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hi everyone welcome to blueprint DIY where we remake our clothes to be just as unique as us and today I am going to show you guys the most requested dress I did this dress by myself I didn't film it and you guys have requested it ever since so I am going to show you this dress because I am wearing it today for someone's kindergarten dance so we're going to get our boogie on right definitely stay tuned to the end of this video so you can see footage of us getting our boogie on and we'll see you at the end okay so today I'm gonna be using thrifty men's dress shirts to show you how you can add permanently pleated ruffles like these to almost any garment to create amazing up cycles I originally through this soup dress and made it look like this so for this tutorial I'm gonna start off with this dress that I thirst it last week it's a bit too tight and I personally don't like when dresses are too short and too tight I can go with one of the other but not both so first I'm gonna take out the dress after if to the striped dress just for the fabric a while back because I've been really feeling stripes lately I cut some strips so I can get an arrow effect going down the sides I'm gonna sew the strip's together and then add iron on interfacing to the inside or heating bond will actually be even better it's just like interfacing but it irons on on both sides then I'll cut them to the size I need to add to the size plus seam allowance just a word to the wise though if you take out a dress that doesn't fit make sure that the bust area does fit because just taking a dress out doesn't mean that you're increasing the cup size of the dress alright so next I'll use a seam ripper to open the dress up on the sides I'll also take off the bottom of the dress you don't have to do this though you can absolutely just add the ruffles to the outside skirt part like I did for the last one now sew in the extra pieces on the sides you don't see the interface and iron on to the inside of these striped pieces because this is actual footage of my first attempt at these stripes the interfacing helps them keep their shape and I decided that I'm then maybe longer and to come to a point so I actually redid them at the end once you get the added piece on in on the sides you can finish the edges with the hem or whatever you like to make it blend seamlessly with the original garment all right now let's make these pleats I fold the dress shirt in half and cut it so that the bottom is flat then I cut parallel to that whatever length you want your layers to be my layers actually vary in length and I used about three shirts for each of these dresses I actually used the other parts of the shirts for other projects but feel free to use the sleeves and cut those up as strips as well so you don't have to use as many shirts and stiffer dress shirts work better than the really really thin cheap ones okay so for this dress I wanted to create the look of a bunch of vertical black lines so I used a black fabric marker to mark a line every two inches that way there will be a black line at the edge of each pleat after all my lines are drawn I begin to fold and pin my pleats in place you can totally skip the fabric marker and just lift up the fabric every two inches and then fold it over and pin it in place after I have about ten pleats pins I spray a solution of 1/4 vinegar to three quarters water I started off only spraying the back because I was scared that the liquid will cause the fabric marker to run but it actually doesn't so later on I just sprayed it on the front then iron it down once remove the pins and then iron it down until it's completely dry this sets the police permanently however I haven't washed these in the wash machine after setting the pleats okay once I've done all 50 million pleats I'm gonna search the top edge pleat it and then double fold him the bottom edge uncle'd it if you don't have a serger then just double fold him the top edge as well then I also like to add a little gathering stitch to the top edge and I'll also connect all my layers with this stitch as well but I did keep one piece separate and ungalik to be the top layer I'm gonna pin it to the top bodice piece and attach the edges to the zipper the zipper was already kind of exposed so it actually worked in my favor then I'll go ahead and sew that down next I'll try the dress on and pin the lower layers in place I pin it while I have it on because I need that lining to be stretched while it's being pin if you're doing this to something that's not stretchy then you don't have to pin it while you have it on so I'm just gonna pin and spin until I get to the end and then I'll just keep adjusting the pins until I'm satisfied if you don't like where it ends then just gather it or uncover until it ends where you like I really love that you can still see the buttons and the buttonholes from the dress shirt it pays homage to what it used to be and it's just really a clever detail so then I'll carefully take it off and sew all the layers in place and like I said I ended up replacing those side pieces for longer side pieces that extend it to a point it's all in the details alright let's boogie I am so excited about this dress and I hope you guys are as well but imagine the possibilities you can add these pleated layers to so many garments to completely change up the look if you want more ideas on what to do with men's dress shirts take a look at this playlist and don't forget to subscribe alright see you in the next one bye

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