welcome back to my channel today I’m
going to be doing a huge kids clothing back to school clothing haul for kids 2017 I picked up tons of
stuff for the kids and I’m really excited to show you guys I picked up a
couple things from Baby Gap and I also picked up a couple things from the local
used hand-me-down store clothes to wrap so I’m going to go ahead and get started
if you guys like these halls give this video a big thumbs up and let me know in
the comments below where is one place you absolutely love to shop for your
kids so far as late I picked up these really cute
light gray cotton shorts from Baby Gap I love their shorts for little boys it
looks so cute on and they fit just right for him to pick those up in 12 to 18
months another thing I picked up and my daughter has already worn this ones it
is so cute I’m kind of bummed to have a little stain on it already and I wanted
to ask you guys what do you do to prevent your kids from getting stains on
their clothes I feel like after I buy their clothes within like 30 minutes of
wearing the item that they stain it so if you haven’t you tips for like prevent
your kids from getting stains let me know in the comments below I always just
like take their clothes off and wear out eat but if we’re in public you know
obviously I can’t do that for Jacob I picked up this adorable dress you see
that butter stain right in the middle please disregard that she’s bought a one
time but this is the cutest dress ever I love the way that it fills on the top
and it looks it looks absolutely adorable on her I’m not going to throw
it away i’m studing a letter weird because it’s just too cute another thing
that I picked up is this really cute dress for Jacob it has a really pretty
pink and yellow and purple floral design with an attached to two on the bottom
and she is obsessed with tutus and dresses and anything princess related so
I have to be careful with Erica she is easily my pickiest child so when I pick
up things I have to think of what is she going to wear and what is she not going
to wear so I have to be conscientious of that if not she’ll just take her clothes
off like five million times a little denim assured that I picked up
for Jacob so this is super cute and I also picked up these really cute amps to
go with it I thought that that would be a really cute combo or just don’t enjoy
armful should they get a little stain on those as well
I told you guys my kids get stains on everything but you know what they’re
still absolutely adorable and this top is the cutest thing if they had this in
my size the Gap Kids I would have bought it too then for Jake I also picked up
this little gray shirt with this lace design sleeves with a little eyelid I
picked up a couple pairs of leggings as well because I could go so many
different leggings and then I also picked up this really cute top I don’t
love this top it’s really hard to pick up on camera but it’s a light mint green
I have a really cute little design on the bottom and it’s just it’s a whole
adorable I love it I absolutely love it and then at the huge store I picked up
this little old Navy top and the Lighting’s really bright but it’s just
pink long sleeves with little grey straight super simple another thing I
picked up for little Jake is I love her in like bright leggings and fun leggings
and like simple top kind of like represents her personality cuz she has
such a bold and fun personality so I always want to like it fun leggings for
her I don’t know why I do that but just what I think of when I see bright
leggings just reminds me of her personality so I picked up these little
ones these are Ralph Lauren I pick those up at the huge clothing store for like a
dollar and they are like in mint condition and I also got another pair of
Ralph Lauren and you have little blue and green Paisley’s on them and then
just a little pink color and I plan on picking up white t-shirts for each of
the kids like it Target or something I love when the kids just wear like simple
tees and jeans or white tees and legging so that is a staple for my house all the
time especially if I’m having one of those days where I’m like I just don’t
want to take anything out and I just I’m not sure what to put them in I’ll just
put them like a little white tank top or a white
little t-shirt and then have some fun leggings also picked up this shirt for
Jacob this is so cute I got some Baby Gap and
how just like a little Minnie Mouse in New York City and I just thought this
was absolutely adorable I’m excited to see her wear that one we’re Cola I got
this little top for her this was their summer collection and it
was 50% off at Gap Kids it has a little pineapples on it and just a fun little
dress at the bottom and I thought this was so cute even the drawstring has
little yellow accents on it to kind of tie in with the pineapples and I just
really liked that I thought it was just adorable
so for Cova I picked her up this was at the used kid clothing shop this is Tommy
Hilfiger and this dress is adorable look at the little ribboning detail at the
bottom is that not so cute this dress I bought it for like five bucks but this
dress would have been really expensive had I bought it brand new and I just I
really like that one I think this would be perfect for church or for going out
to a nice restaurant I also picked her up these really cute little shorts I
mean if you can pick it up on camera but they B’s got little gold stars and their
baby’s low I thought those were super fun next thing I picked up cava is
seriously one of my favorites I picked up these a little heart overall some gap
kids are these not the cutest thing you have ever seen I wish they had arm in
Jacob size or would have gotten them in Jacobs as well but I’m thinking about
just like a white long sleeve shirt on top or even a light pink long sleeve top
just keeping it really simple which is a fun pair of overalls I love those
