Love Fitness Apparel Review with Try-on | Summer Collection Part 1

hey guys welcome back to my channel or welcome to my channel if this is your first time here we're gonna be doing another clothing review this is my second one for love fitness apparel they just did a new summer launch so I want to show you this as part one of their summer launched their second launch should be out I think in July but I am in love with this I do have to state my bias I have been a sponsored athlete with them for two years now I'll show you guys the sizes and the fit of everything but I am so in love with this this is my phone I've got pineapple I got pineapples all over my house live in Hawaii so it's definitely like a place to be in love with pineapples but this collection they have had an overwhelming amount of requests for more pineapples that came out with the black pineapple leggings and then came out with white pineapple leggings we have white pineapple runners and I'm not gonna spoil it we're just gonna get into the video right now the first thing I want to show you guys is the gorgeous white pineapple sports bra this thing is so incredible this material is like a super soft like silky material and then on the inside they have like a mesh white material so I really love how this fits and then with these you have these nice high-quality bra cups bra cups can be removed through here if you do not want them in another function of this sports bra that I love is the really thick stretchy elastic band at the bottom this is a pretty big band but it's beautiful and it sits so well and it kind of perks the girls up which i think is really nice and then on the back you can see this really like skinny racerback design I think it goes good this really pairs well with a ton of different sports tops so this is the white pineapple sports bra and not to outshine this girl but her sister the pink pineapple sports bra is just as glorious and just as amazing if you're a pink person I love this this is a bright pink but it's more subtle because it's set on this white fabric as well so this is the exact same thing it's the same same band same bra cups everything same thing I absolutely love these two sports bras all right for my crop top lovers out there this next one's you are gonna love this is the palm tree logo pop top this is so cute I don't know if the color will show through the video as well as it is in person it called it dusty blue but it says very beautiful like I guess a dusty blue is like the right way to describe it but I just think of it as such a beachy like I don't you Telugu like it's so beachy I wear it out all the time and it just pairs so well with so many of my lighter color beachy outfits comes in the dusty blue here then I have the navy blue and then I have the military green these shirts are made of fifty percent polyester twenty-five percent cotton and twenty-five percent rayon which gives that like a really nice soft material now this is similar to the crop that I'm wearing right now the be fearless this is also a low fitness apparel crop it has like a really nice cut off on the bottom it rolls slightly up and then it's just like a really nice fit here I'm I don't have like huge shoulders or anything but it just feels like it hugs my shoulders really well and all of these I'm wearing the size medium I'm five nine so I'm really tall and then I do have a size D chest so it's low so the next two that I want to show you guys are the luxe two pocket leggings and I've got these in olive green and in nude and oh my goodness are these things amazing I'm all about like the solid colors and the leggings I absolutely love that and I wore this one with this navy blue crop and this hat and oh my gosh I I love it this actually comes with a matching sports bra all of these have the matching sports bra set so you guys can check that out if you're into sets this is the nude on the back it has the love fitness apparel logo it has a nice it has like one of those little bands in here I'm not like pinching but to just keep it up nice and tight it has some cool designs right on the back here I like this little stitch in here and what this does on the front and the back is visually it kind of like brings the waist in so it brings the eyes into like a cinching tummy and these are high waisted and then you can also see with like the lining on the back how it dips down just slightly really great for the booty and then on the side we have the pocket leggings which I have become such a huge fan of because I take my cellphone and that is where she sits and I have the wireless beeps to headphones so in the gym here's my phone here's my headphones it's Oh easy I love it it's great for workouts plus I'm super active and I hike a lot yeah and I'm kind of like not one of those people that brings around a purse a lot so I use my pocket leggings quite often um very soft material very stretchy a hundred percent squat proof which is something that you know is really important if you don't know what squat proof is it just means that when you squat down you're not gonna see your underwear through it so this is very important for those of us out there squatting or anyone who wants to bend over in their leggings and not show off their underwear here it is in the green this beautiful olive green color I just think these are super stunning oh and I how can I forget there's a little there's a little heart logo here on the side which i think is so cute it's got this like little reflective it's like the reflective sort of paint and these girls they stay up they don't fall down which is really nice I think they're very flattering for the figure and one of my favorite things with solid leggings especially like this is to wear them as athleisure which is the cross between athletic and leisure wear so I feel super comfortable going out in either of these out to go get coffee out to go run errands like this I don't get looked at like oh she just came from the gym it just it's a little more dressed up I feel like I can go like meet my friends for lunch the hat that I'm wearing right now is the Aloha dad hat I wear this all over the place um I really love it I don't know if you can see the backside of it the cute little bad hat I'm so in love with this it's so simple but it goes with so many things so cute it's it's Aloha the white pineapple running shorts these things are incredible they are super well designed for running shorts so they flare out a little bit at the end and then on the side here it has the love fitness apparel logo right there and then on the back side you have this really nice little here the pocket good for key or whatever you might have some money if you're out running one thing about these is that they come with a liner on the inside so it has like a pair of white spandex liner it makes it very much squat proof not see-through and really good for running they are all spandex and lycra blend super soft it's like the dry fit material no dry set is a copyrighted material so it's not that but it has that similar sweat wicking properties I take these out hiking all the time that is super good for your active ladies out there and then you guessed it the pink running short I have nothing but good things to say about all of this stuff because I'm so incredibly in love with this company and Krystal who's the owner puts so much detail into everything so she really thinks through every single product that she puts out same thing with the zipper on the back the pocket and this is a Hawaii based company it's a family-run business her husband used to be in the military my husband's military affiliated so I love this company the last one is the full-length pineapple leggings same lycra spandex material we have that same logo here on the side the love fitness apparel logo on the back you have that same pocket and on the tag it says love fitness apparel again it's super cute these leggings are really flattering and I do think that there's a little bit of like tummy control with it and then as well as like shaping your legs like when I'm lifting a lot and I'm getting like when I'm getting closer to show my legs feel really tight and shaper themselves but I'm gonna feed it into here I like things like this I'm just gonna suck you in a little bit more and make you feel really confident and again you guys there's a white pair of leggings with pineapples on it but their squat proof these are done right you can't see the underwear like look how cute this is this pineapple legging with this girl and this hat like come on you guys how cute can you get and you guys is all from Hawaii take a little piece of Aloha with you thank you so much for watching I want to save you guys some money right now so if you guys are gonna order from love fitness apparel use the code jessica 10 that is my discount code and that will save you 10% have a fun edited clip that's gonna play some behind-the-scenes fun stuff with the love fitness apparel shoot we did hope you enjoyed the rest of the video if you liked this video give it a thumbs up and please subscribe to my channel because i'm going to be doing more reviews just like this and when launch number 2 come out you know i'm going to be doing another review once they're fought in another back I will never try to fool you a one heartbeat away from going mad going you look like closer closer i'ma get closer to you yeah I got me baby got me smelling every moment is another chance loving us all I wanted I'm gonna put another fair drilling you close up close up imma get closer to you yeah I got me baby got me hooked on you ones again damn smart aleck the Berber sister Smila night various Smila like that I can never resist


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