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hello everybody and welcome to the live edition of the Sony report happy Sunday everyone I'm Jennifer morn your host and welcome we're about approaching Valentine's Day here look he's loving there I don't know hopefully everyone was able to survive Super Bowl Sunday and I'm here I'm back I'm in the sewing studio / filming room and I'm having a good time I recently discovered alka-seltzer for the first time and it is fantastic so thank you for joining me today we're gonna talk all about eco-friendly fabrics I've been doing some research this week it's been very interesting and in the description box I'm sharing everything I've learned with you I found lots of helpful articles and also lots of places to purchase eco-friendly fabric which is very cool last week we talked about fast fashion versus slow fashion so I really wanted this to be kind of a follow up you know obviously a lot of people want to not only be able to make their own clothes but make sure that the fabrics you're using to make them are eco you know socially and eco-friendly socially responsible eco friendly so I wanted to try to share some resources you know now again I'm not an on fabric expert by any means just a fabric enthusiast so if you're not on a fabric band for the entire year like I am then you know go ahead and knock yourselves out the picture in the thumbnail is actually cloud 9 fabrics and that's actually one of my favorite personal favorite lines of organic fabrics so that yeah I've got quite a few cloud 9 fabrics and I'm a little bit bummed because cloud 9 just came out like recently came out with this line called glimmer fabrics they're absolutely gorgeous and as soon as I'm off the fabric man I think I'm gonna try to pick some of that up hopefully they're still selling it but welcome everyone welcome I see some of you are tuned in and already so if you are awesome if you're watching the replay welcome to I'm Jennifer Moore and we're gonna have some fun hopefully everyone had a good Super Bowl Sunday and what are you guys doing for Valentine's Day anything any fun plans I'm probably going to be yeah I think my husband may be working so I might be doing like it may be a little candlelight dinner by myself here we'll see so maybe some maybe a little wine maybe a little lie you know cake action I don't know you guys going on a date are you guys gonna be sewing in you know doing whatever we don't really celebrate holidays like Valentine's Days so I don't know I did make a carrot cake yesterday though and so yeah and by you know also on the craft table this week I'm working on my DIY mini dollhouse kit that I got it's taking me forever but hopefully I'm gonna have a video when it's all over I think that'll be fun anyways let me show you the poll results from last week last week I asked you guys about fast fashion do you buy fast fashion clothing items I was kind of surprised honestly you know wasn't sure how this would go I was surprised at how many people don't buy fast fashion so 29 of you participated and said you do not buy fast fashion uh actually a 41 percent said no 58% said yes but again it's very hard to avoid fast fashion so I'm if you're one of the yeses you know hey I come I completely understand we still to buy my husband's clothes because I'm not at the point where you know I'm making good men's suits or dress shirts yet so we got to do what we got to do you know we can all do our part and I think that's awesome make sure to take this Pelt this week's poll question I'm asking you are you interested in eco-friendly fabric yes or no or unsure if you click on the right-hand side of your screen upper right you'll see a little I click on it and you'll see some recommended videos and the poll question feel free to participate and I will be sharing the results in next week's show so yeah let's uh let's chat so I was able to find some really cool articles so the gist of what I'm getting from the eco-friendly fabric is that it not only has to be like natural-fiber obviously things like polyester you know spandex lycra those nylon those materials do not break down they don't biodegrade so they're in nature the but they're fibers are not not eco-friendly at all they're not environmentally friendly the other thing you have to look at is how is the product being manufactured isn't using a lot of resources you know water energy does it you know does it cause pollution and the interesting thing I found out is that most just regular cotton actually is not very eco-friendly just because it uses so many resources to make it so I thought that was interesting because a lot of us buy cotton fabric you know and so I thought that was interesting but there's so that's a what argument if you are looking to help save the planet check into organic cotton because apparently organic cotton is less harmful in the environment but I thought you know I I was you know kind of naive about who – going in and I figured cotton fabric probably was more eco friendly and apparently it's not so I found that kind of interesting so yeah so I found let me share let me bring up some stuff for you so I found this article it was on a website called like textile school calm and let me see if I can grab this alright and they kind of go through some of the Eco some of the actual