awesome picked up just a really pretty butterfly shirt and has just a cute
little thrilled on the sides and then just really pretty butterfly die which I
thought that was just really pretty and just kind of reminded me of Coppa and I
got our little oatmeal t-shirt and this one says totally magical
is super super super cute and then at the used clothing store I picked up this
little unicorn top it says magic is for the believers
she loved the unicorns and rainbows so it will be perfect for her I also picked
her up at fuse gap jeans or skinny legs but then at the top they have the
stretchy waistband Koba hates jeans like she despises them whenever she hasn’t
why and she’s like all that so i’m saundra light so to take them off which
I don’t blame her so I wanted to get ones that were a little more comfortable
from trying the elastic band this will be my personal first time but these were
on sale they were originally $45 and I got them to $14 that’s such a feel and
the print in the color pattern is so cute and I love the little ripped
detailing I mean this is super cute it has a little bit of stretch in it so
that will literally be perfect and then for JJ I got one more pink little set of
leggings to go with one of her tops i haven’t they i also picked up these Baby
Gap jeans 3t for a little Jacob really simple actually got these ones at the
used clothing store so these were like three bucks and I
would have bought in all of this clothes that they use calling store but
sometimes when I go there I feel like it’s hit or miss I’m only trying like
three or four things that I actually like so if I could if they had more of a
selection I would’ve picked their whole kid’s clothing haul from the used
clothing store which is sometimes I can’t find this sizes or I can’t find
the jeans yeah I mean a couple at Gap and then a couple of the use store just
because they do stay in things so incredibly easy Bradley I got him this
little dinosaur top with a bunch of the little dinosaurs and I thought that was
just really really cute I also picked up this shark shirt this is this is their
fourth of July collection so it was on sale I know but he loved sharks and I
was like I really don’t care I love blue red and light so I felt like it was
still totally totally wearable and he was so pumped when he got that shirt I
just redid the boys bathroom and all sharks beim it turned out so cute so
like whenever I see a shark shirt I usually get it for him
because these kind of shark obsessed right now I so take this is really cute
fireman shirt and it has like a neon orange because brave is kind of coming
on the camera as like pumpkin orange but it’s actually neon highlighter orange
menaces firefighter on the back a simple balloon striped top for Radley and then
he’s already worn this one time I need to button it up I got this from dad
denim shirt and on the side it says Sur California denim records a little
detailing that they add and he looks so cute in that top then I got him just
another little t-shirt he’s won this one as well and they fit so good and there’s
such a soft material another dinosaur you guys surprised that was really cute
and then I picked up just like a blue and white striped onesie and then I
picked to be striped leg pants they’re skinny legs blue and white stripes and I
love these pants on him these are by far some of the favorite pants that I have
ever gotten I picked this up at Gap for their summer collection sale so it was
actually 50% off but I love love love love these they turned out so stinking
cute and I love the way they look on him so this was probably one of my favorite
purchases for a rupee man and I hope these watches are Cova but I picked up
some gray leggings for her to kind of go go with some of those t-shirts that I
picked rub and there’s a used shop I got Radley this little gap pull over top for
like fall which I thought is just absolutely adorable and then I also
picked up this little top at Old Navy and I thought that would just be a cute
little shirt to wear with good jeans these are a little short Radley is had
these for ever and I saw that they had them again this year I bought them for
Radley last year when they’re on vacation and I loved them so much that I
actually got a bigger size so they can have them for the school year as well
and one of the last things that I think you probably were these Levi’s pants so
I’ve always bought in him Baby Gap pants for the longest
time and I’m recently converted I picked up these Levi’s pants at the youth
clothing store and I was so impressed with the quality I do not know if I
would buy jeans from another place yet I’m seriously so sold and still in love
with them so I thought I guess I wanted to use stores and I picked him up for 3
bucks but the wash on these and the material is so stinking cute it looks
like a little man and I just I love them I seriously love them they’re going to
look so cute with like a dressed-up button-down or even just a simple
t-shirt I really love the wash on those it looks expensive and that’s kind of
what I look for in a wash when it comes to jeans so that is everything I got for
the back-to-school clothing haul I got enough so the each kid could have 4
shirts I didn’t like get a brand new wardrobe I just wanted enough to kind of
fill their wardrobe and kind of add to what they already had it may take them
shopping to pick up a couple more pieces like I said those white t-shirts are
really when I kept those those are complete stable and obviously I’m going
to have to do shoes and coats and socks shopping because I didn’t get any of
that but other than that that’s I’m pretty much good for now and like I said
if you guys have any solutions to help prevent your kids from staining their
clothes during meal time please let me know in the comments below thank you
guys so much for watching I’ll see you in my next video bye


