Making the song with PewDiePie (Congratulations BTS)

Guys, it’s finally happened. Imma be real for a minute, we’ve had to put up with a lot of B-list YouTubers on this series so far. But none of that crap anymore. We’re going straight to the big leagues, boys. Idubbbz? Don’t make me laugh. What’s he? Ooh, I might get in trouble for saying a naughty word. Yeah, let’s see how you compare in a moment. Ooh… who’ve we got, Jaiden Animations? Disgusting. *snorts in sarcasm* Be friends *giggling* Gross. I don’t even want to see her stupid face anymore. “Oh, I’m a nice person.” How many millions have you donated to charity, Jaiden? That’s what I thought. B-List. Who else we got? James from TheOdd1sOut. Oooh, You’re alright. No, no more that garbage. Today, we’re having the real thing, fellas. So I finally get to say this intro. *breathes* Hi, I’m Dave from Boyinaband, and recently, me and my friend Roomie have made a song with PewDiePie. *mutterings of the word “racist”* Whoah, whoah, whoah, calm down fellas! Let me explain. I’ve known Felix for a while now and he’s not a bad guy. We actually met by coincidence quite a few years back, when he first moved to England and we attended the same get-together. The Grand Wizard stopped talking and we took off our hoods and it was like, “Oh, I watch your videos!” Like, no way! We bonded over how reasonable it seemed that like a lack of melanin makes you a superior human being. I mean we don’t have any science to back that up but, you know, science can’t explain everything. That’s why I had never vaccinate my kids. So this video is going to talk about how we put the song and the music video together, And go over some of the lines we had to be a bit, uh, careful with. So if you haven’t watched the original song yet, go do that because there are spoilers coming up. *tick-tock noises* *cracks knuckles* All right, so the story starts with a Swedish boy. Not that Swedish boy, the inferior Swedish boy. There we go. My friend Roomie texted me and he was like, “Hey, it’s your pal Rrrrroomie here from Sweden.” “Felix said he wanted to make his song with you and me.” “PewDiePie is looking to make something special for when T-Series overtakes him.” “Are you in?” And I was like, Aw hell yeah, bitch. Then we started making this song. Now… Let me remember what happened. Hang on… Hang on! Ultimately, we settled on a song celebrating T-Series getting to the number one spot, because we couldn’t think of any popular songs about Congratulations. Ohh crap, Post Malone. I forgot about the song by Post Malone! We put a lot of work into this, that’s such an oversight! So initially Roomie and I sat down and came up with some ideas for the song. And I don’t have any footage of that, so here’s this footage instead. *footsteps* (Dave) Roomie’s drunk… Then while Roomie found the beat and put together a bunch of possible choruses, I turned the ideas we had into lyrics But Felix wanted to give the song a bit more bite So we got together to cut some of the tamer lines and replace them with something a little more interesting So there’s a couple of lines that are probably worth addressing ♪ INDIA GOT YOUTUBE FIGURED OUT, THAT’S SICK, SON ♪ ♪ HOW ‘BOUT NEXT YOU FIGURE HOW TO FIX THE CASTE SYSTEM? (OOF) ♪ I thought it was funny how “Bitch Lasagna” conflated T-Series with the entirety of India So we thought would be good to continue that We had to think about what legit things there were to criticize India about (Dave) Gandhi was a pretty horrible person in a lot of ways (Felix) Really? (Dave) Yeah Okay, this sounds bad but hear me out (Dave) He didn’t allow his wife to take his medication (Felix) Oh wow (Dave) And then when he got the same disease after she died, he took the medication (Felix) What the f***? (Dave) I think he beat her as well. Like, Gandhi (Felix) Wife beater, huh… (Dave) Gandhi was a wife beater *laughing* (Dave) Yeah, That’s the way to win back India In the end, I thought a solid criticism would be the caste system in India And I thought the best person to bring that up would be a British person You know, we’ve been historically very considerate to India If you weren’t already aware, the caste system in India separates