Maker's Cleaning Cloths – Quality Microfiber Awesomeness!

I've been waiting a really long time to tell you guys what I'm about to tell you guys our cloths are in town so last time we launched our class we had one kit because we had a super small order and a big huge shout-out to you guys who supported us through that order we only had 250 kits available they completely sold out and I am so proud to say we did not get one return or complaint about our cloths so what we did we took your feedback and request into consideration couple things I want to tell you the first thing they are available all over the world for a flat rate shipping of either five dollars in the US or ten dollars everywhere else second thing I want to tell you is we have lots of different kits available that you can order this one over here is our large spaces kit it comes with two plush cloths two waffle weave towels for general purpose cloths two blue two purple and two glass and electronics cloths over here is our small space kit which is one of each clock perfect for those of you guys who don't live in a whole big house then we have two packs of each type of our cloths they come in both colors of the all-purpose plots we also have a two pack for the ultra plush cloths the waffle weave cloths and the glass and electronics class microfiber cloths are amazing for cleaning and I have a whole video detailing exactly why I love them so much why you should get them and how to take care of them you can also find all of that information on our website which is makers clean calm which is incidentally where you can also order set microfiber cloths I know the holidays are just around the corner and if you're scrambling to figure out what's going on your gift list I would highly recommend makers microfiber cloths I mean I know I biased but think about it it's not necessarily giving someone a cleaning thing it's giving them a lifestyle gift microfiber cloths make your life easier if you don't want to give it for a Christmas present necessarily you could give them for say a housewarming gift or for a new parent gift you can also give it to someone moving out for their first time or hey you can even treat yourself everybody deserves a good set of microfiber cloths for more details and to order your microfiber cloths so you can go to makers clean calm everything is there for you and I just want to thank you guys so much for your ongoing and continued support and requests and demand for these cloths I know you guys are gonna love them we've worked so so hard to get these cloths out to you I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do thanks so much for watching and we'll see you next time


  1. I bought two sets and trust me these are very high quality.

    Pros : Great Quality. Nice assortment and nice color coding

    Cons: Freaking large. One is almost as big as a towel.

    I would like to have a hand towel size. They are much easier to clean with. I will just cut mine into smaller sizes.

    Make no mistake, we are very happy with the two kits we bought. 😀

  2. I bought the small kit to try them out. Let me say these are VERY VERY much worth it. It's the first thing I've bought in a while that actually cleans the way it says it does. My husband and family were impressed as Well! I'm saving right now to get the large kit!

  3. How do these compare to Norwex? How long can I expect them to last? I love your channel and great info! Thank you!

  4. I just received my package of cloths, super fast shipping. I ordered the small space package and an extra pack of yellow plush and waffle weave towels to restock my kitchen. Let me just say, these are well worth the investment. I have many brands of microfiber cloths, from expensive Norwex (which I love too) to Norwex copies from Amazon. The quality feels outstanding, and I am very fussy about the clothes I use. I like heavyweight and larger sizes and these deliver big time. I'd rather pay a little more to get better and longer lasting material. A+ in my book!

  5. I would love to buy those cloths, but the shipping cost of shipping to Netherlands is really expensive… I hope they had retailers in Europe. It's a pity 🙁

  6. Omg love them Melissa u have saved this mother of four with your cleaning hacks and stain fighting tips. If I could I'd totally buy your book and your microfiber cloths but just cause I don't have the money doesn't mean I can't tell everyone I know that does to get your book and cleaning cloths so that's now my mission!! Keep on keeping on you're doing great and I'm one of your biggest fans. Good luck with everything. U r awesome girl!!

  7. Just ordered the large kit and 4 extra waffle towels! Is it sad that I'm excited to get cleaning products?😂. Can't wait to get them🤗

  8. These cloths are amazing and so worth the price. We ordered the large space kit and were so impressed with the whole kit, including the incredibly easy ordering system, amazingly fast and affordable shipping to Australia and of course the outstanding quality of the cloths. We think you have done an incredible job! Congratulations and thank you.

  9. I use e-cloths. I like them. Still can't stop being paranoid that everything is covered in bacteria though. No matter what anyone says about microfiber removing germs, I just have such a hard time believing it.

  10. Hi Melissa. I ordered a large pack of Makers cloth in the 5th of December, and I can´t wait to receive it, do you have any idea how long it will take to ship it over to Iceland? I haven´t been able to track the delivery at DHL after 9th of December.

  11. I really like your videos. I also appreciate that you offer some eco conscience cleaning methods. With that in mind, are your clothes off a tight enough weave that they don't shed? I ask because microfiber cleans great, but it is being found to be a source of waterway pollution. Every time it is washed or asked the fibers into the water. They are so small they done get filtered out. Marine life consumes or and eventually we do too. Plastic is an endocrine disruptor and this is starting to be a big problem.

  12. the cost factor and that they are not made in Canada is a deterrent for me… you live in toronto can i come by and get some from you or you come over for tea with some. sister catherine

  13. hi great info as always. can the microfiber cloth be cut and not fray. do you include the take care of and uses instructions with the microfiber cloths if not would you please do that…
    please connect with me at [email protected] thanks you Sister Catherine of Spirit Haven
    2-537 broadview ave. toronto, on m4k 2n6 canada. perhaps you can come by for tea…

  14. I'm buying the big kit! I want to say thank you for offering a HIGH QUALITY product! I'm so tired of buying artificially cheap junk made via unfair labor practices. I want to pay money to have things that will last and that support small businesses. Thanks again!

  15. You should get a place to ship out from Canada. .like from your own home or garage! ! Surely you'd be able to find space for that even if it's for Canadian orders and using Canadian funds. .. It's like an insult to Canada to have a Canadian product company ship from USA. Just think about it! !!

  16. Mellisa and Chad, So I just purchased the set of waffle weaves. While I think that is a little pricey for towels…a)based on your obsession with microfiber I know they will be good and b) I have learned so much from you and your channel for FREE that I know I am getting a bargain. You have also somehow managed to keep too much advertising off your channel, so you need to make money on this venture somehow I trust. At any rate, keep up the fantabulous work and I look forward to my package!

  17. Very disapointed! USD plus higher shipping costs for Canadians vs Americans! I am certain the Maker's cloths are amazing but sadly, I will not buy the cloths.

  18. I used cloths like these at my job obviously different brand but I'm happy you put in a glass cleaning one because I love those type, especially for mirrors/glass and what not. And this ones are great for polishing silverware (since I had to do that at my job as will) I can guarantee yours are just as good! I can finally buy my own and have a set at home!! Genius idea making a big and small set!! ❤️️

  19. Just dropping by to say You've Earned Yourself A New Sub! 👍👍👍👍👍 I've found your videos helpful and love it. Really helps a lot 😊😊😊😊😊

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