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what is up you guys welcome back to my channel if you're new here hello welcome my name is Claudia subscribe down below I put out new videos every Wednesday so if you guys couldn't tell from the title of this video today I'm here with another comparison video based on where people live I've done two of these in the past I've done differences of living in North Carolina versus New Jersey and I've done differences of living in America versus living in Germany with my sister-in-law Amanda I will have both those videos linked down below if you want to check them out so for those of you that don't know I live in East Rutherford New Jersey which is where MetLife Stadium is home of the Giants and the Jets my town is about eight miles from Port Authority which is on 42nd Street in downtown Manhattan so my commute to New York is about 15-20 minutes when there's no traffic it can take up to an hour an hour and a half during rush hour but generally it's a pretty quick commute however living in New Jersey is very different than living in New York even though I am so close to New York so today I thought I would do a little comparison video on living in New Jersey versus living in New York so without further ado let's get on to the video Ballu disclaimer I have actually never lived in New York City but I know a ton of people that do I'm constantly there for auditions and visiting friends and you know just enjoying the city because I am so close but I have never actually lived there so I'm taking I have a ton of notes on my phone for this video I've been preparing for it for a while but I have a ton of notes and I also have some examples from my friends but I myself hasn't have never lived in New York City but like I said I have a little note on my phone I have NJ pros and NJ cons and then I have my C pros and my C cons but I'm kind of going to jump back and forth between them so let's just start out with one that I've been talking about a little bit depending on where you live in New Jersey but my area specifically it is a really easy commute and actually a lot of parts of New Jersey are closer to the west side of Manhattan than other parts of New York City and an example I like to use for this is so when my senior class was is up in New York to do our actor showcase back in March I was staying at home my apartment wasn't ready yet so I was staying with my mom and my like home from childhood and I had a ton of friends that were staying up in Washington Heights and we were all in Soho just hanging out we were at a bar having a couple drinks having a good time and then when it was time to go home home we both we all got in the subway and we both took the AC II I don't remember which exact when we were on but weird we took the AC II and they were gonna take it like all the way up to like one hundred and sixtieth straight or something and I was getting off at 42nd Street Port Authority and then I was going to take the bus home and because it was a little late they said just Texas when you get home you know good friends stuff and from the time it took me to take the subway to 42nd Street then get on a bus walk home and text them like I'm home they still weren't at their apartment on like 100 and whatever Street so it took me less time to get home that took them to get to where they were staying and I was in a different state technically and they were like you know in the same city so I think that's just a really good example and you know that's not always gonna be the case it just depends on like when you're traveling and where you're traveling from but all I'm really trying to say is that the commute is super easy enjoy transit as it's alright but it does it is a really good system there are trains like every hour the bus runs pretty much every 20 minutes and then of course there's the path train that goes from Hoboken to Manhattan and that travels to Christopher Street 9th Street 14th Street 23rd Street and 33rd Street and you know that I love the path train I think it's super easy sometimes I'll go into the city take a dance class whatever hang out and then I'll be able to jump on the path to get to work and you know it's literally a 20 minute commute on the contrary something great about living in the city is that it is the say that never sleeps you can really get anything you need at any time of the day the subway systems run all the time 24/7 whatever it may be living in Jersey's sometimes if I like need something kind of late in the night there's really not a lot of things open because I am in the suburbs and the busses after 11:00 don't really run that frequently so I really have to be careful I'm in the city late and I have to get back to Jersey I have to be like careful about what time I leave a lot enough time to get on the bus buy a ticket all that good stuff whereas in New York if you just like you're like oh I'm done I'm gonna go home you can jump on the subway and I'll like be there most of the time now let's talk about something that is a topic of conversation anywhere you live and that is cost of living rent all that fun stuff so according to our partners com Jersey City studios around 400 to 600 square feet rent is about 2,000 to 2,700 in Manhattan studios around the same size 400 to 600 square feet can start at 3,200 and go as high as 5,000 so for this particular example the one in Jersey City you are getting a lot more space for your money you are paying a lot less rent whereas in Manhattan you're getting you know the same size but you're paying so much more now this is just one example I'm sure you can find many more that can contradict when I'm saying like different boroughs of Manhattan if you look in Brooklyn or the Bronx or whatever but this was just an example that I found and I was at looking at apartments calm I was seeing a lot of the same so generally New Jersey is going to be less expensive than Manhattan because Manhattan is the most expensive place to live or one of the most expensive places to live I believe it's the third in the world New York is the second expensive place to live in America that says something I believe San Francisco was number one and then I just have some other like numbers if you're interested in that consumer prices in New York are twenty five point eight nine percent higher to Jersey City rent prices in New York are 52 point two five percent higher than to Jersey City restaurant prices are fifteen point sixteen percent higher and grocery prices are twenty-seven point twenty percent higher to Jersey say and those are all from number Oh calm I will have it linked down below if you want to check it out so yeah generally it's going to be cheaper to live in New Jersey but you're paying for convenience in New York you're paying to be close to everything you're paying for things to be open all the time and all that good stuff if you live in New Jersey you have to just put a little bit more effort into it you have to like you know like I said plan it out if you're gonna go into the city you have to like you know make it worthwhile every time I go into the city I want to try to make my trip worthwhile because I don't go in every day and so I when I go in I want to make sure that I take a dance class or I take a vocal lesson or I see a friend or whatever I don't just want to like go in do one thing and then come back to Jersey because I do have to pay for transportation I do want to make my trip a little bit more worthwhile