Making Clothes Out Of Things From The Dollar Store!

hello everybody and welcome to totally trendy my name is Sam hi if you're new here welcome this is just a place where I attempt all of the fun trends and challenges that the Internet has to offer so today we're going to be looking at another trend sauce challenge that I have looked at in the past but you guys love it when I do dollar-store themed videos I was trying to think of a way that I can incorporate that again but like make it more fun and a little different and so I thought what if I went to the dollar store and try to make an outfit out of only things that I found at the dollar store so I'm gonna go I'm gonna explore the dollar store and see if it's even possible for me to make an outfit out of things only from the dollar store roses gonna be joining us for this one she's just gonna come oh my goodness man she's back I was literally just talking about you so she's gonna join us at the dollar store to hang out provide some fun friendship times let's go to the dollar store you there we have made it to Dollar Tree the goal here is to find kind of the most absurd things that I can somehow make into an outfit oh gosh tablecloth tablecloth skirt table tip floss tablecloth sleeves hmm see this is what we're working with napkin that's risky play yeah I think the no we're gonna walk away from that women plates that I could like staple together that would be a real girl skirt but yeah this is something realistic we can work with we could be Indiana the Indiana pants that would be sick that's it I could have just gone with this but that seems kind of like cheating like just buying a skirt I'm making it out of dollar store items not just like clothes from the dollar store what I want to do is like have a one leg blue and a one leg pink so I feel like I need to make the top out of something else oh wait that is such a good idea that is such a good idea yeah and it's metallic I know oh I'm here my gosh this really is why you're here okay stream through as like tank tops oh my gosh I cannot wait we all know chokers are in and here we have some cat collars I was hoping that they had like black maybe dog I don't know I think I'm gonna look for something else other than a pet collar we found more accessories these little shower curtain rings earrings no I'm not gonna put it through my ear that would be weird but I'm just gonna do it like this one was already opened I'm just gonna like kind of clamp it on my ear because somehow that's less weird and we did a head so we are now leaving Dollar Tree I'm excited to put all this together and you can see the final product and we're back it's time for me to just get cracking this is my game plan shirt pants I'm gonna do one leg blue and the other leg pink I got a lot of bandanas I got this that I'm gonna like cut out and use a zipper for the pants we got some fun stuff for like straps for the shirt I'm excited to see how this turns out I'm also mainly excited to see what people's reactions are when they like try and guess where I got it from let's see if the dollar store comes through with these DIYs okay I feel pretty certain that this is gonna take the longest thankfully I have some pants here that I can kind of use as an outline I went ahead and got like all of them just cuz I thought it would be better safe than sorry on the fabric side I'm probably going to layer up some because these seem a little bit thin for pants I've never made pants before so I have a pair in my car that I'm gonna kind of use as a guide these are the pants that I have that are really cute I like how kind of baggy and open they are kind of like these pants too and I love how high-waisted they are I'm just gonna kind of use these as a guide for how much fabric I think I'm gonna need so I think three is definitely gonna be enough so I am just gonna sew together right now those guys in then we'll add a second layer on top of that this is my kind of like first day experiencing a sewing machine so let's see should it be anything too complicated we're okay it's okay mm-hmm huh pick that up it's gonna be a little mismatched is it doing it or not uh-oh yeah something didn't seem right hello should it be anything too complicated two hours later so I really hate that I didn't record that successful attempt on the second one but we did it yay so now I'm gonna do this exact same thing on the blue side so day two of this challenge little update you saw how the sewing machine was going it was going okay but it proceeded to take forever so I reverted back to my ways of hot gluing the pants turned out huge like huge I also made another short cut and kind of made them like they're like not even fully pants anymore like capris but like flowy and I haven't tried them on yet and I'm kind of scared to but I'm gonna wait to try them on until I have the rest of that outfit put together too so right now we are gonna do the shirt made out of screen sun-blocker things I don't know and we're back on the ground so I'll use this piece as like the front body piece we're just gonna wing this first part cuz we're gonna need two of these body pieces to then connect okay I'm figuring it out it's very futuristic it's pretty soft it's such a weird material now I need to make the sleeves here's what we're gonna do the way I'm gonna do this is just like a nice round shape I don't know if that makes any sense yeah that could work time to plug in the good old trusty hot glue gun so now we're just gonna hot glue the heck out of this okay this is so satisfying I have to show you guys this up close just like watch it curl like that yeah okay that was cool some literally melting together I just made the sleeves just whirled them so now I'm just gonna tuck them on the inside and push it all closed together well guys I made a shirt oh my goodness I cannot believe I actually did this I made a futuristic metallic shirt Wow now it is time for me to put this top on put the pants on but I haven't even shown you yet see how we feel about it we'll see dollar store fashion the pants were kind of a flop I mean like they're serving their purpose of covering my legs I mean they're flowy they've a zipper I don't know if they're passable what do you guys think about the pants I think like the colors are fun but do I think you should probably make pants out of bandanas from the dollar store I'm gonna hit that with a soft no now that's hot well boy oh boy this was hard getting on it was just so stressful to put it on because I thought it was ripping this side did open a little bit I like metallic things am i saying that I'm gonna like wear this again no I'm just saying that it's not that bad I am forgetting one thing the earrings so I have the shower curtain rings I am NOT going to put them like through my earring holes because I don't have gauges I'm just gonna use them like as if they were clip-on earrings like just Boop one blue and one pink I mean sure shower ring hoops okay if you want to play pretend and don't want to pierce your ears why not I will say it is getting tremendously hot inside of this I thought this was supposed to make cars not hot it's just what you thought it would turn out like let's evaluate this entire situation the time I was kind of surprised at how well it's like stuck together you know why he's there it's cuz it's melted cuz the hot glue melted it and created like a really nice seam your pants the pants are you know so the pants were a stressful moment for Sam yesterday I sold like half of them essentially and then was like this is taking way too long I don't want to put up with this anymore so then I hot-glued some parts together this is kind of an accidental pocket one could also call it a hole oh man I was so excited out of pocket for what it is though I'm fairly impressed for the fact that I made pants out of bandanas that's pretty dope the butt looks good the butt looks good so the pants really upset me and it's really personal so I don't want to talk about it anymore so what do you think about the metallic shirt look it looks hot I feel like I'm gonna pass out so it's really hot I wish it didn't rip but like I don't think it's the worst look in the world I'm really impressed with some of the scenes I think this shirt was better than the pants personally I did good with what I had that's all it man considering that I made an outfit out of things from the dollar store impressive I'm satisfied with the work that I did yeah so moral of the story is that you don't need to get everything from the dollar store most dollar stores probably have like just a nice cheap t-shirt find that instead of these yeah sunshade things guys this is one of those trends that I tried so you don't have to so please don't oh I can make bracelet shower curtain Clippy hook sings bracelets earrings the win the underdog yep the underdog of the entire video he's four days four days that was cringy yeah okay well bye guys


  1. Since this channel is getting even less views than the woods channel does that mean Matthias will cancel it as well

  2. You are one of my most favorite people on team edge because I've seen you in a lot of team edge videos

  3. When using a sewing machine you have to place both pieces over each other. Then sew one side. I wish I could post a picture. Well you could of YouTube how to sew in the first place lol.

  4. 4:30 Something didn't SEAM right!

    (get it, she was sewing, and there are seams…Okay I'll leave)

  5. I like Roze helping. She's great at suggestions since she doesn't have to modify them into something functional. I'm glad you have Roze she's a great character. This actress is better than the old one, the old one was just creepy.

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