Last Bottle Clothing- About Us

I’m Justin and I’m Stuart and we’ve
created a shirt which feels like the softest cotton you’ve ever worn but it’s
made entirely from recycled plastic bottles and it doesn’t stop there we
wanted these shirts to be the most environmentally friendly shirts that you
can buy so we’ve constructed them to also be one hundred percent recyclable
at the end of their useful life. That’s right, years down the road you’ll send
the shirt back to us and will recycle it into a brand new shirt this is truly a
closed-loop product and here’s how it works: First, use plastic bottles are
diverted from the waste stream then they are washed and sorted by color next the
bundles are grinded up until only small plastic pellets remains the pellets are
sent to the fiber manufacturer who then melts down the plastic into long thin
strands. These strands are chopped into very small links creating a large fluffy
ball of fiber. Our knitter then takes hundreds of spools of the yarn and nips
them in two rolls of fabric. The fabric is then dyed and washed. Our production
partner then cuts out the t-shirt pattern from the fabric and sews the
shirts together. The shirts are then sent to you to enjoy it says I will just be
over here who I definitely picked up we want to make sure every step of the
manufacturing process is done the right way. Using our background in supply chain
management, we’ve constructed a supply chain that exists all within an 85 mile
radius in the Carolinas, absolutely minimising our carbon footprint.
Our shirts help divert plastic and apparel pollution from landfills. They aren’t
shipped from overseas and they take over 500 times less water to produce than a
typical cotton t-shirt. This is truly remarkable and at last bottle clothing our
promise is that we will never stop searching for new methods to improve our business by minimizing our environmental impacts, improving the lives of those
involved in the manufacturing of our clothes. This project won’t solve the
world’s pollution problem alone, but with your help, we can bring the world’s cleanest shirt to market and begin radically changing the fashion industry while
ensuring that every aspect of it is American made.
Help us make a difference in the world and look good while doing it. Join the
revolution at

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