Latinas Try Jeans Made For Their Body Types

(laughing) – Can you see my crack? (bouncy music) – So, today we’re trying
these curvy pants called: – Convi jeans. Is it Convi? – [Cenia] I want to make a pair of jeans that’s for us, that
addresses our body types. – I would describe my
body type as thickums. I love my curves, I am constantly trying to find the perfect pair
of jeans that don’t give me this little gap in the back, and of course the number one thing that I
love when it comes to pants is how it makes my butt look. – So, I’m tall, and I have a butt, but I’m slender. I’ll find the size that
fits me around my waist but then the jeans will be too short. – I’m not tall, but I’m not short. I’m not thick, but I’m not skinny. I don’t have a huge booty,
but I don’t not have a booty. In jeans, I usually look for something to accentuate my body. – Alright, let’s try them on. – Wow. My Selena twirl. (laughing) So they feel super tight,
but not uncomfortable tight. These feel like I have jeans on, but they kind of give
me the look of jeggings, does that make any sense? – Well hello there. How are you? They feel like they’ve been designed by somebody who knows
me, somebody who knows my shape, who gets me. – I was really excited
when I put these jeans on because they fit me perfectly. If I need a little bit
of extra breathing room, I could always just zipper down the backs. (classical music) – Get it, get it! I don’t think I could shake it how I normally would. – Can you see my crack? (laughing) – Is this how you do it? (laughing) – She do! – She do. – She do. I love me some booty jeans, and these jeans are booty jeans. I would give these jeans five peach emojis. It makes my butt look good. – A four out of five. I would’ve given it a five out of five if my butt jiggled when I twerked. (classical music)


  1. Ik this is late but I just had to say it… LATINAS STAY THICKKKKKKK even if your still young TRUST ME YOUR EITHER GONNA HAVE CURVES OR AN ASS OR BOTH 😂😂

  2. Thickums is an understatement! Girl have enough booty to donate to the other girls. Go ahead girl! The darker Dominican with curly hair isn’t skinny for sure… more like over weight.

  3. I once bought a pair of jeans that were made in Colombia. Every time I wore them, I got compliments. Unfortunately, I gained weight, and they no longer fit me. And, the store that sold them closed down. 😏

  4. There is this store in my area that sells jeans with the label "for latina butts". Too bad I'm a flat ass, why am I watching this?!😂

  5. As a woman with a rumpalish booty, Jennifer Lopez brand jeans and kolhs and the torrid curvy's are by go to's. I aint about to pay more then 30 bucks of jeans. And I can get two pair from torrid clearance buy one get one hun.

  6. I’m a curvy girl and American eagle made jeans for girls like us, and bought a pair, I totally recommend them!

  7. I WANT MAYAS BODY(if that’s how u spell her name ) but DAMN GIRL🥵😭❤️

    The other girls got nice body’s to( this sound creepy af) but ya lol

  8. Bro low key if this is about latinas try on Jeans that fit them that races and saying that the can not were the same Jeans as other girls that fuck up when I saw this video I was like really

  9. I have WIDE hips kinda big butt but not that big small waist chubby ish arms and medium thighs. I wanna see if anyone has the same body type as me!! Respond if you do.

  10. Ok so Latinas aren’t the only ones who are “curvy” I am kinda tired about all the Latina videos like just make videos not about Latinas and races for once

  11. Ngl… the jeans don’t look like they’re 100 dollars… they look like jeans you can get at ROSS. I own jeans that are more flattering, look better, and are cheaper than that. The girls looked great don’t get me wrong, but there are better jeans out there.

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