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is sewing too expensive is it becoming too expensive that is what we are talking about in this live addition of the sewing report I'm Jennifer Moore welcome we help you discover your love of sewing and a few shows ago I got a couple comments from some of our younger sewing enthusiasts basically stating that they feel sewing as a hobby is pretty cost prohibitive to get into the cost of fabric sewing machines you know all the notions you need patterns and you know I got a lot of people saying you know hey we would love to sew but we just don't have the money for it and it's very expensive so in this show we're gonna talk about that we're gonna break down some of the costs that you run into when you start off sewing also let's share some tips you know I'm sharing a few in the description box if you'd like to check those out I just shared a few of my thoughts on you know how I've been able to make my sewing hobby a little less expensive and also how I like to help out other people who are starting out so let's chat I'm Jennifer Moore and here we go everybody and hopefully my OBS software is uh yeah well it's been a little glitchy so if there's any problems with this whole thing I apologize but you know I'm doing the best I can here so hope you have any good Sunday I've been having a pretty busy weekend so far we're doing a lot around the house and yeah it's been been been a little little stressful but you know what I'm getting through it and sadly I have not done any sewing in the past couple weeks which really really bums me out so let's get started I will pop up the chat window shortly we got a few people watching already and um I posted so to advertise the show I always post on Facebook and on Instagram beforehand and already I've gotten quite a few good thoughts and comments just about this whole issue about sewing and the cost of it and you know just the price of everything it's it can be a little expensive I know for those for those of us who want to encourage other people to get into sewing that can be a little bit frustrating when I talk to people I know who don't who don't so they think $100 is expensive for a sewing machine so even though we kind of know the prices of stuff and how much everything costs there's a large there seems to be a large number of people out there that that don't know the true cost of all these things like sewing machines and that's the thing I you know you don't want someone to buy a sewing machine that they don't like and it doesn't work very well but often the ones that are you know very very cheap like the $50 ones you know sometimes they're not always the easiest to use so also in the comments if you're watching this live or afterwards if you have found a good sewing machine under $100 let everybody know what model that is and why you like it because I think that's something that we can do to try to help you know new and younger so it's is by sharing some you know if we have a good model that we found that's very budget-friendly you know don't hide that information feel free to share it with everybody else and oh I do want to share first I want to share the poll results from last week so last week we talked about hold on a second we talked about a weight do you follow the latest sewing trends yes okay so last week we talked about sewing trends okay sorry hold on a second alright my OBS okay and I wanted to share the poll results so 22 of you voted and and basically it's like do you follow the latest sewing trends 14 of you or 63% said depends on the trend so not a clear yes or no seven of you are 31% said no just straight up now and only one of you four percent said yes so I really like doing these poll questions I think it really gives us a good sense of kind of where everybody's at so I have another poll question um if you click on the little I up in the top right hand corner you can get to the poll question and today's polls question pool question is do you think sewing is expensive you know because everybody has different pinyons and I get a lot I get asked a lot if if sewing is cheaper than buying something and I find often it's not which is you know obviously not much of an incentive for people to so if it's cheaper to buy but you know as some of you have mentioned we we don't really so for just the cost savings we so for the enjoyment the entertainment the learning process and also to get a higher quality item then you would buy in a store and someone even mentioned I think everything was on Instagram let me grab okay sorry mine I think and if you don't follow me on Instagram yet definitely do that I'm at sewing report and there have been a lot of really great comments already just on on this one little thing I posted sorry um I'm trying to get it close to okay the light is making it hard but let me read some of the comments so uh let's see here okay so frayed seems at frayed theme says if you have a local chapter of the American sewing guild near you go to their meetings our chapter assemble free tables and every meeting with lots of free stuff and someone else commented um you know um that she she was new kita ki T ace those I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a someone that helped help them save a lot of money she helped me focus on what I needed to get started how to save and what to invest in his beginner then I got connected to Instagram and YouTube and also um I got another comment from a blogger and pattern company that I really like called clover and violet at clover and violet and she was saying that I was helping a newbie last night who had bought a sewing machine from someone else which turned out to be terrible and broken which is not cool so if you're trying to sell someone a busted sewing machine that's just that's just straight-up me I mean I know sometimes you might not know you know it or if your cell like if someone that doesn't sew is selling like their mom's sewing machine they don't know anything about it but if you know your sewing machines busted don't don't try to rip somebody off that's just not cool turned out to be terrible broken but she didn't know that and it turned out to be a waste of money but then she didn't know where to look for an affordable model that would so well and that's the thing not only do we want to encourage beginners to get a sewing machine that's inexpensive but a sewing machine that actually can sew one that's not super hard to use one that you don't have is the decent enough quality where they're not gonna be frustrated using it I think that's kind of a bummer because I I haven't personally been able to find a lot of models out there that seem to fit that bill I think there's a lot of them between the 100 and 200 dollar mark but as I mentioned a lot of people I know think $100 is really they think $100 is a really expensive sewing machine and I'm like oh you have no idea so let me pop up the chat window and let's get some of your thoughts okay OBS seems to be like slightly less glitchy okay and I it hasn't been freezing as much so maybe that's a good sign I don't know um okay we've got a few comments Josie very expensive especially when I haven't started a project yet just Wade says fabric for me is super high and quality isn't good if you are new to buying fabric offline um okay champagne twist it's a very good point that the price of sewing machines are very high and prohibitive however when an iPhone costs 600 plus pounds maybe we should encourage young people to trade off a cheaper phone for a hobby you know I I can't agree with you more champagne twist and everyone watching thank you so much I see if people are from Mississippi Philadelphia London so hopefully this is a good time zone for everybody so it's not too late or too early but that's a good point I mean people are paying $1,000 for the iPhone X you know and again I know a lot of people are like oh I'm gonna get the phone on payments and I know a lot of sewing machine dealers do offer financing I know I've mentioned this before I do not I don't really like the idea of financing or going into debt to buy what's essentially a toy so I wouldn't necessarily recommend that to you if you're going that route I would more recommend getting this sewing machine that you could afford buy the best that you can afford and then save up for a better machine but if you don't have the cash for it like outright cash I am good conscious can't tell you to go a few thousand dollars into debt for sewing machine especially when you don't know what your life situation will be like you know what happens if you lose your job or you're no longer in a position to afford those payments I think just because you can afford the payments on something does not mean that you should be buying said item so even though a lot of sewing machine dealers offer financing here are the sewing report I will you know I'm dead that's just not something I'm going to recommend to you because I personally don't feel like it's financially wha-oh financially wise decision okay and we got a recommendation for a budget sewing machine okay Josie says I got my brother C e 5500 prw okay think that means project runway model from Walmart on sale for 99 dollars I believe I've seen that one that does have really good reviews I used to have an entry-level brother that's linked below I believe I had the SC 400 that was a little bit pricier that was $400 but I think now the prices dropped a $300 that is a good machine I think the brother entry-level line machines are good for the price definitely has anyone and I personally haven't tried any of the newer singers if you've tried some but I've seen some of the reviews for them and they seem pretty positive especially for that heavy-duty one I saw so if you have a again if you have a recommendation for a sewing machine under $100 you know or around $100 let us know also if you've gotten a great deal on a sewing machine feel free to share that I would I would personally say like if you're looking for a higher quality machine and it's a little out of your price range check Craigslist check all those online forums and also go to garage sales go to estate sales you never know what you're gonna find a blogger friend of mine hello Ellijay or Ellijay LEM Jackson she had a great blog post a while back about buying a Bernina at like a junior league sale for $40 and it was in the box and came with all the accessories so especially when you see a lot of people younger people selling things their grandmother had or their mom had you know they don't always know what they what they've got so you never know what you're gonna find so I think yeah definitely getting like a gently used sewing machine or a really good one that someone's unloading I think is a great way to get your hands a higher quality machine and not pain you know not losing your shirt over basically alright so got a couple more comments oh okay Beth yesterday I was involved with a community quilting event and an older woman was sewing with a bright green Janome Hello Kitty machine you know I love Hello Kitty lightweight has great reviews and performs beautifully I think I know which model you're talking about and it does look super cute in their light weight I think they're they definitely are geared I think they seem to be geared towards children but I think in it you know why not you know plus it has Hello Kitty on it so you can't go wrong with that all right okay oh my says I've seen the Hello Kitty machine on Amazon it's about one hundred and twenty four dollars and I think they have a few different models of like I've seen Hello Kitty in a few different models so if you're into HK do you know me is where it's at and we've got picot stitch I shop at a discount store where fabric is one two three dollars a yard I get a lot of my patterns through McCall's for sales for two dollars each that's another way to get great patterns and to really build up your stash is to look at the sales on the McCall's website the butter it quick so McCall's and vogue patterns are in sale all the time so keep checking back because they're very they're very very inexpensive especially you know I've gotten multiple copies of the same pattern just so I don't have to worry about like Tracy I can just cut it out not really worry about it alright I got a brother first but we'll probably use a Janome got my current machine used on ebay for about 130 dollars and it works great but it's touch and go buying use that's that's so true bath refurbished sewing machines usually carry a great warranty and are cost effective very true okay Howard has a good one and I think Howard is this that heavy duty one the the HD the Janome HD 1000 for about three hundred dollars has the best features for government construction and it's quality built Howard that's a good recommendation and how are you is there a guy in here we have like a loan dude in here right now and Jason okay we've got to okay late alright old ladies watching we have two guys in our myths so let's welcome Howard and in Jason from pink castle fabrics and if anyone has any question for about Janome sewing machines Jason is with pink castle fabrics in Ann Arbor Michigan and they are a Janome realist retailer so he knows all about Janome machines and also he can hook you up with one if you are looking today they sell machines online and they also have wonderful customer service and expertise with sewing machines J and Jason even has a few YouTube videos on the pink castle fabrics the YouTube channel where he demonstrates some sewing techniques so yeah Jason hit him up if you need any help with Janome he knows a lot about the a lot about that manufacturer and also about fabric in general and yes he's joined our show quite a bit we've got yes so yeah they I've heard a lot about the HD 1000 as well and I'm very curious to try it out obviously I know it's a little bit hard to test for me to like review a bunch of sewing machines because that would mean I'd have to buy a bunch of sewing machines but I at least try to review the ones I have I personally have used you know me brother I have a vintage singer and I've also used the ever sewn line which is kind of an offshoot of the Bernina brand I think the Ebersole line is also a great of great line for beginners they have a few different price ranges and the cheapest machine is a hundred and thirty dollars and know that all that is linked in the description box if you're interested in that definitely check out the ever sewing machines I think they are a great value you can get sort of the Bernina type quality but just at a much much lower price and they have a couple of machines that are computerized and couple that are not computerized right we've got okt a TD or Tiffany right I think the best machine is whichever machine you invest in sewing should be about the love and passion of creative not how much money you have to spend on materials it's a personal think team that's so true so if you have some okay well we've got Alexis hello doubtless I'm the user I am just dawn who commented on Instagram oh yes I saw your comment Alexis thank you so much I have