  1. My back to school morning routine is coming out soon as well so watch out for that video! What is your all time favorite place to buy clothes? xoxo hope you all have an amazing day and dont forget you are amazing!

  2. For the dirt on Jaka's dress, take Resolve oxi-action it's a pre-treat laundry stain remover. It's amazing!!! ✨✨✨Shout out to my sweet mother in law to show me this product ❤️

  3. I didn't read all the title and I thought the short in the first one was for her and that it was too little for her lmao😂

  4. Try using white chalk on the stain. Lightly scribble on it, the chalk will absorb the grease in it. 😊

  5. Baby shoat is great or there is this bar soap in the laundry section….I think the name starts with a z

  6. Myka, do you guys do co ops yet for homeschool? My 2 kids are preschool age and I plan to homeschool but am not sure what to do for interaction with other kids. Im looking into Awana for them which is once a week. We also put them in activities but nothing where they get to really talk to other kiddos..just gymnastics or martial arts. Just trying to look for ideas to socialize more.

  7. I love watching your videos, im not really sure of any tips BUT i will definitely go and search the internet for some and hopefully get back to you😛💖

  8. I don't prevent the stains, because I don't think that's possible with kids. Instead, I prevent them from setting. Tide-to-Go works fairly well for immediate things when out in public, otherwise rinsing it right away (with the right temperature) is best. I get tri-zyme to break down organic matter in the wash, and have a multi-purpose soap that gets pretty much everything out of the clothes without damaging the fabric (or fading the colors).

  9. I hated jeans as a kid, too. It was the feel of denim for the most part, but also the way it restricted range of motion. I wish they'd had jeggings back then.

  10. a dab of down dish liqwidwell take that butter stain out of that dres just dab it on the spot leave t on it for2 min then rince with cold water and slowly turn the water hotter t make sure the soap reaises off. dawn is grate with butter and gress stains

  11. You're such an awesome example as a Mama! I'm no where near having children yet but I know God has an amazing calling on my life for motherhood!

  12. HI Myka, I don't know how to keep kids from staining because I stain my own clothes. But I use greased lightening. It gets out all kinds of stains from butter to red wine and does not discolor the clothes.. I use blue dawn dish soap but i believe this works better.

  13. My favorite place to buy clothes is can't choose there so many and I would love to were clothes like that but this year I have to wear uniform my colors is black and white I even have to have a black and white backpack boring right and can't even were blue or red blue is my favorite color that sticks right love your video and I hop I win the giveaway have a nice day

  14. Like even though my sister doesn't have a baby, she really enjoys looking at baby clothes. And she takes me along. Baby Gap is one of her favorites.

  15. this video makes me so happy!! I know this is so out of the random, but I can't wait until the day I have kids and go shopping for them😭😭 soooo cute

  16. I don't think you can prevent the stains but for grease stains rub dish soap on it with a tooth brush then pour a teapot full of boiling water on it, let it cool and wash.

  17. I don't have any kids yet, but when i was a kid, every year my entire wardrobe was JC Penny, i just loved their clothes when i was younger.

  18. Old Navy is one of our favorite places to shop for our girls. They have awesome sales and the cutest kids clothes! 🙂

  19. Clorox oxi magic spray! It doesn't bleach and gets most stains out instantly. I feel you! Guaranteed the first time anything new is worn it's stained in minutes. I did also discover the magic of the sun. I recently rewashed our white down comforter and set it out in the sun to dry. We had some baby poo stains that wouldn't go away and they were gone!

  20. Just stumbled across your channel from homeschool DITL. Do you still homeschool? What curriculum did you use?

  21. If it is a grease stain try treat it it with dishsoap first and if it is still there soak it in dishwashertablet for a few hours and then wash it like normal. That is how I get my hubbys oilstains of his jeans ( mechanics wife over here 😜) @mykastauffer

  22. You have like the sweetest voice! Hope that doesn't sound weird but seriously you sound like such a sweet lady!

  23. I always put Dawn on stains immediately. If you're out in public I'd carry a tiny little travel bottle with a little in it.

  24. You can't really do anything because a kid is a kid they will always make a mess they need to make a mess to grow up! By the way those clothes are extremely adorable I can't wait to seem them wearing it!!!!!

  25. You have the most soothing voice. I'm almost 13 weeks pregnant and I'm having a very bad night filled with anxiety and your voice has calmed me down so much so thank you ❤️❤️❤️

  26. Blue Dawn will def get out that stain. Try putting press and seal on their shirts before they eat and then just throw it away after the meal

  27. I love your channel, but we definitely have different taste in kids clothes lol. You like more simple classic clothes which is totally fine, I just like clothes that are a little bolder for my babies

  28. I don't have kids I do have a lot of younger cousins I like to shop at marshalls/tj max target sometimes the children place carters

  29. I know this video is a couple months old but I just found your channel and love it! Krud Kutter from Lowe's gets stains out! I love to dress my girls in Matilda Jane and I let them wear a lot of the outfits to daycare/prek ppl think I am crazy but I'm telling you Krud Kutter will get any stain out!! 😀

  30. you can use dawn dish soap to get stain out.
    just put a dab and use sponge and let it soak in, then rinse and put in the wash.

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