LGR – The Sims 4 Moschino Stuff Review

The Sims 4 has another stuff pack.
This makes fifteen of them now. Good lord. And this time it’s a branded stuff pack,
Moschino Stuff, so-named for its promotion of the Italian luxury boutique fashion house. And if you’re new to The Sims series, this
kind of quid pro quo collaboration is not without precedent, seeing as they sold packs like The Sims 3 Diesel Stuff and The Sims 2 H&M Fashion Stuff back in the day. Though at the very least they’ve taken plenty of time before dumping this pack on us, with the last one, My First Pet Stuff, releasing almost a year and a half ago, or 518 days to be precise. Not long enough in my opinion. Or Ralph’s, who uh, yeah. I almost forgot that happened. Anyway, as usual I didn’t receive any early
copies or anything so I grabbed it on launch day in order to make this review. The Sims 4 Moschino Stuff starts off with
a wait, wh-what is this! They changed the plumbob! Aw dang and like, everything else too. Menus, icons, everything. And it looks… fine? I dunno, I don’t hate it. I saw this image floating around comparing
the new colors to Norton Commander for MS-DOS, and well, when you put it that way I guess
I have to approve. Whoever’s in charge of the new design system
really dislikes color gradients, I think that much is clear. Though as someone who tries to keep up with
design trends, it’s not too unexpected, as it follows the current brand redesign fad
with logos taking on the flat mobile app aesthetic, with solid colors and simplified vector objects
scalable to any screen. And since it applies to retail copies too,
there’s currently this amusing situation where both the old box art and the refresh
are on shelves side by side. “New look, same great content!” Heh, like it’s a box of cereal or something. Anyway yeah, this whole rebranding is fascinating
to me and I had to say some stuff, and I may or may not be stalling so I can put off having to talk about this lackluster pack, but who can say? All right fine, I’m just delaying the inevitable
at this point. So let’s talk about The Sims 4 Mosquito
Stuff or whatever. This is a pack of stuff with things in it. Things like clothes and accessories, as you’d
expect for a pack branded by a company that primarily sells clothing and accessories. Though it only comes with 25 of such items
total, across all sim genders and age ranges. Fewer than I expected for a pack named after
a dadgum fashion company. Especially since the real life collection
contains 37 items. Yeah that’s right, these Create A Sim additions
are partially pulled straight from the actual Moschino x Sims 2019 capsule collection, so if you really love these designs you can buy some of them in real life! If you’re high. $250 for a rubber necklace, $275 for a t-shirt,
$450 for a pair of leggings, $600 for a hoodie, $800 for a fanny pack, $1300 for a backpack. Yeah, this outfit right here would cost like
two grand in real life. Thankfully, The Sims 4 is not real life, so
you don’t have to pay a single simoleon for clothing in-game. Sims do have to pay for the new build mode objects of course, of which there are around 50 new ones. First up are the requisite new pieces of seating
apparatus, two in total, with only one of those being a chair. You also get a twosome of tables, each mimicking the design of the previously mentioned butt repositories. There’s a new standing bookshelf with several
spots to place some of the new clutter objects like books and camera lenses. Joining the storage situation is an angular
object display stand that stands there displaying objects. Next up are a couple of befuddlingly unusable
items, like this clothing rack holding clothes your sims can’t wear, and this gear case
and pair of amplifiers your sims can’t use. There are also some wall things, including
a shelf with vertically suspended camera gear, a mirror for reflecting on your choice in
exclamatory verbiage, and a swirly art something-or-other that very much exists. There’s a new stripey rug for stripey rug-lovers. As well an assortment of new windows and a couple of geometrically-deranged wallpaper patterns. And finally, there are an assortment of lights
for assorted lighting things, several new picture frames which we’ll revisit here
in a moment, as well as a glass room divider and a selection of photographic backdrops
both standalone and modular. Those last groups of items go along with the most notable Moschino Stuff addition: the fashion photography career. This is joined by selecting the freelance
option of the career menu, and this provides another gig-focused job for self-motivated
sims. Now, photography has been in the game for
quite a while now, with both a dedicated photography skill and also a photo studio as seen in The
Sims 4 Get To Work expansion way back in 2015. But the freelance option puts in place a more
tangible system for making money using the existing photography features, and expanding
on them. Much like the other freelance jobs, you can
select and complete gigs from within the career menu, with new options showing up on each
skill level on up to level five. Each gig comes with multiple tasks to complete,
a time in which to complete them, and an overall performance rating that signifies how well
you’re doing as a freelancer. And y’know what, I enjoyed this! As you might expect seeing I was already a
fan of the snazzy snapshot stuff introduced in Get To Work, so adding onto what’s already
there is cool by me. Of course, the gig tasks themselves do feel
repetitive rather quickly, often relying on some variation of “take five photos of such
and such,” then “talk to this certain sim about a photo shoot” and finally “submit
the photo for approval.” Still though, you’re given additional leeway
to customize shots to your liking, with the ability to plan your subject’s outfits in
Create A Sim, change the backdrop patterns and animations, and choose from a number of
poses divided into emotional categories. Although actually choosing the exact pose
you want can be somewhat frustrating since it doesn’t let you pick specific poses and
instead just picks one at random on each click, so eh. There are also subject marks that you can
place down on the ground to make sure sims stand where you want them to, while also providing
a few additional options that allow you to hire models and manage their actions during
a photo shoot. And we also finally get a tripod, letting
you stage a photo shoot just about anywhere, and ensuring that your pictures turn out as nicely as possible, free of blurry results and random gnomes. And yeah, when combined with one of the nicer
cameras sims can buy, it won’t be long till you’re taking exceptionally high quality
photos that both satisfy clients and make a respectable sum when sold on the black market. Or, I dunno, wherever photos are sold in The Sims. It never actually says, you just sell them
they disappear into the void. And if you don’t wanna sell, then you can
always mount and display them in a frame, either on the wall as usual or as a standing
frame if you drag it onto a surface, something added in the latest patch. There are also new digital picture frames that show groups of photographs in a customizable slideshow. How very 2008. But yeah, that’s about it for Moschino Stuff! As with all Sims 4 stuff packs, this one costs
$10. And as usual, I think that’s silly. For one thing, paying ten bucks to be advertised
to by a luxury fashion brand is somewhat off-putting. If anything, you’d think the price would
be lower than normal, but nope. Even disregarding that though, the stuff this
stuff pack packs simply isn’t that noteworthy. Sure, I think the freelance photography career is enjoyable enough and the new photo studio objects are certainly useful. However, I wish these things were rolled out
some other way instead of being crammed in here with a couple dozen clothes I’ll never
use. So as usual, I always recommend either skipping
piecemeal packs like this entirely, or at least waiting until they’re available at
a discount. There are simply far better packs to spend
your money on, no matter how enjoyable it is to take high quality toilet pictures and
sell them on the Sims black market. [camera shutter clicks] [upbeat outro tunes] And if you found this video informative, do
check out my other Sims content since I’ve covered all the packs so far, for one reason
or another. I also make videos on all sorts of retro computer
stuff that I swear is super fascinating, so maybe give those a try too. As always though, thank you for watching what
you just did!