eco-friendly fibers like bamboo bamboo viscose hem apparently hemp is one of the most eco-friendly ramie highly eco some of these things I had never heard of before see cell length or never heard of that before at lyocell I've somewhat heard of that a soy silk in something called sting plus nettle fabric I also read an article this week about making like leather or like fabric out of pineapple like leaves which is cool you can't buy that fabric but that company is selling it to like more commercial fashion houses to produce things with so I thought that was kind of interesting and it kind of goes into like you know the influences of textile clothing production on the environment but stuff like that I thought that was pretty cool and good information so if you are looking to educate yourself more you know there are so many resources out there that you can you can look things up and I thought that was interesting you know and a lot of these some you find some conflicting websites conflicting information on these websites so I will give you that caveat so some you know and also you kind of wonder like what kind of agenda does this website have you know not all websites claiming to be invite you know tout environmentally friendly stuff or really all that it's cracked up to be so yeah so definitely check out some of these articles and I've also kind of linked some places to purchase organic fabric for instance did you know that Amma you can just search literally for organic fabric on Amazon and find everything that's available there and a lot of this stuff is available prime there's a few different store fronts but if you are looking for an easy way to get organic fabric this is it I have noticed a lot of the prices for particularly cloud9 fabric is pretty reasonable oh another website you might want to check out that's not on here I didn't put this on here because this is not necessarily all organic stuff but if you go to mass drop they will often have cloud9 fabric as one of the deals the prices are okay but occasionally you know if you have a chance to get cloud9 you can like this collection that's obeyed I'm not sure but this collection is definitely organic and it's it's you know get a little bit of a deal you could also get it on fabric comm which I've linked and there's a few websites I found that really specialize in in organic and like eco-friendly fabric like uh let's see this website honey good honey bee good comm this is a website that really oh this is the new glint aren't these gorgeous the glimmer solids by cloud nine I am I'm really in love with those I think those are really cool oh another factures Birch fabrics Birch fabrics is also claiming to be more eco-friendly sirs Burch Burch organic fabric very cute they've got some very cute prints and there's another company that I've seen I think I've talked about this poor it's called thread international and they're having a really big sale now I don't know it's his last hurrah I don't know if that means they're not gonna be making it anymore I hope not I hope that's not the case but they take recycled materials and make fabric out of it and the thing I like about it is that the the fabric all has a very wide substrate so it's like 62 inch oh this is 57 inches but some of the fabrics are like 62 inches wide so that's quite a bit of fabric for your money but yeah right now thread international is having a really good-looking sale and it's stuff like this that makes me really wish I was not on the the no fabric challenge train right now but that's why I'm doing this is to be accountable so I don't do things like this so there's a lot of places where you can buy eco-friendly fabric and I want to know what you guys think are you interested in are you interested in eco fabric friendly fabric maybe yes maybe no and if you're not that's okay too you know not everyone's into that and again you're your own person you're your own individual so don't don't feel bad or guilty if that's not your thing you know again it's not for everybody and I you know we're we all make our own we all want to pave our own life so I'm not judging you if you don't if you if you don't care I just wanted to do an episode just talking about this you know kind of seen you know how many of you are actually interested in it and also kind of providing resources if you don't know where to go so if you're not TD if you're not if Tiffany if you're not eco-friendly that's that's okay buy what you like I'm not always the most eco-friendly person myself so I really I'm really not in a position to judge anybody that's what I'm saying here um I don't know let's see I love Lisa emerita alowed interviews are on point yes Rachel I'd like to get more eco-friendly fabric but I don't know if it costs more Rachel this thread international sale might be for you the fabrics look really they have really great colors and you know you're a lot of these things are made of like I think their fabrics are made of lycra plat recycled plastic bottles and yeah so there's a lot of sales to cloud9 has sales occasionally on fabric comm or on mass drop so I would say if you're looking to purchasing eco-friendly like organic fabric and it's a little out of your budget wait for a sale or you know try to try to search for some deals because it might be out there or the other