1. Does anyone have any theories about what this means? What does this symbolize? Why did FilmCow create this series?

  2. The first one is completely legal, except for the eating hands part. Killing someone that has intruded into your house is completely legal, I think.

  3. I don’t know if this was planned, but there’s an important lesson here.
    If you’re the clown all the time eventually people will stop hanging out with you.
    If you refuse to adapt to life, don’t be surprised when it leaves you behind.

  4. (Carl) that is what forgiveness sound’s like,gugurling then silence.

    (Me) hmm now where that’s bowl(fill’s it with water) (shoves head in) aaaaahhhhh………….
    (Me on my way to hell) he was right!

  5. So, this is that woke “humor” that’s supposed to be so much better then Carlin, Murphy, Pryor, Crowder, Chappell…….. this isn’t even worthy of being called complete & utter shite

  6. Jason: I stabbed him 20 times

    Chunky: pshhh I stabbed her 29

    Shrek: i can kill a man by exhaling

    Carl: I made a nuke, ate faces, made a dragon, made white people “pay”, made the world end, killed elderly people, pushed people into a fan, I ate a bartender, and head butted children of a boat

  7. Wow…never watched them all, never knew they all existed. Deep stuff.
    "I will not apologize for art… sarcasm WoAh you won the prize I didn't even nOtice that! sarcasm
    I went back to that part after watching the whole thing.

    Sounds like repressed jealousy against Paul (for winning an art contest that MIGHT have existed?) that ended up being converted into an act of terrorism unto everyone else.
    Seems as though he wanted his artistic views of gory murdering to be justified, considering the fact that it's apparently the only thing that brings him happiness. Sucks for him that morals exist and that others' lives matter according to a vast majority of the world.
    Psychopaths don't have it very easy I could imagine, based on this.

  8. Carl was calling his name the way Paul always did, which was Carl’s favorite part of Paul, and what he enjoyed from him. He’s crying for his friend, lost to him forever.

    carl: I was upstairs, i was sitting in my room, reading a book, and uh this guy walked in so i went up to him,
    And stabbed him 37 times in the chest


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