if that makes any sense another con about living in New Jersey is that most of the time you need a car um you can get away with not having a car but most of the time you would want to have a car because you need to be able to drive to the grocery store or you know it's not everything is walking distance like it is in New York in New York you definitely don't need a car like don't have a car sell your car if you're gonna move to New York because you can use that money for rent and you just don't need it because parking is impossible and the subways run all the time so you just don't need it in New Jersey not everything is walking distance like I just said and you pretty much need a car another pro about living in New Jersey is that it's nice to sometimes get away from the hustle and bustle so like I said I've never lived in New York but from what I hear from my friends and just you know making assumptions that it is the city that never sleeps so like things are loud things are bright there's always a lot of people and sometimes you just need a break from that and for me I love having my little apartment in the suburbs where I'm able to just get away it's nice and quiet I'm able to like walk my dogs in peace I don't have to worry about you know tons of people on the streets it's nice to get away from the hustle and bustle and just be able to slow down a little bit however sometimes when you tell people who live in New York that you're from New Jersey they'll look at you like you have five heads um like I've gotten that so many times at auditions they're like oh well where do you live and I'm like I'm from Jersey they're like oh my god like literally like how could you live in such a different like like like I live on a different planet and I have to explain to them like no I live like literally 20 minutes like it's really not that bad but some so sometimes you can get a lot of like judgy looks or judgy comments based on the fact that you live in New Jersey and that's just like kind of annoying because where I live it is like considered like the metropolitan area and I am in the tri-state area sometimes when you say New Jersey people will think like southern Jersey or like Central Jersey which that is like completely different but like where I'm from northern Jersey it is pretty much New York I mean I literally Hoboken is is New York basically another great thing about living in New York is that you are literally in the heart of culture food fashion art like you can never be bored in New York I just think that's like crazy cuz you're you can literally go to a museum you can go see a show and I'm not saying you have to go see like a Broadway show like there are shows for $10 like all over the place you just have to be willing to do some research restaurants there are literally any kind of food you want you can get in New York and it's always gonna be good fashion like shopping there's so much to do there like 5th Ave or just Soho all these different places that are great shopping places I don't know like New York is just the heart of everything that's what I love about it is that like you need something oh I'm right by New York New York is the center of everything the center of the universe and you know you really just can't be bored in New York going back to what I was saying about the hustle and bustle and getting away from it a con of like living in New York if you're a person that needs space which I feel like I am I feel like I can't be around everyone all the time New York City probably isn't the place for you yes you like you know live out maybe an Astoria because that's a little bit more suburb II but you're still in New York you're still constantly surrounded by people so yeah if you're a person that will needs personal space and just needs time by yourself it's New York probably isn't the right place for you but you can come to Jersey be super close to New York and still get that space that you need this next one I because I've never lived in New York I honestly have never thought of it before but I was talking with my friends the other day and I was like oh my gosh that like I would have never thought about that when you go grocery shopping in New York you don't have a car so everything that you buy at the store you have to be able to carry back and that was just like mind-blowing to me because I've never had to grocery shop without a car I've only like you know gone to the store got everything I needed all at once so I didn't have to go back for another week or so and then stuffed my car with everything that I need and then you know you take trips to unload it into your house but in New York you can't do that because you don't have a car and it just blew my mind because if you can't carry it at all you're screwed and you have to make a second trip to the grocery store so you have to think more minimalist I guess in New York you have to like think okay what do I absolutely need right now and just get that and in a way that can be a lot more expensive because you are making more trips and the way that Dave and I shop we do a lot of bulk shopping at Costco can't do that in New York I mean where would you put it your apartment is the size of a shoebox and laundry is another thing that I never thought about because I've always lived with a washer and dryer but a lot of the times like that's not a thing in New York you're blessed if you have a washer/dryer in your New York apartment but you have to like go to a laundromat and like pay with quarters and wait for it to be done because someone could steal your stuff and so yeah I've never had to actually think about that and my last thing is actually going to be in New York City pro I couldn't do this video without saying this but everyone who lives New York is really proud to live in New York New York is a hard place to live you really have to hustle you have to you know work a lot you have to be you have to have tough skin to be a New Yorker and even if you weren't a New Yorker before if you moved from somewhere else you're a New Yorker now and you're part of the team you're part of that community and you know it's just something to be proud of so New Yorkers like walk around like they know what's up they know that they're the the and just all that good stuff and part of me like a little bitty part of me is like that but another part of me is like you know I'm not a New Yorker I'm from New Jersey and you know sometimes I looked out upon but I love my state I love where I live I love that I don't actually live in New York but I am so close to it and I'm so so grateful for all of the opportunities and things presented to me because I live so close to New York but I even though I do live in New Jersey I love it and yeah right now I wouldn't change a thing so that is it for today's video if you liked it be sure to give it a thumbs up and if I missed anything or if you want to add anything to my comparison please comment down below and you know just like let me know what you what your thoughts are on this video or you can just comment down below where you're from if you've ever been to New York your favorite thing about New York I don't know just comment something down below let's talk I want to get to know you guys if you haven't done so already please subscribe to my channel I put out new videos every Wednesday turn that little bell on so you know what I'm gonna post as always thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you next Wednesday bye you


