hey guys Welcome back today I am going to be doing a super quick kids clothing and shoe haul i am in my room if you guys didn’t know we moved this is our new house it sounds so echoey i had the windows opened but i closed them because you could hear noise coming in but it’s so hot today, it’s super summery so we went to the forge shopping centre yesterday and all the kids got new shoes Sky got couple of new outfits thomas got me a new necklace So after i’ve shared what i got Sky is gonna come and she is gonna do a little try on haul for you the shoe shops that we went to was Clarks we went to the forge shopping centre there’s a forge shopping centre & a forge shopping market, but they are different places but the forge shopping centre has a clarks outlet which is brilliant but today, well it was yesterday they didn’t really have much choice for any of the kids actually, which was quite surprising. It was mostly sandals which i’m not really looking for sandals for them right now so the boys, they both got these shoes. These are so cute. And they are matching. Oban already has these he wears in nursery. They are like a proper sole these are doodles and they are a proper sole. because some of the ones from doodles don’t actually have like a real sole on them. but these ones do, so you can wear them outside. So the boys got matching ones. they are navy and then they’ve got the white sole with the green stripe and then the green detailing on it. But they’re super cute. They are quite difficult to get on, which I did know, because Oban wears them already to nursery. But i also think they’re quite narrow. But these for Argyll, these were £13.99 which they’ll do really good for the summer. These ones for Oban, these little teeny tiny ones were £12.99, so I mean they’re pretty good for Clarks shoes. I really struggle getting shoes for them, see from supermarkets or other places, because their feet are all kind of half sizes or weird widths. So at least when you go to Clarks or somewhere else like that I know that they are getting ones that actually fit properly. Cause Sky seen lelly kellys “lelly kellys” in Dunnes, but they didn’t have half sizes, so the smaller size was too big, and then the smaller size was too small and the bigger size just fell of her feet. So it wasn’t ideal. And then Sky picked up these super cute ones her like silver shoes that she wears just now are too small but only by like half a size. But they were actually done! I noticed the other day, see when she went to her school disco, like all round here was like, super done. I was like, oh my gosh, you need new shoes so she picked these ones these are like a kind of trainer style they’re pink and then kind of, is this teal? i think you call this teal. and then the silver sparkles so they are super cute, they don’t have any laces Sky can tie, but they don’t have any laces. they have this elastic and then this velcro and these ones were £21.99 they are so sweet so they are like trainers she can run about in and jump about in but they are also like really girly which she likes Then i went to H&M and Sky got some clothes. The first thing she got is this i don’t know if it’s a dress or a tunic? it goes to just above her knees You’ll see when she tries it on but you could probably get away with wearing it without leggings but we did buy leggings to match just because Sky likes to climb about and jump and she’s always doing cartwheels and she doesn’t want to be flashing her pants to anyone she would be mortified it she done that when they wear the little summer dresses at school Sky wears gym shorts under them ever single day because she hates the thought of anyone seeing her pants So this one is like a pink colour you guys can see it, it’s like a pink i don’t know how you would describe it, it’s pink but not coral but not salmon It’s got white polka dot on it and these little cap sleeves which are super cute and the polka dots are white and this one was £4.99 and this was it’s age 8-10 it was in the 3 for 2 Next she got, these were also from H&M these are, i think all the stuff that i got from the 3 for 2 is organic cotton I don’t know if that makes it any better? but these one are just white leggings and these are 3/4 lengths. So on the edges they’ve got like this really cute scalloped detail which is super sweet so she can wear that with the pink tunic/dress these ones were £2.99 these are age 8-9 they are so sweet. She always wear a lot of white, because white goes with everything. next she got another pair of white leggings these ones are 9-10 because they didn’t have any 8-9 these ones are full length so on the bottom, at the edge, there is no scalloped detail, they’re just like a flat seam. But she looks really nice in these. they are a little long but they probably will shrink a little when you wash and dry them so i don’t see that as a problem These ones were £3.99 And then last for Sky is this super cute denim tunic dress. it’s so sweet it’s got the sleeves that you can either roll up, you can see there it’s got the little button so you can hold them up. Or you can wear them down. I really like it, it’s super cute it comes with this little brown belt, that you can take off as well. The idea is to wear that with the white leggings too. So that’s all the clothes that the kids got the boys didn’t get anything just because they didn’t really need anything. Thomas got me this it is a necklace I’m gonna show you guys it, it’s so sweet I’m gonna put it on today ahhh, come back it’s like a rose gold i think they said it was sterling silver with a rose gold finish or coating but it seen it in the shop window I said ‘that’s really sweet’ and then Thomas got it for me it’s super cute it’s like a little tree if you guys can see it and the it;s got little diamontes they’re not real diamonds it’s so so sweet and it comes on this, it’s like a really fine delicate, rose gold chain so i’m gonna wear that today *happy summer music playing*

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