1. Always enjoy your hauls Lauren! You must have so many clothes!! I would actually love to see a favourites video and an update on your holy grail/go to makeup products for both everyday and special occasions. Clothing hauls I would like to see are the iconic, kookai and verge girl.

  2. Next time, shop online for Kmart!!!!!! You’ll get your sizes then. You can either click and collect or get it posted xx

  3. I’ve bought a lot of knit wear lately from K Mart- they have been amazing!!!! Not bad quality for the price and they’re washing well too 🥰

  4. The white top feels tight around areas because it is a size 6 and too small for you you needed a size 8 or 10 to feel comfortable

  5. How do your tan so dark on your neck/chest? Lol legit question.
    What eyeshadow palette are you wearing? Need it

  6. Target has a nice new range in the 16-25 demographic but I think any woman can pull it off, definitely check it out!

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