different people into different social classes Saying some people are just born superior to others They’ve taken a few steps to reducing it, but it’s by no means eliminated It would be kind of like if in England if all the rich posh people thought that they were better than the lower-class peo… Ohh! All right, maybe that analogy isn’t great Okay. It’s like racism for people of the same race 👏 next 👏 lyric 👏 ♪ BUT NEVER MIND THE POOR PEOPLE, WE JUST HERE TO PARTY ♪ I know there’s gonna be people here who are like, “Oh this is really insensitive to poor people.” “How are they going to feel about this?” And– but I specifically said,
“Never mind the poor people” So like you really only have yourself to blame If you’re worried about that or the poor people I don’t even know where you’re mad, they won’t be able to hear the song 👏 next 👏 lyric 👏 so there’s one section talking about a message that Felix got from T-Series ♪ I GOT A LETTER IN THE POST, HMM, WHAT IS THIS? (HMM) ♪ ♪ T-SERIES SAYING “CEASE AND DESIST” ♪ I’m not gonna go too much into it because that’s definitely for Felix to do And that would make for a Hilarious video in its own right But it’s the funniest legal letter I’ve seen It’s trying to accuse him of defamation whilst not understanding the legal definition of defamation at all 👏 next 👏 lyric 👏 So eventually we just had one line to finish I had this idea for a line to kind of address the Indian jokes To show that for some of these jokes the humor comes from them being such blatant racist lies And I had a pretty clever way to get this across So the idea is that you would say a blatant racist lie and then say that’s a blatant racist lie Thank you The creative genius I have is a gift So we were stuck in the situation of having to come up with a racist statement So stupid that no one could possibly take it seriously (Felix) Did you know that Indians are… really not that great? [laughs] (Dave) I feel like that’s more racist (Felix) We’re really testing racism here (Dave) Yeah, this is interesting (Dave) It’s like the slightest racism you could possibly have (Felix) Is that the slightest? (Dave) Did you know how Indians are poo-poo in their brains? (Felix) I kind of like that (Felix) Some stupid fact right? (Felix) You can’t get angry (Dave) That’s a blatant racist lie but still not defamation (Dave) It kind of works (Felix) Yeah, it kind of works (Felix) It’s so stupid (Dave) Right (Felix) That’s the line I think (Felix) That’s it (Felix) That’s what we are looking for There you go Vox, that one’s for free So with the lyrics done it was time to record (Felix) There are in the documents (Dave) I love your pronunciation documents (Felix) How would you say it? (Dave) Documents (Felix) Documents (Dave) Dochumants (Felix) Well you’re wrong We wanted to try some different tones of voice to see what would work in the songs So we looked to other rappers for inspiration (Dave) Try being more Drake after this one (Felix) I can’t do Drake (Felix) I don’t wanna sound like my least favorite rapper (Felix) Aye congratulations (Felix) I’m Drake ♪ WAS A MASSIVE CORPORATE ENTITY WITH EVERY SONG IN BOLLYWOOD ♪ (Dave) I love your Drake face (Felix) That’s his face, I don’t know what you’re talking about So we got started recording stuff (Felix) But today I just want to tell you (Dave) Kind of like quite loud into the chorus might try that one (Felix) But today… (Felix) I JUST WANT TO TELL YOU (Dave) Nice (Felix) For legal reasons, that’s a joke (Felix) For legal reasons, that’s a joke (Felix) For serious, Indian mafia, please don’t kill me, that’s a joke (Felix) It’s your big day! (Felix) *less enunciated* It’s your big day! (Dave) Bit more punchy and I think that’s good and Asians (Felix) Need a billion nations (Felix) Need a- f***ing Asians? (Dave) Asians. (Felix) Asians. (Dave) That’s it (Felix) Hope you did nothing wrong like starting your business by selling Pirated songs (Dave) Nice, I like the tone on the SONGS (Felix) Genocide so you can call me (Felix) ‘Bout to cause some genocide so you can call me Hi- (Dave) ‘Bout to cause some genocide is really funny (Dave) Right (Felix) I’m a heavy hitter (Felix) I’m a f***in heavy hitter (Dave) It is a