option you have of course is using a repurchase repurpose material using stuff you find at the thrift store or you know somewhere else you know so something that already exists you know if you find a tablecloth maybe you can do something with that so there I think there are some ways to try to do it that's that are within your budget but yes sometimes it can be hard because some of the organic fabric is kind of expensive so you know again it depends on your wallet you know what's in what you want to sew but yeah that thread guys check out thread international that sale is looks really good I although it says last hurrah I really hope that does not mean I really hope that doesn't mean like they're going out of business or something I think that would be really sad because I think that it's uh I think that it's very um you know a cool thing that they're doing so I'm really hoping they're not like you know I'm really hoping that's gonna continue and there may be making new fabric I would really hope so but you know who knows I don't know alright but yeah if you guys if you guys are not on the eco-friendly train again no no judgment here I just wanted to share information for people who are I do would like to now get into talking about this month sponsor for the live show hopefully you guys are cool with this um so this month the V live show is being sponsored and I'm very excited about this because this means again this my tiny channel is getting some support from somebody who actually cares so this company terial magic is sponsoring the live show this month so a terial magic is a really great fabric stabilizer that i've personally started using and i actually really like it so there's a lot of applications you can use it's a temporary stabilizer you can use it on machine washable fabrics so again zoom your Cotton's your knits anything that's you can throw in the washing machine it should work for I used it on like a cotton polyblend and it worked it worked well this is good for if you want you know say you're making paper flowers or if you're working with fabrics that are difficult for instance I just posted my a little bit about my make the julia cardigan my mouse house creations and this terial magic made it possible for me to finish the project because the fabric was so difficult to work with i it kept my machine kept eating it and it was not working so i sprayed all the pattern pieces with terial magic and you know ironed it and then i was able to actually continue and finish the project so if you are looking for something to keep your fabrics you know in check this is the stuff it's super easy to use okay so it comes in this really handy bottle and I've linked it below you can either get it off of the terial magic website I know a few of you wrote or commented that the shipping out of the US was a little bit high you can also get to real magic on Amazon as well of course you can get to Amazon from the sewing report YouTube channel just look for terial magic you can buy it there as well so it's really easy all you have to do is spray it on your fabric saturate the fabric let it dry so that it's like kind of slightly damp and then you earn it and then it just gives you a very nice firm hand to the fabric this is great someone asked if you can use it for t-shirt quilts yet that's one of the bigger definitely one of the bigger benefits to doing that you can use it for knits to keep them from stretching so again if you it kind of takes any fabric makes it a little like kind of acts like you're using it like with a you know stabilizer it washes out so you can use it on your garment fabric and you know it's great for lots of things so you can see the difference between the treated fabric and the untreated fabric there I mean this stuff is really it's actually a real game-changer for me and I've got some samples as well so got some samples to show you guys and again I know we got to do this commercial break because again they are helping me out and I'm so appreciative that terial magic has shown me some love and supported this this stuff so let me show you some samples okay so yes and Joe you can definitely use the stuff for t-shirt quilts this is some knit fabric so this is the non treated fabric this is the treated fabric all right so let's take a look alright so this is a cotton knit okay it's pretty stretchy and it's not the most lightweight knit but it's pretty good knit and check it out this is the treated stuff with the Tuda magic it does not it's not stretching so it basically you can use it on your t-shirts you can use that in any fabric also it makes a great stabilizer for embroidery so again it saves you some it can save you some time picking off the little bits afterwards of your you know tearaway stabilizer so if you are looking for any just any situation where you need your fabric to you know be more under control this is it here's some cotton ball that I treated so this is the this is the untreated piece and I really wish I'd had this I made a shirt out of this fabric and I really wish I had terial magic for this shirt it would made it a lot easier so this is the treated material it's very you know again very you know stiff now so again it's it really kind of takes lightweight flimsier fabrics and makes them a lot I'm telling you a lot easier to work with so