  1. you know i wouldn't mind these type of tie-ins if they packed them with one of the expansion packs or something as opposed to making it it's own thing?

  2. yea i was excited for the new photo studio options cause i always fill my houses with pictures of my sims kids and whatever but not 10$ excited

  3. Imagine being such a sucker that you spend 800 bucks on a fanny pack… actually, imagine wearing a fucking fanny pack in 2019.

  4. When sims 5 is released they NEED to let you transfer your things bought from the sims 4, or something like that. People have spent so much money on these packs and when the next one comes out, all of that would be for waste

  5. …ughh, first off thank you LGR for this well planned video. But I must say I am always more disappointed then not when EA does this sh*t- I dont get why there can be more of an effort put into the content of a game we all love. Honeslty, where are the cars, the burglars, why is there a loading screen when I want to fight my ex-wife accross the street? I dont know if it its time to give up on TS4 and move to 5 but, I fear that'll be rushed too, and it'll just get worse in the years to come

  6. I'll never invest in Sims 4, the game is a downgrade compared to Sims 1-3.The only thing I care about is the soundtrack but I can easily buy the songs.

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  8. I love that I identified that I have custom content of AT LEAST a third of the CAS items added to the pack. I think I'll go for a solid pass on this pack, I already have half of the crap in it for free from actually talented mod creators.

  9. It's weird, it's like they look at mods the modding community makes and decide let's take that make it official and make it ten bucks!!

  10. 😀 – It didn't bite you then?  (Perhaps you used too much 'mosquito' repellent), oh, wait… It's Moschino – I wondered why there weren't any Sims running for the hills.  I bet someone will complain that there were no mosquitos and they were conned…  oh, wait…  I think I just have…  (LOL)

  11. Why is there so many addons wht cant they make ultimate edition where you get the season pass. And the game and a special outfit i got the sims 4 but i want to get addons but i dont want to pay 30 to 20$ for a stupid thing i got diablo 3 both expansion and the og game at mijer for $5.99 while walmart and target ask stil 40$

  12. Some pack quite okay but EA seriously just chop the sims 4 and add better graphic inside. The "new" interface is something that already there in last game and be polish so its looks new.
    Many good things are lost in sims 4 but of course as long as we got new interaction, better graphic, some "new gameplay" we will keep entertain for short while and not protest

  13. I'll always say and repeat Moschino is a trash brand, no matter how trendy or expensive the stuff is.
    I like the objects coming with this pack, so if I had to buy it I would do it when it will be half the price LOL

  14. They are putting in all of these unusable objects because they don't care about people who actually sit down and play the game for hours. They only care about the "influencer" types who take pictures of their game and post it online. They are more concerned with looks than functionality.

  15. i dont care for this pack and it pisses me off that people are buying it even though they dont like it just to complete their collection. it just shows ea that they can release whatever pack they like and people will buy it.

