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I just finished reading this book “the
life-changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo. I’m sure you’ve heard of it
but if not you can look up some videos on it because there are tons of them. But
basically you go to your house category by category not by location so
here’s a list for example. You pick up each item and decide whether or not it sparks joy for you and if it doesn’t, you get rid of it. So I’ve decided to go
through my house and try out this process the first category is clothes. I don’t
know if I have that much to get rid of in this category just because I go
through my clothes fairly often. I’d say about once a month. We will see how it goes. I
keep my clothes in two places. The first place is this dresser and it’s not even
all the way full I think there’s some empty drawers or partially empty
drawers in here. And the other place is my closet which I share with my boyfriend
so this is not all mine. In fact those two things are the only things of mine on
this side. And then my clothes goes to about here. There’s clothes up there. A bunch of junk. And costumes I think. I think I also have some jackets in my guest room closet. So i’ll grab those. That one’s mine. And that one. I’m going to put all of my clothes on this bed. Alright, let’s get started. So here is all of my clothes. It includes jackets, costumes, underwear, bathing suits all of it. Except for a small load of laundry which is drying right now but I will add it to the pile later on when it’s done. I suggest checking your car for clothes, because I found a jacket in there. And i’ve been known to hoard sweaters in my car. So, i’m going to go through one item at a time. I’m going to pick it up, find out if it sparks joy or not and if it does I’ll keep it
and if it doesn’t, it’s outta here! oh gosh. no joy. nope. This is still new. But it doesn’t look good on me. That can go. This is my halloween costume from last year. And i’m not going to wear it again. So I’m going to sell this because Halloween is in a couple months. These are my only pair of jeans And they are not even jeans, they are jeggings. And they are not the most comfortable thing in the world. But they are the only pair I have, So what do I do? I think I will keep them for now because I wear them all the time but try to find a more comfortable pair and then get rid of them I should make a list of things I want to replace. Pajama bottoms Jeggings and and my dog which are waterproof in
line and five pairs Calvin Klein black market here now and it from Cusco in
their 20 bucks and I wear them pretty much every day so that is why I have so
many pairs two pairs of shorts makings and I realized after that these
parents Frank think who knows it but me and he’s black tights so those are gonna
go to parents of one pair of pajama shorts these two shirts are you on the
regular one the reindeer sweater coat keeping tending cups and I decided to let go of these three
don’t need that many take cups have to use all over tee shirt and three cups 5
casual t-shirt and a minute let go because I like this one better ploughs
shirts too long sleeves and 34 casual tank tops and for casual long sleeve
shirts but I have most of which is 17 card again / layering shirt / watery
things and is the most actually 1809 and do not like the look of it on me so I’m
going to get rid of it painting close to sports bra and I also
have regular browser software includes eight of the fuzzy kind, and 18 pairs of underwear. I have
three bathing suits but I’ve decided and that’s one big don’t take garbage
and I’ll post my mind


  1. Cute Dresses! And the one you gave away ;p Craziness because it is so pretty….Good cleaning out, though; Keep it up!

  2. Great video Katy πŸ™‚ I'm 3 years in to simple living and Marie Kondo' s book definitely put the finishing touch on clearing out and feeling good about everything. Your bedroom furnishings are beautiful by the way. Looking forward to more videos!

  3. Watched loads of these videos (kon Marie) and you're the only one I've seen who shows the categories of items u have left….. Really enjoyed that part xx

  4. I'm not sure if you're interested in hearing this… but you should think about how often you wear a type of item and how many you have. I mean for all I know, you do laundry every two or three weeks, but if you do laundry weekly, you don't need more tank tops than days in the week… trying to help, but I have a habit of coming off rude…

  5. That box of the chocolates that your Dad gave you has made an appearance in, I think, every one of your vids, girl. Might be a sign that you should keep it. πŸ˜‰

  6. I just finished watching this & the Konmari ones with your sister & y'all are cute together, the whole Oompa Loompa thing cracked me up! Also, I'm completely in love with that quilt set, I'd love to know where you got it, if you don't mind sharing. Thanks so much, off to watch more. xoxo kelli

  7. hi i wrote on the other page as well. your sisters room is what my room looks like but worse. its the same rm i've had for 39 yrs. messy. well, it might be a memory. i have no memory. my question is hlow sdo you do this monthly? do byou hav e a really good job?

  8. Katie, that was a good video. You have a lot of different colors. I tend towards a capsule wardrobe. I would so love to see you do a video on your mix and match of these things. What really made me intrigued is when you said you have all these layering cardigans. You probably put all these things together really well. The way you describe them and classified them for the end portion of the video really told the story that you had a very good grip on the types of pieces that you use and how often you use them. I would love to see you put together kind of like a lookbook or a what do I mix and match video. You don't have as many clothes as a lot of people I've seen, to me those many colors would be limiting. I like to have standard Grays blacks whites and Browns just because it's easier. You have many colors. Show us a video on your combos. Thanks again!

  9. the only thing with clothes is that I'd have to try them on and then go through my keep pile again just to make sure.

  10. amazing job! I am curious though I have fought now wanting to push consumerism always buying something and minimalism. So Kon Mari is fantastic but Im curious how many women do this and then think wow look how clean and organized my closet is and they have the urge to go buy something else to celebrate?

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