if you're looking for a solution for that this is it and here is also a piece of quilting cotton that I treated this is the one from the video but I mean look at this this is the untreated piece look you know again nice fabric but again it's uh if you're looking for something to really keep it at bay this is it you can use this for crafts projects you can use this for a lot I've kind of found it you know a lot of things you can actually I think I want to try this out you can actually stiffen the paper or stiffen the fabric and on it through your printer so I might try to make some fabric I might try to make some labels with it and do it in a future video but yeah I really like this stuff for working with any fabric that you have trouble with because it's just not stable enough this is definitely your answer so I'm a fan in fact after the sponsorship is over I'm still gonna continue to buy this stuff because it's very it's it really makes it a lot easier I really wish I discovered this stuff earlier because it could have saved me a lot of headache when making that shirt with the cotton well that stuff was not fun to work with many anyways hopefully that helps you guys it's a great it you know it's a great product I just wanted to share it with you and if you want to check it out the terial magic website they have a new they have they revamp the entire website they have lots of project ideas tutorials lots of other stuff for you to get in from the inspiration but this is great I think any seamstress could benefit from heavy just keeping a bottle on hand so if you do have that fabric you get home and you're like wow this is kind of difficult to sew with great for that also if you're making that t-shirt quilt or if you want to make like fabric flowers you know or I just made that DIY lamp project for Valentine's Day you're welcome to check that out you can do lots of things with it and I'm just really excited that they are willing to uh again help out a small creator like me make this channel possible so thank you terial magic for being this month sponsor of the live show anyways let's get back into talking about eco-friendly fabric I'm gonna put up the chat window again alright Josie I started listening to the audio book overdressed because of your interview with Lisa it's very eye-opening alright awesome awesome Russell leak sadly I can't join you guys in not being eco-friendly I'm a biologist on a third world island state Wow we suffer from the bigger nations not being eco-friendly oh that's that's really that's that's really difficult Russell ich hopefully and that's the thing like you know we I don't have any kids we're not having kids so again I believe that might help me at least reduce my carbon footprint on the world you know but if you want this planet to be around for future generations you know we got to do something all right Cynthia once she's talking about her Valentine's Day plans my boyfriend is working dinner with my mom yes that sounds awesome I wish I wish that I was a wish that I lived close enough my mom to have dinner with her that would be cool lots of cool comments uh all right uh let's see Jamie has a good one does anyone know where we can take fabric to be recycled that's a good question let's see if we huh you know I never thought about that I know people have said you can give like scraps to like or like make pet beds and fill it with extra fabric and give it to like pet shelters I've heard of that um okay this is interesting I wonder if you can take that somewhere that would be cool now I just just see this article all all all right I'll put a put it in the chat I just found this random article about textile recycling and the basics sources of textile but that's a good question like where can you go to take your clothes your fabric to be recycled or like your you know your scraps like a lot of us have you know a lot of times when you're cutting stuff out like you just have a lot of like waste scraps you know from little pieces that you didn't cut out I think that would be interesting I do kind of want to come up with a way to save my scraps and like try to make like a project out of it I think that would be interesting so maybe we'll do that okay Kirsten has a good one there is a fabric recycle in Portland okay so if you live anywhere close to Portland Daugherty says hey pennies and Merete stakes bags of used closed-door leftovers from sewing they say they reuse it and they gift a 15% off when you shop from them this is they do this all over Denmark that's very cool Valerie what is your thought in silk a raw silk you know I was reading a little bit about silk and apparently silk I was reading that some people do have a problem with the silk because you have to like kill the silkworms or something like I think sometimes like the silkworms get killed or something like so that can be a bit of a humane issue um but that is a good question I think that was in one of the articles I found let me see a raw silk eco-friendly let's see here is rough silk eco-friendly um okay this is this looks like good information okay this article's i'm saying i'm seen says uh okay will this give an answer actually you know what you might like this article this is on a website called organic clothing dot blogs calm um anyways i'm happy to have you guys all joining