  1. It's very easy to love NY when you live in NJ. You get the best of both worlds and when you go home to NJ, you can leave the madness behind in NY where it belongs. As soon as I left NJ and moved back to NY, I no longer loved it like I used to. For some people, New York is one of those cities that they can only love from afar.

  2. Awesome video! I am from Long Island. Where woukd you recommend in NJ that is atleast an hour away from NYC that has good schools and decent neighborhoods?

  3. i kinda song lm weird i love nj nj nj i will never leave i kinda never leave nj i love it i was born i and pride my gammar is bad i don't care i love this video yay

  4. WHAT IS UP?????????????? Going for a haircut this afternoon. STOP OVER-EDITING THE VIDEO!!!!! (getting us dizzy)

  5. Question Tai J, is New Jersey a good place to live in though? Btw you guys are filthy rich and wealthy

  6. Here are 10 reasons that New Jersey is better than New York:

    1. Jersey bagels and pizza forever Trump New York’s.
    2. No sales tax, no problem.
    3. Jersey is home to the beloved “New York” Giants and “New York” Jets.
    4. Jersey is perfectly accessible to major attractions like New York City, Philadelphia, and the Jersey Shore.
    5. In New Jersey, you are literally not allowed to pump your own gas (get lazy!).
    6. New Jersey is home to one of the greatest theme parks, Six Flags Great Adventure.
    7. In New Jersey, diners are the only type of restaurant you need (offers everything!).
    8. New Jersey breakfast (sooo good!).
    9. What would New York's skyline be if it weren't for New Jersey?
    10. New York is overrated and New Jersey is underrated. (it's time we get out of the armpit of New York!)

  7. Informative vid! Do you find that those who may act iffy about you saying your from Jersey are actual Bew Yorkers or transplants who kind of have a regional elitism vibe going on?

  8. Hoping someone can give me some insight on whether living in Hoboken would still be fine w/o a car? Hoping to move to NYC but I do want to have a family so I’m leaning towards getting some peace & quiet in NJ.

  9. New York can choke sniffing it's farts.

    I grew up next door in Carlstadt, so hey sister.

    I'm currently in NC….

    I've made a mistake

  10. I lived in Brooklyn n l live in North Jersey. They're really not much different from each other depending what part of Jersey u live in. North Jersey Hoods r the same as Hoods in NY except that NYC is just bigger in size n NY everything stays open later. They both have a lot of cabs, buses n Subway's.

  11. I was living in North Jersey for about 4 years until July of this year. I moved back to my home state PA , city of Harrisburg and ugh 😑 I miss Jersey. My family and I want to move back next July!!

  12. Anywhere is better than NYC.
    Plus her area in NJ is still expensive. The closer you are too the city and the Hudson River, similar price as NYC.

  13. Lived in both (including upstate NY) and Jersey is better by far for space, peace and less stress. However, this is not North Jersey I refer to- anything past the Raritan is congested and too much like NYC, save by the Pennsylvania border. East Rutherford, The Meadowlands, all that is not a nice area. It's way too industrial.

  14. I from NYC the Bronx but I live in NJ reality is that New York is more expensive but it's worth the money there is always something to do in New York City in NJ you have to have a car everything closes early people are Jealous Of you because you're form New York

  15. Check out this apartment in upper Manhattan!

  16. Love how you never mention Jersey City, Harrison or Newark which are the other stops in Jersey besides Hoboken

  17. DEFINITELY jersey city is better than new york city. NYC has way too much traffic, but jersey city has got dat TURNPIKE that you can soar down at 150 mph!!! Jersey City for life.

  18. Hahaha i know the feeling, when you say that you live in NJ people start like making comments about NJ ,” there is nothing interesting over there” “New York is better” “ why don’t you move to New York” 😂😂

  19. In jersey you can just walk to the corner stores and that's it. Or if you live a little out of down town you just walk. Taxis are another good option. I'd say for groceries, NYC would be a bigger pain in the ass.

  20. Great Video!!!! Can't wait to see more videos from you. I also have my own youtube channel!! Hopefully you can check out couple of my videos!!! I support your channel 100% and would love it if you subscribed to my channel too!!

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