Learn Hand Embroidery by Hand: DIY Flower Designs | HandiWorks#120


  1. and keep in mind guys, this is all being done with a camera blocking her complete view. Incredible. stunning!

  2. boa noite amiga! amei este bordado muito lindo! parabêns! Deus abençôe! vô tentár fazér o risco!😘😘😘😘😘

  3. Please tell me which cloth use for embroidery cloth name v can use cloth think cotton white cream color plz

  4. when i was little my grandma eanted me to take a class on this ART i chosse baking and i loved it but i ve always had this on the back of my mind ive always wanted to learn and now i can. ive watched many videos and i honestly LOVE yoir videos i will start now and hopefully make my grandma proud😄. mam you are an artist this is sooo beautiful and i hope that one day i can become as good as you

  5. I am trying to refresh what my grandmother taught me as a child…. now that I am retired. I love this video. I will be using a couple of these flowers on my pillow project.Thank you. Linna

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