the brother LX 2673 it was $69 from Walmart and well worth it I have an old-school machine a woman gave me as well so Alexis yeah tell us more about the brother $69 is a great price and I like that at least it is sold at Walmart so it's very accessible for people to buy probably online or at the store but I do think the brother entry-level line machines are very good for the price and then you can kind of grow into the machines I used the brother for about a year before I kind of upgraded but in hindsight I feel like I upgraded too soon I think I should have waited and I actually think I should have bought a less expensive machine but you know what hindsight is 20/20 champagne twist Butterick has produced their first sewing machine and it's currently on sale for about 240 pounds the RRP is 600 pounds I have not tried it myself but it looks good on all accounts Tiffany my machine was three hundred dollars about three years ago but I love it it's a singer and Tiffany tell us more why you like the singer I've heard hit or miss things about the newer singers but when I looked on Amazon they get good reviews so I personally have not tried them but I'm very curious about them just because they obviously they're selling a lot of them and you know I just I don't know okay dude number three wow we've got three ok sorry my voice is like going like all like I don't know I sound like I'm going through puberty but you know whatever we got is it Michael McKell Hermanson dude number three is here from Brighton in the UK Wow okay so we've actually got three three guys here okay this is awesome so yes and if you are also a guy watching you know don't be a lurker let us know you're here and you know let us know why why you decided to join today's edition with the cellular part where we're talking about about the cost of selling but I think a lot of the people that have commented about the price they were obviously younger people and I can see where they're coming from so I started sewing after I had been working for several years I come from a dual income no kids household so my household has had a little bit more disposable income than you know other people might so for me to get into sewing it was less of a challenge than someone that might be like between 16 and 22 in school you know maybe you're you know you're just trying to buy books and live in your dorm room you know and you don't have them you don't even know 100 dollars first sewing machine and then you look at the fabric prices and sometimes they can be a little bit of high depending on what you're looking for so to those people I I definitely hear you and in fact if I was eighteen to twenty I think it would have been challenging for me to get into sewing as well just because you just don't have any disposable income so you you really are looking to you know just cut costs for if you can and try to save money and do everything on a budget so if that's you let us know and let us know what you know what are your challenges and also you know have you found any creative solutions for how to still pursue your love of sewing even if you know if you're all it's a little bit tight right now and that's the thing everybody's been at that point in their lives so you know I definitely understand and uh one one viewer her name is Liz she actually had some good thoughts she's like you know what when I see a lot of these bloggers using really expensive machine she's like it just sort of his off pudding just because you know so it would be kind of nice I think for for bloggers and vloggers here on YouTube to use I think you know use budget machines more and highlight those and also do more you know do more posts more videos about how to save money sewing you know how to have a source you know how to get better deals on fabric I personally I really only buy fabric if it's on sale if it's full price I just usually wait til it's on sale or I don't usually buy it so I usually try to get my fabrics at at least 40% off and those sales are quite frequent on different sites I do fabric comm a lot also fabric comm has some deals where if you buy like a certain amount of yardage the price actually you could have signa again discount if you get you know four yards or more so you might get 30 or 40 percent off depending on the fabric I do that of course I use my online and in-person coupons at like Joanne's and Hobby Lobby also I recently did a kind of a haul slash review of fashion fabrics club also a good place for discount you know to get a really good deal on discounted designer fabric and then there's also I think the non-traditional sourcing for fabric you know use your old sheets as muslins you know you'll find clear you know I did one where I went to Target and got some clearance bedsheets to use this fabric so just you know sometimes if you think out of the box a little bit there's lots of things you could use as fabric that don't cost a lot of money and can help you yet would get get to where you want to go a while back I even remember reading um this lady this blogger I can't remember Oh her blah her blog is of you along the way she doesn't really sew but she had made a closet like jewelry drawer in her she made a jewelry drawer in her custom closet and she wanted to line it with velvet so she actually went to Goodwill and got a black velvet dress and cut that up and used that to line it so sometimes you can find your fabric in some more unconventional ways depending on how you how you want to do it so there's a lot of things you can do to I think save money also like that lady was commenting you can go to you know sewing events are sewing gilt and maybe someone's getting rid of fabric or maybe you even when I was starting out sewing a lot of people would be like oh you're starting to sew I'm gonna give you some scrap fabric so I've actually gotten quite a few fabric just by people hearing I sew and then giving me fabric and then I've actually been able to pay it forward so if I hear someone is starting to sew um like my co-worker said she had a six year old niece that was really getting into sewing so I brought her a bag of like some bigger scraps and some you know fabric with some fun kid prints and just gave it to her just because you know I have a lot of extra fabric and sometimes you just want to encourage someone else to to do it as well because you you love it much all right lots of comments here okay all right we got a lot of thrift ders here that's awesome okay I used to go to thrift stores when they had stuff a bad day I picked clothing for the fabric the buttons and here's another thing I recently did the sense of my old clothes if you're looking for buttons or notions go to Goodwill or look through your own closet and if there's like a shirt you want to get rid of but it has great buttons save the buttons you know save the fabric so there's a lot of stuff you can kind of salvage and turn into something else you know the whole upcycling a refashioning movement is becoming very popular and I would like to make some videos about that I just haven't had the time but hopefully in the future I will because that's something I really want to do is do some repurposing type videos or showing you how to turn you know immense sure I know they're all over the place but I haven't really tried it myself and I'm curious to do it but that's another thing is that you really can just find fabric in just non-kin just non-conventional ways and I think that's definitely very possible I've got a couple more comments we've got a Alex I've got four machines in Elna brother Jase 1478 brother Envy 2600 and an overlocker alright and we got picot stitch I got my brother LS mm for $75 it only does straight and zigzag but it's been a good beginner machine for me I don't think they make this machine anymore oh no well maybe maybe people can find it use that would be awesome like check eBay check Craigslist does anyone know where to find a walking foot that isn't $30 um you know that's a good question and I know there are you can find some like off-brand walking feet um I I bought one once that was offline but it broke so I honestly I don't know if I would recommend like going for like the super cheap no-name walking foot the one I had I was using with my vintage singer and it just totally crapped out on me so I don't know if I would recommend that one but the walking foot I have I have one for the ever sewn that I bought that's made by ever sewn and that one was actually $35 for several feet so I felt that was a pretty good deal it came with a quarter-inch foot it came with a piecing foot so and it came with some sort of free motion foot so I felt for $35 I thought that was a pretty good price all right Alexis fabric Mart fabrics is a great place to get fabric discounted they always have sales sander I live on an island off of the Azores and port Wow we've got some really exotic folks in here today I feel so boring now um yeah I feel really you guys are so much more exciting than me apparently sewing here is expensive I sew really for the love of it I did buy my new machine on a site called shop T it was really much cheaper I've not heard of shop T does it service do a lot of different countries that sounds pretty cool Linda I've heard of sewing groups having swap meets you bring in stuff you aren't going to use and swap it for somebody else's fabric and you know I think that's a good idea or a few of friends that so get together and trade things I also have a lot of notions where like for a while back I bought all this like one-inch like cotton webbing and I haven't used hardly any of it but I have like 30 different pieces and different colors and I would certainly be willing to like give that away or like swap it for something else just because I have so much of that stuff and I haven't even come close to using it all right picot stitch I have an off-brand walking foot and a singer brand one I bought from Amazon the operand was $12 and the singer was $22 I don't notice a big difference but haven't used them long term and picot stitch I did have an off braid one and it worked for maybe a few months and then it just suddenly like just totally crapped out so I ended up having to throw it out which is sad so I don't know long term but again you know everyone's experience is different so if you don't want to spend the money you can try the off-brand you know I've had very I've had varying degrees of success with off-brand sewing products like that like feet and whatnot um I tried to buy the one that is made for that machine like I've tried off-brand bobbins or I've tried using bobbins in machines that it wasn't meant for and it personally didn't really work out very well for me but you never know we've got Tiffany we got she and Chantal mine works like a charm most of my sisters at Church of singers and we make some beautiful garments okay so that's good to know um so yes maybe you know definitely consider the singers I personally would look at reviews in someone I believe it was on the Instagram or Facebook said look for used machines but look for machines that have really reliable consistent good reviews and I think that's where clover invite was talking about like the person she knew that bought a sewing machine just didn't know what they were buying and I think that's a problem for for people who are new is that you just don't know what to look for you know you don't know what type of machine to buy or what machine is good which one is not as good so sometimes you can waste money just by not knowing what your needs are and you know how to look for the very varying levels of quality I think another thing we can do to save money is obviously only buy for the projects you have at hand I've been guilty of not doing that and now I have all this fabric that I have not used that I need to use so you know over time it can become an expensive can definitely become a great expense especially if you don't use the stuff so I'm really trying to get to the point where I'm using what I'm buying rather than just buying stuff for the sake of having it you know I know some of you might not go that route and that's totally fine but just the longer I've been doing this the more I don't really want stuff in my house that I'm not using I don't know if I'm gonna use and it just sits there and then I've spent all this money on it so I'm really trying to go in the other direction now which is which is hard you know especially since I have a sewing YouTube channel want to show new stuff all the time but you know there's at the same time I also don't really want to promote this whole movement of excess because I really I don't know it just it's just not something I really it's just not something I feel good about I guess so got a couple more comments I check out eBay for use major brand walking foot that's a good that's a good good advice Josie I'm working on my first quilt top and I'm not sure if I'm going to love the process so I don't want to spend too much money Josie that's that's a fair assessment um my walking foot actually is made for my machine I have a genome 7700 witches my main like cruelty machine and it came with it has like a knack you feed foot for it I love it obviously it's a fairly pricey feature and the feet like I actually chipped off a plastic piece of the foot and the new foot was like 35 $40 or maybe it was more than that I don't remember but um then I ended up being able to superglue the piece back on so I'm actually still using the original foot but I now keep the other foot is like a backup so I guess I didn't again that was just me wasting money I should have thought about super gluing it on before but I did you know I don't know so we'll see Alexis that person did say it was location specific and I checked out their memberships and they are Oh $50 okay for the American sewing sewing guild yes and so yeah I would say indefinitely if you're involved in some sort of sewing group or sewing guild or quilting guild there might be something you could do with your organization or if you have several friends that so you can get together I don't have a lot of friends that's so so it's a little bit hard but also you know if you have some other advice for people on you know if you're just getting started you know feel free to share that don't be shy if you know any anything you found that saves money I think another thing we like if I had if I was independently wealthy and just had endless amounts of cash I would actually I don't and I don't know if we could do this on a larger scale but I would kind of gift people who are interested in sewing just all the stuff they need to get started like a beginner sewing machine some fabric some notions because I feel like if people try it they're gonna love it but they need to have the obviously be have access to the materials to be able to discover their love of so II so it's a bit of a chicken and egg scenario but I do wish maybe like honestly if you're to the sewing manufacturers I don't know why you're not doing that with schools with children with like the Girl Scouts the Boy Scouts because you know overall I think the goal is to bring