bit British, isn’t it? Some people I’ve worked with on this kind of thing get really frustrated when they mess up a line But Felix is actually really mild-mannered guy when it comes to that (Felix) Hey, congratula- f*** you (Felix) Beat one Swedish boy you need a billi- f*** you (Felix) To your corporation *gibberish stuttering* f***ing s*** (Felix) Starting your business (Felix) F*** Jesus Christ (Felix) What is wrong with me? (Felix) It’s right there on Wikif***ia. What did I wha- (Felix) Oh s*** (Dave) That’s the lyric (Dave) Pirated songs (Dave and Felix) OH S*** I hope you enjoyed these clips They probably cost me thousands of pounds in demonetization When it came to recording things actually went pretty quickly in general Felix listens to a lot of rap. So I think some of that experience might have helped However, there was one line that didn’t go quite as smoothly. The line was ‘I love my Indian bros’ You’re hanging out with your Indian Bros. You love them. I love my Indian bros Like that’s natural That’s how you’d say it Definitely wouldn’t say with some other inflection, right? Because that would be weird (Dave and Felix) I love my Indian bros (Dave) Right (Felix) Got ’em (Felix) India, I’m sorry ’bout the memes, you’re the best (Felix) I love my Indian bros (Felix) Oh my god (Felix) India, I’m sorry ’bout the memes, you’re the best (Felix) I love my Indian Bros (Felix) Bros (Felix) Bros (Felix) Bros (Felix) Bros (Felix) I love my Indian Bros (Felix) ’bout the memes, you’re the best (Felix) I love my Indian Bros (Dave) Don’t worry about that word anymore (Felix) I can DO IT (Felix) I love my Indian… Bros? (Felix) I love my Indian Bros (Felix) I love my Indian Bros (Felix) I love my Indian Bros (Felix) Bros (Felix) *quietly* I love my Indian… Bros… (Felix) *normal* I love my Indian Bros (Dave) Right (Felix) I love my Indian Bros (Felix) Easy I got this, easy. (Felix) Give it to me (Felix) I love my Indian Bros (Felix) Oh my god (Felix) India, I’m sorry ’bout the memes, you’re the best (Felix) I love my Indian Bros from Bombay to BANGLADESH! (Felix) F*** YEAH!
(Dave) YES! (Felix) India, I’m sorry ’bout the memes, you’re the best (Felix) I love my Indian Bros from a f*** you (Felix) I don’t f***ing care move on (Felix) I got that one time (Dave) You did To be fair on the guy, it’s not like he had much experience with that particular word and inflection Okay I’m bullying him a bit here He’s not the type of guy to make fun of other people when they mess up So we said the song have to be mixed by some other Swede and then we just had the music video left to make Now at this point things were getting pretty close in the battle between T-Series and PewDiePie So we didn’t have much time to question our choices We had the thought of recording in a room full of balloons for one of the shots in the music video So we did what any multi-millionaire world-famous entertainer would do in that situation… Blow up a room full of balloons ourselves [Congratulations Instrumental] By the end of that the skin on our fingers was rubbed off I don’t know if you can see that in the video, but it bloody hurt There was literally blood on some of those balloons By the way, now is a good time to say thanks to Jonas who did the camera work, the editing, and let us fill his room with balloons. So we’d set up and we were ready to record (Joel) Dave, go for it (Joel) Look, there’s a bed down here. It’s not actually a room full of ballons (Dave) Don’t break the illusion (Joel) Wow (Felix) Why would you do that? But then Felix remember that his neighbors get mad if he makes noise too late So we had to head over to his place to set up for a different scene Before it was so late that he’d get a noise complaint ♪ AY CONGRATULATIONS, IT’S A CELEBRATION ♪ Oh yeah, we had to record to a sped up version of the song to make it look all airy and music video-y But yeah, if you want to see the real speed music video just find the night core version someone’s inevitably uploaded ♪ NOT PROBABLY ♪ ♪ BUT NEVER MIND THE POOR PEOPLE, WE JUST HERE TO PARTY ♪ ♪ ‘BOUT TO CAUSE A GENOCIDE SO YOU CAN CALL ME HI- ♪ ♪ AY CONGRATULATIONS ♪ ♪ I JUST WANNA TELL YOU THAT I THINK THAT YOU’RE AMAZING ♪ ♪ BUT, LET ME EDUCATE YOU, SILLY, THAT’S NOT DEFAMATION (WOO) ♪ YEAH WOO-HOO HA-HA HE-HE (Joel) That’s dope (Jonas) Okay, I’m recording (Dave) Up. Make sure it’s up. (Felix) This is the one that popped At one point the directions started to sound less like a music video and more like, uhh… (Jonas) Do you want to get close and caress it on the side a little bit? (Jonas) Keep your head close (Jonas) With the hand as well One thing I learned from this experience is that there’s only a limited number of dance moves you can do when you’re sitting, bouncing around in a chair ♪ BUT WE STILL OUT THERE LIVING LIKE WE ‘BOUT TO KAMIKAZE ♪ ♪ FOR LEGAL REASONS, THAT’S A JOKE ♪ ♪ FOR SERIOUS, INDIAN MAFIA, PLEASE DON’T KILL ME, THAT’S A JOKE ♪ ♪ I’M A HEAVY HITTER ♪ ♪ ‘BOUT TO CAUSE A GENOCIDE SO YOU CAN CALL ME HI- ♪ ♪ CONGRATULATIONS ♪ ♪ IT’S A CELEBRATION ♪ ♪ PARTY ALL DAY, I KNOW YOU’VE BEEN WAITIN’ (OH YEAH!) ♪ (Felix) Yeah (Felix) Yeah (Felix) Yeah (Felix) DOESN’T SEVERELY AFFECT YOUR BOTTOM LINE (Felix) Holy s*** guys, that was awesome! So something to keep in mind at this point Roomie had just flown back from LA. Earlier this day. An 11 hour flight. Without sleeping on the flight. So He was really looking for something to keep him going ♪ ONE, HOPE YOU DID NOTHING WRONG ♪ ♪ LIKE STARTING YOUR BUSINESS BY SELLING PIRATED SONGS ♪ ♪ OOPS! DIDN’T THINK WE’D SEE? IT’S RIGHT THERE ON WIKIPEDIA ♪ ♪ GET USED TO YOUR PAST BEING HELD AGAINST YOU BY THE MEDIA ♪ ♪ EVER SINCE I WAS A NOBODY, SCREAMING AT BARRELS ♪ ♪ YEAH, THIS IS IT ♪ ♪ YOU’VE BEEN BY MY SIDE ♪ ♪ THERE’S NO ARMY IN THE WORLD ♪ ♪ I WOULD RATHER GIVE ME WATCH TIME ♪ ♪ IT’S BEEN A WILD RIDE ♪ I don’t know if I helped the tiredness, but it definitely made him a little more enthusiastic ♪ THAT’S SICK, SON ♪ ♪ HOW ‘BOUT NEXT YOU FIGURE HOW TO FIX THE CASTE SYSTEM? ♪ ♪ CONGRATULATIONS ♪ (Joel) ♪ OH YEAH YEAH ♪ By the way, you ever been hanging out with a friend and forget that they have a talent and then just out of nowhere they’re like (Joel) ♪ OH YEAH YEAH ♪ And you’re like, oh yeah You have a talent So after that we had to get back to the balloon room (Joel) You got nice ass (Felix) Hey Dave (Dave) Why you filming in vertical? (Felix) Oh s*** he’s filming in vertical (Dave) What’s wrong with you? (Joel) Alright whatever I’ll turn it around for you (Felix) Oh yeah that will make it better (Joel) S*** this camera is good (Felix) Is it an Honor 8X? (Dave) No, it’s the Samsung (Dave) Samsung Galaxy S8 (Felix) Oh is that the one Casey Neistat has? (Dave) Yeah (Joel) You can’t f***ing stand in this s*** (Felix) God damn it! We have to go pretty energetic for the video So I wasn’t sure how long it would be until one of these balloons popped and terrified us all (Jonas) One, two, three ♪ AY CONGRATULATIONS TO YOUR CORPORATION ♪ ♪ FOR LEGAL REASONS, THAT’S A JOKE ♪ ♪ FOR SERIOUS, INDIAN MAFIA, PLEASE DON’T KILL ME, THAT’S A JOKE ♪ ♪ I’M SURE RIGHT NOW THERE’S NOTHING THAT YOU’RE DOING THAT’S ILLEGAL, YEAH ♪ ♪ ‘BOUT TO CAUSE A GENOCIDE SO YOU CAN CALL ME HI- ♪ ♪ AY CONGRATULATIONS ♪ After several hours of this, zero of the balloons popped Not even joking That’s a good brand But we knew you’d want to see it. So (Jonas) All right, I’m recording (Felix) This is T-Series (Joel) Holy s*** (Joel) One more, one more (Felix) And this is for my bros So at this point we were getting pretty tired Things were starting to get a little bit out of hand But we had to get this done Remember at this point, there was a subscriber gap of like 15,000 between PewDiePie and T-Series So we recorded ♪ CONGRATULATIONS (SUCH A BIG DAY!) ♪ ♪ CONGRATULATIONS ♪ (Felix) SUCH A BIG DAY! (Felix) That’s not the line (Felix) SUCH A BIG DAY! And recorded (Joel) Open your eyes (Joel) You look like you’re dead And recorded And recorded (Felix) Hey guys And uh You know when you’re cooped up with your friends for too long working on something And you have a mental breakdown in a balloon pit? (Felix) It wasn’t even funny, I’m so tired (Joel) I’m crying, I can’t film when I’m crying (Dave) This is the funniest place to have a breakdown But eventually we were done so we were able to stop and look after our health at that point So we did what