Lukas Trailer (2018) Jean-Claude Van Damme Action Movie

فللم مسدسات وعببيد اانت جاالس تشوف اعلللان عن شايب سكران بس يحب بنته ويخاف عليها يتمشكل مع عصاابات طعنه بوكساات تفحييط ضرب وبكسات مره ثانيه يابووووي وضرب وكفوف وتعنييف ووحده مزه ترا البطل يموت بالنهايه فيلم لواكر ينزل ٢٢ رمضان وهذه مقاطع خايسه ثانيه لو تبي تشوفها واذا عجبك لا تنسى تسوي دس لايك


  1. Van Damme's action thriller movies never fail to be a draw for me and this one looks like it will be no different! Can't wait to check it out!

  2. This is a very good trailer, and I'll tell you why: Because it shows you tons of images, yet gives away Nothing. You ask yourself questions: Why is he fighting in the club? Why did that guy in the back seat put a razor blade to his throat? Why is there a shootout in the parking lot? You have to watch the movie to find out.

  3. I wish he would do some science fiction stuff like he did once . I dont like him always playing Mainrole one beat generic gangster :/

  4. Isn't this "The Bouncer"? Something about being a bouncer obviously and taking care of his 8 year old daughter, which looked like she was at the beginning?

  5. acting in french gonna benefit him a lot methink, he has a great face for dark depressed characters and then americans cant understand the language. It gonna work and leqlerc has made the great L'assaut!

  6. J'adore jean claude van damme quand j'étais gamin. J'espère que ce film a une bonne histoire parce que l'action, eh bien, je dois admettre que JCVD ​​n'est pas aussi jeune qu'il l'était et qu'il a presque 60 ans.

  7. I read this movie is not in english at the moment don't know why. That's probably why your only seeing action and no talking, which is unusual

  8. وترى البطل يموت بالنهاية هههههههههههههههه
    حبيت الاختصار عشان ما اشوفه .

  9. Watched the film and I was absolutely blown away! Great production, great acting, good storytelling, and overall really good pace to this gritty crime drama! At times, very unpredictable and when the thrilling scenes happen, they jump out at you and you are entirely immersed into the whole thing! I would highly recommend anybody who likes Jean Claude and hoped to see a serious crime drama; this is your lucky day because it is one of Van Damme's best work and best film overall he has done in a while! No goofy fight scenes and no dumb one liners.

  10. خييييييير شهاللعانه شنو يموت بالنهايه الحمدلله والشكر تخلف فعلاً

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