new people into the community and you can do that with children least a lot of people are into sewing camps and selling classes so I think if you are a sewing manufacturer obviously they've got more about marketing budgets maybe that's something they could do is to donate machines or maybe even hold you know I know a lot of some machine dealers already Oh hosts like sewing camps but I only see those being good for the future of sewing and I would love to see more of that sort of thing happening also maybe the manufacturers could donate machines to people that run that volunteer to run some sort of sewing camps for kids or even for adults just to get more people in the door doing it like I think that's the challenge and I think that's where we can make a difference it's just it's just having more of these sort of like I guess I see the model being like the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University so basically Dave Ramsey gives like free or very discounted teaching kits to churches and to individuals who want to lead Financial Peace University says people volunteer their time and they get all the teaching materials I almost think the sewing industry could do something similar where you know the big manufacturers the sewing companies do things where you know if someone wants to help teach new people how to self you know how to use a sewing machine or help teach kids that we have more of that sort of outreach to have people learn because the more people who learn how to sew the more lifelong so you know sewing enthusiasts who create and that's only good for business so if you have any other thoughts in that sort of thing let me know because it's something I've been kind of thinking about and I do think that would make a difference for people just to get into sewing I would get a couple more comments Linda I go through my stash once a year and get rid of stuff I've outgrown at a garage sale I get a lot of people coming to the sale just for fabric that's wonderful and I'm also D stashing my fabrics so if you're looking check me out on Instagram it's at sewing report shop I haven't posted anything in a while I also have a bunch of stuff I need to deist a show that I haven't gotten around to listing yet so keep an eye out if you're if you're stateside all right Alexis another place to check is the more local fabric store sometimes they have their own clubs and meets if you're in one you can get discounts oh I like that thank you very much Alexis and I'm sorry I'm gonna get some water real quick here whoo all right we're gonna keep plugging away though all right is 3:30 oh and um if you haven't participated in this week's poll question please do so I would love it if you could participate if you see the little eye up in the top right hand corner you click on that and then you can take the poll question is sewing becoming too expensive for beginners yes or no let me know and also if you want to comment on that feel free to leave a comment while you're watching it live or if you're watching it afterwards I'm just sharing your thoughts on this whole situation Oh another thing I do want to share not to enable you further but I saw something at like 1:00 in the morning today and okay and I really this is something I do really want to share with you if you're looking for a good deal on some new sewing patterns all right oh and let me read a couple more okay champagne twists one of the major problems the big four pattern companies are owned by the same organization so the prices are fixed some machine companies similar situation that's that's very true all right let me alright if this if this offer will work with me I've got something else to show you okay so I found this like last night at like 1:30 and I was like I've got to incorporate this into the show because I think these are super cool all right ah okay here we go okay so I've been following this gal for some time her name is Sarah Lawson and she or her website is so sweetness calm and she's just a really cool down-to-earth blogger and pattern designer and she's designed fabrics and so Sarah design and I first got to know her I like I started following her blog and I bought a couple of her patterns the patterns are great they're really fun and Sarah has gotten into baking video tutorials that come with her patterns like you can buy like the pattern alone or you could buy the pattern with the video tutorial so basically you're getting video instruction along with the patterns so Sara I don't know is Sara if you are watching this I don't know how you have time for all this but Sara has designed 12 bag and accessory patterns and release them all at once not 112 so she's calling this series mini kins and basically I think their patterns that are like under there like 15 steps or less so all these patterns are meant to be very more quick and easy so a lot of these look very beginner friendly and also with these indie pattern designers like so sweetness you can sell these on a small scale so if you wanted to make these for craft shows or give them as gifts or you know sell them online so sweetness is totally cool with that and in fact she encourages it I love her fabric choices I think these designs look really cute and I'm very tempted so Sara has these twelve patterns available on our website and I've linked it below in the description box if you're interested so you can get all 12 patterns and 12 video classes for $80 so normally her patterns are like normally her patterns are between like 6 and $10 but right now you can actually get all 12 patterns so you get the twelve patterns at once and then you get the video classes she's releasing once a month extra she and I have talked a little bit about video production and we've shared some of our just some of our technical gear and that sort of thing Sara's super cool I love this girl so if you want to check out our mini kins and you're looking for some new patterns to do like gifts or again you're maybe you're trying to sell these to friends and family or to craft show I think these patterns are super cute and I'm very tempted to get this bundle it's for a limited time only you can get all 12 yes 12 sewing patterns 12 different sewing patterns she's also designed these to be fairly light on the nose so a few of them you have to have Lipper's or some other things but you're not gonna need a ton of hardware or a ton of different notions to complete this projects these projects some of them require a very little amount of fabric so these are great scrap Buster's if you have fat quarters I think these patterns look super cute the one in particular I like she's got this drawstring bag that's like for toiletries that looks super cute and she also has some really cool looking zipper pouches she's got one that has like a double zipper she's got a little lunch bag in there so if you're looking to pick up a lot of deal if you're into bag making or if you're into making accessories I think this is just soup I think this bundle is a really good deal she also has a notions kit so she includes notions to make every single one of these bags and accessories in one kit for 22 dollars which is a great deal so I've linked her I've linked this product below in the description box and if you're looking for is some really cute things too so for the holidays for gifts or if you are trying to get into some sort of craft fair or craft show and sell your wares definitely check out so sweetness this price is a limited time only I think the regular price is a hundred and twenty dollars which is still a good deal so when you think about it you're getting the you're not only getting the patterns but you're also getting twelve classes so you know think about it like you pay $19.99 for crafts for one crafty class to make one thing and she's offering you 12 video classes and twelve patterns for 80 dollars so that's under ten that's like what about like eight eight eight dollars per pattern and video class it's a really good deal and if you're very visual if you're a visual learner and you like video instruction this is great also Sarah goes live a few times a week on Facebook and YouTube as well so she and I are both into this live thing but I've gotten or a little bit she's a great gal and she makes fantastic patterns that are easy to follow and a lot of them are very beginner friendly so if you're looking to get into bag making definitely this is something to check out sorry for the plug but a I saw this last night and I was like I need to share this because this is a really awesome thing she's doing I don't think I've ever seen a pattern designer released twelve patterns at once all in a bundle like that I think the only other one I've seen is a swoon patterns another bag pattern a pattern company I fell she did like a vintage bag of the month like bag thing and she released a pattern every month for a while every couple months but she didn't release all the patterns at once so I think that's really cool and definitely if you're looking for a lot of really fun pretty quick patterns I think that looks like a really amazing deal I'm very tempted to get it myself so you never know again this whole cutting back thing I don't know if I can do it but it's I don't know those things though that pattern bundle just looks so tempting our wait a couple more comments um we're in deep a turn makers have made a small impact the same can't be said for machine manufacturers and of course machines are the key component to home sewing exactly if you can't get machines into the hands of people how are you gonna get them to buy fabric and parents if they don't so so the first thing they need to get is a sewing machine Josie I'm naturally crafty and now that I have children I want them to have creative outlets as well as well so they've been pressing the sewing pedal for now yay and picot stitch does anyone here have experience with sewing pattern subscription services like Colette's so over at PDF Club or where a lemonade worth the money picot stitch I don't personally I just find with a lot of these pattern subscriptions I like to know what I'm getting and if it's a surprise I don't like I don't usually go for it and a lot of this the government bundles like I've gone to indie so and they often have bundles like winter or fall or spring or whatever but usually what happens is like they'll be like a couple patterns I like but then three I don't so that's why I don't tend to get the bundles for government patterns just because I find I'm too picky about it so with garments I just like to buy the ones that I'm really then I really like I think the exception I have is the Tilley in the buttons book love it for stitch which I know I've recommended before and that's a great book for beginner for beginning garment making if you are a seamstress and you want to start making your own clothes but even with that book I think I've only made I've actually only is sadly I've only made one pattern from it I need to make more I know I just haven't gotten there yet it's it's a time thing you know just wait I have joined the so it Academy by Mimi G and it's great with step by step and pattern review gives you a 10% discount when you are remember a see mark mag is great and you get two free patterns well I've definitely seen seam work and that one seems a little more promising because I think can't you pick the you can pick the patterns you want right see it's not like a surprise and you I don't like the ones where you don't have a choice over what you're getting where they're just giving you whatever like what if I hate the pattern you know I don't know and we've got a Tiffany my sister bought getting her scissors for thirteen dollars from Amazon okay that's a really good deal so yeah if you have any other if you have any other advice for people starting out sewing you know that might not have the finances to you know drop tons of cash I mean let's be honest who does have tons of cash strapped on whatever they want I know I sure don't okay got a couple more comments uh okay Lexus so is sewing communities were important to you for you to spend fifty dollars a month on okay these sewing guild oh no and there is one near me but again I've mentioned this before I just I'm not really able to commit to like monthly even like monthly meetings at this point it's and also I'm trying to decide where I'm allocating my sewing dollars every month and right now that's just not a priority I already have tons of the fabric in fact I have I have too much fabrics so next year I'll probably be talking more about this but I'm definitely going to be paring back on what I'm purchasing just to you know I don't know just to like get out of the can I don't know this whole attitude I think a lot I see a lot on YouTube of this consumption and access I'm getting kind of tired of it and I'm I'm actually really kind of running in the other direction so you'll probably see that reflected a little but on this channel and Josie okay alright I want to give a shout-out to your son AJ hello AJ if you're watching I don't know how old you are but sewing is awesome and don't think it's just for girls because it's definitely not so if you like just sew and you want to make your own stuff I would definitely go that route also when you're older I think the ladies would really appreciate you having the skill of sewing my husband sews as well and he's a very he's very secure in his masculinity he just likes making stuff and he enjoys it so that's the other thing um you know like I posted a picture earlier in the week of still of the Big Bang Theory they had Raj on the show sewing which was amazing I was so I was just so excited to see a main character on a really popular TV show sewing um and I know people are like oh he was sewing the onesie on wrong but you know what people let's get over it because when's the last time you saw a guy sewing on national television that was watched by millions of people so I think the more I think the more of that we see on TV and movies and pop culture maybe we're gonna start to get somewhere alright Keaton quilts is here alright we've got all right we've had four four guys watching this hour I think my eyes are gonna bug out that's pretty cool Keaton quilts welcome and you even have a really cute emoji all Keaton quilts is a friend of mine and he makes the most beautiful quilts and he has a really cute dog so a little bit jealous but uh this isn't a really good conversation this hour and I think it was important to talk about just because we see so many people on Instagram and on social media and on Pinterest just you know showing their huge fabric stashes and showing all of their expensive sewing goodies and sewing machines and I think to someone who who's very much on a budget I do think that can feel very discouraging and kind of disappointing so I think moving forward I definitely want to focus more on more on sewing on a budget how to do it and you know what I'm only going to I'm really only gonna be able to do that by practicing is so I'm definitely going to be practicing more more thrifty ways of sewing so definitely stay tuned for that if