TYPES OF DENIM FOR CURVY LADIES In a time when everyone is going crazy over
a “size zero” or the ‘skinny’ way, curvy women are indeed special. And so should be their clothes. And one style trend that never has and never
will go out of fashion is a denim. Denim has been our best friend since forever. And there are so many types available in the
market! So, which one should you be wearing? One that compliments your curves and gives
you a flattering shape. Here a few kinds of denim that are absolutely
made for the curvaceous women: a) The Bootcut Plus Size DenimThe #BootcutJeans are making
a comeback. Remember how we were drooling over Rachel
Green in F.R.I.E.N.D.S when she wore that bootcut denim? Well, they could work equally well for you
too. The science behind bootcut jeans is that it
widens out from down the knee, giving an illusion of a thinner hipline. They work great for pear-shaped women as they
also showcase your curvy back. When it comes to bootcut jeans, Levis are
the best in business and they are also affordable. Plus, it is always a great idea to invest
in a fine pair of jeans. b) Flare Away This is definitely much more dramatic than
even a bootcut jeans as it is fitted through the thigh and significantly flared out, much
more than a bootcut denim. The thing with #FlaredJeans is that it balances
out your curves and is extremely sexy. Paired with a nice formal shirt and heels,
these jeans can work wonders on a curvy body! c) Skinny Jeans? Why not? There’s no written rule that curvy women
cannot wear #SkinnyJeans. In fact, you should embrace them. They are versatile, trending, sexy and so
much more. #SkinnyDenim is fitted throughout and gives
great, great shape to those booties. If you’re conscious that it will make your
lower body seem wider, look for #CurvySkinnyJeans which are more relaxed with the fit. There comes Levis to the rescue,again. A mid-rise is more preferable than a low-rise. Remember: Look for the perfect fit. Purchase jeans with a little spandex in them. Make sure the denim gives you freedom of movement. Ensure which rise looks best on you. It is indeed difficult to find jeans for curvy
women, but not impossible. Not when there are so many options available. The right pair of jeans can make a woman look
slender,smart and can be pulled together with a variety of looks.


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