in the live chat this is a great conversation and I just really wanted to talk about like Eco for sorry my cat my cats trying to sneak into the bedroom again and she is she is not allowed so alright I mean obviously silk is definitely an eco-friendly material and I guess the other thing that matters with fabric is what kind of dyes they use like if they use more eco-friendly dyes you know or you know stuff that might have dangerous chemical you know chemicals in it anything like that there's a lot of different okay yes Solana there is a humane way to collect the silk but the resulting silk threats are no longer continuous filming that's what I was reading to is that the reason sometimes the silkworms are killed is because then they can get one long strand of silk thread versus you know it being damaged by the like silk or moth or something like that um alright Cynthia saw another youtuber used scraps to stuff a stuffed toy that's a good idea you know so I do want to start saving my scraps and I I will admit I've been guilty I've thrown them out quite up frequently so I think that would be an interesting thing to do is to try to figure out how I can cut down on my own waste a bit I'm sorry my cat's distracted me right now she's uh you know I don't know she's just weird but uh anyways this has been a really good conversation alright now she's all right you guys want to see the cat again alright she's back oh boy this is got oh hey gato alright the cat is now crashed the show your back I see I don't know she's been really involved in the production lately she was watching me at it the other day and she was very focused on what was happening so this is my cat gato if you have not met her yet she usually sitting on my lap for some of the shows all right now it's time to it's time to make some bread huh all right there we go Oh crazy cat alright anyways I just wanted to show you guys what I'm deals when I'm dealing with and why I'm ap may appear to be distracted there you go alright anyways that's the cat oops okay here we go I got two all right now she's I may have to lint roll myself after this um but uh all right good quit all right Lana I went to a silk factory in China that's interesting okay and sewing true some eco-friendly fair eco fabrics do not wash well that's interesting well so what kind of experience did you have with them not washing well I'm just curious okay and Valerie says Oh instead of paper mache use fabric mache that's a good one Lana if it makes anyone feel better they stir fry and eat the pupa afterwards oh boy what I wonder what that would taste like would that be good I don't eat I mean I guess they're at least using all parts of the you know they're kind of doing the whole circle of life thing wow that's a well I really wonder what kind of taste flavor profile those worms have that is interesting hello I'm first no well don't worry about being late we're still here hanging out we're having a good time you know what that's crazy that is crazy I know okay sorry the cat is she's moving now and I have to move too okay there you go alright could patch scraps to make pet blankets for rescues if you love her yes I guess I could make my cat a new pet bed I don't know there's stuff you could do with it I feel okay sorry cat I think there's there's so much interesting information out there but seriously Lana have you ever eaten these silkworms and what do they taste like that is so crazy that's just I can't think I'm in for a hard time wrapping my hip my like head around that whole concept I don't even know what to think and by the way I don't know why I waited so long to try alka-seltzer this stuff is the bomb seriously I don't I feel so much better drinking water with alka-seltzer in it and it kind of tastes good too I don't know but anyways this is fun okay Lana I don't think I was brave enough to try one back then I did have a Korean tinned silkworm larvae a couple of years ago okay what did that taste like did you eat it eco-friendly protein that is I mean I know people are eating I think it's a cultural thing like I know I've seen a few businesses on Shark Tank that had like insect food like one was trying to get people like eat grasshoppers or something I'm sure it's good for you and I in other cultures like it's normal I don't know but the thought of like eating grasshoppers I just don't I just don't know if I could do it I don't know I don't know I mean people eat ants or bugs and other cultures but you know we we just don't I just seriously what does it taste like that's I don't know if Ike also I saw special we're getting a little off track but I saw a special few years ago about some cheese in like Italy that has maggots in it and I was like like la you're supposed to eat the cheese with like a live maggots in it and I almost like I felt like I wanted to throw up like I just the idea of doing that I just could not I just could not do alright Oh Kirsten's got a good suggestion you can also tear or cut fabric into strips and use them to knit things like rugs that's a good one okay sewing true you got an update on your hem fabric I bought a naturally dyed hem fabric in brown it's sewed well but after a few washes it fell apart did realize my sewing was good not the fabric well that's a bummer Oh like that's the thing too like if you do buy eco-friendly