you are on also on a budget and you're trying to figure out how you can still pursue your hobby of sewing and your passion for sewing without spending too much money that's definitely going to be something I'm gonna be focusing on in 2018 so please stay with me alright oh and keep all he guys he got a little dog mochi and I hope Diane Keaton is watching yeah Keaton quilts has a dog named Diane Keaton which you might be the most awesome name for a dog ever I don't know um we've got Josie his he's five-oh his sister Sydney is 3 oh that's so cute I will AJ I hope you have any good Sunday I don't know what I don't know what 5 year old boys are into now um are they you still into Legos and stuff I don't know minecraft that's all I know about like little boys sanderso over it is awesome because the PDF fee gives you a pattern in return and it is a one-time fee after that you receive 10% off on every monthly new pattern but all you can only buy it you only buy it if you want to you okay that's good I've got Mikael back copy your own clothing instead of using commercial patterns Mikkel I'm not very good I want to be honest with you I'm not very good at copy mine I've tried like doing a couple t-shirts and stuff worked out okay I'm one of those people that like patterns I like I don't know like I'm good at kind of making a pattern in my own I've drafted a few things myself some of them worked out okay some of them not so well I do think it depends on where your talented skill lies because definitely copying your own clothing and drafting your own patterns can be a little daunting for for people so yeah thank you guys for joining me and yes if you haven't taken the poll question definitely do so but yeah and if you are looking for some holiday sewing projects like I know in a previous episode we talked about some holiday DIYs you can do as gifts definitely check out and I'm gonna give her one more plug you definitely did you check out the so sweetness mini kins patterns because they are super cute they look really easy and if you buy them now they're it's $80 for a bundle of 12 patterns and and you get all the video classes so you get 12 patterns and you get 12 video classes so I've linked it below if you're interested in checking it out it looks awesome and I'm actually I'm very very I don't know if I'm gonna end up buying this but I'm very tempted to and I know a lot of people are asking is it gonna be if it are these going to be available as seeing the loan patterns and right now so sweetness says no so if you are looking for these don't wait for her to break out the patterns as individuals because I think she's only selling them as a bundle so okay we got a couple more comments Josey the quilt I'm making is for him okay for AJ and he helped me pick out the fabric I'm encouraging both of them to share their style and opinions with me so we can create something we could both enjoy that's really cool so sort of like you're giving them the input and then of course you're doing the UM you're doing the actual work hopefully maybe he's helping you along the way or get me snack stuff that I don't know Bridget hi Jennifer I don't know if anyone has mentioned yet crafts has some oh yes are you talking about crafts II yeah as some good fabric pre-cuts headquarters layer cakes jelly rolls and five inch squares and ARA filth red at bargain prices Bridget I'm a huge fan of crafting myself and if you are interested I've got some I've got the crafts a website linked below in the description box I do get a lot of quilting fabric there although I've noticed recently they used to sell a lot of garment fabric and they seem to be getting away from that I've also noticed crafts he seems to be getting away from selling they used to sell kits where you could get a pattern in fabric for clothing and they seem to have done away with the garments leaving only the quilting and the like bags so if that's the case that makes me a little bit sad because I thought their kits were a really great deal for you know they would sell dress kits they would sell shirts skirts all this other stuff and I thought they were the prices were amazing but it does seem like those are not there anymore which makes me a little bit sad we got pencils pancakes the Japanese selling books by Uchiko tsuki or ER around 15 dollars and come with 26 patterns and a little extra extra little craft tutorials like knitting patterns not sure if that's my mentioned that sounds awesome that sounds really cool and what kind of patterns are they are they like little accessories or like bags that sounds really neat and Keaton quilts it's always good to support local coil shops quilt shops – yes and Keaton quilts if you are in the New York City area he frequents got Gotham quilts so definitely check out them they just moved into a new storefront it looks awesome I've talked to the owner ivy a bit and she seems like a really wonderful wonderful person and they seem very interested in helping new quilters so definitely if you are in the New York City area or if you are traveling there definitely put that on your list of places to go so I think that would be awesome I'm trying to think also I've seen um if you're in Missouri obviously Missouri star quilt company I need to go there sometime that place is like taking over the world and that's pretty awesome and also the crafty Gemini another youtuber has opened up her own sewing business I believe in Gainesville Florida called the sewing coop so there's a lot more a lot of these you know social media celebrity types are opening up their own brick-and-mortar stores which is very cool but yeah so I think that's one you know again I do think there needs to be more of us doing focusing on outreach and I've actually thought about doing like some maybe I don't know if I'm good enough to teach sewing but I was thinking about even trying to reach out to people in my community and showing them the basics on using a sewing machine like it could handle something like that where it wasn't like super or technical although I'll admit I probably not the best at like figuring out sewing machine problems but of course I could show them the basics about how to use one the only thing I wonder about and maybe if you do this yourself like if you offer sewing classes or you know lessons what do you do about the liability I think that's one thing that like kind of worries me especially if you were trying to teach children obviously that can that can get into a bit of a bit of a sticky situation anything with kids or underaged people you do need to be careful just about the potential risk and liability you never know what's gonna happen and you know that sounds very unglamorous but that's the world we live in unfortunately so if you do teach children or if you offer like lessons in your house or at the community center and you live in the United States obviously there are different laws how do you kind of get into that and also cover yourself legally for any potential situations obviously I think adults I think teaching adults would be like less risky so I'm I think if I do this it'd be more for like someone that was between like eighteen and twenty-four eighteen and thirty just because at least send their legal adults I think the other thing I would worry about is obviously since they're working with a sewing machine which can cause injury again I think that's where you know I kind of just wonder like if you for someone that does that professionally how do you cover yourself legally and financially you know just in case of different scenarios so that's something I'm kind of curious about if you have experience with that let me know what you did to prepare for all that and just set up that sort of model because I think more of us could do something like that even though you might not think of yourself as a teacher like if a friend came over I could certainly show her how to use a sewing machine and that's something that I could do but you know like I would more be doing that for fun and not really as a business just more to get other people and sewing alright we got a couple more comments uh just wait there are these are the overlapped patterns so be aware that these books are harder to trace for new sewers but great books pencils and pancakes they're actually all garments stylish dress book is the most popular they are written quite different from traditional English language patterns okay that kind of scares me a little bit like how does it okay it's a diagram layout and you have to trace that sounds really injure I don't know and uh I'm not Japanese but man that that sounds I don't know that sounds interesting picot stitch I wish there was a more popular tag for Instagram highlighting the thrifty budget sewing projects you know what why don't we start one um like I don't know like well let alright what are some possible hashtags we could use for like I mean we could do sewing on it like one I could think of is sewing on a budget I don't know like cheap cheap sewing cheap seamstress I don't know if you guys have any good ideas I think that's a great suggestion from picot stitch to kind of maybe char like sewing hacks to make a project you know kind of like our sewing secrets at saving money or making a project more cost-effective I think that's a really good idea re picot stitch I think that's genius I don't know like I think when I did this today I did sewing on a budget as a hashtag and there were quite a few there did seem to be quite a few people okay oh there's 44 public posts okay thrifty make okay I like that all right let's all right let's get a couple suggestions and maybe we can pick the one how about we like pick the one we like the best how about that um so I use sewing on a budget but it's not well lived um let's see all right yeah if you guys have any other suggestions I like this idea we do all right let's see let's see if anyone's use thrifty make before all right there's 18 public posts oh not a ton I think we need something so cheap oh I like that okay Linda I'm sort of liking that one so let's instead of getting a like let's get a few suggestions and then we'll just right here right now we will decide on the hashtag we'll use moving forward I sort of like so cheap I think that's a good one and that one okay that one is 62 public posts okay and actually the people that are posting on the so cheap hashtag they definitely like it definitely seems to be in the vein of what we are looking for I don't know do you guys I like so cheap I don't know you guys want to go with so cheap we'll start you know I'll start using it today all right I like thrifty make and so cheap okay so we like our so let's take a let's take sort of an informal poll right now okay um I don't know I'm kind of grat I like so cheap and I think it's pretty easy I think it's pretty easy to remember and easy to explain okay Linda said it first oh yeah all right I like so cheap yeah I I don't know I'm kind of kind of going to that although I did find a hashtag called sewing so cheap retreat and then I found this really cool picture of a quilt so I got a little distracted you know I think we're all go we all seem to be into this so cheap hashtag so yeah that can be our way of signaling to each other on Instagram that we have found some sort of method so also you can share maybe we can share like really good sales we find or you know just really good tips or advice yeah all right let's do it let's do so cheap all right so from here on out and in fact um you know what Linda I think that's what I'll call my series here on sewing report I'll use hashtags so cheap for all the budgets sewing stuff I think that's really cool Linda thank you so much for the awesome suggestion all right let's do so cheap okay so alright sewing your ports quad and also you're welcome to use the hashtag sewing report squad as well in the future I'm hoping to I'm really hoping to get more of an active interaction here on the show and share if we share your photos so if you'd also like to use soy in your port squad I might share some of your photos in a show and by you using that hashtag you're basically telling me it's cool to use ok sorry I think my husband's downstairs doing something kind of loud alright in Champaign to us says how about so thrifty I don't know I kind of like I kind of like so cheap I don't know I think it really it's easy to remember and it's not you know so cheap I sort of like that and basically it can be anything that we're sharing that saves us money or saved you money or you know helps other people save money whether it's a really awesome sewing machine you have that's 50 bucks whether it's a fabric you got for $1 a yard or even a really good deal like like that like pencils and pancakes was saying she has a book with 26 patterns in it that's a lot of patterns um so I don't know I'm kind of digging I'm kind of digging so cheap all right let's use it and I because in 2018 I do want to do some videos about just making things a little more accessible and budget-friendly I like the name so cheap for the series I think that's it I think that's a good one so Linda thank you very much for the suggestion we are we're going ahead with it I think this is I think we're full full steam ahead for so cheap and and you know what we can do like maybe in a future TSA's because I want to do more shows about saving money obviously that's something that seems very important to all of you guys um so maybe like if we if I get some good Sochi posts I can share them on another show during a segment we can have a time of the show where we just share are so cheap secrets you know so cheap posts of the week or something like that and just share maybe some of my favorites throughout the week so I think that sounds like a really solid plan and hopefully we could help each we can kind of all help each other to you know stay accountable for the money stuff and also to do this you know what Tiffany if you're not on social media that's why I think I want to share these on the show too so for the people who don't really do Instagram if you come back to the show we can share some of the highlights here on YouTube so if you're not on Instagram don't worry because I think that's a really great way to I think that's a really great way to uh you know keep us all in the loop and also just share maybe the best of on Instagram so I don't know what do you guys think I like that idea a lot I think that's a good way for us to stay connected and to help each other save money and to so on a budget because I think you know that seems to be a struggle and a real challenge for people and I want to address that and hopefully try to make it easier for people who are trying to get into sewing an angel lover I know what actually let me see if I can get this out a while back I did a show dedicated to spoon to my thoughts on spoon flour fabric so I actually did buy like the spoon flour sample book and then if you want to check out that previous show a lot of people left the really good comments on what they thought about the spoon flour fabric I ordered the sample book it was three dollars I have personally not had