  16. Honestly what they could have done is do a "high fashion" pack and collaborated with a bunch of different brands like Moschino and added in the fashion photographer career, a modeling career, and expanded upon the 'influencer' career from city living. There could have been high end clothing in this stuff pack, along with some new related lots and contemporary furniture that could furnish a home for your model or photographer to live in.

    I never see the point in stuff packs. I'd pay $5 for some of them, but no more than that.

  17. It makes me wonder if Moschino asked to collaborate and paid the sims team or if it was the other way around? Because how a fashion pack got little fashion

  18. I love how it seems like even Maxis/EA was kind of off-put by putting this together… one third of the pack is actually really decent build/buy objects, one third is this hideous clothing that only people who are stupid with money they've inherited/swindled/won will buy, and the remainder is this weird career that seems like it was ripped out of a previous pack before launch.

    Man I wish the build/buy was wrapped up into a bigger pack that doesn't shill out to disgusting clothing brands.

  19. That mosquito video @ 2:32…………………….? what in the world………?? how can anyone make a video like that and be serious about it……..??? who tf wears ANY of the stuff this company makes????

    …I have so many questions

  20. What? Only one chair?! Blasphemy! 😀 I love that they included the Barbie pink outfit with this pack lol But wow, the real life prices of these fashions are insane. And most are outfits no one I know would be caught dead in. As is the case with most fashion designer outfits – they're made for the runways and a name is put on them to rake in the dough, and I never see anything like it again. But I do like the advanced photography things. Still, I can't bring myself to reinstall TS4 because I was so spoiled with TS3 lol

  21. this pack kinda reminds me of the luxury party sp 😂🤦🏻‍♂️ i mean i like the colors incorporated but it just seems so little and sorta bland (except for those cool looking windows)

  22. Hi LGR, could you eventually review the medieval FPS game Witchhaven? I have te bigbox here but never had the time to play it, altough it looks fun. Should be your kind of game. 🙂

  23. I'm quite happy with the build items from the pack. Was hoping for more basics from the sim clothing, but the brand collabs Sims does is usually super obvious 😑

  24. I'm never looking forward to these boring stuff packs but I'm always like: "Oh yeah, that mean a new Sims 4 LGR video!" lol Thank you for your hard work as always!

  25. Hey Clint, just saw you credited on the latest AVGN episode, very cool to see some of my favorite creators collaborating.

  26. It seem like every time he makes a video he is always bashing something new about the sims4. Everyone needs to remember their only humans they can’t satisfy everyone’s needs

  27. What a waste. Hopefully this means they're spending more time on making the sims 5 with sims 3 game play and improved graphics. then we can all move on and pretend the sims 4 never existed

  28. my favorite part is that they chose some of the worst moschino clothes to put in the game when there are plenty of actually nice looking moschino clothes. also the lack of fashion is really funny to me and i just dont get it lmao

  29. This make me want to break out an older PC and install Sims or Sims 2 again.
    Currently I'm between PC's while saving for my next gaming desktop.
    Oh yeah, Also your Duke character makes me want to create Gordon Freeman in Sims.

  30. Honestly, the photography additions should've been in the Get To Work pack. I literally bought it for that career at the time🤬

  31. EA:makes game 60$
    Also EA: makes 20-40$ expansion packs
    Also also EA : says it's a real life simulation even tho pets are in real life

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  33. tell you what sims community, lots of you criticise EA and yeah it's for the good reasons however they have to make money out of something, they have not released a stuff pack in over a year and they had to release one this year, if they didn't then you lot would be complaining your asses out dry, esp since you guys think criticism = toxicity = toddlers with the fussy trait. I didn't buy the stuff pack since I don't want to, neither are you and you don't have to buy the stuff pack or any other packs without your will to do so. if you're that considered with the games development then why don't you call EA? I've done that plenty of times tell you what, I phoned EA on march of last year 2018 and I requested a popularity feature and guess what? We got get famous 5 months later. Now I don't know how you're gonna feel about reading this but you were like this when the Sims 3 was released, toxic, complaining that the game is buggy, laggy and boring, yall complained how the eps were £40.00 and you complain about Sims 4 having the same price but 5 pounds less for expansion packs??? I'll laugh my ass off when I see you Sims 3 players who complained about Sims 3 when it was released, COMPLAINING about a new Sims franchise saying it is worse than its previous one, ha. Watch when the Sims 5 is released and you start saying Sims 4 was better


    I was considering this pack because of the photography career, but the lack of good content for anything else is not enough for me to bother.

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  36. Out of all the Fashion companies, they went with the most tacky & tasteless one. Moschino did a collab collection with H&M not too far ago so maybe this is a follow up. I'd love the camera stuff but I don't want 90% of these ugly outfits littering my game.

  37. EA:Hi I like money 🤑
    Interviewer: EA why did you make another stuff pack? 🤔
    EA:MONEY!!!! 🤑

    I did this Because EA reminds me of Mr Krabs 😊

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