things you want the materials to be good you know you don't want it to be like a low quality or to fall apart or like that's the thing I think people would buy eco-friendly stuff if it didn't if it wasn't super expensive and if it was at least as good as the non eco-friendly alternative you know what I'm saying look we've all seen some eco-friendly things where it's a nice idea but it's either way too expensive or it's not as good as the regular counterpart alright and Ilana the sauce tasted just like soy sauce I guess it's more a texture thing a little crunchy a little meaty oh I don't know I'm feeling I think I'm feeling a little queasy after that for me it's easier to think about eating a crunchy insect than a soft and mush yeah I would say to also this is kind of gross but the thought about crunching into something like a cockroach it just makes me want to hurl like I just I don't think I could do that like like a bug where like you get that crunch but then it's like got like a like a soft inside that would be okay I don't know why we're talking about this that would be really disgusting Valerie's got a good suggestion test a little piece out first wash it ten times with other clothes that's a good one so I guess if you're working with a new fabric or one that you don't normally work with washing more than once to kind of see if it like you know holds up well that's a good idea oh man I don't know how we got yeah the the eating bugs thing I just also like I could never watch the show fear factor because the idea of all that stuff was like really gross to me like I have a hard time watching people having like spiders crawling them are trying to eat bugs I don't know that's oh alright Ilana I'm curious about how eco-friendly bamboo fabric apparently bamboo is is fairly high on the list according to the websites I've been I've been looking at I guess bamboo is a pretty good one but yeah hemp was rated very highly let's see here bamboo fabric and Josie I agree if the quality is not as good and falls apart I'd rather just get something else cuz that's the thing even if it's eco-friendly if it doesn't last you a long time then almost if in my opinion defeats the purpose of doing it in the first place because then you just have to keep replacing it more often so I don't know like there's upsizing downsides with everything I think hi Kat yeah Fear Factor oh I don't know I I like Joe Rogan on other stuff I just could not want that that show just really I could never watch I could never watch that show alright the cat is back alright let's let's see notice how I don't know she she always just kind of switches positions and then just keep staying in my lap I don't know she's weird I think after the show though I'm gonna treat myself to a piece of carrot cake and make a sandwich I don't know what are you guys doing this afternoon anything anything fun clearly I'm just hanging out with my cat oh so this week I'm gonna take I taped a bit of a review for my other channel Jen talks forever but um I am going to I'm going to be doing this review about the show absentia if you have not seen the show absentia it's on Amazon Prime it's a very interesting program if you're looking for something new to watch and it stars stana katic kiss dammit stana katic I don't know if I'm pronouncing it right from castle so if you're a fan of her is detective Kate Beckett you might enjoy this program all right we got sewing true says ëifí I do find some of the Eco fabric does not always look good in a shop hanging on a hanger does not hang well and I've never seen very complicated design work either lots of simple designs Valerie bamboo is being used in eyeglasses frames bicycles floors furniture and now fat yes we're seeing bamboo everywhere I don't know we actually looked into getting bamboo flooring for our last house we didn't end up going with because my husband did like a scrip my husband whenever he looks at flooring samples he does a scratch test with keys on the samples at the store and if it scratches easily with the key we don't buy it and unfortunately the bamboo flooring at least at the stores we went to did not fare very well the fabric the flooring that did the best was actually laminate flooring real wood flooring did pretty terrible but we wanted something durable so he will literally take his car keys and just scratch the samples and if it you know the more impenetrable it is the more he feels comfortable with it all right yes Kirstin all right cam says garden gloves are made of bamboo fabric too that's very cool Kirstin recommends watching the documentary the true costs and Netflix I watched part of that that's a good one educational and upsetting yeah that's the thing like watching more of these documentaries you're gonna get kind of depressed cuz you're like wow the world really sucks but that's why people are costs are out you're trying to make it better right Rachel I sold a lot today but might so more when my son goes to bed alright mate wait are you gonna send a bed at like 5:00 p.m. or something that'd be kind of funny so you can do more sewing hey hey little Johnny why don't you it's 4:00 p.m. I already think it's time for bed now and then you start sewing or do telling kids that it's later than it is that actually be kind of kind of fun I think the best eco-friendly