a reason myself to order spoon flour fabric I think it's really good if you need like super custom stuff but I personally just don't have that need so that's why I haven't really bought spoon flour fabric but there is a past a live show if you look first if you search for like sewing report spoon flour it should pop up and I did a whole show just about why I haven't kind of explaining why I haven't bought spoon flour fabric for before and also I got a lot of people weighing in on you know their own experiences with spoon flour and you know what just basically what they thought of it is so cheap an online store you know I don't know we could we could see alright let's do some googling you know what there's really not um I'm not really seeing like a website or anything there's a couple blogs like I'm so cheap blog oh there's the oh this is an interesting blog post from like three years ago about how to get fabric for free or cheap let's see here somebody named sewn by Elizabeth did a couples so cheap posts that looks sort of cool um oh and you know what I do want to share this awhile ago someone commented on a video about I think it was about buying fabric and so this lady I'm trying to remember what her user name was but it was on a previous show and she had a really interesting way of getting fabric so this lady had made a lot of theatrical costumes and she actually went to hotels and old sheets from them so basically the way she explained it is she was making a lot of like Pirates of the Caribbean type stuff so she was making like sails for ships and then like those you know men's shirts so she went to a hotel and got all of their their sheets and basically the way she explained it was hotels have a pretty short life span for how long they use their sheets so when you get the sheets they're actually in pretty good condition I mean I don't think she I don't even think she had to pay for them I think they just gave them to her because they would have thrown them out anyways but she said they use such heavy detergent that she wasn't really concerned about like the Sanitation or the cleanliness she said it was fine and she used those sheets for all the costumes in the production so I think that was a super creative way to get free fabric lots and lots of free fabric saved a lot of money on on all of those costumes and all those set pieces and you know she said you know and again she was also in a way you're also helping out the environment because if if the hotel had not given those sheets to her they would have through literally just thrown them away and just tossed him and then they would have been in a landfill somewhere so I think by doing that like I thought that was really creative I don't know if other hotel chains do that but you could definitely check um actually I wonder if I could maybe for maybe for a video I could look into it and see if I could get a hotel to give me their old sheets I don't know what I would do with them after that make a lot of togas or something but but this lady said she had done that successfully with us you know I forgot which hotel chain but it was on and I can't remember which show but it was on a previous show she left some very detailed comments on doing that and I just thought that was super creative and also again very very practical and everybody wins you know the hotel doesn't throw out all those sheets and then she got free material for what she needed I've got a comment from Josie I love this idea too because we're on a budget so yeah alright so so cheap is gonna be our name for it and I even got a couple tags like my cheap pattern weights I can even put the so cheap hash tag on that afterward the fact amber I personally wonder how small businesses can make money using spoon flour for products they sell I do too unless you design the fabric yourself like I do have a friend Dina from hearts and shards who designs fabric her designs are super cute and super like quirky and she actually used this spoon flour but only because it's stuff she designed you know I hate again yeah I don't know amber like I think unless you're the designer I don't I don't know if it would make sense I don't know like unless you needed something super specific design wise but what I'm typically looking for a fabric I have like something in my mind ballpark or it's a designer's fabric I like that's more of a mainstream fabric you know like a Hoffman fabrics print or like a cotton and steel print so I just haven't had the need for spoon flour Indian versus I see a lot of Etsy shops using spoon flour fabrics all right Oh angel lover there's there was a store near me called solo okay I wonder what and Bridget says check Las Vegas hotels you know they use a lot of sheets on yeah I don't know what they're I'm kind of curious I kind of just want to call up a hotel and and ask about it and just say hey maybe I'm like doing a video or a live show about it and just maybe see what things maybe see what they say maybe I'll check a few hotel chains and see but if you can do that those sheets would be great for muslins they would be great for like little projects like if you're making like a tepee or if you're making certain projects you could also dye the fabric to you know most of the sheets hotels use our white B I definitely check out and I wish I could remember which show it was but this lady had some just great comments on it oh you know what I think it was the show I did I think it was the video about the target sheets so I believe it was the one where with the thumb so if you do sewing if you search for sewing report target sheets are like bed sheets I believe it was that video that she had shared her information about the hotels I thought that was really smart and I'm kind of curious about it but you know just think if you had all these free sheets think about what you could make and also you would never you would literally know we have to buy muslin fabric ever again if you've got the space for it and I also thought it was really interesting that she's like look don't worry about the cleanliness the detergents they use and these sheets are so strong you know they'll they'll be okay and you know I trust that I think that would be fine and you know like hotels definitely since they get so many people going through and sleeping in those beds obviously they want to be careful about the sanitation as well so you know they they probably wash the sheets and like boiling water so pretty much anything that is in the sheets has probably washed away so I think that's probably good all we've got Vic here Vic welcome don't worry it's not too late we're just we're just chatting you're welcome to catch up on the replay if you're just tuning in but yeah if anyone else has some out-of-the-box ideas for how you've gotten fabric notions another thing I've done is you know take notions off of things you get a goodwill or things you have in your closet like if you have a shirt with cute buttons but the shirts totally shot you know save the button save bag hardware a lot of people do that but you know again I think this hash to I've you know I know this hash tags thing just sort of came up in this show but I think that's awesome and I think that's what happens when you get a lot of people converging and just coming together creatively and collectively so let's do this and for for Tiffany who's not on Instagram don't worry because I think I'm gonna so throughout the week okay so I think here's what we'll do so on Saturdays as I'm kind of like I actually prepared for the show a day ahead I know I know it seems on the fly but it's not I think the day before I'll go through the hash tag and see if there's any cool photos and then we'll we'll share them and if there's any good tips so I think that's a good way and I think hopefully we could help some some new sewing enthusiasts if you're out there and you are on a budget you don't have a ton of cash too so don't worry your sewing sisters have your backs and we're gonna try to share and help you if you want to sew so on a budget or so cheap because we are so cheap and I think that's something I think that's something that we don't promote enough in especially the blogosphere or on you too you know especially when you see all these youtubers like I went shopping for the 80th time this week it's like who does that in real life like I know you have a forever 21 haul every five minutes but not everybody goes shopping you know not everybody goes shopping and goes to the mall twice a week or three times a week Linda put an ad on Craigslist wanted free asking for fabric scraps or leftover sheets fabric that's awesome I got enough for a quilt once that once that way you know that's a really good point or if you have like a like my neighborhood as a community Facebook page so if you do have your own community Facebook pages definitely say hey if you've got free scrap fabric I'm looking for this type and you know what you're not only you know not only RP you'll find people willing to help you but you're kind of helping them by decluttering their home I had yes Linda is I think Linda you are the genius of the week here on sewing report so Linda and Linda I want to know what is your are you on the Instagram Linda because if you are I'm gonna follow you cuz you're obviously like you're like my you're like sewing yoda I think yeah you're like the Yoda here you're like the why is one that has all the ideas I think Bridget my husband went to the Goodwill store and found brand-new fabric rolls wrapped Wow now did you did you give him like the biggest kiss ever for that and the fact did he actually bring you the fabric home if he did I think he deserves at least a very nice kids and a nice dinner I think and maybe he gets to watch like the football game in peace or whatever he likes to do so that's awesome okay Barbara the last stitch youtuber yes I know the last stitch did a spot-on spoonful our fabric she designed and that's the thing like I think if you are a fabric designer obviously you want to work with your own designs but again I think it depends on what you're looking for and you know what also what your budget is because I noticed the price of some of the spoon flour or substrates is not cheap at all Oh Barbara check out the next door at Barbara I'm on that all the time okay link to hook no not on Instagram I have a dinosaur Linda you're not a dinosaur you are our sewing Yoda so please come back please compare amber also looked to see if there is a by nothing group local to you on Facebook one of my neighbors gave me some patterns she didn't have use for it Wow score amber and Jess Wade says Linda get an Instagram we need to file yes Linda if you do change your mind let us know what your handle is so we can we can follow you and see what your see all your your sewing tips cuz obviously you're like some sort of you sound like some sort of you're like a sewing ninja sewing Yoda I don't know you're not a dinosaur though because you're yeah I mean you're on YouTube right now see you're dying you're obviously at least with it to do that my adventures I like your show I love to sell machine embroider and quilt my adventures that's awesome I like to do all those things as well although I currently don't really have an embroidery machine but maybe someday if I wasn't so cheap and had more money so we'll see maybe someday but you know and that's the thing like as time goes by I want to spend less money and save more money for you know for my bank account you know so I can be prepared for the future because I mean I know when I'm 60 Social Security is not gonna be around so Barbara says the last stitch designed her fabric for activewear for herself and her daughter all that's neat actually I'm not like a fabric designer at all so like believe me you're not gonna see you're not gonna see any sewing report designs or like selling your part patterns I I mean never say never but um I don't think that's I I don't really think that's where my endeavors lie it's more for like you know just talking to randomly on YouTube like right now Vic my husband's family are amazing at using old clothes for quilts I have a quilt here made for my father-in-law's do uniforms he worked at a Canada Post and his shirts were blue striped that sounds really neat Bridget he sews – Wow okay you've got to keep her there he used it to make boot sets sorry no picks don't apologise that's pretty awesome he sounds really nice oh and the fabric was fleece and some high quality fabric CS so obviously I need to hit up my goodwill more and thrift stores I also haven't been to a garage sale in many years and I need to change that um you know hopefully I you know and I know we there's never enough time that's the thing there is never enough to time to do everything I want to accomplish but anyways guys I think I might wrap up the show pretty soon but if you were again don't be shy even if you're watching on the replay leave some comments also if you like this video be sure to hit that thumbs up so that you know YouTube knows you like it and maybe we can get some more more folks over here in our conversation every week and if you enjoy these types of shows if you want to talk sewing definitely subscribe to the sewing report I do this every week on Sunday at 3 p.m. Eastern Time unless like you know something happens to me if I'm not here one week you know something's gone terribly wrong just know that right now not to end on a dim note though but this has been a lot of fun and yeah so let's start using the hashtags sorry let's start using the hashtag so cheap wow I cannot I don't know if this is gonna my Instagram handle if this ever does not reflect weirdly is at sewing your fort and we're gonna use the hashtag so chief to help each other save money so more on a budget and share any sort of chat tricks I also very curious I kind of want to call a hotel and see if they'll give me used sheets if I'm successful I will I think that might need to be a future vlog if I don't get like kicked off the property you're like I'd have to only film like outside or something and not like show any of it but I'm gonna see if they would actually give me their old sheets so anyways guys I will see you next week this has been a lot of fun and I'm gonna try to do the all right we're gonna try sorry this software I'm using is like just totally funky and Tiffany I totally want to paint some damnum fabric that ever cute skirt that sounds awesome I think you should do it alright so all right we ready to try to end the show soon if I can get this if I can get this going I don't know if I can see I usually have like a like a you know pre-planned like intro and outro I don't know if it's gonna work because this keeps this software amusing like just keeps freezing and it's like not cooperating very well but we're gonna give it a try anyways guys thank you so much for joining me on this very random show um it's been a lot of fun and I honestly I don't even know if I can exit the show because uh yeah it's not this does not seem to be letting me so I might have to be alive for a while until until I can figure this out we don't know


