank you. I’m hearing the case of
Powe v. Tarver…
You know Joseph Tarver,
do you not? PARKER:Yes, Your Honor.He says you saw his fiance,
Ms. Jones? PARKER:Oh, yeah, Rosie?JUDGE LAKE: Yes. Now, before you get
to this testimony, I have to ask you,
do you swear
to tell the truth, the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth? So, help you God. PARKER:Yes, Your Honor.All right. PARKER:Well, I did see her
coming out of his house,
my friend’s house,
they stay down the street
from our granny.
And they was on the porch,
doing their little thing…
They were on the porch,
doing their little thing? PARKER:I saw them holding
hands, coming out
the house and everything.
(INDISTINCT) PARKER:I didn’t say nothing
at first.
But…JONES: He’s still lying,
girl please. Quiet! PARKER:Hello?Hello?Yes, sir.
Proceed, I’m listening. PARKER:Yes, when I saw them
coming out the house,
at first
I wasn’t really tripping,
I’m like “Okay.”
But then when I seen them
do all that other stuff,
I’m like…
“Wow.” So then,
I called Joseph…
He didn’t really
believe it, but…
Had to do
his own little homework…
But, he’s a good guy…
I didn’t feel like
he deserved that.
So, do you believe Rory, the little girl,
is his child?That’s up for grabs.
was happening…
Him and Rosie
was messing around,
I saw that.
And apparently, he knows
other stuff about other dudes.
So, it’s in question.All right. Thank you very much
for your testimony today. I appreciate your time. PARKER:Okay.All right. With that said… I am gonna order
a DNA test, to be performed,
as it relates to baby Rory.Mr. Tarver, Ms. Jones,I want you to leave
this courtroom,
I want you to immediately
submit to the DNA testing, and we will return
with the results. Are we clear? BOTH: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Jerome,
please escort them out. Court is in recess. We black as Wesley Snipes,
the baby look like
Justin Bieber. Court is back in session. Ms. Jones, Mr. Tarver, you did, in fact,
submit to DNA testing,
am I correct? Yes, Your Honor. TARVER: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
You all are engaged? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: So, there’s a lot
at stake here? TARVER: Yes, Your Honor. I think it’s time
for the results. Jerome? These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows. In the case of
Tarver v. Jones,
pertaining to 1-year-old
Rory Tarver, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Tarver… You are Rory’s father. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JONES: Thank you. So, you feeling special? And now, we need to put
differences behind us, because we both got
a child by him. POWE: Absolutely. So, all that drama
is un-needed. POWE: Absolutely. Well said. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Mr. Tarver, you have
two children now. You don’t have any more time
to be a young man,
you’re a man. TARVER: Yes, Your Honor. You understand? TARVER: Yes, Your Honor. All of you need to continue
to better yourselves for the sake of your children,
because they’re gonna need it. The court has resources
for you, we wish you
all the very best of luck. Court is adjourned. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING)


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