any deliriously tired people should do (Jonas) Holy s*** I actually feel like I should say do not try this at home (Jonas) Dab! It was really windy and we were incredibly tired and I couldn’t keep my hair out of my face for a second Perfect conditions for setting off fireworks (Felix) STUFF DOESN’T SEVERELY AFFECT YOUR BOTTOM LINE ♪ [laughter and insanity] (Jonas) It’s a rap (Felix) It that a f***ing rap? After being kind of deliriously gone into a balloon pit It was actually a really fun end to the night It really felt like we were a bunch of drunk friends celebrating, even though It was just one drunk friend celebrating So we went home and collapsed and Joel flew back to America Next morning in like a few hours after we’d finished shooting That’s a dedicated man Whichever woman ends up with him is a lucky lady Yeah, we were all ready to get up and finish this video the next day to put it out when T-Series passed PewDiePie And then this happened. A million subs in two days. Never done before I guess if you think of it as Jake Paul saying PewDiePie is next to pass all the competition then Jake Paul was correct Fortunately, that gave us a bit of time to record a few extra scenes because it felt a bit weird not having some shots of Felix on his own And that’s also why Roomie wasn’t in these shots because he was in America jet lagged out of his mind So in conclusion, my favorite scene of the video is where Roomie gets smacked in the face It’s been hilarious how often this song has been pushed back We were for real in this state of mind where it was just like end of an era kind of moment And then this meme kept propelling it forward for months We just kept imagining like the T-Series Executives sitting there like just ready to take it and then it’s like “Aw God come on!” There was one part of this video that when I told Felix about the idea, he wasn’t really sure about it It didn’t really hit him. But when I showed my friends the song to get an opinion of it before we released it All of them had the same emotional reaction that I did and that was the one last brofist thing and I kind of get it Like Felix is an insanely down-to-earth person But perhaps it’s one of those things that is Easier to see from the outside in it’s been really cool that for the past five years The top creator on the platform has been someone who comes across as so genuine Even if it results in industry shaking controversies and yeah, it really is kind of an end of an era thing I’ve watched Pewds for years now, like initially I was one of those people that was like Why are millions of people watching this random guy playing video games? I even made a satirical video mocking his style in the early days God, is that you? God? Jesus? Allah? Sorry Felix I think I forgot to mention that But then I started to enjoy the content and I found myself watching his Let’s Plays while I was eating lunch I’ve collaborated with a few of his friends who were in his earlier videos, Minx and Cry, and whenever he came up in conversation They had nothing but nice things to say about him and it’s cool that even after so long, he’s still not an ass Just a racist It’s been really cool being able to work on this project Whenever I think about this I think of like this clip of iDubbbz from the H3 Podcast (iDubbbz) I’m a big fan of freedom of speech Felix has become this kind of lightning rod for this particular issue And I think that in general he’s pretty reasonable and he owns up to his mistakes and I can respect that So yeah much respect Felix and to Joel as well for staying awake for like 48 hours or something Which is kind of funny considering how he- he wasn’t always the biggest fan Of Felix in the early days He’s just done a video on his channel Oh about that and also talked a bit about his perspective from behind the scenes So I hope you enjoyed the song gamers Stay woke cheers for watching and have a nice day I’ve ended the previous episodes of this series in like an ‘I’m gay’ meme, or something But I don’t think I have anything like that for Felix So I hope I can find something, or this is going to be a really disappointing outro.


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