  1. A few things I've learned in the past couple years: 1. Buying notions (thread, etc) on Wawak is cheaper and you get higher quality thread than buying physically at Jo-Ann; 2. Fabric can also be bought online and they have flash sales every now and then so something that costs more than $10 per yard normally will every now and then go on sale for as cheap as $3.99 per yard. Monitor & swoop when you see the cheapest prices; 3. The prices of machines on Amazon can be a bit elastic as well so monitor & buy at the lowest point too; 4. Burda patterns are $5.99 apiece for PDF downloads on the Burdastyle site if you create a login, you have to piece them & draw in your own seam allowances but they're well drafted & fashionable so great value for money

  2. I highly recommend a vintage singer 201that has been taken care of. The accessories make it very versatile and it has a beautiful stitch.

  3. I lost my old reliable kenmore to Harvey the hurricane. That would’ve been just a blip except we lost everything else. Finally we have a home again and now I just want to sew again. It’s on the list but not the top right yet. I appreciate getting info on good options for when they are in my budget.

  4. Sears outlet website. They have several sewing machines, refurbished OR previous floor models. The annoying part is that you cannot buy them online, it's all in store only. So when do the search you need to look over to the left side of the page, and it shows you a # of how many they have at each location. Click on the location first to see which ones are actually near you vs. way out of state. But, I can get a Brother XS2070 for $67.93 that is refurbished. The same machine sells new there for $170.00. And it gets pretty decent reviews. This is just one specific example. So it is a definite place to look for an affordable machine.