Dean garments Ilana has heard that bamboo is naturally antibacterial all right Cynthia is washing fabric for kitchen curtains have to line them since after 3 p.m. it is insanely bright on signle sunny days hello Jackie welcome just finished cutting out fabric for a quilt top whew what kind of quilt is it it sounds like fun oh and I want to show some of the your viewer some photos from Instagram as well all right I'll have to look for bamboo sheets and sew something up and see if that works and first of all that sounds really cool I like that idea alright Jamie I've been trying to source American grown and manufactured organic cotton fabric I've only found cloth works Jamie and I found several below in my in the resources where to purchase section of the description box check some of those out I did see it some of that was actually some of it's actually made in the US so you might find something that you like there alright let's see Rachel tempted too many nights if I had a kid I would probably tried to do something like that but that's probably why I should not procreate is because I would do stuff like that which is probably taught not the best parenting technique in the world okay so I want to share some photos from Instagram of everyone that was using the hashtag sewing report squad so if you would like your photo to be featured in a future episode here on hashtag tag me and hashtag sewing report squad and you may be shown this is Miz Tony Green who wanted to thank me for introducing her to sweetie situation paper awesome I'm very glad you are enjoying it and it says I work between two sizes smaller in the shoulder larger in the bus I can trace with the adjustments then sew up the tracing paper and try it on make adjustments and re so it it holds yeah this stuff really does hold up well I did do a video about Swedish tracing paper so if you – tracing paper so if you'd like to watch it it's there um it's cutesy corner shop made you made the the pink peony bag very cool I've made that pattern quite a few times it's great alright Bronte 44 you are like an insane seamstress you have made so many items I blow is my mind she is making the Fen dress by fancy tiger crafts very very cute alright we got a needle and a stitch making simplicity eighty seventeen sorry my cat almost just wiped out my microphone it looks like a cape that looks really cute I can't wait to see that when it's done cutes corner shop oh and let me go ahead what are you doing okay oh you're making napkins cut up and pinned I'm gonna go ahead and follow you a needle and stitch Malita quilts awesome can you believe I was going to get rid of this panel I've had this panel for about two years and couldn't figure out what to do with it my how I've grown in my sewing skills very awesome yes if you do have a photo you like you see hashtag song report squad and I will hopefully see it and might may feature you in a future live show episode just like this Aires another one from Bronte forty-four she bought a book on sewing with knits very awesome alright anyways I'm starting to lose my voice I may sign off a little bit early today I need to need to drink more clearly I need to drink more water with alka-seltzer in it woo yeah so I'm gonna have some after this I'm gonna have some carrot cake maybe make a sandwich alright Jackie's making la familia quilt by the crafty Gemini awesome wishing you luck Kate welcome to the show and we did discuss hemp products I'm not really familiar with Nettles see that's the thing when researching this I keep discovering fabrics I've never heard of before and I'm like then you get into like the Google whole of no-return the black hole of no return that's interesting ok nettle fabric so nettle seems to be a plant ok that's interesting huh ok so let's let's check this out I just I just googled this this is the wonderful thing about Google textile spotlight on nettle fabric or of course we got the pop-up no I don't really want to subscribe how can a fabric made from an inflammation inducing plant possibly be useful much less worn next to the skin nettle fabric is safe to wear highly luxurious and the sustainable texts sustainable textile made from fire fibers within the stalks of the plant interesting all right that's cool the plant grow is almost uncontrollably that sounds interesting making it a quickly renewable resource very cool custom and chemicals energy machinery and pollution alright very cool so where do you okay and it looks like this is a website if there's ever loads where you can buy the fabric called Saur Saur Ozora okay interesting alright so can you buy the alright it looks like they don't really have the fabric right now but you can here we go fabric let's see did they have fabric here order dispatched notification okay well they sell here's metal fabric okay so it looks like you can indeed buy this and it also looks like there until March they're going to be unable dispatch orders due to being in Nepal for annual production period okay totally organic a beautiful hand spun and hand-woven strong fabric that has been handmade in the same way that it has been done for centuries that's very cool thank you for sharing this let me put this in the chat so you guys if you guys are interested alright here we go alright empress no I put my son to bed at 6 p.m. until he was