making out with Corinna for views aka THE CHAPSTICK CHALLENGE

Hi guys, it’s Tana Mongeau welcome to my channel or welcome back to my channel . Ew So today, I’m here with Corinna . Hi. We have been meaning Talk its fine. Okay, so Corinna and I have been meaning to film this video for like the last ten years and she flew to vegas today She missed the dick appointment. She threw I’m so sad . Oh Lord forgive me. So she is here today and we’re going to film the Chapstick Challenge over on Corinna’s Channel We just played f. Why the fuck did I just say f , like its your channel . Over on Corinnas channel we just played fuck , marry , kill and for the entire video she made me try not to cuss and it was so hard. Im so happy to be back at home in my channel : fuck , fuck , dick , fuck , shit , dick. In The ass Before I get into the video Make sure to subscribe and make sure to follow all my social media Make sure to click that little moterfuckin bell by the subscribe button to have your notifications on I wouldn’t. You’ll regret it. make sure to get my mug shot shirt and Make sure to come meet me on tour because that’s literally in like 4 hours, so that would be great We have like 30 different flavors of chapsticks in this fancy ass bowl. Let’s, let’s give them some examples. We have like Hershey’s, Sprite, Coke, Starburst flavors, Bubble gum Recees Pieces.I can’t believe I actually have to kiss you like 30 times right now. You’re gonna kiss me first to try and guess. I’m gonna pick this randomly, close your eyes. Don’t look, close your eyes! Alright, ready? Yeah The entire time I felt this was such a good idea and I’m sitting in this chair like I have to kiss her! Oh my God, Okay No, it’s not like we’ve kissed before we always like peck as a joke, but I mean like I have to No you don’t. Ew, stop licking your lips, I don’t want that on my face I’m leaning towards blueberry something. That’s not even an option. Do you want another kiss? No. Yeah, baby! Ew! I hated all that! Tana’s like, if my breath smells is that ok? What does my breath smell like? Cock. So then like watermelon something. It’s not watermelon, but it’s melon. Mango Melon. That is so ugly like okay chapstick companys, like mango and melon Like mango melon like. And it’s starburst, like oh I love me a good mango melon starburst. Like fuck the red one, fuck the pink one. It’s not moving our lip injections around. This actually tastes so good. I can’t wait to kiss you, are you ready? Can I smell it? Is that cheating? No! Wait one more, one more, one more. Let me get it Okay. Just the way you’re like… Okay well like i’m trying to give you the most of my lips so that you can get the most flavor! Specific chocolate bar are you fucking kidding school meant something? That’s so agent literally root beer prepared my favorite beverage – xo sauce almost I haven’t was so excited to make It just like really not flavorful. It’s also not a good like moisturization. We got the shittier, Jessica, please fruit a pear or apple But I feel like paired like stupid bus and I’m the last one was mangled Melon And I would have felt like mango Melon with stupid apple or apple pears. That’s my final answer she went What is it though you got apples it is green apples of life. It helps farmers market apple from the Growth ah Success prenup is solicited our apples are saying like what it’s like the brand. Oh was so ugly I’m a stupid generic any server skittles skittles green Apple Jolly Rancher Green apple, I’m sorry I’m as welcome you got a vital energy right off the pg e questo ago – I hate you totally what do you want me? That’s all ready to take this year wow, it’s all amazing, baby – my girls kiss before asking your baby’s really we Did a strawberry fan fest rubber boy look right at that ginseng is my house? I’m so excited. It’s my first kid after that So fucking just got the is peanut butter something and then a show fucking totally that is still home movie from I was doing I Know it I wanted it. I like peanut butter would finish it the other is writing a cock intro payment on recess You know where a reese’s peanut my favorite candy literally every single day criminal war stories and is religious peanut butter comes in a water Bottle is so and deal that made by Les Brown. Yes. I could ask like oh Amore Boston from others All Kim Karina Looking for the boss. Don’t be ugly You was that for the blog it is a melon. No. Thank you No this summer Santa fe no not 21 question la sala fucking McDonald more dollar meals. Oh, that’s great, man Oh, I love a brave man away. We’re giving free money and what is the artist? Not a girlfriend well, that’s hard I’m not going to pain after this can we turn on all the lights and like let go contact oh my listeners stoves all like I just talked with your Strawberry company strawberry Banana Smoothie Ivan in a strawberry said no were her strawberry strawberry flavored lip balm Kenter Wittekop free fucking soul The next one is actually Taylor. Come in flavors, so one of them The most people’s after they kiss me. Oh hell. Yes, wow that thing goes wrong Y’all gotta make those kisses more deal, Lamia thank you, Iris, or not accusing someone I pick you up suit like a Literally Clorox every way come on. I’m going We really wanted to make it on the port hub featured 100-page. So where can they go? Oh you’re up so early? Do you normally go with me? Oh God I’ll Make that was dog won’t make out with me Have you made all those big next kisses have you ever been up girls? Yeah lightly out of the girls for Damon? Baggage you only go sugar Daddy’s paying us to do this gonna happen and I was talking to you on Public lands on Omega and do whatever my hand Moves melodies is where everyone a so here is What over my hands right here? I don’t want to wish That on baby, we grab me like this, okay, so like I’m Starvin he needed cop oh my God over on Corinne Channel We played fuck marry kill, but she wouldn’t let me come so we played just mash Mary pat That’s all over there find out if we would cause a Taylor connect or dirty Dom or salmonella Or jake ball or both of all right done right? Yeah, alright guys I hope you enjoyed another one of my unnecessarily controversial videos when I’m doing discussing things with my parents What if we brought up reviews and we will talk to that in the next video? By bayi give us up to boobies previously on the bachelorette, whatever okay about making out him. Uh-oh


  1. That bitch looks like a walking std, like she looks like she just sucked 3 cocks. I hope you didn't catch anything. Ew

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  3. Corina is sooooooooo bomb 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  4. Sinon Γ§a va le relation avec Jack Paul ?

    Ps : vous me dites qu'est ce que elle fait lΓ  elle πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…

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