  5. Sewing is expensive for us older folks too! It is really expensive to purchase patterns, fabrics and notions. I have a sewing machine and have had many over the years. I love to make quilts but decided that I needed to make clothing to save money (Social Security generation here) but it is hard to save money these daus

  6. I also keep the stuffing from pillows that we are getting rid of and put the stuffing in a vacuum bag to save space. This stuffing is used later for throw pillows etc. Save wherever you can to minimize cost. I will upgrade my machine to a computerized machine but it won't be crazy expensive I'm looking at the Brother PC420 but Im exploring other options in the range like the Singer 9960

  7. don't forget to repurpose fabrics. We recently pulled down some curtains that we no longer wanted up. The fabric was used to make bags to store workout gear etc. Zippers should be pulled from old garments if they are in good condition. Old gym bags have all kinds of zippers etc. Pull all of this before throwing them out. They also have all kinds of buckles and straps etc.

  8. There are ways you can keep the cost down a machine needs to be a good investments I like the brothers sewing machines…

  9. I know this video is almost 2 years old but these things just appear in my account. I would like to say that back in the "olden" days Singer used to offer free sewing lessons when you bought a new machine. When a person visited the shop they would see a couple of ladies sitting there practicing their sewing. Oh how times have changed. Its a sad thing.

  10. Shop for machines at garage sales and ask around if someone has a old one that they are no longer using, Tools can be found at thrift stores. Test everything before you buy. Go to dealers they will sell you older used ones for about $100.00. Don't shy away from dealers the machine will work if it is used and will be better quality then anything at Wal Mart for that price,

  11. Re: sewing outreach. I think historically sewing has been passed down to kids through their moms/grandmas/household. I don’t think the industry has even considered attracting consumers in a different way. It’s funny how far fabric and notions have come but in other ways the industry is stuck in the 50’s.

  12. I purchased my first sewing machine in 2014, I had no knowledge of sew machine but I lucked up when I purchased this brothers LS2400 for $45. This machine is a simple but great starter machine, I currently use this machine and love it. As I stated before it is a great beginner machine and Its high time I get a more advanced machine since my sewing has progressed over the years.

  13. I got a Janome Harmony for my daughter when she was younger and have used it quite a bit myself. It was sold as a kids machine. I believe it was about $70 but that was 10 or more years ago.

  14. a hundred bucks!!! I got a perfect 1965 Kenmore 158-521 for $2 Canadian at a used store. It came with all the attachments that came with the machine, manual, all the cams, twin needle, Kenmore threader, and a $5 large spool of white Gutterman. It sews as slow or as fast as you want. Fabric on the other hand can be expensive if you want it to be. It is great to practice on used fabrics, but to make a lasting item of quality, you spend a bit to a lot more. The positive to spending is you know it's quality.

  15. I love your discussion! May I also add…. The Cost of Sewing: the hideous cost of sewing tuition too… £45.00 for group lessons and more. We need to get sewing classes back, full time into Schools and Colleges. When I reached 13, you could do sewing 2 classes a week (I couldn't because I was doing music). It's really strange how sewing is now being pushed as a wealthy-retired hobby or a fashion school necessity, instead of being FOR EVERYONE.

  16. In the UK we have the John Lewis version of a Janome. I am passionate about lowering the cost of sewing and taught myself how to use it – yes it's dials you use but the Instruction Book is great. It's front loading. Costs £99.00 and has warranties. I also rate the Janome Mini – but lightweight fabrics only and I use it travelling – it's the ONLY mini that works.

    I've used the entry level computerised Janome and I find it's not as great as my simpler machine!

