KidKraft Toy Review Laundry Playset Washing Clothes

Oh, Eli is so cute! So cute and messy! He just dirtied up another shirt and guess what Eli? I don’t have any more clean clothes for you. No, I don’t. No more clean clothes. And I have so many things I need to do already. I need to vacuum and mop and clean the bathrooms. How am I ever going to have time to do the laundry? Oh, I’ll do it for you Mom. Oh, Toby you’ve never done the laundry. You’re seven years old, do you think you can do it? Yes! Eli wants to, too! Oh, look at Eli, he’s so cute! He really wants to do the laundry. I thinks he’s going to help you. Well, all the clothes are scattered all around
the floor so you’ll have to pick it up and put all the laundry right here in this bottom
area with some soap…. okay? And I’ll be back. And if you have time, you can iron my shirt
over there. It’s really wrinkly. Okay, we’ll see you. Thank you. Gee, there’s a lot of laundry to do. Okay…. Oh, I don’t really have much room. I’ll only do one sock at a time. None of these are matches. But that’s okay. Oh, this shoe is filthy. I don’t see any soap anywhere. I guess I could use this. (pouring sounds) I’ll just throw
the can in (glass breaking sounds) and the last one. This basket looks pretty dirty. Now, time to shut it. I don’t have room for the match so I’ll just
do one of them. Do you want to iron that with your back? Go ahead. (clicking sounds) Oh, it’s working. I don’t know why my mom said I have no clothes. I could wear this. Eli, let me iron that. This is so easy! How could it burn? (ding) The laundry is done. (humming) (sizzling sounds) Now, I’ll just put that in there. (ding) The laundry is done in the dryer. Hey, Toby. How did you do? Whoa! It looks like a mess in here. Did you do the laundry? Yikes. This is filthy. Did you put soap in there? Yeah. Where’s the soap. What soap did you use? This soap. What is this? Grape juice! Really? Yikes, no wonder everything looks a little
bit purple. And what does Eli have here? This is his shoe…. It looks way too small. Did you shrink it? Toby!!! It doesn’t seem like anything got clean. Look at that! You know what Toby? I don’t think you’ll be doing the laundry for a long, long time. Oh no! No! Okay, let’s save Eli. Come here. Come to Mama. Well, Alltoycollector fans, I was wondering,
do you help your parents with the laundry? Toby does, don’t you? (laughing) Well, I hope you enjoyed this video. This cool laundry machine is actually from
KidKraft. It’s really nice. It is well made. Well thanks for watching. Please check out more videos by Alltoycollector
and have a great day. Good Bye!! Yeah, Toby you’re to big for that. Definitely, too big. Let’s try Baby Eli… Baby Eli says too dangerous. Never go in washing machines. Not safe!

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