four he never knew nice yeah my kids are on four paws of Defense is that is that a show I'm not even sure like that's thing I don't even know what that is if it's I'm so out of touch with like what kids are into yeah I have no idea and Lana recommends ginger tea I like that you know kam I myself I need to I do need to kind of tape some more stuff to try to finish my DIY doll house soon and I do really need to eat so I might do that Kate says I made two blouses from the nettles and hemp fabric but wish I had made a jacket quite expensive I bought from gala fabrics in British Columbia very cool yeah it looks very neat kind of cool stuff and I guess it yeah I guess if it grows uncontrollably that's that's definitely a renewable resource right that's pretty neat stuff well guys this has been another fun week so next week I want to talk about I saw an article about how quilts are coming back in the fashion world so next week I think I want to delve into the topic of a vintage quilts is it okay to repurpose them I've seen lots of opinions on both sides and I thought we would chat about that next week but guys have a great week Happy Valentines do you day to you if you are however you're celebrating I always do very romantic things like hang out by myself maybe go to the computer store one Valentine's Day I spent at Sam's Club so clearly I'm a real romantic at heart but you guys have a great week and I will see you all next Sunday for another live edition of the sewing report oh and another exciting thing on Tuesday I'm hoping to be releasing an interview I did last week with Denise Wilde one of my sewing friends yes own rustling you got me hi doll houses are like the coolest thing ever so I think we need to bring I feel like grown women need to bring back the dollhouse being a hip thing to do – I don't know anyways you guys have an awesome week and I will see you all next Sunday


  1. Thank you for you insight! I appreciated the links immensely, and your list of naturel fibers. it should be noted however that fabric made from bamboo is not the best when it comes to it's environmental impact. While it is certainly better than new synthetics it should be noted that the process of tuning bamboo into rayon is somewhat wasteful as it requires a great deal of energy and additional chemistry. Hemp is very good as it is very rarely sprayed with insecticides. thank you very much for your care and time

  2. I feel like you can wear ecofriendly fabrics but you must remember that polyester is not something you should fear of like acrylic or viscosa? Because if you made timeless pieces those are gonna last you years, my mother passed away and i got all her closet and I transform a lot of her skirts and its so amazing for me to wear a skirt that was handmade by my grandmother easily 30 years ago, and i am wearing the same skirt as my mother at her 20’s

  3. Thanks for the show! I'm wondering what's happening to the fabric/textile industry? Large chain fabric stores are closing here in the south and prices of fabric are on the rise. I'm curious about what is happening with the industry as a whole, especially with the recent announcement that Westminster and Free Spirit fabrics are closing after 20 years. Coates is their parent company and the designers they have been using are HUGELY successful in the quilting community: Kaffe Fawcett, Tula Pink, Amy Butler, etc. I see the demand for fabrics staying the same or even growing as modern quilting and personal garment making resurges, but the supply is dwindling….are we going to see prices continue to rise in the US? I watch garment sewing YouTubists and quoting prices for their knit purchases all over Europe and, once I convert their price quotes, their prices are so much more affordable. Price point of fabric in the US is definitely different than European price points…why is that? I'd really love to know what is happening out there. Thanks for all you do!!

  4. I'm not a quilter, but I'm curious…do you think you could use fabric scraps to stuff a quilt?

  5. Yes – I am very interested in eco-friendly fabric. Thank you for this show, it is so informative. I will be sure to try your sponsor product.

  6. You can recycle fabric and scraps at H&M! I haven't tried it but I've heard that from multiple sources.

  7. This was your best show yet ,loved it.  I only buy natural fabrics, bamboo doesn't always absorb well in textiles though, but soft.  I have Extremely sensitive skin and get a rash from all unnatural kinds of fabrics.  I sew mostly quilts, but I've always sewn my clothes when I can't find what I want.  Interested in doing my own underwear this year…..( in Seattle there's a little shop on the waterfront that sells chocolate covered bugs of all kinds, kinda yummy crunchy and tastes like a nutty flavor. I've heard at the Univ. of Wash. bugs should be fries first) too funny.

  8. I love the idea of eco-friendly fabrics. Interesting subject. I have bought fabric at thrift stores and have also bought a tablecloth to make something out of it. Can't wait to see you doll house!

  9. Many years ago my boss made me a little cook book out of some magazine article on how to make chocolate covered insects – ants, crickets, grasshoppers, etc.. I still have it and NO! I did not make any.

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