    Just NEVER BUY USED, EVER! Unless it's from a reputable reseller sewing machine shop😍

  17. I just got my holiday guide from my Babylock dealer and the first page is that wonderful new Triumph serger. I just about dropped to the floor. They are advertising that darn thing for $7999.00!!! (with the nerve to say you are saving $1500 ) An industrial serger isn't even that much!! NUTS!!! I just had to put it out there. OMG!!

  18. Hi Jen, I just started I bought a refurbished Brother JX2517 from Walmart. Com for $45.00 and yes I see it is kind of more expensive being a full time student and mother of 3 under 6, however I see it is worth it. The few projects have withstood their rough play and I took your advice on the bedsheet route, fabric sales and pattern sales.

  19. Also another tip for getting fabric is to look at thrift stores like goodwill if you have one near you. I don't have a Savers thrift store near me, I've only heard of it from youtubers but if you do have one near you check there too! I've gotten litterally big bags of fabric years ago and I'm still going through the fabric. Ive also gotten whole bolts of fabric from goodwill. And yes, ask people fpr fabric they don't want. I recently received 4 full bags of fabric, yarn, and patterns. The patterns are old but the styles are back in so I can use them.

  20. I am learning to sew on a Singer Heavy Duty 4432 purchased for $162 on Amazon. After doing a lot of research, I started to feel like I was chasing my tail. My niece has had good luck with her Singer Heavy Duty; so, I went for one. It seems to be a very solid machine. I have been sewing with it for a month. (Napkins, Pillows, Tote bags, Costumes). As a beginner, I love the simplicity of the machine, and it does seem to be a work horse-able to sew through multiple layers of fleece as swell as multiple layers of cotton and braided nylon tote straps. The only draw back is that it is very fast and powerful. Mastering the pressure on the foot pedal has taken some practice- but not a big deal. There is a slight smell like my electric train set used to make when I was a kid. Is this common for sewing machines? Thanks!

  21. I had a cheaper sewing machine years ago. Now that I have more experience I bought one for £600 and this was reduced . It's the best thing I did. The machine works wonders. If it's a serious hobby try to eventually get a better machine.

  22. I have a computerized brother and I love it. I paid about $250 but my aunt purchased a very basic brother (about $100 or less at Walmart I think). I love my machine:)

  23. If you did want to try the hotel sheets, you could always dye them! You could also create patterns on them using fabric paint and stamps or brushes. I've seen some cool gradient fabric tutorials online. Might be a great #sewcheap vid!

  24. Bought a vintage late '50's or '60's table top Dressmaker for $5 @ a yard sale. Has drop in pattern dies for fancy stitches. Seems every week there are new never used machines posted on FB marketplace for under $50. Machines in cabinets go for a song on craig's list.

  25. Great show this week! Love #sewcheap to share with others. I have a Baby Lock BL9 that I got for around $100 and it's a workhorse for sure! It has quite a few different stitches and is strong enough to go through multiple layers of denim. And sewing can be expensive if you let it. There are always coupons and sales going on for people to take advantage of if you're willing to look for them.

  26. Brother entry level machines….. they have 1 issue and it's a big one. They don't sew a good straight stitch. They tend to cat walk. If you don't mind wrestling with your fabric to keep it feeding through the machine straight by all means get one but know you can never look up or away from your machine because you'll end up ripping out your stitches because they aren't straight. I have a Juki Exceed F600 and it sews super straight and feeds perfectly. It was close to 1k but it's worth it. Look for used ones or the lower model like the F400 and F300…. same nice straight feed but not as many features. I'm a quilter and sew garments. Believe me if you buy a crummy machine you'll give up before you barely get started.

  27. Under $100 machines…. buy VINTAGE. Look for old Singers made before 1960. They're work horses, sew a beautiful stitch and will last several lifetimes. Watch Craigslist for machines in whatever area you live. The new Singers are JUNK.

  28. Also fyi, many walmarts sell fabric. The rural/ midsize towns walmarts tend to have more selection and, check college towns for craft salvage stores or discount art supply stores. I found stretch satin at a salvage store for 3 a yard 🙂

  29. Honestly, craft stores are waaay more expensive than where i get my fabric and notions. I almost never spend more than 3 a yard or 2.50 for 3000 yards of thread. I do it by going to my local outlet wholesaler since i live in a major city. Many major cities have wholesale fabric stores that don't advertise and depend on word of mouth. I know they exist in Dallas, La, new york and tokyo(also i think i heard houston has even better ines than dallas where i am). Just google your area for wholesale fabric or most cities also have thrift store outlets (yes, that us a thing) plus, some thrift stores have sales and sewing stuff, including fabric! For notions if i need something special, i look on wish or an import site like alibaba or dhgate. Sometimes you can get lucky on ebay for pricier stuff like the machines themselves. I got my singer tradition for 89 during a labor day sale at joanns… I know, the store is normally too rich for my blood, but the machine also came with a years worth of lessons and was better than the brother i learned on growning up. The only issues I've had with it were mainly user errir (not having my thread tails long enough when i start, not using tissue paper on 4 way stretch jersey, putting the foot too close to the edge when starting etc) my only complaint is the bobbin is a little small for how much i sew ( i make a project or more a night) but part time/occasional sewers shouldn't have an issue as long as they are ok with front loading bobbins which i grew up with. Also, if you live near a Daiso they do sell some basix notions for really cheap! So check out your unique dollar stores for supplies. Also, another tip on yard sales, find out when they want to shut down and offer to take away their left overs. One thing about thruft stores is if you volunteer for a charity store, they may let you take what they can't sell. Just ask the managers, plus your time goes to a good cause that may help your resume whike getting practice clothes for alterations. Anyway, think wholesale (i also use nick of time textiles website for ther 50 cent a yard closeouts) and thrift/yardsales. Avoid craft stores if you can unless its a holiday sale or u absolutely need something specific. Best of luck!

  30. I’m sad I missed the live show. I have a Brother Project Runway machine from Walmart five years ago and it’s still going strong. I paid $98 for it. I’ve tried singer but end up taking them back and getting a brother. My husband recently got a singer machine for $89 at Joann’s and he likes it. I save by using old sheets , blankets, and refurbishing old clothes. Also I ask around and people give/ donate.

  31. Jennifer, watching the show on replay. Good show. Long but good. Is sewing experience? It can be if you buy fabric, notions, tools, etc and then don't make clothes or crafts and continue to buy clothes in the stores. I have not bought any clothes since last year. Made all my clothes except panties and bras. I think sewing my own clothes is more that I get to express my own style, use fabric colors and types I don't find in the stores. I also do not buy fabric or patterns unless it is on sale (fabric exception is Ankara). I buy patterns and fabric and notions from destashers. I know that before my Mom passed, she supervised housekeeping at Holiday Inn. After a while they had to get rid of sheets and I still have some. I think I am going to call them (would be good as backing for quilts since I am starting to learn. For newbies try to find a church sewing group. I found one last year and made my first quilt which was donated to missions in India. So while I am giving back, I am also learning. And you can try out the machines of the ladies that already have.

  32. My first machine was 79 Euros, Lervia, never heard of the brand before or since but I was happy with how it worked and even made a coat on it, no fancy stitches but did the job. Later when you know you like sewing you can buy a better machine. As to the fabrics and stuff, you can always start by upcycling old clothes. Old jeans – quits, handbags, skirt… lots of fun small projects hair accessories…. google and search on youtube there are lots of cool projects and ideas

  33. Sorry I'm late but my back up machine is a Janome JF1004 great starter machine. My other tip is check out your local sewing machine store if you have one because they may do layaway and they tend to back up what they sell and a good one will help you through learning curves. BTW you convinced me to finally get a cover stitch machine but I'm getting the 900CPX because it will do everything I need and then some. I just couldn't justify the extra cost between the 2. One last tip is check out the fabric department of Walmart because they often have fabric between one and 2 dollars a yard. Sometimes it's not worth getting except to use for making muslins but every once in a while they'll get some rather nice stuff in and when they do I buy the whole bolt for my stash

  34. Janomes are cost effective and heavy duty. Don't waste money on the cheap cheap or ones you will use short term you'll waste money. Get a metal made machine which is heavu duty and you can make whatever you need when you need

  35. I started with a brother $60 (I'll post the model later) from Walmart then moved to the singer stylist 7258 $80. As a begginer, the Singer makes adjusting stitch length and setting tension easier. I can't say how great the machine quality is but it works for me. My only issue with the singer is not having an extension table. Who knew extension tables were so expensive.

  36. To save on sewing cost, I started planning my projects. Planning keeps me from spending $100s on fabric that I never use. Fat quarter shop allows you to purchase 1/2 yd increments.

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